Hellkite Charger


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Rare
Archenemy (ARC) Rare
Zendikar (ZEN) Rare

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Hellkite Charger

Creature — Dragon

Flying, haste

Whenever Hellkite Charger attacks, you may pay . If you do, untap all attacking creatures and after this phase, there is an additional combat phase.

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Hellkite Charger Discussion

Randomsome1 on Here Be Dragons

1 day ago

Thanks for the suggestions. My CMC is just naturally high because dragons are generally 5-7 CMC. I feel like this deck just has to work with it. The way i tried to fix it is to have a ton of ramp, slightly more lands than average, reanimation, and other cheat effects. Tappedout also isn't putting the Eminence effect into account so the average cmc is a little lower than it thinks.

I'm usually tapped out after playing a dragon and can't hold up mana for a counterspell. I used to run Mana Drain, but I really only used as a ritual with an upside. I consciously chose no equipment for flavor reasons; Dragons don't wear boots =P.

I have 1 combo in here for "infinite" combat: Savage Ventmaw with Hellkite Charger or Aggravated Assault. I thought about Worldgorger Dragon to combo with Animate Dead and Scourge of Valkas or Dragon Tempest for infinite damage, but I just don't have the room for a card that I won't play unless I have the combo.

I'm still trying to find a focus that fits, so it's gone through a bunch of rebuilds. Right now I want it to play like a big mana green stompy deck with reanimation. This is definitely one of my more casual decks because of the flavor limitations, but my play group's decks vary in powerlevel so it's not too upsetting... yet

Thanks for the suggestions though! I'll think about trying to make a control shell, but I'm not a control player so I don't know how that will look in the end xD

Skulloelegy on Radhical Dudette [Radha Budget Aggro]

5 days ago


Cheers for the recommendations, you hit the nail on the head that I need something with a bit of extra oomph to get the deck to that next level.

Vigor is one of my big go-to cards in aggro decks, usually -- Here I was more worried I wouldn't be able to use my enrage effects, but I have two in the deck, it's not something to worry about really, and I would probably remove the Silverclad Ferocidons to get Vigor in anyway, the Ranging Raptors would be useful in the early game anyways.

With Combat Celebrant, I just had a thought -- Would you be able to copy it's effect with Flamerush Rider? Since the token it makes comes in attacking and you exert CC as it attacks, or would it narrowly miss the timing?

Hellkite Charger is a creature I'd already been thinking about, but you're right about needing that redundancy.

Also wow, last time I looked Dolmen Gate was close to $12, absolutely an option now.

The land destruction spells you mentioned with Vigor are something to think about too -- Especially as you point out that Radha, Ventmaw and DD can get a butt-ton of mana going with extra combat steps.

gb on Radhical Dudette [Radha Budget Aggro]

6 days ago

You already have most of the budget staples but a simple, game winning combo is a traditional kiki-jiki infinite loop with either conscripts or celebrant to get either infinite combats or 3/3s. As of now the components for this combo are at around 30 dollars total.

Zealous Conscripts, Combat Celebrant, Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and a tutor in Tooth and Nail.

If you think Tooth is too expensive, substitute Samut, the Tested.

Any amount of creature tutors you include in your deck will substantially increase the competitiveness. They are usually expensive.

Other effects like Dolmen Gate has gone down in price significantly recently. Hellkite Charger can be Aggravated Assault redundancy.

Effects such as Final Fortune, Glorious End, Last Stand, Warrior's Oath are risky, but budget and can get you across the finish line.

Finally, since radha can generate resources for you in combat, employing land destruction and resource denial can be a solid strategy as well. With a Vigor spells like Wildfire and Destructive Force become advantageous mass pump spells. Boom / Bust or cycling Decree of Annihilation can strip opponents of their only mana sources leaving you with a usually insurmountable advantage.

WhatevWorks on Ur-Dragon's Draconic Apocalypse

1 week ago

So... this is coming from a hardcore blue mage who tries to abuse cards as much as possible.

I think you could have a pretty sweet chain reaction thing going on here. Ur-Dragon lets you get out permanents whenever a Dragon attacks, so maybe you could go for a weird aggro-y, storm-y, combo-y thing. I don't know. Just look at these cards and this game plan, tell me what you think.

Hellkite Charger

Savage Ventmaw

Scourge of the Throne

Spellbound Dragon

Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire

Edric, Spymaster of Trest

Aggravated Assault

Radha, Heir to Keld

Breath of Fury

The game plan would be to durdle for the early game, play dragons mid game, then late game, come out of nowhere with a lethal-damage chain reaction: Play permanents that draw based on you attacking, and creatures that give mana based on attacking. You would proceed to attack, get draw triggers from things like Edric, Spymaster of Trest, mana triggers from things like Savage Ventmaw, and an Ur-Dragon trigger. Play a permanent that gives extra combat phases, activate it. Repeat from the part where you attack. This list would inevitably have a few ways to go infinite (Savage Ventmaw + Aggravated Assault = good game), but that wouldn't happen a lot. Mainly you would just be attacking 3 times a turn for lethal damage from your commander alone.

I don't know your budget or playstyle, but those are my thoughts. I'd love to hear what you think!

PhyrexianWombat on Hawk Red/Black Tribal Dragon Deck Update

1 week ago

Reminds me of my old Bladewing the Risen EDH deck, here's some cards I've used that might be helpful.

Kokusho, the Evening Star, Knollspine Dragon, Hellkite Charger and Scourge of Kher Ridges are pretty solid dragons.

As far as noncreatures go... Dragonspeaker Shaman, Urza's Incubator and Heartless Summoning could help get your big dragons down quickly. Dragon's Hoard is worth a look too.

Hope this helps!

Ocelot44 on Queen Marchesa: Gods, Gear, Garrisons and Guile

1 week ago


Cute combo, but if you draw Helm before Godo, you're stuck with a 4 cost, 5 equip, somewhat mediocre equipment. Not really worth the slot if the deck can't capitalize on it. I just recommended Godo because he has synergy with the deck. Maybe if they added more "extra combat step" creatures like Combat Celebrant or Hellkite Charger, then Helm could be worth it

A more reliable thing to add might be Batterskull because it's still good if you draw it without Godo

shagreel on Jund Golberg Mill Machine

1 month ago

Tested in the wild at the store and had the combo multiple times but could not execute as Creatures were summoning sick. I am putting in more haste enablers

  1. Entomb replacing Vitalize
  2. Lightning Greaves replacing Isochron Scepter
  3. Fires of Yavimaya replacing Instill Energy

Also the following changes:

  1. Olivia Voldaren replacing Blasphemous Act
  2. Tranquil Domain replacing Lifecrafter's Bestiary
  3. Swift Warkite replacing Hellkite Charger

Tyrant-Thanatos on Pattern Recognition #80 - Commander's ...

1 month ago

I want to start this off by saying that I really respect your willingness to put your opinion out there like this berryjon, it's commendable, and I think a lot of people would struggle to do so, especially for as long and as consistently as you've put these articles out. I've been keeping up with them since #1, and they're fun to read!

Now this article in particular you knew was going to face some disagreement, you even acknowledge as much near the beginning.

Thing is, I tend to agree with a lot of the folks in this thread, there seems to be a lot missing from this article, like it should have been multi-part, or was intended to be longer. I'm not really seeing any explanation or justification for the idea that this was an intentional design choice. The other thing that really popped out at me was that you claim "Aggro has been written out of it as nonviable", and then proceed to explain why RDW is nonviable, not Aggro. You even listed Green, the color with big beefy facebeaters, as one of the good colors in the format. There are other styles of Aggro than RDW, and I've seen Stompy decks in EDH do fairly well for themselves.

Changing Commander Damage to work on non-combat damage is not only a demonstrably terrible idea, as has been addressed here already, it's also a step in exactly the wrong direction imo. This is going to be kind of a radical opinion that people won't agree with me on, but if anything, in my personal opinion, Commander Damage is part of the reason Aggro isn't viable. Voltron is simply better. As long as CD exists, Aggro cannot beat Voltron. Between this, and how much more ridiculously powerful creatures have grown over the past decade or so, imo 40 life isn't that much to blow through, especially in aggro, it means like one more round of attacks, tops. It's multiplayer that makes Aggro hard as hell, not Commander.

In a 1v1 game of commander, with Commander Damage, a deck will end you turn 3-4, and consistently. You say that Aggro needs consistency, you have consistency built into the format by its very namesake! Your Commander! I've watched decks knock people out turn 3-4 easy, every game.

Tier lists are for cEDH though, and I think that really gets to the heart of this issue. cEDH is really not Commander.

IMO, Aggro absolutely exists in EDH, I watch it win games weekly. The problem is that EDH Aggro isn't Modern Aggro. You can't build with Goblin Guide and expect that to be good. It's EDH, you need to think bigger. Etali, Primal Storm, Balefire Dragon, Hellkite Charger, these are what red aggro creatures look like in EDH, not Goblin Guide and Monastery Swiftspear.

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