Ondu Inversion


Destroy all nonland permanents.

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Ondu Inversion Discussion

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on YEET! [[Primer]]

2 weeks ago

Fair enough on those points. Keeping the tapped land count low is always a good idea, but I am more lenient when the land also doubles as a impactful spell when I need it. Essentially I view MDFC's as a flexible spell in the land slot. As far as for the individual cards, Kazuul's Fury  Flip is just another form of Fling so it's more for redundancy in your deck, but as for Ondu Inversion  Flip and Valakut Awakening  Flip (forgot to mention this one earlier), I have nothing but high praise for both those cards. Both have over-performed for me.

While the casting cost of Inversion is high, I would disagree that it has zero upside. Most board wipes aren't necessary until later in the game where high cmc is less of a problem, but Inversion has the added bonus of never getting stuck in your hand since you can always play it as a land. That being said, Ondu Inversion  Flip is best suited in green decks since it hits non-land permanents. Boros can struggle to rebuild after a board wipe like that.

Valakut Awakening  Flip is just straight gas. Great card draw in red at instant speed that is essentially your own personal Wheel of Fortune. This card has gone into every red deck I own.

Deathstroke2791 on YEET! [[Primer]]

2 weeks ago

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor, of course I don't mind. Always love discussions on how to make my decks better (pending it's along the same style of play I'm aiming for).

Ondu Inversion  Flip is a definite no from me. An 8 mana boardwipe or a TAPPED land. There's BARELY any upside here. If I were running a budget deck this would recieve different consideration.

Kazuul's Fury  Flip is a potential land I understand, but I'm worried about the fact that it comes in tapped will slow the deck down. I already have three of those as is, and that's even more than I would normally be comfortable running. I guess I could test it and find out though. The worst that would happen is I just put a basic land back in.

Lifeline is good you're right, but you're also right that I'm already pleased with my reanimated package (for now).

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on YEET! [[Primer]]

2 weeks ago

I'd just like to weigh in on the Kazuul's Fury  Flip suggestion if you don't mind. I don't think you replace Fling or Thud with it; however, I think it would be a solid addition to the deck. The way I view most MDFC's is as a land with upside. I'll usually cut a basic land (assuming I have plenty, and you do in this deck) and plan on playing the MDFC as a land 75% of the time. However, 25% of the time it'll be a relevant spell. That's why MDFC's are so good. They act as lands that have an occasional spell tacked on. Following that train of thought, Ondu Inversion  Flip might be something to consider in place of one of your board wipes. That would also free up a slot for an additional card.

Also, a card that I think would be hilarious in this deck is Lifeline. You don't need it as your reanimation package is already solid, but it would definitely do work in this deck.

IHATENAMES on [EDH][Primer] Adeline Anthem Beatdown

1 month ago

I enjoy mono white equipment vultron in edh. I have run many over the years starting from the forged in stone starter edh deck and this deck reminds me I need to update my current brew (balan is at the helm).

I'd recommend looking into ramp. Legion's Landing  Flip Windbrisk Heights Oketra's Monument Loyal WarhoundGauntlet of Power just to name a few.

I'd revisit which equipment you run. Example Godsend Batterskullis fun. But generally bad in edh in my play testing. Blackblade Reforged highly recommended

Removal. This is gonna be meta dependent you seem kinda light on removal. Another boardwipe might be good only especially is kinda rough. I'd suggest something like Balancing ActOndu Inversion  FlipTragic ArroganceDusk / Dawn or a power toughness based wipe that keeps your weenies. (Erase a better demystify)

Suntitan Nahiri, the Lithomancer or other recursion. I know you are trying to play the aggressive game but a long term plan is always good.

Meta dependent but running silence? Much better in1v1 unless you are using it to stop a combo or stop interaction with your combo.

Tutors perhaps to make a Xtra copy of a few of your cards Search for Glory or Thalia's Lancers would hit lands artifact and even elspeth

Perhaps more lands 30 is kinda low 34 is the lowest I go. If you can't find what to cut for it look onto the BFZ flip lands for utility that can also be lands like Ondu Inversion  Flip

Other cards I just suggest that I like: Dawn of Hope Brave the ElementsJazal Goldmane Crescendo of War

Housegheist on Remember to use Protection

1 month ago

Is the low count of temival by intention? I noticed no Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares? No Wrath of God, Winds of Abandon or Ondu Inversion  Flip?

nayaanima1 on Akiri-Bruse (RW) Aggro-Control

5 months ago

An interesting option from Zendikar Rising is Ondu Inversion  Flip . It's an mass removal spell that just slots in as a land...

sleepcuck on Avacyn, Angel of Hope

6 months ago

thanks for all those suggestions Lanzo493 and ya I found out Iona, Shield of Emeria was banned Just after I bought the last card I was missing. Also I'll defiantly put in Ondu Inversion  Flip in there and possibly Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite . cvarena21989 sure put some land destruction in there.

Lanzo493 on Avacyn, Angel of Hope

6 months ago

In the past few years, there have been a lot of nice new angels. Archangel of Tithes , Lyra Dawnbringer , and Emeria Shepherd are some of them. Smothering Tithe is a fantastic newer card. Generous Gift is a great piece of interaction. Hour of Revelation is a strong boardwipe that we got a few years back. I like Ondu Inversion  Flip, too, since it's a land and doesn't take up deckspace if you replace a plains. Akroma's Will can be a great finisher. Urza's Incubator and Herald's Horn are great ramp for an angel tribal deck, if that's what you want to go for. If you're not hung up on angels, I'd say Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite fits the stax theme well.

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