Counter target spell. Scry 1. (Look at the top card of your library. You may put that card on the bottom of your library.)

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Kayne117 on wrexial mill

1 week ago

I highly recommend more answers and draw power. This deck has almost no draw power, so it will probably run out of gas pretty quickly. You also don't have many ways of dealing with troublesome cards from your opponent.

For card draw, I recommend:

  1. Staff of Nin
  2. The Immortal Sun
  3. Arch of Orazca
  4. Phyrexian Arena
  5. Underworld Connections
  6. Disciple of Bolas
  7. Kumena's Awakening

If you don't mind giving cards to your opponent in return for a slight mill effect and cheaper draw power, you can try:

  1. Temple Bell
  2. Jace Beleren
  3. Howling Mine

For removal/answers, I recommend:

  1. Sever the Bloodline
  2. Curtains' Call
  3. Go for the Throat
  4. Murderous Cut
  5. Victim of Night
  6. Rewind
  7. Dissolve
  8. Dismiss
  9. Countermand
  10. Desertion

There's probably some stuff that could be done better in regards to the mill and kraken themes the deck is going for, but I don't know enough krakens and I don't play mill, so I can't be much help there lol. Those are some things I spotted though.

MrXilas on Schemes of the Omnipotent

3 weeks ago

I agree with Fellwar Stone as well if you are not super attached to that draw effect from Commander Sphere. An extra mana a turn earlier is more helpful in a deck without a lot of ramp such as this. Instead of Cancel go with Dissolve for that sweet, sweet scry effect. Go with a filter land such as Cascade Bluffs, Graven Cairns, or Sunken Ruins instead of Temple of the False God. It's useless until at least turn 5 unless your have Urborg out.

Funkydiscogod on Shared Fate Modern

3 weeks ago

I have a few issues with this deck: first, you have no win condition.

Second, once you're playing out of their deck, they will be able to cast Baral, Chief of Compliance, and it'll operate differently for them than it did for you. Dissolve becomes a cantrip for them, since the draw will exile the next card from your library, but they don't have a hand to discard from. Mana Leak and Delay have similar problems.

Then, there's the Scry part of Dissolve and Read the Bones which doesn't work the way you think when under Shared Fate. The scry will be on their deck, where they can control what you will draw next.

Anyway, it's something to think about.

Kayne117 on is there some thing in your eye

4 weeks ago

I like it, but I feel like there's a bit of fluff that could be cut for some more lands or draw power. Wall of Omens has a decent ETB, but beyond that, it doesn't really get anything done. I'm sure there are other creatures with the same if not better ETB, but you could always try cutting it for another land; I think 34 is a bit on the low side. I also think that room could be made for a few more counters... having only one means you'll never have it when you need it. I highly recommend Disallow, Dissolve, Counterspell, and Dismiss. You may or may not want more, it depends on what you're looking to counter. If you just want to stop a combo from going off, just 3-5 is probably fine, but if you want to stop yourself from being boardwiped, I might try to include 6-8. I think getting wiped is a pretty big deal for this deck, as the entire engine is reliant on the creatures, and you have a lower amount than normal and no recursion. One other thing I noticed was the Oath of Teferi. I feel like 5 mana for just the ETB is a bit weak, especially considering the fact that you have only a single planeswalker. To get to the point, I think some of the creatures could be swapped for others with better ETB's or creatures that have more relevant text, and I think some room could be made for maybe 2-4 more lands and a few more counters, probably by removing cards like Oath of Teferi and Reality Acid.

Mokan on Baral, Chief of Counters

1 month ago

By any means, Wizard's Retort should be strictly better than Disdainful Stroke in your deck. When it comes to your maybeboard Cursecatcher, Spell Pierce and Syncopate don't seem like they deserve inclusion as the "paywall" they give your opponent isn't really relevant in a commander game where everyone has an abundance of mana; the only "paywall" counter that might be worth it could be Censor as it serves the early game utility purpose, but can cycle when it becomes irrelevant in the late. Aside from that Delay seems kinda bad and Muddle the Mixture might not be worth it, unless you're looking for something specific. I would imagine there isn't much of a difference between Unwind and Negate in your deck, so the former might just serve a better purpose. I reckon you can rethink Desertion as it is basically a Mind Control that is devastatingly situational for the same cost; if you already want to get rid of the MC, you might as well give the boot to this thing. That would open some really good space for Force of Will. I also think it's pretty easy to replace Confirm Suspicions with Pact of Negation. If you're looking to play Mana Drain, I also suggest Spell Swindle for the flexibility. I think the weakest remaining link in your counters base should be Dissolve, after that you can side out an exile counter if you're looking for space, starting from Faerie Trickery.

Lemme know if you want more suggestions, cause I've already written a wall of text, and I don't wanna flood your comment section :DD

Happy brewing!!

Delta-117 on Azami, Lady of Scrolls Budget Deck (EDH)

2 months ago

I forgot to say Disallow / Void Shatter / Dissolve as alternatives to Syncopate as I know Disallow is a bit costly.

You don't want to be giving your opponent a chance to pay that mana, especially in commander where games tend to be much longer, and everyone has access to more mana. That is why I suggested already to cut the likes of Spell Pierce and such. There is just simply so many better counterspells out there to consider.

oliveoilonyaasscureshemorrhoid on Jeskai EDH - getting big

3 months ago

The deck looks pretty good. It has a good amount of board wipes and ramp, but I think it could be stronger with more card draw. There's Mystic Remora, Arcanis, Skullclamp, maybe Sandstone Oracle, Recurring Insight, Slate of Ancestry, Jeskai Ascendancy and Well of Lost Dreams.

Venser, Shaper Savant/Disallow/Time Stop(my fav)/Wild Ricochet(for spot removal) vs Dissolve/Jeskai Charm? maybe Reality Shift v Cursebreak?

Otherwise I like the control and lifegain aspects, it looks like a good partner deck. Hope this makes it stronger

Pursuit of Knowledge and Psychic Possession help with the nasty Nekusar player, as you can choose to never draw again

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