The Ozolith

The Ozolith

Legendary Artifact

Whenever a creature you control leaves the battlefield, if it had counters on it, put those counters on The Ozolith

At the beginning of combat on your turn, if The Ozolith has counters on it, you may move all counters from the Ozolith onto target creature.

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Set Rarity
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths (IKO) Rare

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Format Legality
Pioneer Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Arena Legal
Frontier Legal
Standard Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Brawl Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Pre-release Legal
Unformat Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

The Ozolith Discussion

KibaAlpha on Little Rey of Ishine (Reyhan/Ishai 2.71 cmc)

7 hours ago

Glad to see this deck back up.

DeinoStinkus on UGIN CAN'T BE TRUSTED!!!

1 day ago

Everyone knows Ugin. He's a protagonist Dragon, the twin brother of Nicol Bolas, and got a sweet reprint in Core 2021. But he can't be trusted, and nothing is what it seems...

Let's begin with Rise of the Eldrazi, where we learn that Sorin, Nahiri, and Ugin had worked together to imprison the three Eldrazi titans, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, and Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. These three beings escape in Rise of the Eldrazi. So it seems that Ugin is against the Eldrazi. But no, hold up a second. Why does practically every single card printed with Ugin's name ASSIST ELDRAZI? Eye of Ugin, Ugin, the Ineffable, and our M21 Ugjn, the Spirit Dragon are all staples in Eldrazi decks. Now, one could pin this down to coincidence or simply just the cards aligning in that way. But as we learn later, there are some suspicious things going on with Ugin...

In Battle for Zendikar, we learn that Ugin does not want the Gatewatch to kill the titans Ulamog and Kozilek, as he suspects they are part of the natural order of the universe. Seems legit until you realize that every major villain sees itself as a natural part of the universe or an inevitable force. Thanos has that same mentality. The Phyrexians do as well.

Later, in War of the Spark, Nicol Bolas routinely refers to himself as "we". The same occurs to Chandra when she steps atop The Immortal Sun atop New Prahv. Why "we"? Perhaps for Chandra it was a communication with the corruption of the Sun, but I believe that the Sun was in some way built as a conduit for Emrakul's petulent whispers. At the end of the War of the Spark, Ugin displays some frightening tendencies as he gloats to his brother Bolas and psychologically torments him. Nicol Bolas appears diminutive next to his brother. Ugin does not normally behave this way. Honestly, he acts like the cinematic Albus Dumbledore most of the time.

The last creepy part is that Bolas, a dragon supposedly in possession of a mastermind's brain, could not see the gaping holes in his own plan. Perhaps the Spirit Gem had something to do with that. Nicol Bolas had been smart enough before the Elder Dragon War to destroy his siblings but could not destroy a few tiny planeswalkers with the power of a god on a plane where there was no equal to his might! And who is the Spirit Gem connected to? Why, no other than Ugin himself.

In War of the Spark Forsaken (ugh), Ugin says to Liliana that the Spirit Gen will help her find a better her. Um... why is Ugin now taking a sudden interest in Liliana's personal life? I have the feeling that the Spirit Gem is going to cause more harm than good.

And then there's The Ozolith. An unknown planeswalker had tampered with the Ozolith, causing it to emit mind-control pulses that made the monsters of Ikoria attack the forces of Drannith. But what if it wasn't a planeswalker? What if it was Emrakul? Or maybe it was Ugin. I mean, the sudden mutation seems to fall in line with what Emrakul does, see Howling Chorus.

Just some fun speculation, let me know what you think.

HoneydewHaiku on Animar, Soul of Elements Hydra Tribal

2 days ago

Prospekt that's amazing, those are some interesting commanders that I haven't really considered before! But I do think Animar has a slight advantage because it can be super fast. It also has access to a lot of good stuff, as you mentioned, and a few infinite combos to spice it up. This is actually the main deck I play at Commander League and I would say I have a high win rate (not too long ago I won a playmat, lol). And I would say my League is fairly competitive. Animar often takes people off guard and surprises them with how good it is. Usually I'll go off, someone will play a board wipe, and then a few turns later I'll go off again. If nobody has a board wipe or effective lock, the game is often over quite early. It's possible to win on turn 3 if something like this were to happen (it's oddly specific, but it's just one possible path):

  1. Play a forest, play Birds or Burgeoning or really any method to get 3 colored mana on turn 2.
  2. Play an island or mountain, cast Animar.
  3. Play a forest. Play Increasing Savagery. Play Ancestral Statue. Animar now has infinite counters. If you're playing 1v1 this is probably a win condition.

I've actually snagged MANY early game wins with Ancestral Statue (the kind of wins that leave people bitter that they didn't get to play the game). But more likely we're looking at turn 4-6 to really go off. You will, though. You should generally cast Animar as soon as you have three different colored mana, and in the best case that'll be on turn 2. Then you cast small creatures or hacks like Increasing Savagery or Give/Take to build up counters, and then you can cast big X-cost creatures and you can also cast stuff like Eldrazis for free if you have enough counters. The deck USUALLY is very timely, the biggest problem is Animar dying to removal (athough its protection from white and black does come in handy) and then you have to build up counters again and may have too few cards in hand. The Ozolith will probably help with that and I can tutor for it with Tezzeret the Seeker but I haven't had a chance to use it much yet because of the pandemic. Draw also helps with recovery, naturally. Animar can also play the long game, and I do win long games, but it shines as an aggro deck in the early game. It's a fun deck to cast big creatures.

PhngluiMglwnafhh on El Chupacabra, the Goatsucker

5 days ago

Balaam__ That's a good point. I put in Flicker of Fate just as a generic response to opponents' enchantments like The Ozolith or Ominous Seas, but that's pretty niche. Cloudshift could be useful if you cast Stormwild Capridor or Brash Taunter before Marauding Raptor and you want to get that damage onto those creatures.

shub on Veiled-Control

6 days ago

Is The Ozolith worth adding to stretch your coin counters further?

Tylord2894 on Multiple Ozoliths?

1 week ago

The tokens that will be created are 1 CMC Artifacts named "The Ozolith". They are not legendary nor creatures. When a creature that had counters in it dies, each Ozolith will trigger and have counters put on it.

Sans mutations and Clone effects, the copiable values of an object are what's print on the card. Helm of the Host will make a token using the base traits of The Ozolith except it's not legendary.

When a creature dies, it's counters cease to exist, so you can't really "move" the counters in a typical sense. Rather, the Ozolith trigger will remember the last state of the creature that died. That many counters will be put on The Ozolith. Since you aren't "moving" counters, each Ozolith will have those counters put on it.

Hope this helps!!

SquirrelPenguin on Multiple Ozoliths?

1 week ago

What happens when I use Animating Faerie on The Ozolith, then attach Helm of the Host?

periclesac on Gargos on These!

1 week ago

Remove Death's Presence and add The Ozolith.

Steely Resolve have no synergy with Gargos...

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