Lumbering Falls


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare

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Lumbering Falls


Lumbering Falls enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

: Lumbering Falls becomes a 3/3 green and blue Elemental creature with hexproof until end of turn. It's still a land.

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Lumbering Falls Discussion

Aragon_Neotrix on Did somone say... Lands?!?

18 hours ago

Love the idea +1

Myriad Landscape? Blighted Woodland? additionally since you are running so many lands why not run some creature lands to make the deck run smoother and more reliable? Lavaclaw Reaches Lumbering Falls and then to top it off Terra Eternal

Hope this helps

Yuri200X on Growth Unbound

22 hours ago

Are you sure you want to make a graft deck? I think you can do a pretty efficient budget monogreen hydra ramp deck on a totally different and easier way.

In my opinion, Hydras get more counters with more efficient ramp and go on a Arbor Elf/Voyaging Satyr + Utopia Sprawl/Overgrowth route.

But if you really want to keep going this way, then...

Having 4-cmc counterspells (Fuel the Cause) is inneficient. You could go with 2 Dissipate and 4 Dissolve (or Scatter to the Winds/Voidslime)

You could add some chap budget-friendly duals such as: Lumbering Falls, Temple of Mystery or Yavimaya Coast.

I believe you might focus your sideboard options on choices that will hose your opponent's strategies rather than pumping your creatures. Try cards like Negate, Vapor Snag, Krosan Grip, Echoing Truth, Pithing Needle, Unsubstantiate.

In general, graft is a complicated hability to say the least. And once the hydras get big, they already got big... I think you could focus on the plan of either going Mono-Green Ramp, RG Ramp or GW Ramp.

The difference of TRAMPLE-LESS 10/10 , 15/15 or 200/200 creature is slim because they are all lethal, they all won't be killed by Lightning Bolt (but will be killed by Path to Exile/Doomblade) and they won't get the damage through a 0/1 creature. So I think once you ramp to a 8/8 or even a 6/6, you should aim to kill the opponent's board along with the ramp. This way, once you have a huge hydra, it will get the damage through. AND it willgive you time to ramp if you run Anger of the Gods/Bonfire of the Damned/Wrath of God because no creatures will be attacking you for a while.

pskinn01 on CoolBeansBrattah

5 days ago

If I can't get the platuau off of you how about (at tcg market price):

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets - 8.55
Nissa Revane - 9.98
Meddling Mage - 5.32
Lumbering Falls - 0.99
Dictate of Karametra
2x Sol Ring - 2.15 x 2 = 4.25
Sorin Markov - 16.07
Jenara, Asura of War - 2.64
Tezzeret's Gambit - 0.44
Plasm Capture - 0.27
total 48.81


Rite of Replication - 1.61
Mana Vault - 12.42
Ugin, the Spirit Dragon - 34.88
total 48.91

Red_X on Temur Scepter Combo

1 week ago

Personally I'd throw in a couple manlands. You're running enough ramp that a tap land on turn 3-4 plus shouldn't really hurt, it allows you to actually play magic when you don't have the combo, and you can pressure decks like control and tron that have a hard time dealing with non-cast threats that dodge sorcery speed removal. Manlands would actually address all your problems, since it would be a secondary win condition, avoid discard, let you do something with mana, and avoid chalice.

P.S. in your colors the manlands are Celestial Colonnade, Raging Ravine, Stirring Wildwood, Wandering Fumarole, Needle Spires, Lumbering Falls, Faerie Conclave, Ghitu Encampment, Treetop Village, and Forbidding Watchtower.

acbooster on Mercurial Pretender and Lumbering Falls

1 week ago

Mercurial Pretender will actually be a land from the time it enters.

When a copy of a card is made, it only copies exactly what's on the card and nothing more. Lumbering Falls is normally a land, so even if you copy it while it's a creature, the copy will enter as a land.

Opifex on Mercurial Pretender and Lumbering Falls

1 week ago

If I copy Lumbering Falls with Mercurial Pretender will it become a land at the end of turn?

CattCaller on Planetary Devastation

1 week ago

No problem! I used to run a Grixis version back when Oath of the Gatewatch first came out and had a light splash of Green for World Breaker.

The deck ran these as the destruction cards 3xCrumble to Dust 4xVolcanic Upheaval 2xGrip of Desolation 2xConsuming Sinkhole 2xReclaiming Vines

The creatures were 3xWorld Breaker 2xSire of Stagnation 3xOblivion Sower

The ramp spells were 4xHedron Archive 4xHedron Crawler 3xBeastcaller Savant 2xExplosive Vegetation

after that the deck was basically just lands including 3xWandering Fumarole 2xLumbering Falls 2xHissing Quagmire 2xDrownyard Temple

That was the core of the deck. Before Vegetation rotated, I had played this deck 3 times to a second place finish. Hedron Crawler, at the time, allowed so many broken things to happen with the deck. Either you get a turn 3 land destruction effect, or you'd get a turn 4 World Breaker and the opponent would just scoop after that.

There's a lot of other ways you can build the deck now, it's so much fun because you can start wrecking your opponent very consistently on turn 3. It's very powerful and people will never expect you to strip them of lands. especially in standard where I think everyone is spoiled with their free pass at having lands of any type they want whenever and wherever lol

catslug_zakki on Docent's Tribe of Wizards (Izzet)

1 week ago

Halimar Tidecaller might work better if you were in something like Grixis. Then your lands like Wandering Fumarole or even migrating all the way to Esper or Sultai using stuff like Shambling Vent or Hissing Quagmire to make use of the flying. Sultai would also give you Lumbering Falls but I think the green wouldn't be that much of a worth while use.

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