Blood for Bones

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Vintage Legal

Blood for Bones


As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature.

Return a creature card from your graveyard to the battlefield, then return another creature card from your graveyard to your hand.

drow468 on Gobbos

3 months ago

Hi Asiimov, thanks for the comments and suggestions! I can see how Mad Auntie and Boggart Birth Rite could be useful, however, I'm not sure if they're valuable enough to include in this deck. While snoop is pretty vulnerable to removal, the deck can function well enough if it is answered (and I can pretty easily find another one if needed). So while they could be helpful, I think I would almost always prefer drawing or tutoring for another card instead.

Goblin Grenade is really interesting and I really like that idea. What I may do is put in a few copies of Tarfire in the sideboard, because that can be tutored or played from the top of the library with snoop. I'm sure grenade would work just as well if not better though, I just personally like the utility of getting some burn damage in whenever I need with tutors. Thoughtseize and Earwig Squad are also good ideas and I think I'll put them in the sideboard at some point, depending on the meta.

Blood for Bones is cute and could do some crazy things, I think it might just be a little slow for modern. If you end up building a goblins deck and run that card, let me know how it goes!

Finally, I think you could definitely get away with 22 lands. I decided to go with 23 because I've found that matches with this deck can get kind of grindy and missing land drops can be brutal, but playing with 22 lands is definitely doable if you replace that land with a card with a low converted mana cost.

Ca1m_down on BlitzKrieg

3 months ago

Hey, cool list. I think there are a couple of different ways of building Henzie and I feel like you have a couple of different ideas going on here. Here are my thoughts on the different themes you can focus on that synergize with Henzie's abilities:

Cost reduction (making big impactful creature cost as little as possible to cast multiple in a turn every turn) Goreclaw, Terror of Qal Sisma, Nylea, Keen-Eyed, Cloud Key, The Immortal Sun, Marauding Raptor, Heartless Summoning, Krosan Drover, Goblin Anarchomancer, Semblance Anvil

"Blink" (lots of undying, persist, and plenty of "Feign Death" effects to maximize etb/dies triggers and keep the creatures after blitz) Cauldron of Souls, Conjurer's Closet, Kaya's Ghostform, Supernatural Stamina, Blood for Bones, Undying Malice, Minion's Return, Demonic Gifts, Abnormal Endurance, Unholy Indenture, Return to Action, Fake Your Own Death, Flayer of the Hatebound, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, Puppeteer Clique, Woodfall Primus, Murderous Redcap, Faceless Butcher

Value Town (maximize card advantage, keep the cards flowing, recursion, keep non-creature count low) Guardian Project, The Great Henge, Greater Good, Lifeblood Hydra, Demonlord Belzenlok, Gorex, the Tombshell, Deadwood Treefolk, Acolyte of Affliction, Evolutionary Leap

I think doing a combination of these three things is solid, but I'd recommend focusing on one and trying to keep the game plan somewhat focused. My brew leans towards Value Town.

Things in your current list that I'm a little skeptical of:

Sundial of the Infinite I think since Henzie is only giving us a small mana discount, this would just be used as a weird "your creatures have haste". I think you often want to take advantage of the "when this dies, draw" rather than 1+ mana cost reduction.

Deathreap Ritual This doesn't trigger if your creatures are dying in your end step to blitz, creatures need to die before the end step for the Ritual trigger to go on the stack. Even if that wasn't the case, I feel like it's better in decks where you're the one making sure it's triggering on each of your opponents turns. What Henzie is doing doesn't really help with doing that. I feel like Moldervine Reclamation would be similar in concept, but more synergistic once the deck is going (but I also don't think it's worth an inclusion).

Living Death How are you filling your yard? Henzie doesn't get cards into your yard very quickly. I think the is a card that fits better in decks that are doing plenty of looting and self milling. It's very likely the other graveyard players will benefit more than you when you cast this.

Most of your creatures that are less than 4 cmc don't seem like they do enough with Henzie to take a slot. I think you'd be better off if your CMC<4 mana stuff was non-creatures that ramp and/or setup for your game plan. I can understand the sac outlet ones if you're really taking advantage of the instant speed aspect, but most of the time you're having to sac end of turn anyway, so I think it'd be better to take advantage of the better payoff of the non-creature sac outlets (like Evo Leap, Vampiric Rites, the various Altars, Greater Good, etc.) As far as mana dorks, I feel like 2 mana ramp spells will help more in the long run. I don't think Henzie is powerful enough of a turn 2 play to risk losing mana sources to pings and/or wraths.

All that being said, it's great seeing other peoples takes on Henzie. I've certainly gained a bunch from reading your comment on my decklist and thinking critically about yours. I'll try and keep my list updated as I play it more. It's been a blast so far. If I didn't already have a black based "blink" deck I think I'd probably lean Henzie towards that strat. :)

Asiimov on Gobbos

3 months ago

Blood for Bones *

Yesterday on Can I Return a Sacrificed …

3 months ago

You can't. In order to put Whisper's ability on the stack, you need to declare its targets, and then pay its costs. Our buddy Gary won't be in the graveyard until after you've paid the costs of Whisper's ability, which is too late for it to be declared as the target.

After you've paid the costs to activate the ability targeting another creature card in your graveyard, a player could change the target of that ability to Gary with something like Deflecting Swat, though that's not a very practically useful tech.

Blood for Bones can sacrifice and then return the same creature, because it doesn't commit to a target on-cast. You don't need to make a decision for what you're bringing back until the spell is resolving.

RedBullMan2 on

7 months ago

Dinostormasaurus I know that you want mainly torgaar to half hp everyone, its one of the reasons i recommended gisa, she can help you build board, then use the board to cast torg or just cast torg sac him with gisa and recast him practically free (except the 2B) and you get some left over tokens from her for your next cast. Ohh and two last suggestions are Blood for Bones and Strionic Resonator.

GangstaFranksta on Red Green Black EDH

7 months ago

Rather than any of those cards that return a creature from graveyard to hand try these: Blood for Bones, Animate Dead, Grim Return, or maybe even Ashen Powder.

Epicurus on Mazirek's Nut Sac

10 months ago

IHATENAMES, I touched on this in a previous comment, but also your edit hit it on the head. This is a squirrel tribal deck that just happens to have Mazirek as the commander. Thus, there's a lot of Mazirek-ey cards out there that there's no room for in here. It's meant for fun more so than competition.

That said, Sifter of Skulls might be helpful late-game, and Neverwinter Dryad is an effective sac outlet if nothing else, so I'll consider them both but don't know what I'd want to lose to add them in.

As for tutors, I own more Demonic Tutors than I have decks to put them in, but this deck doesn't really need them. The one infinite combo in there was accidental, and I don't try to pull it off unless it just kinda happens. Maybe to get to removal cards when I need them, but I'd much rather have that spot in the 99 filled with another removal card than something to fetch one with.

Dread Return is cool, and I'll playtest it. I'm sacrificing Squirrels so crazily as it is. I considered Victimize and Blood for Bones, but couldn't decide what to cut for them.


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