Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Zendikar vs Eldrazi Uncommon
Worldwake Uncommon
Onslaught Uncommon

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Destroy target creature with converted mana cost 3 or less. It can't be regenerated.

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Smother Discussion

lagotripha on B/G Eldrazi Saproling tokens

13 hours ago

Nice, simple idea for modern. I think the secret to running budget black decks are a lot of hand disruption and a stable manabase. If you can find some of the more budget b/g lands, that will help. Llanowar Wastes, that sort of thing. Scythe Leopard, Gatecreeper Vine and Liliana's Elite are likely to underperform compared to some other dirt-cheap options.

General advice- go heavy on one colour so that you can pack your deck with cards of that colour then leave the other for later in the game, where you can afford to be paying mana with lands that come into play tapped.

This means either early game black (hand/board disruption) or early game green (Elves of Deep Shadow/Sakura-Tribe Elder). What you choose to focus on can then inform the cmc and gamplan for the rest of your cards. Either way, lots of 1 and 2 drops will help you survive.

I'll start with disruption options- Vendetta, Victim of Night, Smother, Geth's Verdict Bile Blight etc for creature removal, Duress, Black Cat, Ravenous Rats, Rotting Rats, Nezumi Bone-Reader and Thoughtpicker Witch for hand disrution are all solid choices that match your game plan.

Card advantage options- Night's Whisper/Sign in Blood Dark Prophecy/Fecundity/Grim Haruspex

Interesting or efficient creature options Rot Shambler/Mortician Beetle (growing threats), Zulaport Cutthroat/Blood Artist (lifedrain and victory without attacks with a sacrifice outlet), Dross Harvester (bolt and path resistance), Ogre Slumlord for rat tribal combo , Pawn of Ulamog/Sifter of Skulls for more tokens, Quirion Dryad/Vinelasher Kudzu for growing threats Bloodthrone Vampire/Indulgent Aristocrat/Carrier Thrall for vamp tribal, Nest Invader for more token/ramp, Boneyard Wurm/Satyr Wayfinder/Graveblade Marauder/Nighthowler/Splinterfright/Gnarlwood Dryad are all fairly functional for a more graveyard-reliant setup, and Svogthos, the Restless Tomb is a cheap and functional manland.

Green stall so you can increase cmc- Druid's Deliverance, Jaddi Offshoot, Brindle Boar, Dark Heart of the Wood, Feed the Clan

Useful tools Grisly Salvage, Golgari Charm,

Sideboard options Elvish Eulogist(in an elf heavy list) Elvish Hexhunter Vampire Hexmage Bottle Gnomes Dryad Militant Delirium Skeins etc. There is a lot out there in these colours.If a lot of cards are ending up in the graveyard as the game draws out, spells like Hooting Mandrills, Gurmag Angler or Become Immense start becoming more valuable.

Less favourable cards that didn't quite cut it in are also good to look for- Putrid Leech/Rakshasa Deathdealer/Woodlurker Mimic beatdown for example.

Sacrifice creatures for card advantage is a solid archetype that has had a lot of support printed over the years, from No Rest for the Wicked to Korozda Guildmage.

The question is always going to be what is my opponents plan, and how do I stop that- are my opponents playing Rest in Peace or smilar to deal with graveyard shenanigans, will they kill me before I kill them as every card in their deck is effectively Lightning Bolt, or will they be able to Remand all my spells while they hit me with Delver of Secrets  Flip. Things that disrupt their plan are usually good, especially when they help your plan.

There are a lot of cards to much around with and play- I'd reccomend testing online before going hunting for things specific, focus on a single strategy when picking cards and if you choose to go less-budget, focus on lands first. Reliably casting spells is the core of the game.

TWTNW on Wrath of the Elements

4 days ago

Darth_Savage: After looking at Rite of Consumption, i have decided to trade in 2x Rush of Vitality + 1x Smother for them. Nice suggestion you gave me. Thx.

As for Fatal Push, it's far too much of a price for me. In my country, that card is actually MORE expensive than the price tag here, while other cards like Liege of the Tangle and Ashling, the Extinguisher are cheaper. I really like the card, but i decided to leave it out since it's very costly.

I was on the bench in regards to Flamekin Bladewhirl, but decided to leave it out of the deck since i'm not really looking for early game aggression. Hellspark Elemental and Stigma Lasher, like Flamekin Bladewhirl, i think fits better in a more aggressive playstyle, which is not what this deck is aimed at.

Thanks for the feedback.

Ash3n on TIny Murderers

1 week ago

Smother isbetter than Doom Blade as it unconditionally kills any creature in the format.

Oloro_Magic on Rat discard (NEEDS HELP!!) copy

2 weeks ago

Okay so if your strategy is kind of neo-8 rack then we can work with this. Firstly, most of these rats wouldn't really work. I would keep the Augur of Skulls and maybe Marrow-Gnawer as the top end of the curve. I would then play between 6-10 Relentless Rats to round out the creatures. As for disruption and discard, you are on the right track with Waste Not and Shrieking Affliction, however if you want to keep it solely rats then Waste Not disrupts the flavor. Your removal package should consist of Victim of Night, Go for the Throat, or Smother, I would suggest 4 copies of one of these and then 2 Tragic Slip. 4 Wrench Mind, 4 Blackmail (or some other disruption spell like Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek), 4 Funeral Charm and then 4 Raven's Crime. As for your mana base I would drop it to 20 lands, your curve isn't too demanding. In those keep what you have but add 2-3 Dakmor Salvage for recursive discard using Raven's Crime.

Alkadron on The Apocalypse is Upon Us

2 weeks ago

You're right about Barter in Blood's drawback: IF Your opponent has more than two creatures, they get to keep the best one. That's kind of a big if, though.

Also consider this: sometimes, the creature you want to get rid of is indestructible or hexproof, and Doom Blade does nothing. Sometimes, the creature you want to get rid of has more than 3 CMC, and Smother does nothing.

Barter in Blood always does something, even through indestructible and protection and hexproof and shroud and flicker effects. Try it out, I think you'll find that FAR more often than not, it'll be a really good play. Even if it doesn't kill the biggest or best creature, it'll kill a lot of creatures that aren't yours, and that's pretty much always to your benefit.

Alkadron on The Apocalypse is Upon Us

2 weeks ago

Doesn't Meekstone completely shut you down if you have any zombie buff in play? And even besides that it shuts down your commander? Seems risky.

Your ability to dodge Sarcomancy's drawback is impressive, but it still seems pretty low-impact. A 2/2 for 1 mana is decent, but that 2/2 won't make or break any EDH games, and it still costs you a card - a precious resource in a deck with so little card-draw. I would try to find something a bit bigger, or something with a more sustained impact like Corpseweft or Curse of Shallow Graves

Speaking of low-impact: You run a lot of single-target removal; probably too much. Consider Barter in Blood over Smother. Barter is about as close as you can get to Damnation on a budget.

infinitelennies on Sultai Delver

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the suggestions. Here are the problems I see:

You're only running five sorceries. That combined with the fact that you ditched the Lilianas means you will struggle to get Tarmogoyf over 3/4. Sometimes 2/3.

Adding Smother seems like you're really banking on everyone playing low-cost creatures. It will be great if that's all you run into, but you will lose to Standard decks if all of your interaction is for small creatures.

Snapcaster Mage is iffy. I feel like his value goes down when you don't have access to Lightning Bolt.

Sideboard:You seem to have replaced Disdainful Stroke with Ceremonious Rejection. Rejection hits Affinity, but Stroke hits TitanShift and Tasigur. TitanShift is a much worse matchup for this deck. Also note that neither counter really hits Bant Eldrazi that well thanks to Cavern of Souls.

Playing Dismember over Murderous Cut goes back to my problem with Smother.

I tried Vendilion Clique before. It wasn't as valuable as usual because I already have the Delvers. Plus it just makes you hate Lingering Souls even more.

Shadow of Doubt and Surgical Extraction are amazing against both Tron and TitanShift, which are both bad matchups. Something as simple as T1 Thought Scour targeting opponent and Surgical Extraction targeting Cinder Glade has won me a game. The same goes for Tron.

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