Shanna, Sisay's Legacy

Shanna, Sisay's Legacy

Legendary Creature — Human Warrior

Shanna, Sisay’s Legacy can’t be the target of abilities your opponents control.

Shanna gets +1/+1 for each creature you control.

Shanna, Sisay's Legacy Discussion

TriusMalarky on Mt. Fuji

6 months ago

Mothrider should be Shanna, Sisay's Legacy . It's bigger, also legendary, and just plain better outside flying.

As this is (from what I've read) more casual, Sigrid, God-Favored is pretty good and deserves consideration.

Varis, Silverymoon Ranger is coming out soon and might be worth your consideration.

I honestly don't have much more outside the suggestion of a couple Arctic Treeline to make your mana slightly better. This is, legitimately, a solid deck. Not pro tour worthy and might not dominate at FNM, but it works and it's fun and it's well built.

Elmoisamac on dmereel

1 year ago

Great start! There are a few categories of stuff I would add, I will start with budget options:

Ramp - Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Farseek, Rampant Growth will fix your colors.

Removal - Reclamation Sage, Swords to Plowshares, Austere Command, Wrath of God, Wear / Tear, Sundering Growth

Card Draw - Guardian Project, Shamanic Revelation, Beast Whisperer. Lifecrafter's Bestiary

Lands - Cinder Glade, Canopy Vista

Win Conditions: Overwhelming Stampede, Chord of Calling to tutor out a win

Other good cards: Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves, Rootborn Defenses

Other good cards, but not as budge

Xenagos, God of Revels, Token Doublers Anointed Procession, Coat of Arms, Heroic Intervention,

Cards to Consider Cutting:

Veteran Warleader, Shanna, Sisay's Legacy, Gruul War Plow, Ajani, Inspiring Leader

That is all for now, but I can suggest more later.

Strangelove on WARriors

1 year ago

Hi Shayda!!!

Dude those dragons are doing so well (when no one wipes them)!

Did you want a similar deck? 'Cuz that's what you've got here... but I think you should lean into go-wide-aggro > midrange and play more 1-2 cmc creatures and move all your ramp to 2 (Rampant Growth, signets, etc).

I'd also recommend Golgari Charm, Boros Charm, and Heroic Intervention.

Tribal decks have so much flavor! Hope this helps, maybe we'll see it next weekend? :o

Brutal_B on commanders for a token deck

1 year ago

I have used Shanna, Sisay's Legacy. Kind of a voltron/battlecruiser route with token support. It can get outta hand. The token doubters like Anointed Procession, Parallel Lives, and/or Doubling Season are must haves. Good support cards like Awakening Zone/From Beyond, Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip, Intangible Virtue are definitely worth considering. Check out my All for One Shanna token deck if you want some ideas.

DRmagic2017 on Saskia, Clan Leader

1 year ago

I love tribal decks! So +1 from me. And some ideas too: Champion of the Parish - perfect for Humans. The same about Adaptive Automaton and Metallic Mimic. Why don't you also add Judith, the Scourge Diva? Please take a look at Shanna, Sisay's Legacy, Hanweir Militia Captain  Flip (it is great with Westvale Abbey  Flip) and Recruiter of the Guard. Have fun and good luck!

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