Sheltered Thicket


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Rare

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Sheltered Thicket

Land — Mountain Forest

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

Sheltered Thicket enters the battlefield tapped.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Sheltered Thicket Discussion

eliakimras on Amanda's Budget Dinosaurs

1 week ago

Gishath is pretty mana-hungry, so it's better to run land ramp over artifact ramp (Kodama's Reach, Circuitous Route, Hour of Promise and Boundless Realms). You can also run cards that allows more land drops (like Rites of Flourishing and Wayward Swordtooth) and cards that double your mana available: Zendikar Resurgent, Regal Behemoth (was errata'ed to be a dinosaur), Mirari's Wake, Mana Reflection). // Temple of the False God is a trap: it is a dead card if you don't reach 5 lands, and has minimal upside when you have 5+ lands (because you should be ramping anyway). Also it doesn't tap for colored mana, which can be bad for those triple-colored casting costs. // You may consider Gruul Turf, Selesnya Sanctuary and Boros Garrison for further mana potential. Sheltered Thicket, Scattered Groves, Cinder Glade and Canopy Vista synergize with Nature's Lore, Hunting Wilds and Skyshroud Claim. You way also consider Battlefield Forge, Sungrass Prairie.

Stazeeee on DDD: Dinos, Dragons, & Destruction

3 weeks ago

@FlabbyAbsYou just need to splash red for Sarkhan's Unsealing. So while Sheltered Thicket leaving hurts a little it's not that big of a deal. Remember it was a tapped land to begin with. I think the deck needs to wait for the shock land before it can be optimal and play double red cards like multiple Rekindling Phoenix. It still can be pretty close to top tier though imo. Drover of the Mighty fixes a lot of mana issues, and by turn 4 or 5 it's unlikely you wont have a red mana source. I think 2 Gigantosaurus is the right amount. It's a difficult card for red to deal with and great in mirror matches against green. You might want to drop 1 Regisaur Alpha for +1 Vine Mare, especially if you said you were having trouble with control. Eventually I would add some Carnage Tyrant too though not sure what you would take out for them without testing.

FlabbyAbs on DDD: Dinos, Dragons, & Destruction

3 weeks ago

The big problem I see playing Sarkhan is Steel Leaf Champion's and Gigantic's now Sheltered Thicket is in the trashcan. But prove me wrong.

Once Gruul gets a shock land I'm working on playing Sarkhan again. Nice job!

FlabbyAbs on Journey to Wins

1 month ago

I've tried your tech out on the table a few matches. I'm speaking out of my own personal tastes so take it as you may. This is a competitive brew but too awkward for my tastes. I found a lot of strange hands that ended up actually winning once, but to a poor deck, however. Maybe your experience has been a lot different.

Changes would definitely be a better mana base. I'm not completely in tune with this build so I'm assuming Sheltered Thicket would be the first card to put in over Aether Hub. If only to allow a cycle here and there would be my thought. But overall the mana has been quite smooth.

I've been brewing G/B Journey that is more weenie-value orientated. I feel like that has a much easier time with mana and easy to respond to opponents actions more.

Well... love the deck anyhow!

vomitpile on Jund TitanShift

1 month ago

Relic of Progenitus is for the pretty high number of Snapcaster MageS running around the store I play at, and the occasional dredge deck that comes through, there aren't a ton of aggressive creature decks outside of one guy who plays humans and some affinity, mostly big mana and control

Having a silver bullet Reclamation Sage might be good if I run into Blood Moon too often to not have it main deck, so that might happen

As far as the mountains, I'm running the same number I've seen in most builds lately but more might be needed, haven't played enough to have that number super fine-tuned, Sheltered Thicket and the fourth Stomping Ground seem like the best replacements

Saljen on Jund TitanShift

1 month ago

Why run Relic of Progenitus in the main board? Is graveyard play extremely common in your meta? You'll get more value out of Lightning Bolt copes 3 and 4 than you will by main boarding Relic, unless you're playing against graveyard play almost every game.

Having 1x Reclamation Sage in the main board gives you some utility. Summoner's Pact can function as more than copies 5-6 of Primeval Titan to give you the option to remove things like Ensnaring Bridge and Leyline of Sanctity, or any other annoying artifact / enchantment that will prevent you from winning the game.

With Titanshift, you get a lot less value from fetch lands that are not Wooded Foothills. You want to run a good number of Mountains between your dual lands and your basics. I'd suggest dropping 3x Windswept Heath for 1x Stomping Ground, 1x Cinder Glade, and 1x Mountain. That'll more consistently make sure you have the Mountains available for Scapeshift as well as letting you hit both colors easier. Sheltered Thicket also exists, if you think you'll need to filter through your deck. It does always come in tapped which is a huge draw back, but the cycling can help you get out of a bad hand.

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