Izzet Charm

Izzet Charm


Choose one Counter target noncreature spell unless its controller pays 2; or Izzet Charm deals 2 damage to target creature; or draw two cards, then discard two cards.

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Izzet Charm Discussion

razvaniorga on Grixis and isochron scepter

3 days ago

I would run 4 if you had some way of pitching or finding another use out of extra copies, i.e. Thirst for Knowledge, Izzet Charm, or Pack Rat. Otherwise, you'll just have to test it out (proxies!) and see if they slow down the deck too much.

PonyBoy816 on Reanimator

5 days ago

I would drop some of the removal spells since the style of Goryo's Reanimator is more of a combo deck. You're gonna need more discard outlets like Izzet Charm, it doubles as a looting effect and a counterspell. 4x Fury of the Horde is a big win con with Griselbrand, just keep drawing cards and casting more fury of the hordes. Also if you want you can add 4x Simian Spirit Guide which can help you to combo off turn 2.

CyberMTG on Delver

5 days ago

Izzet Charm a very good card over all counter, burn, or get me to cruise faster

Lightning Bolt red staple

Magma Jet Scry+burn its good

Mana Leak Blue staple in most delver decks

Spell Pierce it would be Mental Misstep but that card is banned for some reason?

Thought Scour I want cruise in my hand! NOW!!

Delver of Secrets  Flip first and second win con

Monastery Swiftspear First and second win con this is just a wee bit better than Delver of Secrets  Flip

Young Pyromancer when all else fails this is your win

Treasure Cruise Draw 3 it is good


Counterflux Win all counter wars in Esper, RU, and any counters

Electrolyze for mirror and infect for killing all there small dudes and draw a card seems legit

Spark Elemental it comes in vs agro for the reason of no delver or swiftspear or bolt well take three?

Tormod's Crypt For dredge and delve so ya

Fleetwood-Mat on Shifting Modern Meta

1 week ago

Haha, did you completely ignore my point about the next best thing in the format being embarrassed by this card? When I build decks, I'm not thinking about having to face Tarmogoyf, there is enough answers to goyf in modern that he's seriously as much a non-issue as Dark Confidant.

The cards I consider having to face in this particular order when I make ANY modern deck:

1Lightning Bolt2Path to Exile3Abrupt Decay4Remand5Mana Leak6Snapcaster Mage7Karn Liberated8Liliana of the Veil9Boros Charm10Izzet Charm

I base my rankings on frequency of these cards appearing in the format as well as their impact on games they appear in. So, while Abrupt Decay isn't quite as common as Mana Leak, it has a much bigger impact because of the inability to counter it. Liliana of the Veil can simply be taken care of with Lightning Bolt, so she never seems to have as big of an impact or frequency as bolt. Karn is a bit better because he can tank a bolt when he hits the board, but you need to hit your Tron lands to play him.

The first two on the list are actually the only ones I really worry about because I see those two more often than all the rest of the cards on the list combined.

bijschjdbcd on Temur Splinter-Surrak!

1 week ago

GlistenerAgent Hey dude! This was my list I won at FNM with. The difference between this and my top 4 at the $500 was the following.

+1 Dig Through Time

+2 Izzet Charm

+1 Arid Mesa

-1 Surrak Dragonclaw

-1 Breeding Pool

-2 Forked Bolt

Askani28 on LOTUS OF MANY WISHES (D&D Character)

1 week ago

Thanks annhuang! The Charmbreaker Devils fit perfectly the flavor as Lotus's hordes of chaotic troublemaking demons :) I actually had them in the deck a while ago and they were very powerful, but too often killed before the next upkeep (and they can't get the wishes back, they exile themselves when cast). That's why I abandoned them. In their deck slot now is Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath, he summons big demons while being harder to remove. But they are a blast to play (literally... with burn cards lol). Perplex though could be nice for early control or to fetch a late wish. I'll try it out instead of Izzet Charm to see how it goes. Thanks!

Hurmph on Melek (Suggestions Wanted)

1 week ago

I run Narset, Enlightened Master who plays similarly so form experience Soothsaying is fantastic at stacking your library, Mirari is well amazing in this deck copying all your spells.

Mind's Desire lets you cast cards for free.

As far as lands go Myriad Landscape is a really good budget land and so is Desolate Lighthouse,

Ponder and Preordain are your best friends in this deck.

Reverberate help copy spells even more.

Hinder Is a 2.50 dollar counter spell but if you can spare the cost It is worth it's cost.

Also cards like Magma Spray don't pull their weight because very few creatures that matter in EDH have 2 health.

Your are going to need to get rid of artifacts, Big time. so Vandalblast will help with that

I recomened AEtherspouts as a sort of Cyclonic rift 2.0 and Mizzium Mortars will be a good replacement for Magma Jet as it is both good late and early game.

Other spells that you might want are: Exclude Counterflux, Izzet Charm, Inundate, Acquire, Last Word, Counterspell, Long-Term Plans, Redirect, Rhystic Study, and try and get your hands on a Sol Ring they are about 2 dollars and Swiftfoot Boots also Izzet Signet.

Eretoryi on 2014-12-06 update of Postmodernism, bringing ...

2 weeks ago

You are right, LittleLeaf, five sweepers plus targeted removal is overkill. I will need to thin them out somewhat. I'll see what I can figure out. My problem is that I love all of my different sweepers so much, haha.

  • You have explained the purpose of a sideboard in a completely new way to me, that is a great perspective. I would say that you need to add a qualifier to your statement, though. You play twice as many sideboarded games, as long as you win two games and lose one every match. It's really not a big deal, anyways.
  • Because of your reasoning, I could see moving Rakdos Charm to the side. The reason I play Contaminated Ground is to work against land-dependent strategies, like Valakut and UrzaTron decks. Maybe three is too many. Again, I will see what I can do.
  • I will definitely take the time to retest Mana Leak. Maybe I just haven't had a good experience yet. I will also try out Olivia Voldaren because, hey, I have one, and she has been a star in older Grixis control decks.

  • BlatantLizard, I tried all of the charms in my early days. I literally played two of each in the mainboard. Unfortunately, I found myself never choosing any option but draw/discard on Izzet Charm and destroy two power or less creature on Dimir Charm. Because of this, I figured that Terminate was better than Dimir Charm, and that Dig Through Time, Jace, Architect of Thought, Remand, and Electrolyze were all together better than Izzet Charm.

    Quicken is a decent card, although I will be extremely hard-pressed to find room for it. Thanks for the suggestion, I will see what I can do!

    Thank you very much for the discussion, LittleLeaf and BlatantLizard. Grixis solidarity, indeed!

    Color(s) Red Blue
    Cost RU
    Converted cost 2
    Avg. draft pick 3.14
    Avg. cube pick 13.76


    Format Legality
    Legacy Legal
    Vintage Legal
    Commander / EDH Legal
    Modern Legal
    Duel Commander Legal

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    Set Rarity
    Return to Ravnica Uncommon
    Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari Uncommon
    Promo Set Uncommon

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