Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Coldsnap Theme Deck (CTD) Common
2012 Core Set (M12) Common
Duels of the Planeswalkers (DPA) Common
Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra (DD2) Common
Masters Edition II (ME2) Common
Tenth Edition (10E) Common
Deckmasters: Garfield vs. Finkel (DKM) Common
Fifth Edition (5ED) Common
Mirage (MIR) Common
Ice Age (ICE) Common
Promo Set (000) Common

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Incinerate deals 3 damage to target creature or player. A creature dealt damage this way can't be regenerated this turn.

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Incinerate Discussion

peterark on Red Dragons

1 month ago

Hi geise054, Thank you for your feedback.

The decision to go for Draconic Roar instead of Incinerate depends of the meta you are playing in. I find more useful in my playgroups to exile creatures than to put them in the graveyard and by doing so avoid them from returning to the battlefield. Also against control Draconic Roar would be a dead card as it as to target a creature. Other disadvantage is you need to have a dragon either in your hand or in the field for the second part to trigger.

peterark on Red Dragons

1 month ago

The deck features several early removal options Abrade, Lightning Bolt, Incinerate and Anger of the Gods to try and maintain us in game in the early turns. Lightning Bolt and Incinerate are also an option to close the game at a late stage.

We have some ways of generating card advantage with Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Sarkhan, Fireblood and Bomat Courier.

Goblin Chainwhirler serves a double function: he is a good blocker and a nice board wipe from early small creatures.

The main finishers are Glorybringer, Stormbreath Dragon and Thunderbreak Regent.

This deck is meant to be a budget deck below $250.

Please give your feedback.

Thank you.

ZendikariWol on Burning Hell

1 month ago

So my first two big suggestions for this (and for other decks):

1) Redundancy. Redundancy is having multiples of cards, and furthermore, multiples of cards' effects. For example, 2 Lightning Strikes and 2 Incinerates are different I guess, but the difference is negligible. They are two cards with basically the same effect. This makes your decks more consistent, giving you what you want more often. For the reasons you should maybe run 4, 3, 2, or 1-of, MtGGoldfish (great youtuber for casuals trying to get competitive) has a video on that. I have no link thus far, but maybe search "card quantity mtggoldfish"?

2) Speaking of consistency, let's talk about deck size. Due to your current deck size, combined with the low quantity of repetitive cards, make the odds to get the card you want at any given time small. That's why tier 1 decks never run more than 60 cards, and why sideboards exist. The fewer total cards you have, the more likely you are to get what you want.

3) This deck is legal in the Modern format, with the exception of Myriad Landscape and Cinder Storm.

There are three format age restrictions; standard, modern, vintage, and legacy.

Standard utilizes the three sets released most recently. Every card released after/in Eighth Edition is legal in the Modern format. Everything released before is in Vintage. Legacy is everything.

There are also two important deckbuilding format restrictiins; limited, constructed, and highlander.

Limited is any time the cards you get are not under your control, ie from draft, pack wars, etc. Constructed is 60 cards, with only up to 4 of any one card. Standard, modern, legacy, and vintage are all constructed formats. Highlander is a 100 card deck, with no more than 1 of any given card (except basic lands). Its formats include basic highlander, Canadian highlander, and most popularly, Elder Dragon Highlander (popularly known as Commander).

Now normally when people refer to standard, modern, vintage, or legacy, they refer to the constructed builds. However, people can also refer to something like Commander as a 'legacy format' because it utilizes legacy card legality (that being 'respect the banlist but other than that, you can play anything').

Some groups have houserules- usually banning certain cards, certain decks, or certain behaviors. Some groups have a 1-life bm (bad manners) penalty. My group simply rules out 1) infinite combos, and 2) stax/infect/needlessly unfair or unpleasant to play against decks. Those are some examples of houserules, but others certainly exist.

4) About Commander. Commander is the format I recommend for new players and experienced players both. It is my favorite way to play Magic by far and away. I'd hate to give a full tutorial if you already know (I don't want to make this comment any longer than it already is- sorry about that), but if you don't then I implore you to ask me or another fellow and try it out.

geise054 on Red Dragons

1 month ago

I'd add 4 of Draconic Roar and drop the 4 Incinerate

Draconic roar is basically the same card but deals 3 damage to your opponents face if you control a dragon or reveal one from your hand. It's pretty great

Grubbernaut on

3 months ago

+4 Incinerate +4 Fireblast, -4 Shock -4 Lightning Strike. For SB, +4 Forked Bolt


Zarathoustra on Guttersnipe's Burning Rage

4 months ago

Thanks, I'm already looking for a set of Zurgo Bellstriker, it looks like an awesome card you can just replay and put back in hand each turn.

I started building this deck as a Standard deck, then realized it was going to rotate very soon, so I have a lot of things to improve now.

I will add a set of Lightning Bolt to replace Shock, and maybe Incinerate instead of Lightning Strike, thanks for this one. The mana curve is essential here, I can't just use one and two drops for burn and need some more expensive spells to keep feeding Imminent Doom.

I have also a set of Fanatical Firebrand, but they seem to fit better in my Goblin Deck for some reason...

Isn't Reverberate the exact same card as Doublecast ? I see a difference in the text but can't figure it out.

I agree, this deck would certainly be way more competitive without Imminent Doom, but it's all about the feeling of the game... In a classic Red Burn, you just... burn stuff. There, you have to build up something, think wisely before you play, keep spells in hand and wait for a badass combo. I'll try it for a while, then we'll see.

ArrestedSnow on Guttersnipe's Burning Rage

4 months ago

Imminent Doom is a weird card to play around with. In an EDH deck you'd definitely get value out of it. Here... probably not so much.

Wizard's Lightning would be more consistent damage. Kari Zev, Skyship Raider, maybe. Fanatical Firebrand, Zurgo Bellstriker, Thunderous Wrath, Searing Spear, Incinerate, Flame Javelin, Collateral Damage are all fun cheapish burn spells and doods. Reverberate+Insult would just be brutal but you'd need the mana to pull it off.

I like what you're trying, I'd just probably take out the imminents.

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