Mana Tithe


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planar Chaos (PLC) Common
Promo Set (000) Common

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Mana Tithe


Counter target spell unless its controller pays (1).

Mana Tithe Discussion

BMHKain on Is it possible at all ...

11 hours ago

@iAzire: Hmmm... Alright. Dunno how useful Mana Tithe will be though; I mean, the mana cost to negate it seems too easy to pay either. Besides, the initial 5 card pile seems to be mostly Permanents anyway. I also added a new restriction to the combo to combat decks that force exiling as a terminal replacement for the Grave; essentially negating any card of the 5 card Pile. But, I'd also like an opinion on Mana Tithe though. How much of the time does it even work w/o anyone paying even Colorless? this might be a problem on its own, & not all targets that either Red Elemental Blast , nor even Pyroblast (I prefer the latter anyway as the choice isn't as forced.) can beat have anyway. Which would mean the other 4 would have to be Perms unless ol' Tithe paid in Blood & Guts can work here.

But the situation stands; I'd still want suggestions for parts of a pile that bypass the need for a grave for reasons above; & if one doesn't remember: these are the reasons: Planar Void , Rest in Peace , & even Leyline of the Void . I was liking the idea for Felidar Guardian , & Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker , but what other two, besides the protection in question yet again, would be used? & if all 4 cards are Permanents, why shouldn't the 5th be Rebuff the Wicked ? Oh, wait: It doesn't help to counter spells your opponents might cast to counter your spells. So why Mana Tithe ? I'm discombobulated anyway... >.<

iAzire on Is it possible at all ...

1 day ago

Not Rebuff the Wicked because that only works for spells that target a permanent you control. It doesn't help to counter spells your opponents might cast to counter your spells.

Red Elemental Blast and Pyroblast can counter the most common counterspells because most of them are Blue. If you're stuck on using White, Mana Tithe will tend to be more useful than Rebuff the Wicked.

sergiodelrio on Modern Horizons Reprints / Tinfoil ...

2 days ago

So apparently a lot of people are assuming that we'll get cards like Force of Will , Counterspell , Daze , Wasteland or Containment Priest and my personal thought is there is no way in hell.

Let me start off with a couple of premises that I will base my reasoning on. My first assumption is that reprints will require the disability to be reprinted in Standard for whatever reason (or at the very least be rather unlikely to be reprinted). Secondly, they will not reprint any cards that will potentially speed up the format or otherwise increase the overall power level. And last but not least, I think it's likely that they're focusing on extending the format horizontally (no pun intended, but interesting coincidence), supplementing existing T2/T3 decks, rather than printing cards that could potentially push existing decks over the top aka vertical progress of the format.

I do believe that we'll get at least one counterspell, but it will be more in the Force Spike area (we already have Mana Tithe for example). RND is not a fan of "free" spells anymore, and I believe they don't want an extended bluffing component in the format. I heard a lot of voices saying FoW wouldn't have much impact on Modern because there aren't a lot of unfair decks, but by that metric they might as well reprint it in Standard. The actual Counterspell would push Modern in a direction where permission would be unconditional, and that would be vertical progress.

Containment Priest is also one of those cards that would be rather weak in Standard, so why waste a slot on it when it could go in basically every set?

What I do think will happen is that we'll get a couple of themes that will consist in part of existing (keyworded) mechanics which won't be reprinted in Standard, supplemented by new cards with those mechanics. Also tribal support in the same way.

There will be little to no powerhouse card reprints whatsoever. Why? Because people can buy the old cards from the secondary market. Therefore, in order to actually sell the product, the juicy cards on the stronger side will most certainly be new cards, so people must actually open the packs to get them.

Change my mind ;)

Feridia on G/W Counter Allies

6 days ago

I recommend another one drop creature; Expedition Envoy , Stoneforge Acolyte , Savannah Lions , Elvish Mystic , Llanowar Elves , Sunblade Elf , Something like these would work great in this deck, I also recommend some green or white removal to stay alive till you get wide. Mana Tithe , Rebuff the Wicked , Path to Exile And If you want to keep it at 20 lands, I recommend you add in some land ramp; Harvest Season , Traverse the Ulvenwald Besides that, it looks like a fun deck. And if you want to play it like that, it would probably do pretty good for a FNM, at least from the ones ive been too. And like I said there are more cards out there that accomplish the same things.

Feridia on Mono/White Angel/Human

1 week ago

I assume you meant this to be a modern deck, if so a few recommendations; look into Herald of War and Heliod, God of the Sun . They are great at getting the angels out there and keep them out there. Second recommendation is to lower you cmc curve or at least add in a card like Mana Tithe or Path to Exile to remove threats early on. Third recommendation is to add more land, you have a few cards that are seven and above so you need to be laying down a land each turn. Deck looks like it would be great fun to play, hope it brings you many wins.

hkhssweiss on Teysa WIP Combo

1 week ago

Hmm you can consider Mana Tithe as well for more denial, it's been useful in about 80% of the cEDH games I play with~

DuTogira on Modern Horizon

1 week ago

PlatinumOne "'modern counterspells cost 3 mana, or 2 mana with a downside' and 'wotc is anti-land destruction', I'd have to see sources before I believe those."

Bro... do you even play modern? Even the lands that blow up other lands either replace the destroyed land with a basic ( Ghost Quarter ) or have a cost of at least to activate. Tectonic Edge is an exception, but that qualifies more as "land management" than "land destruction" considering that you have to leave your opponent with at least 3 lands. Smallpox / Boom come in at , but they're symetrical, and Assassin's Trophy replaces the destroyed land with a basic (which sort of defeats the point), so again, not exactly in the spirit of "wotc supports carte-blanche land destruction for 2 mana". Fulminator Mage lets you destroy non-basics for and Cryoclasm / Blood Moon / Choke are all hate cards against certain kinds of lands, but again your opponent gets around it by playing not the kind of land you're hating on, so it's not "true" land destruction. True land destruction (of the "Destroy target land. That's it." variety) TYPICALLY comes in at with cards like Craterize , Creeping Mold , and Avalanche Riders , but Molten Rain and Rain of Tears do exist at . Even with that, modern doesn't have any COMPETITIVE lists built around pure land destruction, which should tell you something about the support (or lack thereof) that WotC has been giving land destruction as a strategy compared with other strategies since 8th edition.

As for counter-spells, the first counter magics you can play which can target ANYTHING (meaning aren't faced with some restriction such as Spell Pierce , Spell Snare , or Stubborn Denial which all fit the slot) are Mana Leak , Remand , Delay , Logic Knot and their ilk in the slot. The ONLY exception to this is Mana Tithe , but that's in white and sees next to no modern play, even in U/W control.
The first point blank "counter target spell and it goes to the yard" spells come in at with cards like Cancel , Dissolve , Dissipate , and their ilk.

If you would still like a source, here is mtgtop8's modern breakdown, which you will notice features no land destruction, and exactly 0 decks which use any "unconditional counter spells" which cost or less. The reason is that Land Destruction isn't competitively viable, and no carte blanche counters exists for less than ! If they did, the modern community would have found them by now, but instead, we find that WotC doesn't support these concepts and has been very careful not to print any cards that violate these patterns!

Welcome to modern by the way.

epartica on Angels Brought The Apocalypse

1 week ago

Yeah together we have both progressed our decks extremely far! Ironically he is running a black deck, and he has also finally taken full advantage of sacrifices, card/card removal, life gain drain and now so how Eldrazi.

After recently play testing my deck a couple times I completely agree with you about Archangel's Light. It doesn't make sense for me because I'm always "praying" for the next big bomb or the right card on my card draw. The sideboard for me at the moment is basically cards I can't decide if I should add or not but still consider to be an extremely good for this deck. Hence why I'm here for advice!

So the thing about Lumbering Battlement is I consider it to be a protection card from me. I use it like I would use Faith's Reward or Sudden Disappearance , expect if no one tries to attack me after that then I get a free swing in before board wiping and yet simultaneously getting all my creatures back. Helm of host I have mixed feeling on that because it has actually won games for me. Depending on who I equip it to, like Lyra Dawnbringer which just makes all angels stronger for every time it creates a token or Exquisite Archangel I can sacrifice a token instead of the original angel, Angelic Skirmisher for the first strike and vigilance, Aegis Angel granting all angels close to indestructible or even artifacts, Angel of Serenity can basically exile my whole graveyard or opponents field. I see your point about it being a nine cost but in tell my friends get smart about trying to destroy it might as well keep it. Angelheart Vial Single handily made me win game but I agree it will also go in exchange for Pristine Talisman . I will defiantly try out Mana Tithe again sadly I just haven't used in game but I'm sure you are not wrong about its use!

Thank you heyzeus_ for fallowing my updates! Your support has really helped me shaped this deck into what it is today! I got my first copy on this deck so it's made me extremely happy and proud, just can't believe how much I've put into this deck though... but it has been worth it and of course I will continue to make it better. What are your thoughts on Ugin's Nexus considering I board-wipe and get ride of artifacts.

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Mana Tithe occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%