Gideon Jura


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
2012 Core Set Mythic Rare
Rise of the Eldrazi Mythic Rare

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Gideon Jura

Planeswalker — Gideon

+2: During target opponent's next turn, creatures that player controls attack Gideon Jura if able.

-2: Destroy target tapped creature.

-10: Until end of turn, Gideon Jura becomes a 6/6 Human Soldier creature that's still a planeswalker. Prevent all damage that would be dealt to him this turn.

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Gideon Jura Discussion

TheDuggernaught on GeminiSpartanX

20 hours ago

In addition to the cards listed that we agreed on for $38, I could do Thragtusk for $2, Gideon Jura for $4, and I have a Promo Scavenging Ooze that I could part with for $2.50.

Stab on Selesnian Enchantress Prison 2.0

1 day ago

Seshiro: After giving it some thought I definitely agree with you about Dovescape. I only ever got it to work one time. Zendikar Resurgent seems really cool but doesn't seem like it would fit here. There are other things that my deck wants to do with that much mana, like sigil, star field, and sphere. Thank you for the suggestions.

Kale64: Thank you for so much information. It gave me a bunch of things to consider. I know the deck could be better if I used more than just permanent spells but I think I want to keep it as is. The Gideon Jura idea is pretty awesome. I would have never thought about that. I'll have to do some testing with him. I've been thinking about Authority of the Consuls but just have not had the time to test it out yet. I've dropped to 3 Utopia Sprawls and 21 lands because in testing I flood out and have so much mana but nothing to spend it on. Thanks again for all of your suggestions. They have helped a lot.

SaSSolino8: Worship seems super interesting and I will have to do some testing with. Thanks for the suggestion.

Kale64 on Selesnian Enchantress Prison 2.0

2 days ago

I run a very similar list and it's working pretty well for me so far. Some key differences between yours and mine are:

  • Instead of Razorverge I run 4x Canopy Vista and 2x Wildwood instead. I trade early game for a more consistent late (which really just depends on the person I guess). Also no Nykthos (too slow, and Arbor gets most of my mana for me).

  • 3x Idyllic Tutor, gets you what you need (mostly Heliod/wincon) when you need it.

  • Only 1x Starfield, 1x Sigil, and 2x Sphere.

  • No Luminarchs (too slow for my meta at least, but I can see why you run them).

  • 1x Authority of the Consuls, this card is a disgusting turn 1 drop against aggro, and can be tutored and dropped fast with idyllic if needed (also run 1x on the sideboard).

  • Instead of Elspeth I run 1x Gideon Jura as another win con/removal (his +2 is nasty with Ghostly Prison/Sphere since they have to pay the costs).

  • 2x Path to Exiles on the sideboard against Infect and certain combo decks where a pesky creature needs to be removed instantly.

  • Only 1x Starfield (I really don't like drawing this before turn 5)

  • 4x Utopia Sprawl since it's essential for Arbour elf and late game is basically a "pay G, draw a card" with Eidolon.

Overall I like your version, all of my comments are just what I run specifically for my meta, and mine is a little more toolbox oriented than yours, so I don't have any specific suggestions (though Idyllic Tutor is a nice include). If you'd like I can upload mine here for a better look but overall your deck looks super solid. Nice work upgrading!

BrandonJamesCAC on Modern Esper Control

2 days ago

They're outdated and noone uses anymore...

But I just love AEtherling

And Gideon Jura

loreleaf on Prison Angels

1 week ago

While I'm not that familiar with Angels, I have a pretty good understanding or Prison Style type decks.

Here are some cards I would consider in your build for the prison aspect. Quantities vary based on how much control you want:



  • 4 Flagstones of Trokair - Yep Legendary, no down side as it brings a plains with it when you replace it and it dies.

Misc Value Cards:


  • I would put 2 Rest in Peace in the mainboard as it screws with so many decks in the field.
  • <3 the Runed Halo's and Paths in the main.

Neo7hinker on Esper Transcendent (Competitive Rogue)

2 weeks ago


  1. Gideon Jura has always been an important aspect of this deck, but Fatal Push allows us to deal with creatures better - an area we needed Jura for to help us stabilize. Push changes a lot.

  2. Elspeth, Knight-Errant allows the deck to be more proactive. We now have a better removal suite, but we can capitalize on our gameplan more consistently and effectively through these Walkers. Needless to say, she makes any creature into a threat/finisher, including making Gideon, Ally of Zendikar an 8/8 Flying Vigilance Indestructible monster, making her a strong top deck. Her 1/1 Soldiers can also help trigger Push's ability.

  3. Planeswalker uniqueness matters. There have been times when having both Gideon was just awkward. Ally suits our gameplan better, but Jura's role can be utilized out of the board vs decks we can benefit from the stability he provides - without clashing with Ally G1. If you're inclined to play both in a MU, you most certainly can.

ZoakoTHEnotSogreat on The Dirty Dozen

2 weeks ago

Don't know when or if you'll read this. Were you aware of the interaction between Gideon Jura and Venser(and situationally Brago?), that is if you blink him after his +, the creatures the targeted opponent controls are incited to attack a Gideon that no longer exists?

Ballzanya on voltron's modern fightclub (equip mode)

3 weeks ago

Since this is modern, you need some cheap/efficient removal spells. I recommend Path to Exile (which i know is around 10 bucks sadly), Condemn, Oblivion Ring, and maybe even Stasis Snare (since you have somewhat of a white devotion subtheme in here with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in here. I'd add one more nykthos, shrine to nyx come to think of it. Add a couple Gideon Jura as well. Helps keep you alive against infect and aggro/zoo decks. I like Emeria Shepherd but it's more of a commander card, the mana cost is just too high for modern. Luminarch Ascension might also be good for this deck. Holy Day might be decent as well as it can fog your opponents creatures.

I'd remove the following cards: Archetype of Courage, Emeria Shepherd, Preeminent Captain, Phalanx Leader, Armored Ascension (your opponent can 2 for 1 you so auras aren't generally good in modern, unless you have hexproof creatures to put them on), Akroma's Memorial (good card, but at 7 mana, many decks will kill you before you even get 7 lands out, burn and infect for example), Tatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang (good edh/commander card, but at 6 mana and 3 to equip, you'd need 9 mana to cast and equip it onto something in one turn, and playing something for 6 that does nothing the turn it comes out is bad in modern, if not in general.)

Debtors' Knell is on the borderline of being ok, at least in a deck that will utilize the devotion to white aspect, however, once again at 7 mana it's not even doing anything until your next upkeep)

I'd replace Devouring Light with some combination of better/cheaper removal, perhaps two Condemn and a Path to Exile (or whatever combination of those cards you have or would prefer to play). Hold at Bay seems very mediocre and it takes up a slot that a better card could fill. It's not terrible but it's only preventing damage as a one time use, so you're better off with Holy Day in its place, as it will prevent all the combat damage, not just 7 of it. Solemn Offering is bad since it's three mana to basically cast Disenchant with some lifegain. Resurrection isn't needed either, just get another Emeria, The Sky Ruin to fill the same function. (replacing a land of course and not simply the resurrection slot in your deck)

Ray of Dissolution isn't that great either, I'd take that one out. Also, a handful of cards would be ok sideboard cards. For example, Reprisal, and Elixir of Immortality. Add a couple of Disenchant to the sideboard as well. Two Kor Firewalker will be pulling double duty by stopping burn decks and giving you two devotion to white.

I'd add another Brimaz, King of Oreskos to the mainboard, and add at least two more Acolyte's Reward, (provided that the finished version of this deck has enough devotion to white to really take advantage of it). Grand Abolisher could be good in either the sideboard or the main, so I recommend that card for the deck. The sideboard could just some graveyard hate as well so if you have cards like Relic of Progenitus, Rest in Peace, Tormod's Crypt or Grafdigger's Cage add them to your sideboard. Dredge is a thing now in modern and it is not fun to play against.

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