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orzhov_is_relatively_okay819's Binder

My Trade Binder (last updated Oct 16 2017).

Hey everyone!

Avid teenage MTG player who's been playing since Return to Ravnica. Looking for some cards to finish up some new decks.

In this Trade Binder is every Rare and Mythic Rare I own, and I'm in the process of adding Uncommons. This includes cards in my decks. Some of them I am less willing to trade than others. Don't be surprised if I don't want to trade a card.

If you are looking for any commons or uncommons, just shoot me a message and I can tell you whether I have it.

None of my cards are HP or below, and only a few are MP. I don't really see any problems with any of them, I am willing to send pictures.

I can vouch for anyone I've traded with. I don't really have any specific shoutouts as everyone has been great.

I also have a PucaTrade:

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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