Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter

Legendary Creature — Human Artificer

, : Create a 1/1 colorless Servo artifact creature token.

, : Create an X/X colorless Construct artifact creature token, where X is the number of creatures you control.

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Polaris on How do Construct tokens work …

1 year ago

First off, let's clarify that you're talking about the kind of Constructs Karn, Scion of Urza makes and not the kind Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter makes. Not all Constructs work the same, but this Karn's Constructs constantly update their power and toughness, which I think is what you're talking about here.

In general (first strike step aside), all combat damage is dealt simultaneously. Lethal damage might be assigned, but by the time it applies everything has already dealt damage equal to its current power. They will hit as a 6/6 and a 5/5, and immediately after, the 5/5 will die and the 6/6 will become a 5/5.

Caerwyn on LGBTQ+ in the multiverse

1 year ago

Halana, Kessig Ranger and Alena, Kessig Trapper are married.

Ral, Izzet Viceroy and Tomik, Distinguished Advokist are in a relationship - in the two cards linked, you can even see that Ral is carrying a piece of Tomik’s white cloth and Tomik a piece of Ral’s red cloth to indicate their connection.

Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter’s character blurb mentions how her wife died.

lagotripha on Mt. Fuji

1 year ago

As far as newer player decks go, this is far more together than I expected. It should be perfect for casual play. The tutor package that can look for removal or threats is a solid spine for the deck.

In terms of cards to consider that are cheap and still do well, I'd look at Ayula, Queen Among Bears as a removal etc option, which plays nice with changeling effects that can take advantage of samaruai synergies.

Mangara of Corondor is a feature of classic lists, loving blink effects and sacrifice to break the symetry of his effect.

Vivien's Arkbow never found its place in competitive lists, but still puts creatures from your deck on the battlefield, which plays really nice with the existing tutor package.

1 mana legendaries will do good even if they aren't perfectly 'on theme' - Zabaz, the Glimmerwasp , Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter are both cheap rn.

Blackblade Reforged points to legendary land synergies, but legendaries that put lands into play have had their price pushed up by commander and Scapeshift decks. For that price reason, I will reccomend against becoming a Kamahl's Druidic Vow ramp deck.

Bushido likes being blocked by a lot of creatures, making Lure effects strong, but samarai isn't well represented as a tribe. This means that it would need to fill out ranks with your Changeling Hero type cards.

Finally, the biggest piece of advice- cards aren't expensive because they are good, they are expensive because they are in short supply, and everyone needs lands. Making your manabase good is the place to invest money - there are cool, format warping, cards at $0.20, but to play them you need good lands. Look for lands as they rotate out of standard and pick them up - they'll be cheapest as there is a spike in supply, and after a few set rotations you'll have a solid set of cards to build from.

Omniscience_is_life on Oviya constructs and copying

2 years ago

If I activate Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter 's second ability is while she has an Illusionist's Bracers on (assuming no other creatures are in play), will I sequentially get a 1/1 and then a 2/2, or two 1/1s?

I don't know if the Bracers copy the ability verbatim (which would mean it copies the value of X as dictated by the first ability) , or simply make it as though I used Puppet Strings on her and activated that second ability again.


Snake_Oil on EDH Under $1 Series - …

2 years ago

Just going by Scryfall (even going as deep as <0.90c in terms of value rather than the full dollar) there are quite a few that spring up that I'd be interested in seeing made on such an extreme budget:

Rashmi, Eternities Crafter -- Simic Control/Tempo is something I'd be super interested to see on a budget, not gonna lie.

Tasigur, the Golden Fang -- Recursive politics on a budget?

Kefnet the Mindful -- You could easily do Mystic Sanctuary loops here, there are a couple of spells that require you to bounce a land to cast, like Deprive and Tragic Lesson.

Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter -- Only because I have a budget plan for her myself, I'd be interested in seeing another take on it!

Darigaaz Reincarnated -- This is more of a pet idea for me, I love Darigaaz.

Rosheen Meanderer/Hallar, the Firefletcher -- Both are kind of unique in Gruul colours so it'd be interesting to see either made on a budget.

Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro -- If you're looking for a tribal commander, Shamans are a very unique tribe.

Those are just some that spring to mind for me looking over the list, whether you run with any of them or not I hope you enjoy the process of budgeteering! I know I do whenever I get the itch!

Omniscience_is_life on 1 mana commanders

2 years ago

Is Rhys the Redeemed the only viable option for a good 1 mana commander? I've been thinking about how fun having 1 cmc general would be, but all my attempts at Oviya Pashiri, Sage Lifecrafter and Zurgo Bellstriker decks fall short of glory. Thoughts?

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