Control Magic

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

You control enchanted creature.

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Control Magic Discussion

GeminiSpartanX on Traumatised

1 day ago

Removing the Propaganda and Control Magic would make this deck Modern legal, where I think it would have a better chance of winning rather than trying to play it in vintage/legacy. They could be replaced with more mill cards or good creatures like Jace's Phantasm. You could also swap your Wall of Denials with the phantasms and remove white completely from the deck, making it more consistent (5/5 flyers make better blockers than 0/8 walls since most people don't want to lose their creatures to a blocker). The Arrest could be swapped with a Vapor Snag or something to hold off attackers for a turn. I also think 4 Traumatize is too many, since if you play a few mill spells in the earlier turns, the most you'll hit with a 2nd traumatize is 10 or so, which would make it worse than another 5 mana card like Jace, Memory Adept. Going up to 4 Hedron Crabs is also a good idea, perhaps replacing some of the 5-6 mana spells. Anyway, hope some of that helps. Happy milling!

Emzed on It's Not Easy Being Green

1 day ago

I hope this doesn't come over the wrong way, but 'it's a staple, so you should always play it' isn't a good argument. Sure, there is certainly 'intelligence of the masses' as to which cards are good, but factors like your specific deck, playstyle and metagame should be considered. As i said before, i think indestructibility is a very metagame-dependent feature: It's somewhat narrow since various cards can circumvent it, and requires your opponents to rely on a specific set of answers. So, if that's true for your metagame, go ahead. But keep in mind that your opponents will learn from their mistakes, and if they lack answers once, they might adapt by the next time you face them.
To give somewhat more specific advice, have you considered Heroic Intervention instead of Darksteel Plate? While being a one-shot effect, it has plenty of upsides: It answers a lot more types of problems (e.g. Swords to Plowshares, Maze of Ith, Control Magic, Strip Mine) and protects your whole board instead of just one creature. You always have mana floating anyway, so keeping the mana ready isn't a problem for you. As an instant, you can actually counter a problem that your opponent already invested mana and a card into. (I mentioned this before, Darksteel Plate gives them all the information beforehand and allows them to adjust their plans.) I also think it matters a lot for Omnath that Heroic Intervention only costs 2 mana, since every single point of mana counts towards his power. In addition to that, you only pay that mana once you actually want the effect. For Darksteel Plate you basically lose 5 power on Omnath upfront.

Rzepkanut on I'll hug your mom (Edric, Spymaster of Trest)

3 days ago

Control Magic kinds of effects can be awesome when you let opponents cheat cards into play. Tangle, Moment's Peace, and Constant Mists are great political tools. Chasm Skulker looks like it has lots of draw effects to pump it fast.

Emzed on It's Not Easy Being Green

4 days ago

I am not a fan of Darksteel Plate, there are just way too many ways around it: Swords to Plowshares, Cyclonic Rift, Tragic Slip, All Is Dust, Control Magic and Song of the Dryads are examples for various ways to handle an indestructible creature. So unless you are confident that indestructibility is actually good in your metagame (i.e. people rely mostly on Wrath-effects, cards like Doom Blade or deathtouch creatures), 5 mana to play and equip Darksteel Plate probably isn't worth it. An important aspect of the problem is that you have to spend your mana before your opponents spend any mana on the cards you're trying to counter, like a Wrath of God. They see the problem in advance, and can adapt their plans accordingly. For example, they could Return to Dust your Plate, then follow up with their Wrath. Of course, it's not always likely they have the right tools for that kind of play. All i am saying is that relying on Darksteel Plate is risky, since in a game with 2-3 opponents, someone will usually be able to interact at some point.
In comparison, a card like Sword of Feast and Famine protects the equipped creature to some degree, while providing some valuable offensive bonuses. Even if it gets removed after a turn or two, you hopefully reaped some solid benefits already.

mickalopagus on Get a Clue, Man!

1 week ago

Not to derail a deck building thread but I hear what youre saying about Tinker - it is one of those cards that can send a game into a tailspin quickly. However, I wouldnt say you should avoid it. I run one in a deck (that almost never sees play), Joel runs one in his boom engine, and Rob runs 4 Natural Order which, in a format with mana ramp to your hearts content, is just as 'broken' since he can essentially have Progenitus or worse out turn two.

Broken cards are what they are, and in vintage you will find them everywhere. But often they are viewed as such because players abuse them to go infinite out the gate - ill imagine if we ever run into a True vintage format player he will come in with 50k in deck value and win every game in that fashion. Bry I respect your protest by refusing to use a card, but honestly wouldnt even grumble at a turn 2 Platinum Emperion because in vintage we also get shit like Counterspell, Control Magic, Swords to Plowshares, and worst case I see the deck once a week with half a chance to be on its team.

You decide about that card Colin. Best outcome for it in this deck is your artifacts are indestructible, which is not nearly as aggressive as Darksteel Colossus or Scuttling Doom Engine

lucal13 on Lazav lord of Deception

2 weeks ago

I agree with Cordyceps0, I would remove either Nighthowler, Startled Awake  Flip, or Control Magic for Phenax, God of Deception.

Maelstrom_Artificer on Temur Partners (Valuetown)

2 weeks ago

This is a super cool deck! I like the combo of Kraum and Thrasios. I think if you're trying to out value your opponents, why not trying out Maelstrom Wanderer. If you're trying to lower your curve, it is a bit weird to add in an 8 drop, the value it offers is strong.

Perhaps Treachery over Control Magic? It lets you get more value out of your mana. Adding in an Exploration or Chrome Mox would lower your curve and ramp you. Oracle of Mul Daya would also be helpful to give you more mana opportunities, and let's you know what Thrasios would draw.

Overall, super cool deck. I think it looks like a fun one to play!

soevilprofchaos on THE BEST (probably) PARTNER COMBO?!

3 weeks ago

Yeah that's a tough one, Eldrazi are the bane of many control decks especially permission decks. Still there are many ways to deal with them.

  1. If you stomach running expensive counter spells then Summary Dismissal does the job, but its not very mana efficient. A more expensive but more flexible version is Time Stop. Which has the advantage of saving you from lethal attacks stop opponents from being able to do things main phase. Though it wont stop the triggers, Desertion is great at giving you advantage when your opponents play eldrazi. If you want something that isn't great but pretty funny when it works out you can play Overwhelming Intellect.

  2. Perhaps one of the best ways to stop eldrazi players is to punish them for playing them. Bribery along with Control Magic variants accomplishes this well, because even if you dont get the cast trigger, a giant creature is still a giant creature. A less permanent version of this effect is Slave of Bolas or Ray of Command, which has the advantage of not letting your opponents untap before it hits.

  3. If your problem is opponents repeatedly casting their eldrazi commander Nevermore or Meddling Mage can stop a Kozilek, the Great Distortion player from nonstop casting, drawing into mana rock and casting it again.

  4. Of course you could just stop them from being able to cast spells for a turn that the mana through Orim's Chant and Silence. Which are two cards that are much better in your deck due to the amount of card draw and wheel effects.

  5. Eldrazi are pretty expensive so all the land destruction and mana denial cards like Armageddon, Cataclysm, Winter Orb, Stasis and Cephalid Constable can slow down your opponent long enough that your on board effects kill them.

Unfortunately, the eldrazi were designed so that they would be hard to answer efficiently, so there is not a lot of amazing ways to deal with them if the opponents have enough mana to cast them.

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