Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered Mythic Rare
From the Vault: Annihilation Rare
Exodus Rare

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Each player chooses from among the permanents he or she controls an artifact, a creature, an enchantment, and a land, then sacrifices the rest.

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Cataclysm Discussion

HezTheGod on Dark Phoenix, Who Frowns At Fun

13 hours ago

Ghirapur AEther Grid will help you abuse your orbs if your deck wants that.

Wheel of Fortune and Yawgmoth's Will both seem like they should be in here

Grand Abolisher, Red Elemental Blast, Pyroblast, and Defense Grid help stop those pesky blue decks.

Mother of Runes -- 'nuff said there

Cataclysm is great because it will likely lock down all opponents for the rest of the game.

Gonti, Lord of Luxury is pretty fun with Alesha

Victimize is great recursion.

If you feel like dumping mad money into this deck: Imperial Seal, The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, and Imperial Recruiter

Overall, nice deck!! +1

Daedalus19876 on Take me to Church

1 week ago

Hello again!

I tried playtesting this deck and it felt...weird. It didn't output much offensive pressure, and it seemed to have too few proper stax cards to survive as a control deck.

(Obviously you just built it so it needs some tuning, of course.)

RW's best strength in control is land destruction. Thus, Armageddon, Cataclysm, Ruination, Razia's Purification etc could help you secure your victory once you drop a win-con.

Stax cards I would include: Static Orb, Winter Orb, Storage Matrix, Tangle Wire, Ghirapur AEther Grid, etc. And don't forget Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast: the best anti-control counterspells!

Smoke and Meekstone are good ways to lock down creature-based board states.

Have you taken a look at some of the Gisela stax/control decks on this site? They might help you find some more cards.

Leonin Shikari seems strange here. Might be a cuttable card.

What's your meta like? It's easier to tailor a hate package once you know your opponents' decks :)

Happy deckbuilding!

outofnothing0 on Zur's Perfection

1 week ago

@nivvius: I will try to find time to explain my reasoning on everything in my "don't suggest list" and to answer your questions:

-Pemmin's Aura: Yes, it was actually in the very first build of the deck and although it is a solid card I just don't like having to keep mana open to fuel it. Stasis is a big part of this deck and Pemmin's Aura's untap ability reduces its effectiveness drastically. I hear where you're coming from with the card slots angle but frankly i'd rather just have shroud/hexproof as a static ability and be able save the mana to counterspell board wipes or activate Vanishing's ability. Also the +/- abilities put zur at risk by reducing his toughness while not offering a whole lot of extra power (+3 max without another buff).

-Ghostly Prison/Propaganda: I feel like these are generally more useful in multiplayer builds to prevent attacks by multiple opponents, though I get that they slow down heavy aggro and token decks a lot in 1v1 as well. I usually don't care if I get attacked as i'll get the life back with lifelink later anyways and, if things get too bad I can just tutor up Solitary Confinement; also Winds of Rath, Cataclysm and Cyclonic Rift aid in defense against these types of decks. I basically just can't justify giving them a slot as they are in high demand at this stage.

-Imprisoned in the Moon: I was on the fence about this versus Darksteel Mutation and what it ultimately came down to was that if i turned something nasty like Derevi, Empyrial Tactician as you mentioned into a land my opponent would get more mana out of it and also it directly contradicts my land destruction theme by blowing up said land (and giving them back their scary bird wizard). Darksteel Mutation on the other hand is much harder to get rid of due to the indestructible factor (though they could just target the enchantment) and I don't really see the additional "land" and "planeswalker" options to outweigh the cons.

You made some good points and I appreciate you taking the time to make your suggestions!

Daedalus19876 on It's my turn, all the turns!

1 week ago

Personally, I'd run Cataclysm over Catastrophe. Why choose one when you can hit both?

The deck looks pretty darn optimized. But the landbase is a little odd. No Sacred Foundry over Clifftop Retreat, etc?

I've seen Mana Severance used in decks like this to make every single card castable off of the top.

Lightning Greaves over Mass Hysteria, and Return to Dust over Deicide?

And since you're running no creatures beyond your commander, you could play some cards like Crackdown or Smoke or Stasis that hamstring quick offensive decks so that you can have time to abuse Narset, and prevent them from removing her.

Hope that helps a bit! :)

Tiddilywinkus on Alesha, Who Smiles at Weenies -(Alesha Primer)-

1 week ago

KaraZorEl While that may be the case normally, I do enjoy choosing the permanents from Tragic Arrogance more than letting my opponents choose which permanents they keep from Cataclysm or Cataclysmic Gearhulk

Winterblast on Brago Stax WIP

2 weeks ago

Portcullis is a weird card and therefore it may confuse people enough for you to profit massively. Essentially it keeps the board clear of new creatures as soon as 2 or more are already in play. I guess that was what it was originally made the first one to get 2 creatures into play and lock all further creatures out. That alone is already quite good.

One trick would be to respond to an opponent's creature spell (with 0-1 on the board) by sneaking in another creature (or activating a manland) so that his new creature gets exiled. Another trick is to exploit ETB abilities and let your own creatures be exiled on purpose so you can remove or blink the portcullis and have them enter again at another point, maybe even when someone casts a mass removal that kills the portcullis such as Cataclysm (and I'd totally play that one myself with portcullis).

Venser is probably not needed unless Brago gets completely disabled (for example when he can't attack for some reason, or you can't make combat damage) or has been removed often enough so that you can't cast him again. I don't know how often that happens...A Maze of Ith or solid flying blocker would be enough though

soevilprofchaos on THE BEST (probably) PARTNER COMBO?!

3 weeks ago

Yeah that's a tough one, Eldrazi are the bane of many control decks especially permission decks. Still there are many ways to deal with them.

  1. If you stomach running expensive counter spells then Summary Dismissal does the job, but its not very mana efficient. A more expensive but more flexible version is Time Stop. Which has the advantage of saving you from lethal attacks stop opponents from being able to do things main phase. Though it wont stop the triggers, Desertion is great at giving you advantage when your opponents play eldrazi. If you want something that isn't great but pretty funny when it works out you can play Overwhelming Intellect.

  2. Perhaps one of the best ways to stop eldrazi players is to punish them for playing them. Bribery along with Control Magic variants accomplishes this well, because even if you dont get the cast trigger, a giant creature is still a giant creature. A less permanent version of this effect is Slave of Bolas or Ray of Command, which has the advantage of not letting your opponents untap before it hits.

  3. If your problem is opponents repeatedly casting their eldrazi commander Nevermore or Meddling Mage can stop a Kozilek, the Great Distortion player from nonstop casting, drawing into mana rock and casting it again.

  4. Of course you could just stop them from being able to cast spells for a turn that the mana through Orim's Chant and Silence. Which are two cards that are much better in your deck due to the amount of card draw and wheel effects.

  5. Eldrazi are pretty expensive so all the land destruction and mana denial cards like Armageddon, Cataclysm, Winter Orb, Stasis and Cephalid Constable can slow down your opponent long enough that your on board effects kill them.

Unfortunately, the eldrazi were designed so that they would be hard to answer efficiently, so there is not a lot of amazing ways to deal with them if the opponents have enough mana to cast them.

Winterblast on Absolutely Static Stax

3 weeks ago

Unrealityisreal great that it works well in practice - I still haven't played this list because I'm currently playing with Augustin's $t4ks (2017 version).

Some of the cards you mentioned as being not strong enough have been taken from the Augustin deck because they are awesome there. Maybe they are unnecessary here but maybe you overlooked some tricks as well...

  • Crystal Shard: you are probably right, you can use it only on your opponent's creatures here. In the Augustin deck I have more creatures with ETB effects and I use shard for them can probably replaced here for something better.
  • Portcullis: the main trick is to activate manlands in response to a creature being played, so that there are 2 or more already on the battlefield and the new one is exiled. With Augustin I cast my own creatures into the Portcullis too, because I exploit their ETB effects and have them enter again by removing the Portcullis at some point later in the game (for example with Venser, the Sojourner). Again, as there are no ETB effects here, it might be better to replace it with a mass removal, as you suggested.
  • Words of Wind: you did indeed miss some combos/synergies here. One trick is that it saves a permanent from removal if you have Sensei's Divining Top. Other uses are that you can replay stuff like Tangle Wire, while having your opponents take back important stuff or even lands. Words of Wind can create a complete lock after Cataclysm, if you keep any taxing piece - you skip your draw, everyone bounces (probably the only remaining land), no one can play anything if it costs at least one more, everyone else keeps drawing on their turns and mills themselves to death.
  • Lotus Petal: possible acceleration, it's absolutely worth the dead draw in the late game imo. I have tried Darksteel ingot a few times and I never felt like one coloured mana for 3 was worth the slot.
  • Aetherflux Reservoir: It's basically THE kill in the deck and the commander lets you gain 2 life every turn, no matter if he's in play or not. There's also a combo with the commander for massive lifegain with Words of Worship - you skip a draw, pay 1 to gain 5 life, pay 1 to draw with Oloro, skip that draw and pay 1 to gain 5 life, pay 1 to draw with get 5 life as often as you can pay 2. The lifegain implemented on the Reservoir is irrelevant, it simply kills at least one opponent out of the blue.

Hanna is surely good, but there's Cursed Totem and Humility and you want these more than the possible graveyard recursion implemented on a quite small creature. If anything I'd rather put in Sun Titan again.

Padeem is cool, he always helped me so far...and he's very annoying to play against imo, someone else had him in play last week and he turned the board much to that player's favour.

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