Earthquake deals X damage to each creature without flying and each player.

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Earthquake Discussion

Ziembski on Blood Buys Gold: Neheb Eternal Storm

4 days ago

How about X burns spells such as Earthquake? For X=5 you get 15 mana at postcombat main.

Ziembski on Neheb's Hellfire Club

4 days ago

I suggest cutting all singletarget X burn spells to fit in all "each player" X Burns such as Rolling Earthquake or Earthquake and stuff. Play it for X=5 precombat and get 15 Red mana at postcombat, crazy stuff.

RazortoothMtg on The Ten Plagues: Locust God EDH | *PRIMER*

6 days ago

Hey! Nice deck, definite +1 from me as I always love seeing Mass Polymorph in a deck. You reminded me of a couple cards I missed for my deck, like Ashnod's Altar and Psychosis Crawler, and some stuff I didn't even think about by playing those tribal cards (Shared Animosity) and Windreader Sphinx. What's the purpose of Strionic Resonator? Am I missing something big? I would replace it with Coat of Arms. I would also replace Flamebreak with Earthquake or something of it's ilk. Do you have any suggestions for my list?

MrKrabs on Ring of Fire

6 days ago


Alkadron on Gobrins!

3 weeks ago

No, I definitely get that the Warrens and the Offensive are absurd under the right conditions. I just found that the right conditions are almost always late-game situations: lots of land and a mana doubler or two. The Goblin deck I currently run (Ib Halfheart) is definitely designed for such things, and I love it.

If you wanted to shift focus to Hyper-Aggression-Immediate-Savage-Beatdown mode (how I built Krenko when I ran him at the helm of my Goblin deck), it's shockingly easy to output, like, 50+ damage on turn 5 with the help of Krenko's command and Dragon Fodder. Drop a goblin on turn 1; Dragon Fodder on turn 2; Warchief on turn 3 attack for 8; Drop Krenko on turn 4, tap him for five goblins, attack for 18; Drop Shared Animosity on turn five, make 10 more goblins, and attack for 400... My whole goal was to have a few goblins and a haste enabler in play on turn 4 or 5, then drop Krenko and end games. It was good, but it got predictable and repetitive after a while, so I had to switch it up. Ib Halfheart is way worse, but way more fun.

As for Repercussion, it's one of my favorite Red cards ever. I don't know if Krenko uses enough burn to make it worthwhile, though? And you have to consider the potential backlash - if you have Repercussion and 10 Goblins, you die to any Earthquake effect. Blasphemous Act would annihilate you. Also, there's no interaction between Lifelink and Repercussion (unless you somehow give the enchantment lifelink) - all the extra damage is coming from the Repercussion itself, not the original damage source.

The Basilisk Collar is phenomenal more because of Deathtouch than Lifelink, I think. You should probably be the most aggressive deck at the table; I can't imagine a situation in which you'd be really worried about your life total. Just beat people to death and do it fast. I wouldn't worry about the Loxodon Warhammer if I were you, but (as may be evident already), I'm kinda over-the-top aggressive with Red decks, so I don't know how closely you want to follow my advice here. I'm an "I start with 40 life, which means 39 of it is a resource" kind of guy; I generally think Lifelink is pretty useless.

That said, I think you should probably experiment. Try all the things! Let me know how it goes. :)

Pheardemons on Horror, Carnage, and Annihilation. All are Rakdos.

4 weeks ago

ComboCrazy- Earthquake is a relatively new addition. I haven't playtested it enough to say whether it is good or bad. The thought process was it could clear the board to wipe creatures so my opponents would have less permanent to sacrifice. Subterranean Tremors is a somewhat better version of that, but in playtesting I kept in my hand because i didn't want to get rid of my artifacts. By the time that didn't matter, I didn't have enough lands to cast it to make any kind of real difference.

PookandPie on Rashmi EDH

1 month ago

So, few quick things on this deck that probably aren't worth it:

Briarhorn: giant growth is meh in multiplayer, needs Deadeye + Peregrine Drake to be lethal at which point any mana sink or ETB would work, like Prime Speaker Zegana or anything that makes tokens.

Horizon Chimera : life gain is weak, not a strong beater


High Tide: you don't run enough Islands, nor do you have any untap spells like Reset, Turnabout, or Candelabra of Tawnos.

Explorer's Scope: seems okay on paper, but it'll whiff 63% of the time because only 37% of your deck is lands, so 2:1 that card won't trigger.

Witchbane Orb: I mean, it's useful, but a lot of combos don't target players and burn isn't that big of a thing. Also, most burn in multiplayer doesn't target the player either, such as Earthquake, Pyrohemia, etc., if you added that for when you play versus a Gisela deck.

Artful Dodge: One shot effects are not good in multiplayer unless that one attack can kill. Rafiq of the Many can use this, while most other decks in Commander don't care for it and would prefer Trailblazer's Boots which offers the evasion over multiple turns.

Diplomatic Immunity: It's basically awful in this format unless your commander is Bruna, Light of Alabaster.

Your deck doesn't really generate one singular, big creature so I'm not sure about Whispersilk Cloak, Artful Dodge, Diplomatic Immunity, etc.. Of the big guys you run, also, a few of them already have trample or some other kind of evasion already, too, so doubling up on it seems kind of pointless.


Coiling Oracle is always beneficial. You either "draw" a card or ramp, so it's a solid thing to use with Deadeye.

Fierce Empath lets you find your Deadeye Navigator or Realm Seekers for when you want to end games. Highly recommended.

Woodland Bellower finds your Fierce Empath for when you want to find Deadeye. Also finds Sylvok Replica to remove enchantments/artifacts.

Eternal Witness- I hear recursion is nice to have sometimes. Probably better than Reclaim because you get a body that can be blinked. Greenwarden of Murasa is also fun.

Reclamation Sage

Rite of Replication is something you should probably look into. It's a great win con if you hit 9 mana as you can make tons of copies of the biggest thing on field, and then bring it back with Eternal Witness/Greenwarden (making copies of Greenwarden makes it very hard to stop the Replication train, as any time they die, you get Replication back to keep making more copies of stuff. It tends to make people think twice about casting board wipes).

Stunt Double is cute.

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