Victim of Night

Victim of Night

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Destroy target non-Vampire, non-Werewolf, non-Zombie creature.

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Victim of Night Discussion

demonicpower on I Found Jesus

13 hours ago

Such a long list, I had to grab my laptop to make responding easier.

First off there was Bloodsoaked Champion and Bloodghast, both of these are 2/1s with no really scary ability. If they die they will be back in my hand, however they will die easily so I think without them I would be fine. Same thing with Gravecrawler

Xathrid Necromancer is in the maybeboard, trying to get one. Cartel Aristocrat seems fun, especially with the (very) minor spirit theme as a sac outlet.

Desecration Demon I am unsure about how that card is, I have plenty of opponents so probably won't attack much. My friend is putting it in his Mono Black commander, I'll see how it does there. Also, just not a fan of Abyssal Persecutor

For Doom Blade and Victim of Night spot removal isn't too important in commander, board wipes are more preferred however Hero's Downfall kills planeswalkers, I'll add it.

Erebos, God of the Dead, okay so first off flavor win. Other than that not much special, I have a few ways to make 1/1s, Skullclamp would get me more cards than Erebos, God of the Dead, Phyrexian Arena and Underworld Connections all combined. However that is one card in 99 so might add one of the three.

Cabal Coffers eventually.

Whip of Erebos, I have the life gain alright and Sun Titan as well as the Doomed Necromancer I'm planning to get cover the reanimation.

Figag on I Found Jesus

17 hours ago

Hmmm. Yes, I see. I forgot the power level of commander. Are any of the other cards useful? If not I'll dig for more because I'd like to at least give you some sort of help.

Can I recommend running some more removal? Perhaps Doom Blade, Hero's Downfall, and Victim of Night?

I also think Erebos, God of the Dead could be pretty good in here to back up Athreos and give some drawpower. Also Whip of Erebos I think would be fantastic.

Maybe Phyrexian Arena or Underworld Connections for some extra draw.

I dunno. I'm not much of an EDH player, but I'll suggest cards until you find a few useful ones. Sorry, I wish I was more helpful. I gave you an upvote though!

Galvan on Mono-black Devotion PURE

1 day ago

Instants and sorceries aren't included when it comes to devotion. So if you have better, or other, cards you wanted to run it would be more beneficial to you. For instance: Go for the Throat or even Doom Blade, in place of Victim of Night.

APPLE01DOJ on Obliterator Rock

2 days ago

kameenook I have Abrupt Decay and Maelstrom Pulse in a pinch but really the life loss is irrelevant most of the time. When it is relevant (burn) I side out Bitterblossom. I have been considering swapping a Victim of Night for MB Sword of Light and Shadow though...

ChiefBell on Rack-Pox

3 days ago

4x Shrieking Affliction

4x Raven's Crime

4x Wrench Mind

0-2 Necrogen Mists

0-2 Dismember

0-2 Victim of Night

0-4 Nyxathid

0-4 Pack Rat

I would cut almost all of the creatures above because they do very, very little. Also you can't run Smallpox in a deck with 20 land. You'll most often see it in decks with Life from the Loam to make up for it.

sirbar on sultai control/midrange modern

4 days ago

If you really wanna do sultai control cut goyf and lilly. They don't really follow your gameplan. Maybe some Vendilion Cliques, 1-2, Murderous Cuts, 1-2, go up to 4 IoKs. Add another Cryptic Command. Add some two drop removal in place of two Remands. There could be either Go for the Throat of Victim of Night. Also add one more Thragtusk.

Femme_Fatale on Millin' and Chillin'

4 days ago

Okay ... remove Duress and Tome Scour for 4x Thoughtseize, remove Thought Scour for Serum Visions, remove Turn Aside and Shred Memory for 3x Remand, 1x Dismember, 1x Slaughter Pact, 1x Victim of Night and 2x Cryptic Command. Remove your defenders for 2x Snapcaster Mage, 2x Vendilion Clique and 2x Victim of Night. Darkslick Shores should be replaced for the check land version (can't remember it's name). As for your sideboard, remove everything, then add in cards from this list:

List of Modern Sideboard Staples Playtest

Modern* Femme_Fatale

SCORE: 25 | 35 COMMENTS | 8902 VIEWS

square711 on The zombies are coming

5 days ago

Is it Modern or Standard? Those are two wildly different formats, so it's important you clarify which one you're building for before you ask for feedback. That said, your list is obviously a Modern one, so here are some thoughts:

  • The golden rule in Modern is don't play anything with a CMC higher than 3 unless a) it wins you the game right away, like Scapeshift or Splinter Twin, b) it's just too damn good not to play, like Siege Rhino, or c) you're playing control and have already stabilized (usually around turn 5 or 6), so you can play your 4-drop and STILL have open mana/counterspells to protect it. Cards like Liliana Vess, Moan of the Unhallowed, Palace Siege and Zombie Apocalypse fit none of these criteria - in other words, they're just not good enough for Modern, and you should get rid of them in favor of cheaper, faster, more efficient spells. For starters, you want Geralf's Messenger in the main board, not the side. Hand disruption such as Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize is needed to get rid of early threats. Diregraf Ghoul is a good turn 1 play as well.

  • Your mana base is good except for Orzhov Guildgate - never play lands that ETB tapped in Modern, EVER - and Orzhov Basilica - it's fine as a 1-of, but 3 is way too many! What if your opening hand has only Basilicas for land?

  • Endless Ranks of the Dead sounds great on paper, but it takes too long to start paying off. You need 4 zombies in the battlefield to get 2 tokens on your next turn - and trust me, with Modern being as removal-heavy as it is, you'll rarely ever get even more than 3 zombies in there, let alone 4.

  • Play less zombie lords! They're good cards and synergize well with one another, but they're all 3 and 4 drops. You need more 1 and 2-mana creatures to apply early pressure. Start by playing the full 4x Gravecrawler, and maybe getting some Diregraf Ghouls. Oh, and speaking of lords, your list is missing my favorite, Cemetery Reaper, who's strictly better than Death Baron. His ability is great, especially in a mirror match.

  • Hero's Downfall isn't fast enough for Modern. Avoid 3-mana killspells in general, and run more Path to Exiles instead, as well as some Dismember and/or Victim of Night.

  • Splashing blue isn't worth it. Grimgrin is too clunky, Lich Lord of Unx is terrible, and you don't have anything else with in its mana cost. Stick to B/W only, and replace those SB cards with actual sideboard stuff, i.e. cards that give you an edge against threats you were not initially prepared to deal with. Enchantment hate (Paraselene, Disenchant, Wear, Erase, Patrician's Scorn are the ones that first come to mind), artifact hate (Suppression Field, Stony Silence), burn/discard hate (Leyline of Sanctity) and so on.

Color(s) Black
Cost BB
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 4.14
Avg. cube pick 6.28


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Common

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