Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Eternal Masters Common
Dragons of Tarkir Common
Modern Event Deck Common
Magic 2014 Common
Magic 2013 Common
Premium Deck Series: Graveborn Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic Common
Seventh Edition Common
Urza's Saga Common
Promo Set Rare

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Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a noncreature, nonland card from it. That player discards that card.

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Duress Discussion

Sogatog on Organ Grinder

5 hours ago

Also, hand disruption like Duress or Inquisition of Kozilek, or something like Athreos, God of Passage (he doesn't block persist since you can choose the order of the triggers), could help against removal or counterspell heavy decks, at least in the sideboard.

IlGuale on Vampire Life Drain

1 day ago

Hi, i'm not an Expert of Extortion deck, but i can tell you that your mana curve is really high for modern's standard. You need to make it faster or to slow down your opponent. Since you play black and White you have a good number of choices with removal and discard and some good budget options are Duress and Despise depending what you fear more between creatures or other spells (maybe combo pieces). So you would not waste your 1st turn, even more you can damage your opponent game.

Then, talking about your manabase, i agree with your decision of not playing too many tap-land, but i still want to suggest you a pair of bicoloured, budget lands that can work in your deck. The first (and weakest) is Scoured Barrens, which is essentially a Forsaken Sanctuary which also gives you 1 life. The second and stronger one is Caves of Koilos. It costs you 1 life per activation if you want B or W mana, but it doesn'enter tapped and in your deck 1 life should not be a lot. Then again, if you have a higer budget, you can also use Isolated Chapel.

Oloro_Magic on Everlasting scarabs

2 days ago

Geralf's Messenger states that target opponent loses 2 life, it does not state that Geralf deals damage to a creature, it doesn't sync well with the token plan because of this, plus undying is +1/+1 not -1/-1. I would run something like Plague Belcher or to get the same effect just with -1/-1 counters on the second time round, Murderous Redcap.

As for the sideboard help. Mono-blue control tends to rely on Snapcaster Mage for recursion and as such graveyard hate is great (Something like Dryad Militant could work but Relic of Progenitus works just as well). Mono-blue generally has a problem with winning which gives you an upper hand, they aim to kind of beat down with snapcaster or Vendilion Clique half the time (or mill) so if you can out value them then you are in a good place. If counters are getting annoying Prowling Serpopard can shut down control pretty easily. Red-blue is a bit different as they have a dew different ways to win depending on the deck. The Kiln Fiend varient can be stopped with Fatal Push, same goes for Delver of Secrets  Flip (in my opinion the best build with Monastery Swiftspear as well). Storm is annoying, and I don't know any card outside white that can stop storm in an instant without a huge caveat. The burn-control build means you need to go very aggressive, for this matchup have something like Tireless Tracker in the side so you can side in the threat and take out some expensive things, basically force your opponent to burn your creatures instead of you thereby wasting precious burn spells. Gifts Ungiven just kinda wins and there isn't much you can do about it. Abrupt Decay is another card you may want to include in your sideboard, it is versatile removal. Staples against control in the side for black are Duress, Collective Brutality, Liliana of the Veil (should be main for Lili).

Fairmount on Grixis Dragon control

2 days ago

Dig it. Put some Duress and Radiant Flames in the sideboard and you are set

PTsmitty on Abzan Tokens

2 days ago

landofMordor: I completely forgot about Secure the Wastes. I like the the flying spirits from Spectral Procession, but I do get more token production potential from the wastes. What about running Secure the Wastes in place of Raise the Alarm? I feel like with this deck I am going to win with the fliers before I win with any soldier tokens. If I play a waste one turn 2 for a chump block oh well, but the chance for 3+ tokens late game could be a game changer. As for Duress, I am definitely going to consider that card for at least my sideboard for now. It may be incorporated in the main deck based on my meta. Thanks for the suggestions!

Hyperalgialysis: I think I may be good on my mana, but I will definitely keep Llanowar Wastes and Caves of Koilos in mind if I find that my mana becomes an issue. The same things goes for Abundant Growth. Hidden Stockpile is an interesting suggestion and something that I will keep in consideration. Hopefully I will be making plenty of tokens to get value out of it, but only time will tell on that. Doomed Traveler could be an option as well if I ever need early chump blockers against a red deck. Thanks for the ideas!

Max... on a splash of black

2 days ago

I would swap Nekrataal for Shriekmaw and sideboard Memoricide for another All Is Dust.

Some options to consider:

landofMordor on Abzan Tokens

3 days ago

Add Secure the Wastes for Spectral Procession, and then cut Raise the Alarm if you need more black disruption. You could probably test by cutting one of each 'walker or Intangible Virtue, if you're finding that your opponents are able to outrun you. I think Duress is a pro discard spell for cheap, since it hits pretty much every competitive card that's not a Goyf (and you can kill those with Push or Decay).

I hope that helps! The only thing I can recommend for finding the right numbers of cards, and whether you need creature-ramp, is to playtest. A lot. You'll find the numbers when you realize you've lost one game too many by having a dead draw of card XYZ, or that ABC single-handedly wins games.

Rzepkanut on Greel, Making you Hate the Game

5 days ago

I forgot to suggest Expedition Map that card is important to be able to get your good lands more often. And Palace Siege is another great way to refill your hand each turn to use Greel more easily. I think Mutilate is great in your deck since you actually have very few creatures to worry about killing. Now that I'm looking for cuts maybe forget the Mind Sludge suggestion i made...because my first inclination is getting rid of 1 use discard spells like it and Duress and Persecute. They seem unnecessary with so many other repeatable discard effects in addition to your commander's ability. Other cuts and reasons... Whip of Erebos it exiles and you don't have many creatures to use, Feast on the Fallen there's more efficient ways to kill opponents, Mindcrank mill strategies don't work unless you are all in, Contamination not enough fodder to sacrifice to make it stick, Temporal Extortion opponent always chooses life every time...I guess that could be good still, Sangromancer is just a life gain spell basically, & Sewer Nemesis is okay as a big creature but the mill angle seems pointless. Cheers :D

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