Skyclave Relic

Skyclave Relic


Kicker (You may pay an additional as you cast this spell.)


When this enters the battlefield and was kicked, create two tapped tokens that are copies of this.

: Gain one mana of any color.

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Skyclave Relic Discussion

DreadKhan on

1 month ago

If you want to add a few lands, you could consider removing the whole life gain package, most of those cards aren't especially good unless you're all in on that strategy. Some other stuff you might switch for a land could be Sephara, Mesa Enchantress, Phyrexian Unlife (do you have a combo with this I'm missing?), Felidar Sovreign (I wouldn't be too confidant in it, as it's easy to remove, and even if it's indestructible it can be exiled), and maybe Suppression Field unless it seems to be really useful, in my experience I usually would rather have a removal option or wipe.

Looking at your list more closely, I think you could run Swords to Plowshares, Heliod, God of the Sun for vigilance and a mana sink, Archon of Emeria for it's combination Rule of Law effect and very relevant land hate. Tragic Arrogance is shockingly good in White, and lets you keep your Commander if you want. Skyclave Relic is considerably better than Darksteel Ingot.

Nice work!

Housegheist on The Esix Cloning Process *Revised*

3 months ago

Well, even without trample is Beastmaster Ascension a helluva card. Each swing would bring value (Player DMG or destroyed creatures). With Garruk's Uprising in combination a beast (pun intented ;) )

But you have a point with Replicating Ring. It's pretty slow and only on casual tables really playable.

What about Skyclave Relic? Either you get an indestructible Mana-Rock for 3, an indestructible mana rock and 2 additional Tokens of something other cool or 3 indestructible mana rocks for 6. Could br worse

Stardragon on Blowing Stuff Up

4 months ago


"Thrilling Encore for a really nasty kind of Insurrection." also cheaper, faster lol but it an interesting idea

I thought about Damn and will probably replace Wrath of God for it it does the same thing for the same cost at the same speed but it has the added benefit of being a sorcery speed spot removal if need be

As for Deadly Tempest not a bad idea will see if I can squeeze it in

as for Skyclave Relic it's nice and I do need more fixing other than lands atm I have Revel in Riches, Deadly Dispute and Darksteel Ingot for man fixing and Pir's Whim, Hour of Promise and Growth Spiral for ramping

Lanzo493 on Blowing Stuff Up

4 months ago

Some cards I would suggest are Deadly Tempest for those pesky token decks or the tribal decks trying to do Patriarch's Bidding stuff, Thrilling Encore for a really nasty kind of Insurrection, and Skyclave Relic for some on-theme ramp.

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