Ramos, Dragon Engine
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Ramos, Dragon Engine

Legendary Artifact Creature — Dragon


Whenever you cast a spell, put a +1/+1 counter on Ramos, Dragon Engine for each of that spell's colours.

Remove five +1/+1 counters from Ramos: Add . Activate this ability only once each turn.

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TypicalTimmy on Aragorn 4c

1 year ago

I just recommended him for my friends Ramos, Dragon Engine deck. This guy is bonkers. I would cheese it with modal spells that land 2 or 3 colors for maximum bang. Unfortunately the mana base required for that would make this sort of deck stupidly expensive.

TheoryCrafter on Progenitus EDH

1 year ago

Here are some ideas for your deck:

-You won't be able to use it as your companion, but Jegantha, the Wellspring will be a helpful ramp card for the deck you're building.

-Bonfire of the Damned can help knock down an opponent's battlefield and feed into Zaxara, the Exemplary.

-Unless you're willing to find a spot for Ramos, Dragon Engine you may be better off replacing Door to Nothingness with Mayael's Aria. In part because of the activating cost, and in part because if the game stalls out Mayael's Aria is more likely to get you a win in a multi-player game.

I hope this helps. Thank you for reading me out. Happy Hunting.

TypicalTimmy on A Discussion of Staples

1 year ago

We all know that certain cards are staples in this format, such as Sol Ring and Mana Crypt if it is affordable. However staples also have a little bit of fluidity in that they have color restrictions. If you are playing a deck that contains and you are not playing Necropotence, you are running decidedly below your potential.

Unfortunately cards such as Crypt and Potence are very expensive, so not all players can have them.

In this thread, I'm not so much focused on the financial aspect, but the physical aspect.

I'd like to ask, what makes a staple? Now yes, casual play and competitive play are two different beasts. Competitive decks will be leagues behind if they lack specific cards, whereas casual decks will be slightly hindered but not really all that far off. Especially if there is a budget the friends adhere to.

Let's take for example Lightning Bolt. It is both financially cheap and resourcefully cheap as well. It is instant speed and works wonders as removal. Unfortunately, in many cases, it doesn't serve a great enough impact to win the game. Yes it can take down something such as a Thassa's Oracle or bolt a Sorin Markov so the opponent can't -3 you immediately. However, in the majority of plays, it serves as little more than a bump in the road to victory. Meanwhile, a card such as Path to Exile sees far fewer targets, but it'll remove that massive gargantuan 15/15 Ramos, Dragon Engine or Edgar Markov. So while Path has fewer total available targets then Bolt, it's impact is far greater and more disruptive.

  • (Although I prefer Swords to Plowshares. I'd rather give my opponent some life that will be gone in a turn or two, then a land of their choosing that they keep for the rest of the game.)

Similarly, a really good card in terms of mechanics is Scour from Existence. What hinders it is the mana value of . If it cost less, I'd expect to see it slotted into nearly every deck. The same applies to All is Dust. Yes, Wrath of God and Damnation are superior in that they cost less, however they also do less and are restrained to their own colors.

Mechanics, timing, color restrictions... These all play a role in what becomes a staple, and what doesn't.

So I'm curious, what are some staples across EDH that people know of, and do you have any opinions on what cards SHOULD be staples, that currently aren't?

multimedia on Urza’s legion

1 year ago

Hey, good start on a budget with what you have so far. Command Tower is a budget staple land for multicolored Commander decks and Arcane Signet is a budget staple mana rock.

Ramos, Dragon Engine can only be played in a five color deck using it as Commander or another five color Commander. It's activated ability has all five mana symbols and those symbols count toward it's color identity. Urza's color identity is only three colors Esper (black, white, blue). Because Urza doesn't have red and green that's why Ramos can't be played with Urza as Commander.

If you want aggro with Urza lets look at the beginning of the mana curve first, cards spots of 0-3 CMC only then we can look at the higher end of the mana curve. The first changes to consider is to remove all the nonartifact creatures and then later determine if they are worth a spot in your deck because they have abilities that help artifacts or Urza. I think you'll find that you don't need any of these creatures because artifact creatures can take their places. If you want to be aggro with Urza then you want to utilize Urza's artifact creature affinity to cast Urza quicker. To do this consistently Urza wants 0-2 CMC artifact creatures and some 3 CMC artifact creatures more than the rest.

Some of these creatures may be added back in later, most likely not, but for now lets build the creature base with only artifact creatures. For making upgrades lets look at best cards here with Urza and build around them? Arcbound Ravager and Portal to Phyrexia are the two best cards here with Urza because they're artifacts and they're abilities are more powerful compared to most other cards here. Ravager brings the aggro, but if aggro doesn't do it and you need more reach to win the game then Portal can do that. Lets start with Ravager and what makes it better with Urza? Modular and you have some here, more one drops can help toward Urza's artifact creature affinity and Ravager.

Steel Overseer adds to the +1/+1 counter strategy, it's powerful but only for artifact creatures and if trying to be aggro it's a good reason to play very few nonartifact creatures. Silas Renn, Seeker Adept goes well with Arcbound Ravager since with Ravager you want to sac artifacts and Silas lets you cast an artifact from your graveyard. It's deathtouch combined with Urza's menace makes it a creature who opponent is not going to block and lose two or more creatures blocking it. Baleful Strix, Triarch Praetorian, Malcator's Watcher are two drop artifact creatures who fly and who draw when enter the battlefield (ETB) or dies.

Some artifacts here are worse than others.

Think about limiting the amount of nonartifact spells to just the better ones you have here?

Equipment that increases the equipped creature's power equal to the amount of artifacts you control really ups the aggro since then any little artifact creature can become huge which combined with menace can make it a great attacker. I see Silver Myr and it's good here since counts twice for Urza, artifact creature affinity and ramp. Consider adding more artifact creature mana dorks who can make colored mana?

The budget Signets can help for ramp as well as color fixing which is really needed because the manabase here is pretty much all basic lands. Arcane Signet is a staple budget mana rock for ramp in Commander. Chromatic Lantern is fine for color fixing, but you're going to want more than that.

Some nonartifact creatures at the beginning of the mana curve can really help aggro and Urza.

Losheel, Clockwork Scholar is powerful with artifact creatures when attacking is what you want to be doing especially Constructs. Your artifact creatures don't take damage in combat meaning that opponents will have a difficult time choosing to block since their blockers might die, but your creatures will be fine. Losheel is also repeatable draw, once on each players turn when an artifact creature ETB you draw this includes when a Construct is created by Urza if you didn't have an artifact creature ETB before your end step.

Sai, Master Thopterist can be a repeatable source of artifact creatures, Thopters, to be attackers or sac fodder. Emry, Lurker of the Loch is like Silas Renn, Seeker Adept more ways to cast artifacts from your graveyard is good with Arcbound Ravager and other sac outlets.

That's it for this comment, but if you're still interested I'll give advice about the high end of the mana curve here to take more advantage of aggro into mid game and Portal to Phyrexia late game as well as some budget land options for the manabase. Would you like more advice?

Good luck with your deck.

wallisface on D&D Deck

1 year ago

Some thoughts:

  • A bunch of these cards aren't modern legal - specifically Ancient Brass Dragon, Ancient Copper Dragon, Jolene, the Plunder Queen, Ramos, Dragon Engine, The Ur-Dragon, Monster Manual, Vexing Puzzlebox, Sivitri, Dragon Master, Burgeoning, Court of Bounty, and Demonic Tutor.

  • Your mana curve is very high here. Pretty much all Modern decks can’t justify running more than 3-4 cards costing 4 mana, and run nothing above this. Your deck has a whopping 31 cards costing 4-or-more mana, which is faar too much, and will lead to some really, really slow/clumsy plays.

  • 12 lands is criminally low. As reference, Burn decks play 20 lands and only play cards costing 1-2 mana. Your deck in particular looks like it needs a lot of mana to do much of anything, and likely needs 24 lands as an absolute minimum, even after lowering the mana curve. Your deck is going to be currently doing nothing with such a crazily-low land count and such a crazily-high mana curve

  • You’re running a LOT of cards as 1-ofs and 2-ofs, which will lead to massive consistency issues and an overall weaker deck. Going forwards, i’d advise you aim to instead play playsets (4-ofs) of those cards that matter most. A deck should usually aim to be mostly playsets of cards.

Epicurus on Jodah, the Enchantress (Shrine Tribal)

1 year ago

RoarMaster Thanks! A lot of good suggestions there. I'll play around with it and see what of that makes sense to switcheroo.

For one, no I don't mind winning with big legendary creatures. I think of it more as an alternate wincon. It's also something extra to draw hate, making opponents have to choose between focusing on my creatures or my shrines. Also, it's a backup plan in case of large-scale enchantment hate.

Also, let me defend some of the cuts you're suggesting, not because they absolutely need to be in there, but just to see what your opinion is of my justification for their inclusion.

Arasta and Alela are there for 2 reasons; one, for flying defense (which there is very little of otherwise), and two, as higher cost legendaries to feed Jodah's triggered ability. Kestia kinda falls into the second of those categories, though really she's just an overpriced legendary enchantress, which as you pointed out I might not need so much of.

On that note, the idea of overloading the enchantresseses was to maximize the ability to flood the battlefield with shrines. If every time I cast a shrine, I both cascade into another legendary (potentially another shrine) and draw 1-3 cards (any number of which could also be shrines), and then could potentially repeat that process in the same turn (given the mana to do so), you can see where that could end up. However, I still haven't put the deck together in cardboard, so I don't know with certainty that it's necessary. I'm just looking at other shrine decks that operate solely on the enchantresses theme, seeing their potential, then adding the Jodah-as-commander element to make it click even more, rather than trying to reduce the enchantress presence just because I have him. That's a serious run-on sentence, hahaha. Did it make sense?

Although, with fewer legendary creatures I would maybe have a better chance of cascading into shrines, so perhaps Alela and Kestia could get the axe in exchange for the land fetch stuff you mentioned.

On the topic of "mono-green five-colored," I tried that with my Ramos, Dragon Engine deck, and found that it didn't work very well. Might have been doing it wrong, but that deck works a lot better now, and I used it as the blueprint for the land/ramp aspects of this deck. So I don't want to muck with the lands too much, though adding the fetch wouldn't be a bad idea. I also thought about adding Jegantha, but in the 99 rather than as companion (mostly because I don't want to cut In Bolas's Clutches, Callaphe or Esika).

As for the instant-speed, targeted removal, it stays, hahaha. The enchantment ramp in place of the artifacts will be considered, with mana curve implications being the deciding factor.

Let me know what you think about all that, and comment again. And give me an upvote if moved to do so. Thanks again either way!

TheOfficialCreator on TBW Transformers deck help

1 year ago

Unfortunately, in a 60-card deck I can't offer too much advice, other than go with modular. I've had success in multi-color pile-ups using Arcbound Worker, Arcbound Shikari, and the like. Since all the Transformers are artifact creatures, they can utilize these +1/+1 counters. Additionally, you can use Blasting Station for a bit of added damage, so that your Blitzwing and Megatron get very large very quickly.

If you wanted to scope out a Commander deck, I'd recommend Ramos, Dragon Engine at the helm, as it's WUBRG and has +1/+1 synergy.

Happy trails!

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