Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Common
Dragons of Tarkir Common
Modern Event Deck Common
Magic 2014 Common
Magic 2013 Common
Premium Deck Series: Graveborn Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic Common
Seventh Edition Common
Urza's Saga Common
Promo Set Rare

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Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a noncreature, nonland card from it. That player discards that card.

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Duress Discussion

lagotripha on B/G Eldrazi Saproling tokens

1 day ago

Nice, simple idea for modern. I think the secret to running budget black decks are a lot of hand disruption and a stable manabase. If you can find some of the more budget b/g lands, that will help. Llanowar Wastes, that sort of thing. Scythe Leopard, Gatecreeper Vine and Liliana's Elite are likely to underperform compared to some other dirt-cheap options.

General advice- go heavy on one colour so that you can pack your deck with cards of that colour then leave the other for later in the game, where you can afford to be paying mana with lands that come into play tapped.

This means either early game black (hand/board disruption) or early game green (Elves of Deep Shadow/Sakura-Tribe Elder). What you choose to focus on can then inform the cmc and gamplan for the rest of your cards. Either way, lots of 1 and 2 drops will help you survive.

I'll start with disruption options- Vendetta, Victim of Night, Smother, Geth's Verdict Bile Blight etc for creature removal, Duress, Black Cat, Ravenous Rats, Rotting Rats, Nezumi Bone-Reader and Thoughtpicker Witch for hand disrution are all solid choices that match your game plan.

Card advantage options- Night's Whisper/Sign in Blood Dark Prophecy/Fecundity/Grim Haruspex

Interesting or efficient creature options Rot Shambler/Mortician Beetle (growing threats), Zulaport Cutthroat/Blood Artist (lifedrain and victory without attacks with a sacrifice outlet), Dross Harvester (bolt and path resistance), Ogre Slumlord for rat tribal combo , Pawn of Ulamog/Sifter of Skulls for more tokens, Quirion Dryad/Vinelasher Kudzu for growing threats Bloodthrone Vampire/Indulgent Aristocrat/Carrier Thrall for vamp tribal, Nest Invader for more token/ramp, Boneyard Wurm/Satyr Wayfinder/Graveblade Marauder/Nighthowler/Splinterfright/Gnarlwood Dryad are all fairly functional for a more graveyard-reliant setup, and Svogthos, the Restless Tomb is a cheap and functional manland.

Green stall so you can increase cmc- Druid's Deliverance, Jaddi Offshoot, Brindle Boar, Dark Heart of the Wood, Feed the Clan

Useful tools Grisly Salvage, Golgari Charm,

Sideboard options Elvish Eulogist(in an elf heavy list) Elvish Hexhunter Vampire Hexmage Bottle Gnomes Dryad Militant Delirium Skeins etc. There is a lot out there in these colours.If a lot of cards are ending up in the graveyard as the game draws out, spells like Hooting Mandrills, Gurmag Angler or Become Immense start becoming more valuable.

Less favourable cards that didn't quite cut it in are also good to look for- Putrid Leech/Rakshasa Deathdealer/Woodlurker Mimic beatdown for example.

Sacrifice creatures for card advantage is a solid archetype that has had a lot of support printed over the years, from No Rest for the Wicked to Korozda Guildmage.

The question is always going to be what is my opponents plan, and how do I stop that- are my opponents playing Rest in Peace or smilar to deal with graveyard shenanigans, will they kill me before I kill them as every card in their deck is effectively Lightning Bolt, or will they be able to Remand all my spells while they hit me with Delver of Secrets  Flip. Things that disrupt their plan are usually good, especially when they help your plan.

There are a lot of cards to much around with and play- I'd reccomend testing online before going hunting for things specific, focus on a single strategy when picking cards and if you choose to go less-budget, focus on lands first. Reliably casting spells is the core of the game.

Argeaux on Amonkhet Minotaurs

1 day ago


I've played against Dynavolt Tower with my Vehicles and it really doesn't bother me that much. I'm faster than it. I can also grab it with the newly inserted Lay Bare the Heart.

Aetherworks Marvel I'm not too worried about, either. Oblivion Strike is there to deal with Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and I have a bunch of other spells like Cut / Ribbons and Unlicensed Disintegration to mop up any other Creatures.

Can't say I've ever been that concerned with Walking Ballista. As with Hangarback Walker I just put pressure on and they have to block with it, or I just kill it before it gets too large. It hits me for a bit ... and I hit them for a lot more. Fling, Cut / Ribbons or Unlicensed Disintegration should take care of it.

I changed my Sideboard in response to UR Control by OAFMCNAMARA. That thing is hateful. Specific Artifact destruction is not the way to go with that, I feel. Better to have a range of hand disruption and Creature removal spells so that you can hit Torrential Gearhulk, Wandering Fumarole, or one of their annoying removal spells.

You really should practice against that deck. If people get wind of it, then that is all they will play at FNM. Seriously, Wizards has once again printed a card - Essence Scatter - that has made an archetype unstoppable, with no good answer for it - Duress.

Duke.Fleed on -1/1 Counter Madness

3 days ago

Ok, I've actually been thinking about Necroskitter for a long time, I think the printing of Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons makes the deck possible. So a deck with Necroskitter to be good I think you need to add green for Melira, Sylvok Outcast and Chord of Calling. This allows you to combo Necroskitter with Black Sun's Zenith.

The deck you currently have isn't bad, I think you ment to put in Nest of Scarabs instead of Scarab Feast. I would say Grim Affliction is too slow, Contagion Clasp instead. -1/-1 counters on their own are not super powerful, that is why having other cards that benefit like Necroskitter, Nest of Scarabs, and Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons. Another interesting card is Crumbling Ashes, allows for easier control of the board. Corrosive Mentor is also fairly interesting.

I think for this deck to survive long enough to get all it's pieces together you need to play some hand hate: Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Duress.

casmiel on Budget Orzhov Control Deck

3 days ago

Ultimate Price is always worse than Go for the Throat (both can't hit artifacts)

I'd play Condemn, Path to Exile, Fatal Push and even Anguished Unmaking over Utter End.

Despise is not really a strong discard spell, I'd rather have Duress, as that usually hits the most dangerous cards. Of course Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize are better than both. If you want to stay budget, which I assume, why not go for Tidehollow Sculler or Sin Collector? Both are really strong cards, even in competitive Modern.

i'd bring your landcount to 23. Try to get the full playset of Isolated Chapel. Concealed Courtyard and Caves of Koilos are affordable as well. Evolving Wilds is not great and would just be an emergency solution. Either way, you need more dual lands to have reliable mana.

Vampire Nighthawk has some strong competition in Gifted Aetherborn now. But you need more dual lands, otherwise it is too difficult to cast reliably on turn 2 or even 3.

I've seen some decks that run Tainted Remedy as the cornerstone to play cards that grant the opponent life. You don't have enough lifegain cards to make that a viable direction though, it's also much more vulnerable and combo-like.

I see what you are trying to do with Niblis of the Urn, but it is a pretty weak card overall. You should find another alternative for tap-effects, that one is a bit weak. Or just go with more removal, no tapping needed then. Luckily, Black and White have the best removal.

The appeal of Black & White decks comes from Lingering Souls in most cases, which is a pretty insane card. It will drive any Control player mad, as it is a nightmare to destroy with removal. I would highly recommend slamming it in any B/W deck, you almost can't go wrong there. It works well with Cartel Aristocrat, but that would go in a completly different direction I suppose.

Edge of the Divinity is a good, but problematic card. It makes your opponent's removal twice as good, but it offers a cheap and strong boost. I'd say only ever run Auras in Modern if you put it on a Hexproof creature. Even if you'd ignore that for now, this card wants to be played in a highly aggressive deck. Your deck is a bit too slow for that to work out, so I personally wouldn't run it.

Underworld Connections is much worse than Phyrexian Arena. Asylum Visitor can be an alternative if you really need the drawing power. It is cheap and can usually trade with something else.

Ambition's Cost is pretty much unplayable in Modern. Night's Whisper, Sign in Blood and the cards mentioned above are much better when it comes to drawing cards.

I wouldn't focus your deck towards Alms Beast too much. Just use it as a finisher and your top-end card. You should decide which direction your deck should go. Either you go down on creatures, and instead increase removal and hand disruption, maybe add some Mana Tithe and play Orzhov Control with the Beast as your finisher. Or load up on creatures, cut your draw and removal and go aggressive, with creatures low in cost and high in power to go wider. Either way, both varieties would be stronger than what you have now, which is sort of a mix of both and that never really worked out as far as I know.

Good luck with the deck!

Darth_Savage on U/W Control

6 days ago

Celestial Purge costs 2, Duress or Thoughtseize cost 1. What makes the Leyline of Sanctity so effective is it can be on board before discard or burn can do anything about it. Personally I don't like any of the Leylines that much, since black or red have no way to interact with them...

Detention Sphere is a decent answer, Cryptic Command or Negate too. If no one in your area is running *-Rack then it is less of a concern, though the deck can be made fairly cheaply...

LordSnow on - Budget Mardu Aristocrats -

1 week ago

Hey! You did a great job. And under $50, that is awesome.

I don't have a whole lot of suggestions to make, you have a really solid start here. I would be interested in knowing how well Grim Haruspex works, it could be good for this. Token's will be the thing you are saccing the most, though you should have enough nontoken creatures to make it still pretty good. Asylum Visitor is another budget option I have seen people use, since it does a decent impression of Dark Confidant. I think its up to preference or how often you find yourself empty handed.

Also, I have found Lightning Bolt to be insanely powerful in this type of deck. So many times, you will be sitting just a few Artist triggers away from winning and you draw the bolt and it finishes the game. It may be worth trying to find room for the other 2.

Rally the Ancestors may have been a good choice, as your deck will be a tad bit slower than the original. Sometimes the extra couple turns can really help make your graveyard extra juicy.

As a budget version, you are going to be a little slower because of the lands, which may hurt against Infect and Affinity decks. The lack of Ghost Quarter will also hurt your game against Infect and Tron. But I think it was a good idea not to include them. Without fetches, getting your colors online is more important. Lack of Path to Exile will also hurt a bit against creature based combos. But aside from that, you should be good to go against most decks. You just need to find a sideboard that works for your meta. Think about stuff like Burrenton Forge-Tender, Tidehollow Sculler, Dictate of Erebos, Kataki, War's Wage, Ronom Unicorn, Wear / Tear, Terminate, Duress and Slaughter Games.

Anyways, these decks are a hell of a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it!

Umbradaemon on Legit Until Lethal

1 week ago

Hey Darth_Savage .I really do like your suggestions of Nightveil Specter,Mistvein Borderpost and the land fixing cards.

One of the big flaws in this deck is not knowing what I am versing.Would it be worth it to use more general cards such as instead of Tormod's Crypt using Haunting Echoes for graveyard removal and deck exile/mill

For discard/hand removal you mentioned using Duress,is it possible that something like Reap Intellect could be a good alternative since it hits multiple cards in hand and deck or is it too expensive.

Also,Sorry about not putting in all the lands,I was just putting in cards I saw as possible core cards and was thinking about sorting mana after.

Thanks for the feedback though, it really helps :)

Darth_Savage on Legit Until Lethal

1 week ago

You have a big land problem, you don't have enough and your not running any basic land. You need a minimum of 20 land (probably 22), and at least 4 have to be basic. Next you have 82 cards listed, you want 60 and 37 of those spells cost 4 or more, spells costing this need to help you win. You want the hard work of the deck to be done by cheap spells and creatures, most of a deck should be under 3 mana...

Here is a sample deck, focussed on milling but also still exiling the graveyard and running 8 extraction effects, most decks don't have 8 threats -

Creatures (8)

2x Drowner Initiate, mill when you cast a blue spell.

4x Hedron Crab, mill when you play a land for free.

2x Oona, Queen of the Fae, finisher creature.

Artifact (8)

4x Altar of the Brood, mill when you play a creature, land, planeswalker or artifact.

2x Tormod's Crypt, exile a graveyard for free.

2x Mistvein Borderpost, mana fixing, it's also blue and gives an extra Alter trigger and Crab trigger next turn.

Sorcery (8)

4x Lost Legacy, extraction...

4x Duress, discard to remove any pesky non-creature spells.

Instant (14)

4x Extirpate, extraction...

4x Swan Song, cheap counter, the creature doesn't matter.

4x Archive Trap, free mill for 13 as most decks tutor for land.

2x Void Snare, bounce and a sting.

Planeswalker (2)

Jace Beleren, he draws and his ultimate mills.

Land (20)

4x Island

4x Swamp

4x Creeping Tar Pit, an extra creature, just incase.

2x Terramorphic Expanse, fetch and trigger the Crab twice.

2x Evolving Wilds, fetch and trigger the Crab twice.

2x Shelldock Isle, hideaway is fun!

2x Ghost Quarter, land based strategies.

Now for the rub, trying to fit in the extraction strategy makes the deck unwieldy. It's a cool effect but it's really more of a sideboard thing. Still if you want to build a mill deck you now have a groundwork to base it off of. By putting in the extraction to the mill based deck, I can't run card draw, so the deck suffers a little. Hope this helps.

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