Victim of Night


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed (DDQ) Common
Innistrad (ISD) Common

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Victim of Night


Destroy target non-Vampire, non-Werewolf, non-Zombie creature.

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Victim of Night Discussion

Pheardemons on Monoblack Vamp

1 day ago

Forgot, Victim of Night is also another creature destruction spell to think about.

Jafjaf5 on Control Freak ($20-$45)

2 weeks ago

Goodness I need to check the "Illegal cards" bar more often. Thanks so much and Victim of Night is what I will run for sure.

Kjartan on Control Freak ($20-$45)

2 weeks ago

I would say some combination of Doom Blade, Victim of Night, (Devour Flesh/Tribute to Hunger) and if it's not too expensive, Go for the Throat, would be better. (If you can afford Go for the Throat, play some.)

Also Hydroblast isn't legal either. Sorry :(


tikitree on Modern Donations? (v2)

2 weeks ago

For Gottsplitter

WOW, thanks for the really quality post!

I got to say I like your deck you have made, and your post has made me really think long and hard about the recommendations you have given me. So here are my thoughts on all of them.

Relic of Progenitus you are correct about it not being perfect, but it never really caused problems as I would just pull off a donation before triggering the ability, however the first effect on it helped a little with the exile 1. But all in all the main reason I was keeping it in was its draw effect, and as Nihil Spellbomb also has draw I am totally down to add it and see how it plays out at my next FNM.

Terminate and Go for the Throat as stated are mainly here to remove the Abyssal Persecutor, but I cant see me taking them out or changing it to Greater Gargadon for the simple fact of the kill gives me way more survivability. I find that I have enough donation in the deck that I rarely need to use them on Abyssal Persecutor and instead I use it as a kill to take out my opponents shenanigans. So I will not be adding Greater Gargadon but I do have to say I really like that combo and would have never see using it like that, such a good idea though.

Sign in Blood is something I was looking at, however the deck is already tight fitting in all the cards I need for my combos aswell as the cards that let me live long enough to pull off a win. And so there is just no room for Sign in Blood, and as for Street Wraith mostly the same reasoning as Sign in Blood but also it does not really fit the theam and idea of a donation deck.

As for more Fetchlands, I really want to... but that shit is expensive yo, and I am already way over budget for what I wanted to spend on this deck. (100$ was how much I was originally looking to spend, to give you an idea for how over budget this has gotten... but I do have to admit it has been really fun to play.)

Also this deck list is a little out dated after Juppe recommendations I have actually created a V3 of this deck witch I played last night at my local FNM, but after your recommendations I have created a V4 of the deck witch I hope to play next week.

Here is the links as well as the changes between each version.

Deck link: Modern Donations? (v3)

Changes from V2 to V3 Show

Deck link: Modern Donations? (v4)

Changes from V3 to V4 Show

Damn another long ass reply, well hopefully I did not ramble too much and got my point across, if you have any other ideas or recommendations feel free to place a comment and I will get back to you... also I will try and remember next Friday after FNM to make a comment and tell you how the Nihil Spellbomb play out.

sylvannos on Better Red Wrath???

4 weeks ago

Even against Control, I still think you want Anger of the Gods so you can pair it with something like Abrupt Decay, Fatal Push, Victim of Night, and so on to exile problematic creatures. It may involve 2-for-1'ing yourself, but if it deals with their win condition when you don't have access to Path to Exile, it's relevant.

I do like Volcanic Fallout against decks like Faeries, Fish, Affinity, and Infect because you can kill their manlands. Most of the time, Anger of the Gods is still going to be the better choice, but nuking a Mutavault or Inkmoth Nexus can be crucial.

Underoath709 on Brisela control

4 weeks ago

Off the top of my head all I can think of for upgrades are maybe replacing the Duress playset with one of Inquisition of Kozilek and for removal instead of Ultimate Price I'd consider going with Disfigure, Dismember, or Vendetta for some 1 drop removal and for turn 2 Go for the Throat or Victim of Night. Monocolor creatures just seem a bit too restrictive to be playing on the mainboard imo, but definitely a good sideboard just in case they're playing a mono colored deck. Other potential idea is to drop a Languish for a faster removal spell since it seems like turn 3 on is pretty much taken care of.

Kaemonawesome on Yahenni and Friends

4 weeks ago

I personally have used a vampire tribal deck for a long time and it is one of my best and favorite decks that I own. In my opinion all vampire decks could use Bloodline Keeper  Flip because one it creates vampires on its own and has a huge board presence, and two if it flips and lives till the next turn you basically win :). Also Victim of Night is probably the best bet for removal as long as none of your friends play tribal zombies vampires or werewolves because it can't be redirected back at any of your creatures.

tikitree on Modern Donations? (v2)

1 month ago


Go for the Throat and Terminate are split like that because in my play group Surgical Extraction is played in 8/10 decks. because of that I don't want to lose all my kill, so I keep it split. I am running the Victim of Night Sideboard to bring in and replace the Go for the Throat when affinity comes up.

Will-o'-the-Wisp I do fully admit is a strange card, but I need some form of blocker early, cause I don't want to have to chump with the Bazaar Trader. If you have a recommendation for another 1 drop blocker with flying that is better I am happy to switch out.

Lightning Bolt Honestly would love to add them, but am not sure what to go down on to put then in. Maybe at my next FNM I will try cutting out the Lich's Mirror and adding 2 to see how they feel.

Death's Shadow I did address in the description that it is a little bit of an off card in the deck. but I explained it there that "As you don't normally worry about your life total too much you are usually in a position to play Death's Shadow to slow down, or stop an opponents attacks on you. As well as if you pull off a donation with Abyssal Persecutor and your own life total is in the negatives you can get the full value of a 1 drop 13/13 to fight back with." So at this time I still stand by having them in.

Honestly really solid suggestions and I may do a little experimenting in the near future with adding some Lightning Bolt and more Mind Stone. But taking out the Death's Shadow and Will-o'-the-Wisp leaving me with only 8 creatures I would start suffering to more of the aggro decks.

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