Canopy Vista


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare

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Canopy Vista

Land — Forest Plains

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

Canopy Vista enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or more basic lands.

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Canopy Vista Discussion

Ryjo on New League Idea - Standard ...

10 hours ago

We may want to look at the number of uncommons allowed for lands and whether or not rare lands count towards the rare count.

If I wanted to create a deck, my mana base can include only: 1 Canopy Vista, 1 Fortified Village, and 2 Tranquil Expanses (Also, would Tranquil Expanse count as uncommon because it was uncommon in OGW or common because it was in Ajani's planeswalker deck in AER?). So I can only have 4 dual lands in my deck, and subsequently can only have 6 more rares in the deck.

It seems like multi-colored decks are on the losing end of the rarity cap since they'll lose a lot of consistency to not gain all that much in power.

FA1L3D on Green White Revolt

3 days ago

Hey uh, Niblet, neither of those lands are currently in standard, although Gordin_The_Archer, if you're looking for a duel land to play for mana fixing, Tranquil Expanse is super cheap, however, you could also consider Canopy Vista or Fortified Village, slightly more expensive, but better overall. Also maybe consider Aid from the Cowl. And if you're also willing to spend a bit (a lot) more on this, play Walking Ballista, probably the best card in the format to trigger revolt.

DarkestLight9 on B/G/W Concept

5 days ago

Emeria, The Sky Ruin is extremely situational in this deck as you only have 7 plains. Add cards like Canopy Vista and Godless Shrine which have the plains tag and generate multiple colors.

CinnaToastKrunch on Atraxa, Proliferate

6 days ago

I would suggest any of the fetch lands that run these colors, and some of the Duals lands from Zendikar like Prairie Stream, Canopy Vista, Sunken Hollow because you can fetch these, you may also get ahock lands with the Fetches! Ajani Unyielding sounds pretty dope! I personally find Kiora, Master of the Depths better for her +1 and -2. Sorin is pretty solid! For more removal maybe Utter End!?

Snap157 on Intangible Tokens

1 week ago

Fetchlands fix the mana base allow you to only search for things that are needed and relevant. I would have one Temple Garden, 4 Windswept Heath, minus the Canopy Vistas. Good Luck!

thorsgaming82 on GW Counters

2 weeks ago

Canopy Vista and Fortified Village would be good budget lands to run. Razorverge Thicket is a little more epensive but not that bad depending on your budget limits. That would set your land base up more, I will look into creatures and spells for you and get back to you.

emrakulinsmugglers on Counters for Everyone!!

2 weeks ago

try Scrounging Bandar, you can move counters around, you could probably shift more into revolt (since you have those ballista, try those grenwheel liberator, solemn recruit, Renegade Rallier (since it returns stuff), and maybe Selfless Spirit. Is this budget? because if not, then use lands like Canopy Vista, and Fortified Village. Try cutting rishkar down to 3, and put in another Walking Ballista. Rishkar won't be a quick target, but ballista will be since everyone hates ballista in standard if you're not the one who has it.

Bluefire016 on Soft kitty Warm Kitty

2 weeks ago

Nice deck, a few suggestions I would make;

Since you are not running any Aura spells, I would drop Open the Armory all together and go up to the full playset of Steelshaper's Gift since it is strictly better in this list.

Mana is of course always a good place to upgrade. A way I would change it up to make it a bit better(while not costing an arm and a leg) would be to run a full playset of Canopy Vista and a full set of Evolving Wilds, either of these would be good turn one land drops since the majority of your spells are 2 CMC and up. I would also adjust the ratio of basic lands to maybe 12x Plains and 4x Forests. My reasoning for this is that there are quite a few cards that have double white in the casting cost. This ratio would also bring your total land count to 24, and since your average CMC is about 3 you wanna make sure you hit your land drop every turn.

The last suggestion I would make would be to find 2 cards you wouldn't mind cutting to drop from 62 to 60 cards, it's not a big drop but it will up your decks consistency.

Hopefully these suggestions helped. Good Luck out there!

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