Victim of Night

Victim of Night


Destroy target non-Vampire, non-Werewolf, non-Zombie creature.

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Victim of Night Discussion

skmbc on 16-Rack

12 hours ago

I'd run Funeral Charm instead of Distress. maybe a set of Victim of Night instead of Despise and put in some despises in the sb or Hero's Downfall if you need something against walkers. and 1 Raven's Crime in place of a Blackmail. and maybe Sign in Blood or Read the Bones over Augur of Skulls

Zer0w on The Rack of Gifts!

1 day ago

I feel like the blue and white in the deck does very little, it is fun and it does make it a unique build but... The 8 rack concept is very powerful because it is control at it's earliest stage: removal controls after a spell is cast, counterspells control while a spell is being cast but hand hate controls BEFORE a spell is cast! I just don't think that the reanimator offers MORE/BETTER then just more consistent control/hand hate. I would take it all out go mono black. add 1 more inquisition, and add 3 Funeral Charm they are discard at instant speed with an added bonus of being able to kill a little creature, if needed.

Bridge protects you from attacks so you don't really need much creature removal so I'd keep all four of them. but a few Grasp of Darkness or Victim of Night might take care of utility creatures.

going mono black would drop the budget a bit and give you solid D against Blood Moon. however, you might consider splashing green for Abrupt Decay and Putrefy for those things that actually hit the field and are hard to deal with. an 8 rack with 3 lilianas 4 bridges, 4 Abrupt Decay and 2 Putrefy would be almost unstoppable.

Just my thoughts.

GearNoir on 16-Rack

3 days ago

In response to your need for removal - Bile is good but Languish and Mutilate are better IMO, since you aren't running creatures. I know they are twice as expensive in CMC but Bile won't hit everything and a complete creature wipe on turn 4 or later will seriously set back your opponent.

Also, since you might run up against black creatures, you need options to side in for Doom Blade - Ruinous Path is one of my favorite as it hits planeswalkers and creatures, Dismember is a good option against Indestructible creatures, Victim of Night, Hero's Downfall, etc. There are plenty of options depending on your meta.

square711 on too much discard?

6 days ago

First of all: drop Pain Magnification. It's as win-more as it gets in 8-rack.

Now, to answer your question: yup, you run too much discard in there. After three turns or so, the opponent won't have anything left in their hand and all those discard spells will be dead in yours, except for Burning Inquiry. Not to mention the discard spells you're running aren't optimal, even for a budget deck. Despise and Duress are fine, but Cry of Contrition and a full playset of Raven's Crime are not. Play only one or two RCs (along with one or two Dakmor Salvages so you can cast it every turn) and replace Cry with Wrench Mind and/orBlackmail. Blightning is too slow, too - you have plenty of hand hate available already, so why not just play 4x Lightning Bolt? Bolt is ALWAYS welcome in a red deck.

You also need better removal. Currently, the only spell in your deck that kills creatures is Searing Spear, meaning if someone drops anything with toughness bigger than 4 on the board (say, Loxodon Smiter), it's game over for you. You're better off playing Terminate instead, or any of the many 2-mana black killspells (Go for the Throat, Doom Blade, Ultimate Price, Victim of Night etc).

And finally, I'm really not a fan of the Liliana's Caress / Waste Not strategy. It seems cool at first, but after a while the opponent will be on an empty hand and just play the stuff they draw before you can make them discard it, so no more damage triggers or zombie tokens for you. My advice: replace them with Shrieking Affliction and, since it's a budget deck, Quest for the Nihil Stone.

GreenGhost on 2016-05-01 update of Dark Titan ...

6 days ago

Replace Merciless Executioner with Fleshbag Marauder. Yes I know that they are the exact same except for one small detail. Fleshbag is a zombie and as little as you will see it Victim of Night is still a viable card in modern and it can't hit fleshbag.

Fanilla on Zombies

1 week ago

I used to play a deck like this one. have youy tried any of the lords like Death Baron, Lord of the Undead, or Cemetery Reaper? Additionally, I always thought Bad Moon was a fun addition. As far as removal goes, I played Go for the Throat and Victim of Night. Oh, and you also may want to try Undead Warchief.

TheFoilAjani on deathrending power!!!!

1 week ago

Alrighty, so you seem to be off to a good start. I have a couple of suggestions, but first for easy cuts;

-2 Grafted Wargear

-1 It That Betrays

-1 Marrow Chomper

-2 Shadowborn Demon

-2 Grave Pact

-1 Pawn of Ulamog

-1 Blood Artist


Now for swaps; I really like what you have going here, but it seems a little unreliable to make things work properly. Ways to make the deck more consistent;

I would recommend having some split of Blood Artist and Zulaport Cutthroat (3-2). Because Artist targets, Leyline of Sanctity-type effects can ruin that. Zulaport isn't just stricly better because Artist triggers from all deaths.

Nice token producers could be:

The Thalid should be Blisterpod.

Some stronger removal would be nice. If not on a budget, the obvious Abrupt Decay and Maelstrom Pulse would be good. Otherwise, cheap ones like Hero's Downfall and Victim of Night work.

Some cards in your maybe board aren't modern legal: Hypergenesis (banned), Innocent Blood andCarrion Feeder.

Finally, you have the list posted as Pox. Pox is a deck running Smallpox and Death Cloud effects. This is closer to Aristocrats.

TheRiddler on Tough Guy Assault

1 week ago

Also remember that this is modern, so the standard for card quality is much higher. That said of the cards you suggested I would only consider Wall of Tanglecord, but only because it is a 0/6 for 2. I personally don't like defenders in this deck as it makes it way more reliant on Assault Formation to get in the beats, which isn't hit off Co Co. Even with the formation, attacking with a defender is more costly as it actually costs mana to swing, restricting what you can actually do in a turn. Tree of Redemption is a really cool card, but the defender tax wrecks its playability in my eyes. Sure it's this super awesome 13/13 with Doran, but without Formation it sits there, maybe gaining you some incidental life.

Like I and others said earlier, 4 Doran is necessary, if not at least 3. Creatures with defender are really bad if they can't swing the moment Doran comes down.

I love that you added Skinshifter, in the long run you won't be disappointed. Though I would strongly urge dropping Victim of Night for Path to Exile if you can afford it. If not it's fine, I don't imagine too many creatures that won't get killed by victim.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Common
Innistrad Common

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