Sheltered Thicket


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Sheltered Thicket

Land — Mountain Forest

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

Sheltered Thicket enters the battlefield tapped.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Sheltered Thicket Discussion

Grrnewt on Ghalta Fling

5 days ago

Poaralion - I have found that the 4 red sources can be a little sparse, even by the late game when I would want to cast Fling. I tried a couple Mountain, but it too frequentyl kept me from casting a Steel Leaf Champion. I have been thinking about adding 2 Sheltered Thicket or 2 Timber Gorge, but the entering tapped thing is already a problem with Memorial to Unity, not sure if I want more.

multimedia on Elves of Dominaria

1 week ago

aqKetoz, thanks for the upvote.

Servant of the Conduit is an Elf. In fact he's the best two drop Elf. This is tribal Elves that's the reason I'm playing him. Turn three Grand Warlord Radha is pretty good and Servant can make red mana for Radha which is very helpful.

Elves in Standard make mana, that's strongest characteristic of the tribe right now. Especially because of Marwyn, the Nurturer and her mana ability one reason to be tribal Elves. Other than Steel Leaf Champion expect most other Elves here to be mana producers.

This a mono green deck, splashing red only for Radha because of Unclaimed Territory. Only green puts a limit on removal options; there's not a lot to choose for. Ancient Animus is the current two drop removal spell. Is it ideal? Nope, but it's what we have to work with in green and I'm actually quite pleased with it. Most mono green decks right now in Standard are not even playing main deck removal, only 4x Blossoming Defense as pseudo creature removal in combat and protection.

I would like to put red removal in this deck, I tried this, but the manabase doesn't work with more red. More red with Sheltered Thicket, Mountain even more Aether Hub disrupts Llanowar Elves and Steel Leaf Champion too much. There's a fine line here with the manabase being able to play these two Elves together and red.

C4L_R3VOLUTION on Ball-Breaker

1 week ago

Noone punches me indamowf and gets away with it, lol.

I like this list my friend. Let me know when you have it built so we can shuffle them up.

If I was building this deck I would try to fit in two more lands. Perhaps the 2x Raging Ravine from your maybe board? I also like having 6 cards for ramp but I'm not a huge fan of the Sylvan Caryatid in this deck. It would be really nice to have another one drop that could produce green and red but I'm not sure what that would be. Maybe the you could run Arbor Elf and then dial up the number of duals containing the forest land type like Cinder Glade or Sheltered Thicket.

In the 2-3 drop range I think Sakura-Tribe Elder or Somberwald Sage could be better than the Sylvan Caryatid depending on how you want your ideal mana curve to play out.

Vines of Vastwood could be a great sideboard card if you're going up against spot removal. I might even consider it good enough for main deck. How about a 10/5 Ball Lightning plus a Fling!

Zakky234 on A most daring raid, The legendary Primer

1 week ago

hi Boza! cool deck you have there :D

helm of the host seems like a cool equipment to try out, a bit costly on the mana maybe. Traxos, on the other hand, i really dislike, since he is just a big beater and doesnt bring any good effects. always watching is something i had in, then switched out for Brave the Sands because it was cheaper cmc wise. then i switched that out for Reconnaissance because its busted as all hell, you can activate it after damage, so al your creatures have vigilance and it protects you from combat tricks or stupid attacks.

when looking at your deck, the first thing i notice is your low amount of lands. do you ever run into mana problems? (maybve its because you still use partial paris mulligans, which we dont). should you run more duals with basic land types like Canopy Vista or Sheltered Thicket you could consider Farseek over rampant growth. also if you run those, Skyshroud Claim will be waaaay better than explosive vegetation.

now if you look at my creatures, you'll notice i dont run any dumb beaters without some sort of valuable ability. in your deck Zurgo Helmsmasher, Adriana, Captain of the Guard, Gahiji, Honored One and Dragonlord Atarka come awfully close to that. personaly i would prefer something like Anafenza, the Foremost or Queen Marchesa over them since they bring valuable abilities to the table as well as respectable stats. your creatures being a bit smaller doesnt really matter once you drop saskia and a damage doubler, since they will do tons of damage anyway.

also Urabrask the Hidden is just a straight up upgrade to dragonlord kolaghan. same could be said for Sheoldred, Whispering One and mogis, since i find him really underwhelming. Horn of Greed tends to help my opponents more since this isnt a landfall deck. also if you can afford it, Chromatic Lantern is bonkers.

as for dominaria cards, Urza's Ruinous Blast is a 100% must have. one-sided boardwipes are ridiculous. Marwyn, the Nurturer also seems strong in your deck, since you have quite a few ways of pumping him.

thanks for the comment :D hope i could be of help!

multimedia on Elves of Dominaria

3 weeks ago

Just made some changes.

Added 2x Walking Ballista to the main deck cutting 1x Druid of the Cowl and 1x Forest. Ballista is another great mana sink for Marwyn and Radha. Added 1x Skysovereign, Consul Flagship to the board.

I've found that playing red for anything other than Grand Warlord Radha is too inconsistent. With only 8x sources of red I can't rely on being able to cast Abrade when I need it. I've tried adding Sheltered Thicket, but this land has potential to not let me cast Llanowar turn one or Champion turn two or three. It's not worth disrupting these curves with a land that ETB tapped for more red to play Abrade. Adventurous Impulse helps a lot to be able to find a land for a red source, but I don't want to rely on Impulse to find a land I would rather use it to get a creature.

I cut Abrade from the board adding in it's place 2x Pounce and 1x more Thrashing Brontodon. Prey Upon is another option, it's only one mana which is nice, but it's not an instant.

multimedia on Elf Land (budget)

4 weeks ago

Hey, you're welcome glad I could help.

To continue my advice I know you like red, but you should consider cutting red and playing only green. Going with only one color has a large advantage when you have a low budget because of the manabase. To play a two color manabase you want dual lands in this case Gruul dual lands. Rootbound Crag and Sheltered Thicket are nonbudget options and Timber Gorge and Evolving Wilds are budget options. Wilds is not a dual land, but it can fetch either a Forest or Mountain so it can help to fix colors of mana much like a dual land can.

I see Aether Hub in the manabase, but no other source of energy to power it. Servant of the Conduit is a budget Elf who interacts very well with Hub. For the last year and half I've been playing Servant and Hub together they're great. Servant is an Elf who can make red mana using energy.

If keeping red I suggest adding 4x Wilds, 4x Gorge, keeping 4x Hub and adding 4x Servant. If you choose to cut red then all you need are Forests and I would also include Wilds and Oasis because of the nice synergy with Multani.

Here's a couple of budget manabase examples to consider:

  • 16x Forest
  • 4x Wilds
  • 4x Oasis

Gruul example with Hub and Servant:

  • 9x Forest
  • 3x Mountain
  • 4x Gorge
  • 4x Wilds
  • 4x Hub

  • 4x Servant

Gruul example without Hub:

  • 12x Forest
  • 4x Mountain
  • 4x Gorge
  • 4x Wilds

Snivy__ on Dominaria Kicker

4 weeks ago

Hey man nice decks, just want to suggest Rootbound Crag, Sheltered Thicket, Untamed Kavu and Territorial Allosaurus. These cards won't break the budget and are staples in a deck like this,

x12721 on Snakes and Scarabs

1 month ago

I would look into adding red for Soul-Scar Mage, as the synergy is just so good. Cards like Ambuscade count as noncombat damage as well! Also, The Scorpion God would go nicely in here as well. With both the allied and enemy color checklands in Standard, the manabase should easily be able to support that. Canyon Slough, Sheltered Thicket, Blooming Marsh, Woodland Cemetery, Dragonskull Summit, and Rootbound Crag.

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