Mana Breach


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Seventh Edition (7ED) Uncommon
Exodus (EXO) Uncommon

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Mana Breach


Whenever a player plays a spell, that player returns a land he or she controls to its owner's hand.

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Mana Breach Discussion

Aiden101 on Nezahal - Bouncy bounce bounce bounce!

2 weeks ago

Mana Breach seems to hard to play around. Wash Out I have generally focused on mass bounce that can get all colors. maybe I should play test it though.However, Dissipation Field I can definitely try. Something to keep in mind: when I am mass bouncing so often, its hard to keep permanents on the board.

SynergyBuild on Tatyova is mono-blue is K

3 weeks ago

Love the deck, mind if I suggest Boundless Realms?

Here are some more good cards with the deck:

Possibly Crucible of Worlds, Mana Breach, and Urban Evolution?

You can also run Walk the Aeons and a few more islands, because with Azusa, Lost but Seeking or some Exploration effects on the field, and Crucible of Worlds or Ramunap Excavator, you have infinite turns.

Nissa, Vital Force can get you more draw, or recursion.

Scapeshift and Splendid Reclamation work well with landfall.

Amulet of Vigor and Lotus Cobra allow for much more mana production.

Blighted Woodland and Myriad Landscape are better than the memorials.

Laboratory Maniac is a good wincon.

Nietzsky on Augustin's $t4ks (Primer)

2 months ago

Oh, just realized the update I was reading was back from August =P...

Makes sense for sure, though I will say on #4, Torpor helped me answer a Sisay combo/stax quite well, and saved me from quite a few Reclamation Sage s out of nowhere. ( Outside of Null Rod / Stony Silence , Aura Shards is prob what I'm looking for next to ruin my day, and people love trolling my Augustin with GW or GWB).

Would definitely say Back to Basics is phenomenal (am surprised at how few basics you're deciding to slot with it) ..... I am considering swapping Stasis for Mana Breach in my own list, how does it generally play for you? Wondering if it'd be a little win-more (I initially chose to slot stasis for another 2-card combo including Felidar).

On an unrelated note, what's your opinion on slotting a Felidar Sovereign wincon in Augustin? (Running Serra Ascendant and Blind Obedience as well, in an attempt to counteract the life I'm spending on early mana). I'm not saying your list should run one, more asking a fellow Augustin player whether they think it's a questionable choice overall for the commander/playstyle.

chadsansing on

5 months ago

Super sweet enchantments list. I am working on a something similar with Zur over at Guay the Enchanter. It might be fun to test some of these here, as well:

Happy playing!

chadsansing on Il Principe

5 months ago

Mana Breach is typically well-tolerated, and Mana Maze shuts off counter-magic pretty well so long as you play U or UW spells. Thanks for taking a look!

chadsansing on GAAIV stax

5 months ago

If you ever want to replace creatures with enchantments, I'd suggest a bunch of the dorky UW cards from Guay the Enchanter. Mana Maze, in particular, is great for short-circuiting counter wars in U or UW.

Karmic Justice, Mana Breach, Mark of Asylum, and Search for Azcanta  Flip might be fun to test, too.

Fractured Identity can be an all-star, too.

Happy brewing!

chadsansing on Taigam's Torturous Time

5 months ago

This is a fascinating and gross lockdown deck. I like it.

Have you tested with other baby-stax enchantments like Mana Breach + Oppression + Warped Devotion?

Have fun!

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