Primeval Titan

Creature — Giant


Whenever Primal Titan enters the battlefield or attacks, you may search your library for up to two land cards, put them onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle your library.

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Primeval Titan Discussion

HarrisonHarry on Angry Orchard Hard Cider

4 days ago

Thank you for the feedback I really appreciate it.


Overrun is a good card that I had not considered and I only used Zendikar's Roil because it helped fill my 5 cmc spot and it works well with my plans of getting lands out. But I agree it is too slow, in fact I think that Overwhelming Stampede might be better and will trade it in.

I am using Harvest Season because I thought it was a cool new card and I am still on the fence on whether it is good in this deck or not. I will playtest more and see if I just need to trade it out for Cultivate and if I end up doing that I would like to find a spot for Explore so I could play the second land and it just looks like it would work well in this deck.

My meta is pretty slow and a little less aggro so I am slightly comfortable with the amount of mana dorks I have (for now).

And as for Primeval Titan (I only own the one) and Chord of Calling I have little money right now after my vacation but I will purchase these beasts cards when I have more funds.



Doing more playtesting but so far:

-2 Zendikar's Roil

-2 Frontier Guide

-1 Lignify

+2 Overwhelming Stampede

+2 Sakura-Tribe Elder

+1 Arbor Elf

MoonTurtle7 on Sisay, Captain of Eldrazi

1 week ago

If you like Grand Abolisher so may want to consider Dosan the Falling Leaf or Dragonlord Dromoka both are really good, and Sisay can tutor for both unlike abolisher. Karametra, God of Harvests could help with some ramp, and she's hard to get rid of. Also noticing your planeswalkers Garruk Wildspeaker's +1 can help a little with ramp.

Kinda curious why you have a number of banned cards though? Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, Primeval Titan and Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary are these allowed in your play group, do they just not know they're banned? do they just not care? not trying to be a rules nazi, just not something I see often.

Hope I wasn't a bother.

abby315 on Bounce Lands

1 week ago

With Amulet of Vigor you can respond to the bounce effect by tapping it for mana and then returning it to your hand, netting 2. That's how the old Amulet Bloom ramped into a huge Primeval Titan or into a Hive Mind Pact combo: playing multiple bounce lands a turn with Summer Bloom. Now it's banned :(

TheSpiritombEnthusiast on Omnath GR

1 week ago

Just gonna put this out there, but Primeval Titan is banned in Commander. Other than that, good luck putting a deck together! Omnath is super fun.

JaiJackson on Moonfall

1 week ago

Hexcimal Yo! :) It's been great having you check up on it, your suggestions have been really fun so I'm always glad to see it! I haven't played in many FNMs or ongoing tournaments, usually i'm around for casual games with the communities at my locals is what I tend to sway closer to!

I've given it some more time and a lot of tests against all the colours and i'm agreeing with you that the Stalkers, Vipers and the Amulet can probably be dropped! They're fun, but they're not as reliable as i'd have wanted to them to be, but hey, that's RNG for you LMAO

I haven't really needed to use deathtouch or Murder-y things against anyone tbh, and this deck hits so hard, i could cut back on the Stalkers or just remove them completely, leaning towards the latter.

I might just cut sideboard and fill in a few spots with the Coralhelm!

What do you think of Burgeoning ?? Add 2 maybe? I think I could make the Baloths a playset, cut the 2 Rangers and up the dosage of Moonfolk by 2?Just to make everything a little more even.Another comment suggested Primeval Titan and I think that'd be great!(basic lands might need to go up 1 I think though, dropping an Evolving Wilds potentially!

And yoooo, let me check this stuff out 8D Idk how much i'd be able to help but if I see anything i'll absolutely let you in on any ideas I have! Keen to see how our decks all ends up :)

Frayace on Canadian Food Chain

1 week ago

MrTing12- Thank you for the suggestions, I did not know Foresight was a card.
Unfortunately, I'm not running white for the combo you mentioned, the only white card in my deck is Progenitus.

I considered Trinket Mage and Walking Ballista when making the deck, but I find that tutoring an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn or Primeval Titan closes out the game fast enough.

fragarach97 on Moonfall

1 week ago

Ok, huge bomb that I somehow completely neglected to mention, and I don't see it mentioned above. Primeval Titan is a huge body that gets lands out of the deck, ramps you, and gives you plenty of mana and lands with which to abuse your landfall and Soratami triggers. A little bit on the pricey side, but invaluable for the deck.

dank_eater on Green Sh*t

1 week ago

If you are running ramp in this deck Primeval Titan can be a very scary card. It has trample and grabs ANY 2 lands from your deck. In this case it isnt too big of a deal because you are mainly running forests but if you were ever to expand your land base this card would make it very consistent.

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