Deceiver Exarch

Creature — Cleric

Flash (You may cast this spell any time you can cast an instant.)

When Deceiver Exarch enters the battlefield, choose one ---

  • Untap target permanent you control

  • Tap target permanent an opponent controls.

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Deceiver Exarch Discussion

Sargeras on Assassin's Creed

6 days ago

Interesting deck, so +1 from me, here's my 2 cents.

  1. There are some cards that are great in Commander that fit your theme! Among these are Whispersilk Cloak, Rogue's Passage, Cloak and Dagger, Swiftfoot Boots, Invisible Stalker, Shadowmage Infiltrator, Thalakos Deceiver, and Quietus Spike.

Coastal Piracy also comes to mind.

Paragon of Fierce Defiance should really be Fervor, because if you are going for a haste enabler, you might as well play the best one.

The next cards I'm going to suggest aren't exactly on theme, but I think they do enough in your deck that they should be included regardless, as they have such powerful synergy with what you play.

Among these cards are Levitation, Deceiver Exarch/Pestermite since you run Splinter Twin, Silent-Blade Oni, Dire Undercurrents, Counterspell, Negate, Crawlspace.

If you want any more suggestions feel free to let me know!

JaysomeDecks on Animar, Lover of Animals

3 weeks ago

Just saw the Pestermite and Deceiver Exarch. Don't know how I missed those with Kiki-Jiki. I'd either keep or cut all three. Since it's a combo that doesn't interact with your commander or the theme of the deck, it could be cut, but I don't know how often you pull it off. If it's not often, that's 3 slots for good stuff that compliments the deck. If it is often, then by all means keep it.

SaberTech on Twin Statue Animar

3 weeks ago

Looking at your list and your Maybeboard options, I was wondering if you have had much opportunity to test out Yisan, the Wanderer Bard yet? If you have, what has your experience with him been? With your inclusion of Breaching Hippocamp you have a fairly strong chain built into the deck to help Yisan suddenly power out a Kiki-jiki combo win, so I just wanted to know what sorts of results you have been getting in more competitive matches.

The chain for Yisan that I'm looking at is Quirion Ranger --> Priest of Titania, and then, with the mana you can generate with the Ranger and Priest, being ready to go Deceiver Exarch --> Breaching Hippocamp --> Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker all in one turn.

I have my reservations about including Yisan, due to him seeming to be too slow and mana intensive for what Animar typically aims to do, but a tutor chain that doesn't require Animar and results in a game ending combo is nothing to sneeze at either. I am just looking for some of your input, since your Animar list is heavily focused on the Splinter Twin combo line.

AtomicEmpire on Grim Reality (Developing Competitive)

1 month ago

I might run Crypt, that's not a bad idea. Saheeli Rai unfortunately doesn't combo with Restoration Angel, and I like Jeskai Kiki Jiki more than Saheeli because it can win more easily without the combo. Deceiver Exarch is more of a Grixis Kiki Jiki card, but I might try out the Bell-Ringer. Where would you put the Supreme Verdict? In place of an Anger of the Gods?

And last but not least, thank you. You've been extremely helpful in the creation and the developing of Jeskai Control.

cplvela0811 on Grim Reality (Developing Competitive)

1 month ago

Hey man! Why no Saheeli Rai? Also, how about some Deceiver Exarch or Village Bell-Ringer? I believe these cards cater to your combo, heavily. Last, but not least--I think Supreme Verdict would suit this 75, well, as a 1x.

Wish you luck in your continued journey! I would upvote again, but...

lagotripha on Monored budget burn, no side

1 month ago

I had quite a long breakdown typed up but the site ate it. In hindsight, this should be more comprehenisble.

Long story short, Monocolour will be cheapest and most stable. I'll steer you away from control, as in control you tend to see a lot of the deck, which means that any 'weak link' cards show up and lose you games, combined with control's bad place in the meta its not super efficient.

Budget Plow Under/Acidic Slime/Brutalizer Exarch is great if you have access to ramp and don't mind your opponnents hating you, Teir 1 Landloss' reliance on Blood Moon does mean you'll need a heavy variant. U fearie tempo is playable- Quickling and Spellstutter Sprite with Familiar's Ruse and cheaper etb, as well as some shenanigans with Pestermite/Deceiver Exarch. The key cards that make full faeries good and controlly, Cryptic Command and Vendilion Clique are pricy as all hell though, meaning your deck will have to fit into a different neiche, likely tempo. I'll reccomend mono red 'just spam hasty creatures' for aggro, or Hunted Horror(for leyline) with a mono black list for midrange. Duress covers for a lot of gaps. Boggles is tricky as the value is spread across a lot of cards. A similar setup running heroic triggers and fragile but strong/growing creatures with Vines of Vastwood/Blossoming Defense/Heroic Intervention will likely be your best bet. Ajani's Pridemate/Voracious Wurm/It That Rides as One  Flip type cards. It will be slower as you'll need the mana for protection, so bear that in mind.

Silhana Ledgewalker/Gladecover Scout/Slippery Bogle/Invisible Stalker is pretty cheap, the trick is making them pump out the damage without the dumb enchantments or the protection of totem armour. You might manage that with a dumb interaction like Dictate of the Twin Gods, or just counterspells and Banshee's Blade type threat growing.

I enjoy building decks more than I enjoy playing, honestly, so If you let me know what sort of deck you want to emulate, I'll see what I can dredge up to support it. If you can figure out 3-4 cards you want to play every game, thats most of the deck already there.

rshizzle on Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold

2 months ago

I mean, not necessarily lol

it's not relevant anymore, but when Splinter Twin was still a thing, playing Coldsteel heart meant that you can kill their Deceiver Exarch after they flash it in at your EOT and attempt to combo off during turn 4, without coldsteel heart you have no way to kill it if they are on the play.

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