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Version 1.1 - - - 4/10/19

I find Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter endlessly fascinating. Had to try it out.

Going wide with tokens, hoping Oviya's Constructs are worth making. Not sure how much untapping stuff to include. Everything's up in the air. So far I've rarely found her abilities worth using over casting from my hand but there's no way she isn't a decent mana-sink, especially if my hand is empty.

So far the deck has an interesting effect of being very.. how do I put this... "overtly scary". People see a ton of tokens and assume I'm the biggest threat because I have a boardstate (which I always contend is less strong than it looks) but all the while the combo players and the like are gearing up their strategies as well. I suppose that's just the nature of the psychology of Magic. Like most fair aggro decks, this deck folds hard to boardwipes.

Almost went with a strong Artifacts-Matter theme but decided on pure tokens later. Many remnants of the artifact theme are still in the deck and I'll leave them in to be tested. Might go back to artifacts if I get a Hangarback Walker and Darksteel Forge . The Steel Overseer reprint is nice.

This is one of my decks made mostly from cards already owned and almost all the cards I did buy were budget. Two of the most expensive cards were gifts. I ended up buying a ton of tokens though which cost way more than the deck! Surprised to see how much the deck is worth but I had almost all of the $2-$6 cards on-hand.

Cards to maybe add: Show

Potential artifact cards (if I shift the direction of the deck to Artifacts-Matter): Darksteel Forge , Hangarback Walker , Inspiring Statuary (owned), Darksteel Juggernaut (owned), Darksteel Colossus , Steel Overseer , Colossus of Akros , Foundry Inspector , Metalwork Colossus , Myr Propagator (owned), Chief of the Foundry , Copper Myr (owned), mana rocks, etc.

Cards with an SL are cards I own. Cards with an MP are potential cuts.

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