Victim of Night


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Common
Innistrad Common

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Victim of Night


Destroy target non-Vampire, non-Werewolf, non-Zombie creature.

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Victim of Night Discussion

Smokus_Krakus on Nimble Werebear

12 hours ago

Also Doom Blade or Soul Reap (maybe even Reave Soul) would probably be better than Murderous Compulsion and if you would be willing to go double black Victim of Night. But if you still want a madness destroy thing Dark Withering except if you don't have one of your two creatures it costs 6.

tragic_64 on The Gate

22 hours ago

you could run Geralf's Messenger to escalate damage, Pack Rat as a 1 or 2 of to have a late game finisher for fun.

you should really consider running removal that can target creatures other than tragic slip. its a fun card but if you cant remove a creature before using it it wont be able to kill what you want it to. maybe Victim of Night, Doom Blade, Go for the Throat of any combination of the three

your also running 4 four drops main board so you might have trouble hitting the necessary mana to play phyrexian obliterator some games. i would recommend at least kicking the total up to 22 lands if not 24-25 to help hit lands when you need to.

Tormod's Crypt and Relic of Progenitus can hit everyone of the things you would use extirpate and grafdiggers cage to hit. and considering you dont have anything that needs the cards in your grave yard like a tarmogoyf. you would probably have a much nicer time using relic of progenitus instead as you can use it to remove cards from your opponents yard and it has the bonus of replacing itself by drawing you a card which can be crucial in the late game. the only thing that extirpate is going to really be useful against is the 'Ad Nauseam" deck. and the occasional combo peice but considering the splinter twin combo is banned that's gonna be a lot less useful against combo decks.

lastly considering your running alot of high devotion creatures and permanents it wouldnt hurt to run Gray Merchant of Asphodel. i personally dont like him because its incredibly situational when your opponent can remove your permanents but sometimes it can make a great finisher

ricvieira21 on Competitive Mono-Black Vampires

3 days ago

Thanks a lot man LeaPlath.

ducttapedeckbox I want to improve this deck as much as I can and i want to make it a competitive one so i can use it on some FNMs. Thx for the suggestions too :)

Im working on this deck now and i will try to add some red splash... I will add some Lightning Bolt and Stromkirk Captain

I will think about Olivia Voldaren but idk if I should add Falkenrath Gorger or Stromkirk Condemned to this deck since they both work with madness.

Victim of Night looks like a good option but I was thinking about Dreadbore.

I will also see if I can add Inquisition of Kozilek or some hand disruption, Mutavault looks like a good option too.

Thank you guys! :)

LeaPlath on Competitive Mono-Black Vampires

3 days ago

What I'm saying is this is in no way competitive.

Regent is 6 mana, doesn't protect herself in any way, requires you to telegraph it by playing it pre combat, and while the effect is powerful, it isn't good enough to win games when the format is looking to kill you much much earlier then turn 6-8, or at least establish proper board control. Sorin puts them to turn and burns for 2, in a format where turn 6 they should be below 10 and 6 mana for a shock isn't relevant. Bloodchief is a 1 mana card that needs a few turns to set up, and generally by the time it is relevant, it doesn't do much. At best, it is a bad Eidolon of the Great Revel. So unless you want them for EDH (and they are fine or even great in EDH) don't get them.

Like, to be competitive in modern you need to have a plan, be able to race or slow down/negate what the other deck is doing, and be able to execute that plan efficiently every game. A lot of these cards are slow or don't help your game plan, which should be to go face as early and often as possible, with creatures that semi-buff each other or have synergies.

So if I wanted to play mono-black vampires, this would be my "core"

  • 4 Bloodghast
  • 4 Stromkirk Condemned
  • 4 Kalastria Highborn
  • 4 Vampire Nocturnus
  • 4 Vampire Lacerator
  • 2 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
  • 4 Mutavault
  • 16-18 swamps and fetches that fetch swamps to shuffle with Nocturnus

From thereAsylum Visitor, Heir of Falkenrath, Voldaren Pariah, Viscera Seer, might all be worth considering. A psudo bob with 3/1 and a relevant type for 2, a 3/2 flyer with relevant type and madness outlet, and a 3/3 flyer for 3 who can utterly fuck with the board state and a 1/1 who gets free scrys off Bloodghast and can trigger highborn might get a look in for other creatures to include.

Spellwise, Victim of Night kills everything relevant, bar some weird bits of tech (Olivia Voldaren out of Jund, Huntmaster of the Fells  Flip out of RUG/Jund), Inquisition of Kozilek is another turn 1 play that lets you snipe combo pieces/threats out of hand, Sign in Blood is refill/reach and stuff.

Then for sideboard, Pariah if it isn't main. Duress/Thoughtsieze and more removal. Heroe's Downfall for example for Nahiri decks that some metas have. Leyline of the Void as a way to beat dredge/gy decks.

That would be a mono-black vampire deck with some midrange elements but is mostly looking to lay down beats and keep the beats going.

If you go Red/Black you have more 1 drops and a more aggro game plan, mixed in with Madness. Gorger/Lacerator/Noble or Neonate on 1. Heir, Bloodghast and condemned on 2. The 4/3 haste on 3 as well as Bloodhall Priest and the Occultist. Bolt, and other burn spells to flurry them dead.

Failtastic32 on My Taint Is Your Remedy

6 days ago


Thank you so much for your input! Your suggestion for the Lingering Souls , Duress , Victim of Night, and the lands. I wanted to keep this deck budget but those cards are pretty budgety. I do need another win-con and I like your suggestion. I will definitely try it out. Thanks again for your input and suggestions.

CPD on My Taint Is Your Remedy

6 days ago

Looks quite fun! It's a bit janky, but that might be ok. I would personally throw in some removal like Victim of Night and maybe hand disruption such as Duress to try to mess with your opponent a little. (Perhaps victim in the side, duress main board. The duress will allow you to disrupt your opponent from having some sort of answer in their hand early in the game)

Also, if you want to try this in modern, you are going to want to fix up the landbase some. You can probably get away with 2 of the KTK life lands for cheap mana fixing, but I would make sure to throw in a playset of Isolated Chapel at the very least, and a couple of Shambling Vent. (maybe a playset instead of any life lands)

Finally, I would find a way to squeeze in a playset of Lingering Souls for an alternate wincon, although maybe not the best one. I would try to keep something as a backup plan in case your life-gain plan doesn't work, and the lingering souls and man lands would work very well for this. That's not your go-to plan, but it's something in case they manage to shut down your enchantments. If nothing else, you can have two flying blocks, and flash it back for 2 more.

FAGGOTUS-REX on The Assassination

1 week ago

Im gonna say a bunch of stuff that you can take what you want from, because I feel like this might actually be sick with some upgrades.

  1. Much more removal, so you can get to turn 7 and clear a path for your assassins. I see you have Doom Blade, but that really just isn't enough. Take out most of your creatures in favor of these. Go for the Throat, Maelstrom Pulse, Victim of Night, Abrupt Decay, Grasp of Darkness, and Geth's Verdict. Add Languish in sideboard against tokens and things with a lot of creatures.

  2. Discard spells to prevent threats before they hit the battlefield. you already have Thoughtseize, but there are lots of others I would reccomend. Inquisition of Kozilek, Duress, Despise, and Distress.

Tinselteeth on Cursed into Combo Hell.

1 week ago

Ran the deck through a couple tests against Delver Prowess and Superfriends. Delver Prowess stuck a creature, then held up countermagic for your expensive Curses (Remand REALLY hurts!) while Superfriends simply solitaired into a T4 Doubling Season, T5 Ugin ulti.
The biggest problem your deck has is early game. You don't have any early interaction mainboard. I recommend finding space for at least 4 Bolts main (they're in the SB now), preferably 4 Bolts + Victim of Night. Cut both Curse of Oblivion (cute, but you're not milling) and both Bitterheart Witch for starters. You may go as far as cutting your entire creature package for removal. Some sort of boardwipe will also go a long way. Damnation is the cleanest answer (but expensive!!!), but even an Anger of the Gods will go a long way.

TLDR: You need early game interaction and/or mid-game board wipes to ensure you survive long enough to play your powerful Curses. Hope this helps!

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