Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Mythic Rare
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Mythic Rare
Modern Masters Mythic Rare
Future Sight Rare

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Creature — Lhurgoyf

Tarmogoyf's power is equal to the number of card types among cards in all graveyards and its toughness is equal to that number plus 1. (The card types are artifact, creature, enchantment, instant, land, phenomenon, plane, planeswalker, scheme, sorcery, tribal, and vanguard.)

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Tarmogoyf Discussion

abby315 on H: EDH cards, Lorwyn block, ...

3 hours ago

Hey! Just loaded my trade stuff on here for the first time, inviting you to check it out! I have a ton of EDH staples, lots of Lorwyn block and Future Sight goodies, etc!

I'm looking to build B/R Reanimator in Legacy so I'm especially looking for Reanimates, Entombs (EMA preferred), Animate Deads, etc. But I also collect Invocations and Bloodbraid Elfs, and rare lands. So feel free to point me towards your binder if you're interested in something!

Highlights of collection:

2 Tarmogoyf, 1 Liliana of the Veil, a billion Tarfire, Gleeful Sabotage , Gutteral Response etc, Glimpse the Unthinkable ,a Japanese Mana Reflection...

Enable chat or reply here/on binder with interests! :)

sylvannos on Good 5-drop finisher for Abzan ...

4 hours ago

@thegeek2: Yeah, you have to save all your removal for Tarmogoyf and then ride to victory on Blood Baron of Vizkopa once you tutor him up or draw him.

sylvannos on 5-Color Tribal Zoo

4 hours ago

@Snapdisastermage: Dredge and Goryo's Vengeance. Needed Anafenza, the Foremost in the main, but something had to be cut in order to make room. Siege Rhino felt win more when my opponent is at 5 life on turn 4, I have a fistful of Tribal Flames, a bunch of Tarmogoyfs on the table, and I haven't even attacked yet.

xaerusblade on Puck out! (Flicker deck)

13 hours ago

Darkmagi1131 thanks for the feedback! I jave the fourth Path to Exile i sometimes switch 1 way or the other to deal with multiple Tarmogoyf =)

Hoke on Death's Shadow Control

1 day ago

Cool concept! Definitely a neat take on the traditional Death's Shadow Aggro deck.

However, i would switch out the play sets of Scavenging Ooze, Noxious Revival, and the two Street Wraith's ,for there are other cards that don't slow down your goal of ultimately casting a decently sized Death's Shadow. Scavenging Oozeis a great sideboard creature against any kind of graveyard deck, however, if the opponent isn't running many creatures then it pretty much does nothing. Noxious Revival is a great spell that can bring back any card from the graveyard, but will cost you a card draw and ultimately slow you down your tempo. Finally, Street Wraith is awesome for a Living End deck, but not so much here. I know that filling in those empty spots with cards that cylce for life and cost phyrexian mana can be tempting, but there are other cards that will provide more upside than just life reduction.

For example, Traverse the Ulvenwald is a great card that can be used early for its ability to search out lands, as well as later on casting it with "Delirium" to search for Death's Shadow.

Tarmogoyf is both a great creature early on, as well as late game. Whether you need it on turn 2 as a blocker or later on to swing in for lethal, it is always a reliable creature. I present Tarmogoyf here because of the lack of board presence of creatures I noticed in your deck. Of course there are the Bitterblossom's pumping out early game 1/1 tokens, however they won't be around for long if an opponent drops a Anger of the Gods or any type of board wipe. Tarmogoyf ultimately is a adaptive card throughout the match and can even win you games.

Mishra's Bauble is a smooth 0 cost artifact that will provide you half a scry on either deck, as well as card draw. I know that this isn't the most budget option, but will yield the best results. (budget options may include Memnite or Ornithopter for a 0 cost artifact that could either swing in early for damage or just be a chump blocker)

I will suggest maybe sprinkling in Darkness, this card is basically the same thing as Fog, but black. It's a great "Time Walk" against go-wide creature based decks, and can really hinder the opponents abilities to swing in for lethal. (Both Darkness and Fog work fine, it just depends on your budget as well as your mana base) Darkness is excellent for stalling out go-wide strategies, however isn't a great permanent answer, which leads me to the last and final card.

Damnation! The classic black board wipe that can really set opponents back multiple turns and lead you to victory! Board wipes work well with your deck, since you're not running many creatures. Providing more upside for you than for your opponents.

Here are a few swaps I can think of just off the top of my head.

4x Scavenging Ooze --> 4x Traverse the Ulvenwald

4x Noxious Revival --> 4x or 3x Mishra's Bauble

2x Street Wraith --> 2x or 3x Tarmogoyf

Darkness and Damnation in my opinion are better off as sideboard options against go-wide strategies, and are a bit too "all in" to run in the main board.

Ultimately, I will conclude that these are only a few minor card suggestions to your deck, and the key thing here is to focus on what you think best suits your needs and have fun at it! :)

Feel free to ask me any further questions you might have.

Gl Hf, Hoke

kev41 on BUG Control - Leovold

2 days ago

I've been playing with the deck online a lot, and have updated it and narrowed the maybeboard.

I really like Baral, Chief of Compliance since it makes instant and sorcery cost 1 less, which can give a huge tempo gain if left unchecked by the opponent. In addition, it also let us draw cards every time we counter an spell. Having a cc of 2 also helps.

Grim Flayer: This card looks like a mini-Tarmogoyf to me, it's a 2/2 that can potentially become a 4/4, and also has trample and let us fix our draws. As I don't own him yet, I haven't had the opportunity to test him, but he may replace Vampire Nighthawk.

The other cards that I really want to squeeze in the deck are Damnation and Mystic Confluence:

  • While testing the deck, I've noticed I don't usually have more than 2 creatures in the battlefield at the same time, so I don't think Damnation will interfere with our beatdown win con strategy.

  • Mystic Confluence sounds really really good, having the ability of being a hard counter, or removing creatures or drawing as cards, at instant speed.[/list]

Yesterday on Do Dracoplasm and Sutured Ghoul ...

3 days ago

Yixlid Jailer wouldn't change the effect of Dracoplasm or Tarmogoyf.

Daedalus19876 on Do Dracoplasm and Sutured Ghoul ...

3 days ago

I just wanted to check a rule.

If I sacrifice a Tarmogoyf to my Dracoplasm, will the Dracoplasm's power and toughness change as my graveyard fills?

I know that the similarly-worded Sutured Ghoul DOES change, but it seems to remain linked to the card in exile, which would allow this to occur.

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