Ramos, Dragon Engine

Ramos, Dragon Engine

Legendary Artifact Creature — Dragon


Whenever you cast a spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Ramos, Dragon Engine for each of that spell's colours.

Remove five +1/+1 counters from Ramos: Gain . Activate this ability only once each turn.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Ramos, Dragon Engine Discussion

Beta323 on Ur-Dragon

2 months ago

Hi multimedia,

First of all thanks for the input and sorry for the delay in the reply; I have been testing with proxies.

Again, thanks for the input!

griffstick on Top 10 multicolored cards at …

3 months ago

Welcome back for the last top ten at 6 cmc. Last time it was colorless. This time its its multicolored.

Last time the users voted that the best colorless card at 6 cmc is Wurmcoil Engine . That list is here top 10 colorless cards @ 6 cmc

Check out these other lists too

So the rules are to post a comment of a multicolored card at 6 cmc and the people will upvote it. The card with the most upvotes will get the # spot. I will update the top 10 list daily.

Your comment/comments should look something like this...

My favorite multicolored card at 6 cmc is Morgue Burst .

It shouldn't look like this.

My favorite card is this card and that card and also this card but I think this card is the best.

More rules.

  • If you want to submit multiple cards, comment multiple times. Only one card per submission.
  • Upvote whatever cards you agree to be in the top ten.
  • Dont be afraid to upvote multiple cards.
  • You may make comments on other suggested cards and you may talk about the top cards list. But keep your card suggestions separate.
  • X spells are excluded.
  • You may tag friends to join the conversation/debate.
  • Only multicolored cards at 6 cmc will be considered for the top 10.
  • You may talk about other cards outside of multicolored and outside of 6 cmc but they will not be considered for the top 10.
  • Cards that have no color or one color in its casting cost but have 2 or more colors on the card will be accepted. Cards lik Ramos, Dragon Engine
  • Cards banned in edh will not be considered for the top 10.
  • If the submitted card has the same amount of upvotes as another card. I will make a judgment call on witch one I feel deserves the higher spot in the top 10.
  • S stands for super. For the 1 card that I chose to represent the best card that's banned in edh.
  • If theres a draw. For instance. If a card has 5 upvotes, and another card has 5 upvotes, and one of them I have upvoted, and the other I have not upvoted. The card I have not upvoted counts as 5½ or 5.5 for those using the metric system.
  • if a card has been submitted 2 or more times and each of them have upvotes, the upvote score does not count all of the repeated submissions upvotes. Only the one with the most upvotes. Remember if you see a card that has been submitted more than once and you upvoted it. Look for the other one and upvote it too.

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SaltySpecula on Searching card databases for cards …

3 months ago

I'm trying to remake one of my Ramos, Dragon Engine EDH decks. I've been going through Scryfall and Gatherer to see if there's any type of search that lets me look for cards with more colors in the mana cost than the spell's CMC.

Some examples being spells like Crystallization and Trace of Abundance .

Can anyone suggest a filter, search or well curated list that would turn up that kind of result?

ObserverWill on Ur-mahgurd Dragurns!

3 months ago

Dragons are the coolest tribe and this is a really good take on them. I like the emphasis on removal. One card that I really like in my ur-dragon build is Ramos, Dragon Engine . It might go well with your other dragons.

griffstick on Homeless Battlemage

3 months ago

Of the above mentioned cmdrs to run I think Ramos, Dragon Engine is the best choice. I feel if you want a true kicker deck that uses all the battle mages. Then you'll want all 5 colors. Then you'll be able to run cards that care about spells being kicked

But any 5 color will do. Damn they are truly homeless

libraryjoy on Homeless Battlemage

3 months ago

For 5 color, maybe Ramos, Dragon Engine ?

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