Sheltered Thicket


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Sheltered Thicket

Land — Mountain Forest

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

Sheltered Thicket enters the battlefield tapped.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Sheltered Thicket Discussion

DangoDaikazoku on Dinos

1 week ago

Glad to see you have recently started playing MTG! First off I will suggest that you cut your deck down to 60 cards since running the bare minimum of cards in your deck improves the consistency of your deck tremendously. Now as far as your manabase goes, if you are trying to be competitive you should avoid lands that enter tapped and in the context of dual lands maybe consider Rootbound Crag and Unclaimed Territory. Sheltered Thicket is also good because you can use its cycling cost if you feel as if you do not need any more lands and want to try your luck by drawing another card instead. Just generally too you can comfortably run between 20 and 24 lands and be okay. I do not normally play Standard, so I am not familiar with a lot of cards in the meta but I can say Commune with Dinosaurs looks like a very helpful card to draw into the dinosaurs or lands you want so I would recommend running a playset of it. There are also cards like Drover of the Mighty to help with ramp and Otepec Huntmaster who can reduce the cost of your dinosaurs which has a lot of utility when getting your dinos out faster. I can look into the sets some more to see what I can find that you may like too, these are just a few things I knew about on the surface and I hope this helps a bit. If you have any questions I will be happy to help. Cheers.

hoardofnotions on Mayaels' Animal's

2 weeks ago

Possible cards to cut

forbidden orchard - don't need color fixing this bad, giving creatures to your opponenets seems loose

rupture spire - I think your mana is fine without needing this card. It's very slow and sets you back one turn, not worth it imo

all the vivid's - I think these would be better as Scattered Groves, Sheltered Thicket or Canopy Vista, Cinder Glade. then you can run the mirage slow fetches as well, like Grasslands, Mountain Valley and the like

aether vial - seems much to slow, and you have to many differing mana costs to know where to stop upticking. it would suck to tick up to 7 then draw a 6 drop for example

oblivion ring - Wear / Tear, Hull Breach are verisitile cards that i think could fit better in this slot. Orim's Thunder could be good as well

soul's majesty- could be Rishkar's Expertise. this has been one of my most favorite cards from the last couple of years

where ancients tread - could be Warstorm Surge, 1 more mana much more damage

zhur-taa ancient - Mirari's Wake just benifits you, therfore stronger i think

siege behemoth - I'm not sure about this one, i think there could be stronger cards out there but if you like it keep running it

Some possible additions

Etali, Primal Storm card's super good

Angel of Serenity removal is good

Avacyn, Angel of Hope anti removal is good

Xenagos, God of Revels hasty big things are good

Steel Hellkite - removal is good

Vizier of the Menagerie - semmi card draw is clever

Cream of the Crop - set up your mayeal

Sunpetal Grove and similar lands are good

I like the deck and it's a very stong strategy, hope i gave you some food for thought.

Kierane210 on R/G Creature ramp

2 weeks ago

Im planning on leaving Unclaimed Territory out for the reasons stated above. Ive stayed at 3 Sheltered Thicket to retain the benefits, but it has been ruining my ramp by coming in tapped. Equally Ive avoided the other lands for that reason.

Ive added in two copies of Hashep Oasis that was an excellent suggestion, thank you. I like the idea of a r/g creature deck, I am slowly moving away from the idea of Dinos.

marowakcity on Allied Colors Standard land base

2 weeks ago

Any reason for no cycling lands, i.e. Sheltered Thicket

djnewellmit on R/G Creature ramp

2 weeks ago

I don't think Unclaimed Territory is necessary for color fixing, especially considering the diversity of creature types; I would go up to 4x Sheltered Thicket if you can. I also recommend replacing a couple basic lands with 2 copies of Hashep Oasis. In my build, Dino Gruel, I've also added one each of the cycling basic deserts, Desert of the Indomitable and Desert of the Fervent. This gives you the flexibility to cycle when you no longer need the extra land, or you can sacrifice it to Hashep. The downside is only that it enters tapped, but it still makes for a decent turn 1 land drop in this deck.

Have you seen the winning deck from the Memphis Grand Prix last weekend? The winner was playing a deck similar to what you've built. I like to look at the pro tour lists to get helpful suggestions for manabase and sideboard considerations. It looks like he had a similar idea on the lands to what I recommended in the previous paragraph.

divinagon on Temur Prowess (Miracle Grow)

3 weeks ago

I love the concept of this deck, but I just find it to have mana issues. You have the occasional mana-screw, and mana-flood, and both of these can really lead to some issues. Have you considered using any Sheltered Thicket that way if you draw it late game, that land can turn into a spell, or in the early game help untap Rootbound Crags? Just a thought. Either way, I'd love to see how the deck performs.

xyr0s on Help building Bloodbraid elf burn ...

1 month ago

No matter what, you also need better lands. Can't afford fetches and shocks? hmmm.... there's still shadowlands Game Trail, checklands Rootbound Crag, fastlands Copperline Gorge, painlands Karplusan Forest, cyclelands Sheltered Thicket, and whatever else you can find. Mostly, your lands should come into play untapped, since you want to play aggressively.

StonedJesus on Raptor attack

1 month ago

Okay, so this deck looks like it has potential. If I were you, I'd take out Gift of Paradise and move the Haze of Pollens to the sideboard. I'd put in another Polyraptor and two more Forerunner of the Empire to make your combo more prominent.

Then I'd recommend making the mana-base more efficient by taking out all the Stone Quarrys and Tranquil Expanses and replacing them with Inspiring Vantages and/or Scattered Groves and/or Sunpetal Grove. The Rootbound Crag is good. Maybe take the Evolving Wildss out and put in another and maybe two Sheltered Thickets.

Renegade Map and Luxa River Shrine can go. If you're looking for mana-fetching or life-gain, look no further than Ranging Raptors and Deathgorge Scavenger. Carnage Tyrant is good, too, if you have the money.

As far as sideboarding, Dinosaur Stampede is good, I'm not a dino guy so you'd have to make your own, but I'd suggest some more removal in your sideboard.

I hope some of these suggestions are useful. Good luck. Try to sleeve this up and play tonight or next week at your LGS. You got dis.


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