Crystal Quarry

Crystal Quarry


Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool.

(5), Tap: Add (White)(Blue)(Black)(Red)(Green) to your mana pool.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Crystal Quarry Discussion

TriusMalarky on The gods

6 months ago

Oh, yeah -- you should go Golos x Jegantha for super ramp.

I think you can

I think if you can topdeck Channel, you can pull off a full t4 Purphoros Combo Kill w/World Tree.

Skwiche on Jodah, lover of jank

1 year ago

From 1 jodah player to another Why not add a Bolas's Citadel

Arboreal Grazer For an extra turn 1 land drop Crystal Quarry Or perhaps some scry lands Temple of Deceit to help filter thru cards that aren't needed there and then or cycling land, Fetid Pools a few check lands Sunpetal Grove or battle landsCanopy Vista will help keep the cost down and still have dual land types and can still be searched for with some cards rather than going crazy buying shock lands or original duals. Just because jodah reduces the cost to wubrg doesn't mean every spell needs to be high cmc some low cmc counterspells or protection spells may benefit you too e.g Eerie Interlude To protect from board wipes

There is also no harm in having basics as it reduces the chance of having land entered tapped having a mix of all 4 of the land types mixed above also will reduce chances of some of the land entering tapped, also having cycline will help with more card draw if the land isn't needed

Davinoth on

1 year ago

Cool build/theme, +1!

Might suggest Crystal Quarry and/or Composite Golem. =)

FadingReality on 5 Color Token Deck (FAST)

1 year ago

Awesome deck man! I think it's very well done and focused and the card choices are all solid. I dont have that many suggestions. Token strategies run very little removal so your low count makes sense. The ones you do have, like aura shards, are great choices and will be powerhouses. Anyways here are my few suggestions. Cascading Cataracts can replace Crystal Quarry. Aside from being indestructible, it can still add WUBRG like quarry, but unlike quarry it will also let you add other combinations of mana. Also despite being strictly better, it somehow costs less money irl so that's nice too. Probably because quarry is so old. Also Arcane Signet is better than Fellwar Stone and Coldsteel Heart. Both of those are amazing cards tho and since this is singleton format, I'd probably add it alongside fellwar and coldsteel. If you don't have the space to cut, then I would at least straight up replace coldsteel or fellwar with arcane signet. Other general good cards for your strategy (these are just suggestions rather than straight upgrades that you should definitely make) would be Awakening Zone and Iroas, God of Victory. +1 from me sick deck dude!

TheRussBuss on Enter The Elemental Horde

1 year ago

It is good, but Cascading Cataracts is better since I can make any combination of colors, and Crystal Quarry is specifically WUBRG. I don't have a problem getting all 5 colors out, but I sometimes have trouble with the Cavaliers since they're triple color.

triproberts12 on Tolsimir Wolf

1 year ago

Oh, but looking at that page, there haven't been any submissions for WBG wolves. My suggestion is Karona, False God as a commander. You can still use Green Sun's Zenith , Finale of Devastation , and Chord of Calling to tutor up psuedo-commanders like Immerwolf or Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves , but you also get access to the Garruks you want. With access to red, you get Immerwolf, Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip, Arlinn Kord  Flip, and Pyreheart Wolf . Also, if you build it nearly mono-green, you can really take advantage of Fable of Wolf and Owl , relying on Channel the Suns , Crystal Quarry , and Cascading Cataracts to power out Karona.

Demarge on

1 year ago

Honestly there is one thing that you can do that is budget and will greatly improve the deck, make the mana base only run lands that enter tapped if the land taps for 3+ colors, if you can get it down to being only 1/3rd your lands enter tapped you will see quite the power boost, even the borderposts will greatly improve as you will have basics to pay the alternate costs.

"but I need the color fixing" you might ask, make the deck a little heavier green and run Rampant Growth effects or even Abundant Growth like spells. you can even keep the ravnica guild theme and run as many of the guild signets you can fit.

Now if you spend money on any land I'd suggest Cascading Cataracts , it's a better Crystal Quarry but is still cheaper, Fist of Suns is also an interesting option for any 5 color commander as you can pay that cost instead of the increasing cost for niv the 2nd or 3rd time you might cast him.

Now I am far too tired to get into much beyond that, there is quite a bit of things you could try for the guild spells. But if you make changes to your mana base it will indeed greatly strengthen the deck.

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