Gaddock Teeg

Gaddock Teeg

Legendary Creature — Kithkin Advisor

Noncreature spells with converted mana cost 4 or greater can't be cast.

Noncreature spells with in their mana costs can't be cast.

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Gaddock Teeg Discussion

Mana_Mythic_Legendary on Pursuing Perfection, Part 6: Azorius …

2 weeks ago

Here’s something interesting: while there are over 120 mono-colored legendary creatures, there are less than fifty to each color pairing. As the pool has grown limited, we’ll need to shake up the format of these articles going forward. I’ll be grouping playstyle-linked generals where possible, but where that's not an option we’ll instead discuss generals who match the color pair’s themes overall. And today, we discuss Azorius!

Maybe you came here to build a deck build around flying. Maybe. Assuming you’re not Peter Pan, you probably came sniffing after a combination of White stax and Blue control. Maybe this is about enchantments for you. Maybe this is about blink. But in summary, this pairing has a general slant toward prevention and manipulation rather than offensive power.

White, when played defensively, comes across as a big, solid castle that central catering forgot to stock with anything but a vat of sour cream and the world’s blandest potatoes. Thick walls, but comparatively little offense or subtlety. This ties into stax in part, but also touches on themes which weren't covered in the white article: potent life-gain a la Rhox Faithmender and friends, shockingly powerful barriers such as Solitary Confinement and sweeping control of the board like the Aven Mindcensor . One of White's inherent disadvantages, however, comes to mind: besides a handful of "I win" cards like Felidar Sovereign and Near-Death Experience , white has no teeth outside the combat phase, and relatively little draw to dig for them. Test of Endurance and Celestial Convergence are made more reliable by white's fine pile of enchantment tutors, but personally I'd rather not depend on cards that give your opponents time to prevent your win.

Blue, on the other hand, isn’t so much defensive or offensive (in one sense, anyway), skipping that spectrum in preference of sidestepping problems until you can strategery your way to victory. It's great, in theory, and generally in practice. Blue, so long as we're lampooning, is a brilliant, twerpy engineer. A pest so frail they’d crumple under a breeze, so agile you’ll never tag them, and so annoying they’ll leave you begging for the clean killing blow they're too reedy to actually fetch you. The glaring problem, though, is that if an opponent can ignore a blue player's tricks and actually land a few hits, said blue player is probably screwed.

Combine them, though... Combine them, and they shore up one another's weaknesses in a big way. Combine them, and you potentially have the most solid, strategic defense in the game. Suddenly you have all the draw you could want for your Approach of the Second Sun , your Sphere of Safety will have an Enchanted Evening , and you can actually, feasibly win with Azor's Elocutors ... which will probably see you dying alone, unloved, and undoubtedly quite pleased with yourself.

For today, we're discussing Blink/Flicker, Control (again), and the Miscellaneously Themey. As always, please bear in mind that our focus here is not necessarily competitive but rather on thematic, archetypical commanders.


ETB effects are wonderful, wonderful things. You get a body, sometimes even a good solid one like the Sun Titan and some nice, tasty effect that hopefully makes said body only the icing on a fine, fine cake. The classic example would be Palinchron : pair it with something repeatable like Deadeye Navigator and you have infinite mana. Then you can Meteor Golem the table's collective psyche straight into the nearest mental ward. Or, if you really want to emotionally cripple someone, blink their commander whenever they try to attack, attach some voltrony wincon, or... well, anything.

Brago, King Eternal With White providing the protection keyword, Blue shelling out unblockable, and flying sourced from both, this pairing inarguably has the best evasion. Brago may not have the muscle to kill someone as is, but there are some great options for fixing that. Not that you need to: if you have a board of flickerhappy boyz, Brago's a great pick for commanding your blinking battalion.

Lavinia of the Tenth

Upon reading this card you may feel a great disturbance in the force, as though millions of token decks cried out in terror and were suddenly detained. Ask yourself: how many permanents cost less than 4 mana in a game? Assuming you're not playing an entire meta of leafy green lunatics, the answer is "most." This was my wife's first deck. Lavinia had herself a Conjurer's Closet , or something like, most games. I was grateful when she switched to slivers.

Ranar the Ever-Watchful

I like this guy. I like spirits. Rewarding the blink life with a swarm of tokens and supporting a neat mechanic with a number of good cards, Ranar's a great choice for someone who wants it all.


Turtle up until you find your win, you spineless wart. Or, as Sun Tzu would say "Attack is the secret of defense; defense is the planning of an attack." Ghostly Prison AND Propaganda anyone? Nobody buys time like Azorius (blue extra turn shenannigans notwithstanding). The best spread of control options are tied up in these two colors, maintaining a proper hold on the battlefield to ensure you can, eventually, uninterruptedly, shamelessly legalese someone to death.

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Simple. Direct. Rude. Terse? Resentful? Me? Absolutely. Do. Not. Want.

Lavinia, azorius renagade

I have seen Gaddock Teeg a few times, to my discomfort. This feels like Teeg playing favorites. For someone labeled as a renegade, Lavinia certainly abides by this pairing's preference for smacking people in the kisser with a banhammer. Opponents can't cast anything large. Opponents can't cast anything free. Those fond of Izzet spellcasting combos must HATE this card. Hell, as someone who plays Rashmi, Eternities Crafter , I hate this card and haven't even seen it played.

Gwafa hazid, profiteer

Taking a step back from going wide, Gwafa reminds me of that scene in Robin Hood: Men in Tights where the sheriff tries to laugh his way though delivering bad news. "Your creature is worthless, haha. But you draw a card, hoho, isn't that nice? Hehe, aren't I nice?" Go to the darkest, dankest, smelliest hell, Gwafa.


Hanna, Ship's Navigator

Most of the removal tied to artifacts and enchantments works off of destroy effects, not exile, so if your focus isn't on commander-based synergies but rather your board state, Hanna may serve you well, especially considering how often tossing an artifact will get you a new one.

Kangee, Sky Warden

If you really want to flyspam, Kangee is a solid pick: blue-white has a whole mess of options to hose down the opponent with an airborne death swarm. Top marks if you manage to regularly play Dovescape and know the pleasure of watching your opponents try to process all their cool stuff turning into birds.

Bruna, Light of Alabaster

You like auras? Here you go. Avoid stuff like Reliquary Tower , overload your hand with goodies like Steel of the Godhead and All That Glitters , then gloat when you slap Bruna down and get everything you discarded into play without the bother of paying for it. Hell, put your auras on the creatures that tutored them. Bruna doesn't mind. She'll take them anyway, from anywhere. Thank God she doesn't have haste.

And, for my personal favorite...

enter image description here This guy is a fantastic face to put on a political deck. Nobody wants to smash the guy who gives out free cards and life! At least, not until you find Mind Over Matter , or something like. You won't deck anyone thanks to this wascally wabbit's wording, but you'll have your entire deck in hand. That should be all, folks. The only reason Kwain doesn't have a deck in this house is because Rashmi and Pramikon got here first and stole all the good stuff.

That's it for this round. Thoughts and questions are welcome. I hope you enjoyed it, and will come back soon for Dimir!

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jclaust on Zur the Enchanter's "Prison" (cEDH)

3 months ago


It is niche, but follow me here. Necropotence will always see play until removed. Forbid with near limitless cards for Buyback has a higher than average Card power ceiling. This ceiling is easier to achieve when one is not casting the majority of one's spells (One can win without casting a single spell after Zur is secured) except for interaction like Forbid. In terms of the deck strategy and purpose, it is effectively a surgical Decree of Silence : counter 1 spell a round that results in an opponent win or your loss.

is a tall order for Counter Magic in cEDH. It can easily cost more, cannot be cast at all with Gaddock Teeg and others out and/or the disallows flexible/efficient use of mana. Cryptic Command may not be active or relevant by the time one has the mana; additionally, its, unlike Forbid, ceiling is nearly identical to other Counter Magic but with a higher and more prohibitive CMC. At the moment, Forbid has played well with other spells because it is . Although, I have contemplated Delay and/or Miscast .

Omniscience_is_life on The New Most Competitive Modern Deck--Dryads

3 months ago

I am forever indebted to you for your continual discussion points, BrassLord!

It's super easy to turn any Selesnya shell into D&T (especially with CoCo to hit Thalias and the like), but I'm trying to refrain from falling for it. That said, Gaddock Teeg pretty neatly deals with some of my weaker matchups, so he might go into the SB as a 1-of.

Cavern of Souls deserves some playtesting, I should think--I'll get around to it ASAP

Thank you for your kind words! I'm having fun goldfishing it... not sure how it'd to against any "real" Modern decks but that's not what's important ;)

BrassLord on The New Most Competitive Modern Deck--Dryads

3 months ago

Interesting Modern Deck! Looks a lot like a Legacy Lands deck I played a while ago! Since the gameplan is creature based infect, Qasali Pridemage and Kataki, War's Wage are decent catch all sideboard options as well. Gaddock Teeg could be an option to help in a control matchup or something like turbo scapeshift/ tron. And you could also consider Spellskite for decks that run a lot of targeted removal or Valakut. And I mean Cavern of Souls is decent even to sideboard in control games with any tribal or tribal like deck, though the ideal play line you're describing really doesn't need that sort of mana and seems hungry for colored mana to cast spells, not creatures. Looks like a blast to pilot!

jethstriker on Can my deck be converted …

8 months ago

Zoo is still an established deck as far as Legacy is concerned. If you like that direction, I suggest splash for red so you gain access to the most aggro of all cats: Wild Nacatl. Red also gives you access to removal and reach (Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning) and good sideboard cards (Pyroblast / Red Elemental Blast and Moon effects) to fight combo (zoo's worst matchup). Load your sideboard with cards that hate on combo (Thalia, Guardian of Thraben , Gaddock Teeg) to round out your build.

If you would take the midrange direction, look to Maverick, Punishing Maverick build. But that would take a major redesign to your current creature list, as your creatures do not match with Maverick's gameplan (Maverick's creatures are Hatebears).

griffstick on Yasharn Hatebears

9 months ago

I feel like you could take whatever stax Gaddock Teeg list and copy it

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