Izzet Charm

Izzet Charm

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Choose one Counter target noncreature spell unless its controller pays . Izzet Charm deals 2 damage to target creature. Draw two cards, then discard two cards.

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Izzet Charm Discussion

BrandonJamesCAC on Victor's Grixis Delver - HELP

12 hours ago

Izzet Charm

Faithless Looting

Both horrendous cards.

I'll explain why for the charm as looting was already covered.

(And covered very well I might add)

Izzet Charm does three things horribly.

It's card draw piece is as bad as Looting.

It's a multicolored 2cmc Spell Pierce which is awful.

It's a multicolored Magma Jet with no scry.

Run 4x Mana Leak

4x Terminate is good.

No need for that Doom Blade

Or Dreadbore

Also Gitaxian Probe

Thoughtseize are not really ideal for Grixis Control.

Inquisition of Kozilek and

Sleight of Hand are inexpensive and won't kill you.

PM me if you want to.

You'll get there brotha!

iLikeDirt on "My win condition? Mountains."

18 hours ago

Woooooow this is what happens when I disappear from TappedOut for a few days.

GlistenerAgent, thank you. I have been an avid supporter of Anticipate since a little before the pre-release. It's just so much more versatile than Peer Through Depths and Telling Time.

Kyresh, Izzet Charm is a good card. However I feel like it's better in a more turbo-combo version or a very control heavy meta. Neither of those are the case here I feel, I tend to have to play against control once an FNM at most. As for how often I grab something that isn't a spell with Anticipate, it just really depends on what the three cards are and what I have in hand. In the early game I actually take lands pretty often if I have a Cryptic I'm just one land or more from casting. Against aggro taking a Steve doesn't always feel bad if its done early on.

ryancsaxe on Trash for Titan

1 day ago

This deck is a lot of fun and has a pretty awesome turn 3 win (well your opponent most likely isn't going to come back when you blow up all their lands and have a big creature). A couple things. First, if you want to play Wild Guess, just play Tormenting Voice, but I'm not sure if the deck really needs it. It's the same card, just easier to cast. Second, This is a combo deck, and you want to live until you get the combo. You should be running Remand for sure, and maybe even other spells like Mana Leak and Spell Snare. I would suggest removing a couple of the big artifact creatures. You're going to get some, and you don't want to be flooded on them.

Also, Thirst for Knowledge is probably a better card for you than Ideas Unbound since you want to discard artifacts. Here are my suggestions:

-4 Ideas Unbound, +4 Thirst for Knowledge-2 Magister Sphinx -2 Sharuum the Hegemon, +4 Remand-2 Wild Guess -1 Izzet Charm, +3 mana leak

I would say you should play removal or Lightning Bolt, but your deck doesn't need reach...it either combos and wins, or it doesn't. Although casting Wurmcoil Engine is possible (which is why I removed Sharuum the Hegemon over Wurmcoil Engine). Just another thing to think about! Hopefully this was helpful, great deck!

Dusk on Spell Swarm

1 day ago

Nice deck! Have you ever thought about splashing white for Myth Realized? Also, even if it is one of the best card for an izzet burn deck, I don't like here Snapcaster Mage since it exiles spells from the graveyard. I'd prefer a card like Call to Mind. Maybe think also about cards like Faithless Looting or Izzet Charm, to always have fuel in your deck.

Kyresh on "My win condition? Mountains."

4 days ago

Have you thought of Izzet Charm in the deck instead of a couple of Lightning bolts? They kill a lot of things and also have more versatility in creature light match ups.

I am a fellow scapeshift player (even if it is a bit off of the beaten path) but was thinking about converting back to the stock and trying it out, so a question to you, how many times do you wish your Anticipate was a Telling Time, or are so glad that it is not? This is the slot that I feel is most troublesome in the stock list. Also how often do you take a creature or land with it? Because I used to play Peer Through Depths and I really liked it, so what do you think of it?

Here is my list in case you want a peek but I want to see if the stock list is better, and then I can tweak it from there. It has been a while since I stripped it down to basics the adapted to the meta.Yosemite National Park - NOW WITH A GIFT STORE

AbyssAndreal on Random draw may randomly win

4 days ago

Izzet Charm is quite good indeed ! I'll do some playtest & modify the deck accordingly

thanks !

Woshiernog on Random draw may randomly win

5 days ago

Love it. Yeah, I think Mystic Retrieval. It costs too much for this kind of deck. What about replacing it with Izzet Charm?

Minjahamster on Frostbite

1 week ago

Honestly this is a pretty glass cannon strategy, so it's better to just pile onto that bandwagon in its entirety instead of trying to split your focus. Because of this, I would recommend again the Apostle's Blessing, something like Mana Leak, Izzet Charm, or just anything that can protect your alpha-striking creatures in the event that they have anything to deal with your one fragile creature.

Color(s) Red Blue
Cost RU
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 3.15
Avg. cube pick 13.18


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Return to Ravnica Uncommon
Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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