Coalition Relic

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Rules Q&A

Coalition Relic


: Add one mana of any colour.

: Put a charge counter on Coalition Relic.

At the beginning of your precombat main phase, remove all charge counters from Coalition Relic. Add one mana of any colour for each charge counter removed this way.

Grind on Help a modern player get …

2 weeks ago

Your deck looks good!!
I would lean into ramp a little more and prioritize cmc2 ramp cards over your 3s. Arcane Signet and Nature's Lore are good examples. Over your darksteel ingot i would run Cultivate or Skyclave Relic or Worn Powerstone or Coalition Relic.
Deck looks good, get out and play it!!!

wallisface on Golgari attempt one

1 month ago

Some thoughts:

  • Generally speaking you want to aim for most of your deck to be playsets (4-ofs) of cards. Having lots of cards run only as 1-of and 2-of copies will only lead to your deck being super inconsistent, and make it a lot harder to present a coherent plan.

  • Modern decks typically find it hard to justify running more than 4 cards (1 playset) costing 4 mana, and often run nothing above this. I think in particular you're going to really struggle to ever cast Vorinclex, Monstrous Raider or Avabruck Caretaker  Flip in a game and have them provide some kind of meaningful impact. I'd suggest ditching them.

  • Some of your cards are too situational to ever be practically useful in a decks mainboard. In particular i'd suggest ditching Fade into Antiquity (too niche), Tamiyo's Safekeeping (too narrow an application, you have loads of creatures so who cares if one dies?), Coalition Relic (this thing costs too much mana to begin with, by the time you can cast it you're already got enough mana to do most things anyway), and Wrenn and Seven (you don't run nearly enough lands to make use of this, plus its not really what your deck wants to do).

  • Golgari decks (known as "The Rock") thrive off attrition style play. In that vein, you may want to consider adding hand disruption cards (like Inquisition of Kozilek, Thoughtseize), as well as some universally good destruction cards (like Abrupt Decay, Assassin's Trophy)

SufferFromEDHD on Kicking and Screaming

4 weeks ago

Abeyance and Telekinesis are some old school tech/protection.

Coalition Relic if tapped correctly is 2 colored mana for her kicker cost.

All those basic lands might as well run Land Tax/Scroll Rack/Back to Basics

Grind on Kaalia EDH Homebrew!!

1 month ago

cool deck!!!
a couple thoughts,
Skyclave Relic is a strictly better darksteel ingot, but Worn Powerstone is a nice option if you find you can usually get your colors of mana. I also like Coalition Relic because it can increase mana on your next turn.
consider Generous Gift over Wear/Tear, for versatility, it can hit lands, creatures, and planeswalkers too.
consider Akroma's Will over make a stand, only 1 more mana and way more impactful.
would consider Starstorm or Fire Covenant over comet storm, but depends on what you want to do with it.
I would consider Unburial Rites or Animate Dead over death denied, but that's subjective.
Grasp of Fate is a more powerful oblivion ring, but costs a bit more bucks.
and would you consider an extra combat card like Seize the Day? then once you get kalia to go off, maybe you can get a couple extra combat steps in the same turn. that card is great.

anyway, just some thoughts, cheers and have fun!!!

thefiresoflurve on Tasha's closet of horrors

1 month ago

Looks good. The only thing I would recommend in the mana base is to replace one of your 3 CMC rocks with Talisman of Dominance (or add it).

Also, really neat to see someone else not sleeping on Coalition Relic, it's a lot better than people in my playgroup give it credit for.

thefiresoflurve on Holy Angels

2 months ago

I would sooner replace Firemind Vessel, TBH. If you compare them, Coalition Relic can come out on turn 3 and tap for 2 mana of any combination on turn 4, whereas you can't even cast Firemind's Vessel until turn 4, and it also enters tapped.

Path of Ancestry is another great land I forgot about.

thefiresoflurve on Holy Angels

2 months ago

Hey, welcome to EDH! Liesa, Shroud of Dusk is such a fun commander.

First off, mana: you're probably going to want a few more lands. 36 is the usual average for a deck with average mana cost in your range. Also, there are some awesome ramp artifacts I don't see in here: Arcane Signet is a commander staple, basically the artifact version of Command Tower. Also, if you want to move out of 2 CMC mana rocks and into 3 CMC mana rocks, I recently discovered Coalition Relic and absolutely love it for the second ability.

As far as colors go, I recommend editing it a bit: Right now, only half your mana-producing cards give white mana, but >75% of the deck is white. Caves of Koilos, Goldmire Bridge, Scoured Barrens, and Silverquill Campus are all dirt-cheap dual lands you can add to help smooth that out. The remaining 6 lands could probably be Plains.

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