Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Rare
Magic Origins Rare
Promo Set Rare

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All creatures get -4/-4 until end of turn.

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Languish Discussion

nicochulo on Any one-sided black cheap wipe?

5 hours ago

I know it might sound crazy, but I was searching for a one-sided cheap black creature wipe like Languish but for the opponent's creatures. I'm refering to a sort of Cower in Fear with -2/-2 or even a cheaper (in terms of CMC) Plague Wind. I think there is none,but I'm not an MTG expert

xyr0s on Nobody expects the black counterspell (Black Burn)

2 days ago

Playing black, you have a pile of discard effects - 2-for-1's, instant speed, low-cost... anything, really. You have solid removal i huge amounts - for cheap creatures, artifact creatures, non-vampire/zombie/werewolf creatures and so on. And then you have 1 counterspell, which has the "opponent chooses" drawback... and for some reason, the counterspell should be better? It is, but only when your opponent makes the wrong choice (so you can't really rely on that happening too much).

Apart from that: Languish and small creatures aren't really great together. Especially considering that you have no possiblities of recurring the creatures.

Shadow Slice: 5 mana. And you have 20 lands in your deck. Average is that you'll have 5 lands in... hmmm... turn 7/8 or so (when you've drawn 14 cards into your deck). Isn't that a little late for a burn deck? I can see that it's a cool card with your evasive creatures, though.

Wall of Limbs. Ok, at 5 mana, Shadow Slice made little sense. But this one is somehow worse. It's a wall in a burn deck... what's a wall doing there in the first place (you could compare it to Wall of Omens in D&T decks, but that one draws a card, costs a mana less, and has toughness 4 = survives Lightning Bolt)? Second, it's a 3 cmc creature with toughness 3. There are creatures sharing this and being playable, but this one is not really doing anything, other than perhaps eating up 1 Lightning Bolt. The activated ability costs 7 mana. Again in a deck with 20 lands. So that's turn 12 or 13?

Do you play against much deaths shadow? Because otherwise, your 6 enchantments makes no sense. As removal against any other deck, they are pretty poor (Doom Blade and the like is better). But they do hit deaths shadow hard.

Night Market Lookout is an interesting card. Goes well with vehicles and convoke.

IlGuale on Mono-Black Midrange

1 week ago

I play a similar list myself and have to suggest Go for the Throat over Doomblade, since black creatures are very relevant at the moment and Gurmag Angler is also immune to Victim of Night.

A boardwipe i like is Flaying Tendrils, because it removes creatures like Kitchen Finks and is cheaper than Languish and Mutilate.

Some cheap, efficient sideboard option i like against burn are Gonti's Machinations, Pharika's Cure (which kills every creature burn plays) and Shadowfeed. Shadowfeed can also provide some graveyard hate, which you don't have, with Nihil Spellbomb.

lilgiantrobot on Erebos, God of Discard

1 week ago

Not Tomer, but I'm watching the stream! In a multiplayer format, focusing on abilities that hit multiple opponents will serve you much better than single shot effects like Bloodhusk Ritualist.

Along with Bottomless Pit, Creeping Dread and Necrogen Mists trigger over and over again. Cunning Lethemancer is the creature version.

Earsplitting Rats, Miasmic Mummy, Rotting Rats, & Sibsig Icebreakers are more good ETB creatures. Since you're also running Merchant, a Conjurer's Closet can get you a lot of value. Stronghold Rats is nice consistent discard with damage. With your Commander, all this discard is not a hindrance at all to you.

You may also want to add some cheaper wrath effects like Mutilate or Languish. It wont take long for people to want to gang up on you!

Lord_Khaine on Dark Tron

1 week ago


I actually used to use Languish in place of Bontu's Last Reckoning, and I've considered Toxic Deluge. What I found in playtesting is that I usually cast wraths to clear the board while I put the Tron pieces together, and usually don't wipe when I have Eldrazi on the field. By that time, I don't have creature problems, or Ugin sorts out the issue. Lands not untapping on the next turn isn't a big deal for Tron, due to the surplus of mana the lands tap for.

I'll switch Yahenni's Expertise for a Toxic Deluge, and see how that works. If I get "if I was playing Toxic Deluge instead of X I just drew, this would be better" scenarios when I'm playing in the future, I'll add a few more to mix between Damnation, Bontu's Last Reckoning and Toxic Deluge.

nicochulo on UB Land screwing deck help

2 weeks ago

I want to thank you both Kjartan and xyr0s

It's true that this archetype is weird and very hard to pull off,because I made it mostly to destroy that GB Overgrowth deck

I was planning to remove both Merfolk Spy and Curiosity,because that was from a previous attempt to use Islandwalk,which turns out to be very weak

I'll do a massive rethinking of the deck and I'll include that Languish card and maybe I'll reduce the amount of Bump in the Night

Someone even suggested I make a RB version,not a bad idea

Overall I'll search for attack-screwing cards,because that's the weakest point of the deck

Kjartan on UB Land screwing deck help

2 weeks ago

The biggest problem with your deck is probably its archtype.

You can't actually make the deck consistant because most of its functional cands does almost nothing.

If you really want this deck to continously be like it is now, you need to cut your most do-nothing cards.

Chronic Flooding is your worst card by far. It's 2 mana for putting a card onto the battlefield that does nothing but help your opponent.

Your threats (Merfolk Spy and Bump in the Night) comes afterwards. Spy is just all around unplayable, and Bump is an aggro card. If you don't plan on ending the game within the first 4-5 turns. Bump is just another do-very-little card.

I can't see a way to make the deck good, but if you drop your (only CMC 3 or less clause) you can make it better.

Rain of Tears, Annex, Better interaction, Frost Titan, more lands, and mass removal. (Damnation is beast, but Languish is fine)

Ballzanya on Turn 2 9/9 Flying Trample, Turn 3 Win

3 weeks ago

For the sideboard, it seems Duress, Relic of Progenitus and/or Tormod's Crypt is a good place to start. Since you're going for a budget deck, instead of Damnation, you could play either Languish or Yahenni's Expertise. Bile Blight, Liliana's Defeat, Despise, and Hero's Downfall are all decent cards as well. If tron is a major problem in your meta, play a couple Rain of Tears.

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