Lumbering Falls


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Limited Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare

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Lumbering Falls


Lumbering Falls enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

: Lumbering Falls becomes a 3/3 green and blue Elemental creature with hexproof until end of turn. It's still a land.

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Lumbering Falls Discussion

Drakolog on Krusiphixtion

1 week ago

Hey and welcome to edh. Thats a pretty nice deck! Seems like its a lot of fun to play, but you might get some issues with the mana base. If you want to go the route with lots of basic lands, then go heavily in favour of Forest, and play more basic fetching cards like Cultivate, Kodama's Reach, Explosive Vegetation and my favorite in green decks Blighted Woodland. These will fix your mana better then say Nature's Lore, which is better if you have non-basic forests. If you want some more cheap duals then try Yavimaya Coast, Temple of Mystery and Lumbering Falls. Other fun cards to play with are Unexpected Results, Bounty of the Luxa, Diluvian Primordial, Coiling Oracle and Blatant Thievery. These are just some of the cards I play with these colours. They are not the best, but they are fun. I hope you have a lot of success with your deck.

michael921 on U/G Snakes on a Desert

1 week ago

As a casual deck, this looks like fun. However, if you want to take it to FNM, there are some upgrades that you can make.

First of all, consistancy. I understand that 2-ofs and 3-ofs are fun as your deck is slightly different each time, but you want to maximize your odds of drawing the best cards in your deck, and thus 3 ofs and 4 ofs are better. So, just find whatever your best snakes are, and bump up those numbers. My personal recommendation would be Winding Constrictor, Honored Hydra, Champion of Wits as the strongest cards in the deck. Wait. Why aren't you running Winding Constrictor? Another potential snek is Narnam Cobra. Also to upgrade your mana base, I would add Botanical Sanctum and Lumbering Falls.

Second, you have this ramp theme in your deck with Bounty of the Luxa, Weaver of Currents, and Oasis Ritualist, but no payoff for the deck besides hard casting Honored Hydra, which usually isn't where you want to be anyways. Instead, you could lower the creature curve and make the deck more aggressive and consistant. Also, I would cut Slither Blade, Sixth Sense, and Trial of Knowledge in liew of either card draw like Pull from Tomorrow, protection in Blossoming Defense or Hapatra's Mark, or removal like Clear Shot, Ambuscade, or various counterspells. Sixth sense just does NOT do enough, as a single removal spell puts the opponent ahead on card advantage, rather than you. Slither blade also doesn't do enough, as poking in for only one point of damage a turn will kill the opponent in 20 turns, where the game would have been over with or without him by then. Finally, the Trial just doesn't do enough compared to other draw spells in standard, and is too inconsistant as just a one-of.

Additionally, I would add more lands. For more on this, check out this article, as well as this article. But essentially, as you're wanting to cast four drops reliably, you want more like 23 - 25 lands rather than 20.

Variux on Creatures of the Night - $60 U/G Flash - Standard

3 weeks ago

I was looking for a flash deck and all I've found are the U/W ones which are kind of pricey for me because I'm fairly budget, and then I came across this deck! Luckily for me I already have 4x Aether Hub, Lumbering Falls and Botanical Sanctum so this deck costs like $30 for me.

I'm definitely going to try this out and see what I can improve on if anything. I love flash decks, and Simic is one of my favorite colors. Thank you for making this.

bellz76 on Skynet

3 weeks ago

So I have a few questions....

1) What is your main win condition? Aside from the Ancient, I feel like the deck is running a ton of support cards. Do you try and produce lots of servos and then swing with a big Cultivator? I'm just wondering because nothing jumps out at me that wins the game- I could be missing it, but without a description, I'm just not sure.

2) Is there a reason you aren't running Rogue Refiner? I totally agree that he belongs in here. He does everything you want in a deck- decent body, gives you energy, draws a card... and with the modules, bounce him back and play him again.

3) Have you considered tweaking the land a bit? You don't need just all basics- even on a budget. Lumbering Falls gives you both colors and can become a 3\3 hex proof beater... for a $1.25. Have a little bit of cash? Aether Hub is a little big more, but would be an amazing fit. Obviously the Botanical Sanctum is the prime goal for land, but is worth it if you can get your hands on some. But no matter what, you can certainly get some Woodland Stream to help you out.

4) How do you deal with you opponents creatures? With all the small sized creatures you have, what happens if someone plays a Glorybringer? I would think you need something to stop him... something that taps him and keeps him tapped? Or any bounce effect- they are reprinting Unsummon in HOU- that could be an idea?

I like the colors, and I like the cards you have, but I don't know the answers to those questions. I do hope these questions help some.

cplvela0811 on Modern Atraxa

4 weeks ago


Thanks, for the input. I have had that card suggested, by a friend, but ultimately did not make the cut. It is too slow in Modern and mana efficiency is what matters. Hexproof really doesn't matter ~ Examine Boggles and it's position in the Meta. Tar-Pit just does too well in this shell and when an opposing Death's Shadow or Reality Smasher are staring me down, the Tar-Pit steals the game away. Some people scoop, off of the animation and I have 4 + cards in hand, plus a better board state. Thanks for the advice and I know you like to prove your point, by utilizing reliable information and your experience, but unfortunately the Falls does not fit here. Please, by all means, create this on Cockatrice & enjoy the Lumbering Falls. For me, it is too slow and the takes precedents over the .


+1, on that comment and I second that.


Thank you, friend. I have been loving the splash, as well. The Lingering Souls is definitely pulling it's weight and making Thought Scour just that much better. I have too, considered the possibility of a 3x Lingering Souls and going down 1x Siege Rhino ~ both are immaculate, at sealing the deal in games. This deck needed a life cushion and a pseudo Lightning Bolt. It also needed time..."spirit tokens" ~ also another win condition and extra card draw off of Grim Flayer & Thought Scour.

Miracles-and-Charms-of-Alara on Modern Atraxa

4 weeks ago

The problem with Lumbering Falls is its mana cost to activate. Sure, it can't be targeted by Fatal Push nor Stone Rained for one, but mana cost itself leaves their deck in vulnerabilities after play because you are all tappedout. With Tar Pit, it plays a role of rather or not it is use for mana, or simply beating down with the Lingering Souls tokens. And that unblockable perk forces your opponent to respond in dire situations. In essence, I see why you would play Falls over Pit, but in a deck like this, the unblockable perk is more relevant than hexproof.

corythackston on Modern Atraxa

4 weeks ago

I feel like Lumbering Falls would probably be a little better than Creeping Tar Pit just so it doesn't randomly get Fatal Pushed and you don't get stone rained for 1. Tar pit is pretty good for pushing through damage on a stalled board, but most of the time your man lands are for use against control or in really grindy matches anyway I think.

multimedia on Aetherwind Pump

1 month ago

Hey Inexist93, you asked me at Energy Elves to take a look at your deck. It looks good, but your ramping into the wrong creature :) +1

Consider playing Aetherwind Basker in place of Scaled Behemoth. Basker has much more synergy with your strategy of energy and filling the battlefield with Elves. The synergy between Basker and Bristling Hydra is nuts. You can get Hydra on the battlefield before Basker even as fast as turn three and then really benefit from the all the energy that Basker can make when it later on enters play to pump Hydra. Hydra might be the best energy sink to use in Standard and being able to play it turn three from either Servant of the Conduit or Druid of the Cowl is very good. I would play 3-4x Hydra in place of 3x Bounty of the Luxa and 1x Glimmer of Genius.

I think you're better off using Elves and other creatures as your ramp and not playing Bounty or moving it to the sideboard because it's just too slow it doesn't even ramp you the turn after it's been in play, you first have to draw a card and then the next turn you can use it to ramp. Because of the slow ramp I think Rishkar, Peema Renegade is a better ramp option and he's an Elf.

I'm not a fan of Architect of the Untamed even though she's an Elf consider replacing her with Rogue Refiner. Refiner is one of the best energy cards in Standard and he's Simic colors.

Until he rotates Sylvan Advocate is one of the best Elves and is much better than Sage of Shaila's Claim. Advocate has nice synergy with Rishkar, Peema Renegade. The two together can be fantastic ramp. Sage is fine for budget/rotation reasons because she can also be used as ramp with Rishkar.

Consider adding 2-4x Lumbering Falls as creature lands if you're in colors for them they're very good.

You're going to need some removal main deck I recommend Baral's Expertise. Baral's can be pseudo removal, bounce, while at the same time let you play just about any card other than Basker for free.

I'm happy to help, if you would like further help let me know.

Good luck with your deck

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