Raging Ravine


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake (WWK) Rare

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Raging Ravine


Raging Ravine enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap: Add {{R}} or {{G}} to your mana pool.

{{2,R,G}}: Until end of turn, Raging Ravine becomes a 3/3 red and green Elemental creature with "Whenever this creature attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on it." It's still a land.

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Raging Ravine Discussion

C4L_R3VOLUTION on Ball-Breaker

1 week ago

Noone punches me indamowf and gets away with it, lol.

I like this list my friend. Let me know when you have it built so we can shuffle them up.

If I was building this deck I would try to fit in two more lands. Perhaps the 2x Raging Ravine from your maybe board? I also like having 6 cards for ramp but I'm not a huge fan of the Sylvan Caryatid in this deck. It would be really nice to have another one drop that could produce green and red but I'm not sure what that would be. Maybe the you could run Arbor Elf and then dial up the number of duals containing the forest land type like Cinder Glade or Sheltered Thicket.

In the 2-3 drop range I think Sakura-Tribe Elder or Somberwald Sage could be better than the Sylvan Caryatid depending on how you want your ideal mana curve to play out.

Vines of Vastwood could be a great sideboard card if you're going up against spot removal. I might even consider it good enough for main deck. How about a 10/5 Ball Lightning plus a Fling!

Chasmolinker on Jund Midrange

1 month ago

Thanks for checking out the deck buckeyetron. The deck runs 25 lands for 2 reasons. Number one is hitting a land drop on every turn is crucial for getting a T4 Bloodbraid Elf. Secondly, by running 5 manlands, 3 Raging Ravine and 2 Treetop Village, the deck needs a lot of mana to fuel the activation cost. If the deck ever goes back to running 2-3 manlands, 24 lands would probably suffice.

The removal suite in this deck is very flexible and debatable and is very meta dependent. Fatal Push/Terminate favors Humans and general aggro. Abrupt Decay is more for control and Affinity or Lantern. Lightning Bolt is a general catch-all and is the best of the three to hit off Bloodbraid Elf as there is always a target.

Thoughtseize is run as a one of simply to avoid over shocking ourselves however it is often a vital tool against big mana decks and control. I could see going up to 2 copies and cutting one Inquisition of Kozilek. A one of Maelstrom Pulse is a catch-all that is sometimes the only answer for general enchantment and planeswalker removal. Kolaghan's Command is a great utility card that 99% of the time has 2 relevant modes. Some decks run 1 Kolaghan's Command MB/1 SB and 2 Maelstrom Pulse MB. This again is driven by the meta.

The only card I could see potentially being too situational would be Liliana, the Last Hope but with the meta being as aggressive as it is right now, I prefer to have one MB and one additional SB for humans.

I hope that helps some. Please let me know what SPECIFIC examples you have if you disagree with any of the above statements. The deck really runs well and has a sort of toolbox-y feel to it at times. You often have to decide whether to "Bolt the Bird" / "Push the Bird" / "Decay the Bird" and choosing the correct one can determine the outcome of the game.

abby315 on W: Raging Ravine H: Binder

2 months ago

Title! I got a binder of goodies and looking for some Raging Ravines. Throw me an offer if interested. :)

rlv on 4C Cascade

3 months ago

Here's a few things of which I think you should be aware: 1) I think there might not be enough enough lands. Jund and Abzan usually play 23 lands and they didn't have as many 4 drops. This decks really needs to hit its fourth land to play its strong cards. 2) This also means it probably doesn't wan't to play creature lands like Raging Ravine. Not playing a card because a land came in tapped might be the difference between winning and losing. 3) Make sure the mana base can actually play all of the cards in time as well. Because this is a 4 color deck, it's harder to get the right colors sometimes and this is especially true if multiple cards have 2 of the same color in their mana costs. For instance, if this deck had Liliana of the Veil, Eternal Witness, and Vendilion Clique in the main, it could be difficult getting double black, double green, and double blue by turn 3. 4) You can get away with playing Fatal Push over Terminate if you have Liliana of the Veil because Liliana will help force opponents into sacrificing the creatures a fatal push can't destroy. Basically, Liliana acts like a terminate if you use Bolt and Push to remove everything else. 5) Dreadbore makes more sense now than it did before because holding up mana isn't going to occur as often and because the difference in mana costs of fatal push and dreadbore are't as big when a decent amount of the time they will be cascaded into. It seems like a nice 1-of. 6) Be weary of playing Tarmogoyf and Tasigur, the Golden Fang/Gurmag Angler in the same deck. One creature wants cards in the graveyard and the others remove cards in the graveyard. 7) Make sure you have a good reason for cards in your deck. One card I question is Spreading Seas. The only time I see this card is in Merfolk and control decks. Even control decks don't play it that often. I don't know if it accomplishes much in this deck and it's actually something that seems weird to cascade into for a creature based deck.

Everything just said are things I think you should think about. Of course, it's your deck so you can do what you want. Here's the deck I created yesterday after seeing yours if you want to steal some ideas. The maybeboard is mainly cards I'm considering for the sideboard. Temur Rampscade

xTCBxNightmare on Jund Good? (Weekly competition updates)

3 months ago

abby315, I enjoyed the article very much. I wanted to say thank you before posting an update.

I definitely need to acquire Treetop Village. I think I am going to playtest with my friends before pulling the trigger on those, but I think i like the fact that they can trample through 1/1 spirit tokens with ease, and are half the activation cost of Raging Ravine.

Moved Decays sideboard and Terminates and a single Dreadbore into main in their place, but also saw two different decks with Mainboard Bloodmoon at my LGS tonight.

Chasmolinker on Jund Midrange

3 months ago

Thanks for the input lemons452922. I agree with everything you've said. I'm debating dropping Inquisition of Kozilek all together. But T1 discard is still the best thing to do with Jund on T1. (That or dump a Raging Ravine) So, I worry that only having four 1 mana discard spells isn't going to be enough. I think 5 is a minimum to have consistent T1 plays. The information gained T1 is crucial to navigating the deck properly.

I've been looking for some free space to get Liliana, the Last Hope into the MB for far too long. The value of having both Liliana planeswalkers at the same time is huge. I think your suggestion is exactly the space for it.

The more and more I look at the deck list, the more I cringe at a full playset of Dark Confidant. I'm gonna have to try only running 3 as much as I don't want to, I think I have to.

Hazoret the Fervent is still a question mark in my book. I have it there for now for any grindy midrange decks to get the last few points of damage through late game. But, I haven't actually playtested it yet. Lots of people have suggested it as a solid card in Jund prior to the unbanning.

lemons452922 on 2018 Bloody JUND

3 months ago

First off, I like the Tech. Blood Moon + Bloodbraid Elf is quite funny. +1

Secondly, I'm still on the fence if Blood Moon should be in the main or in the side. Personally, I like it side because you would like your colors even after Blood Moon is out, which forces you to have at least 1-2 Swamp and one Forest, which restricts your early game, but hey... let's work with this!

As for the mana-base, I would say:

4x Verdant Catacombs

3x Wooded Foothills

2x Bloodstained Mire (possibly flip numbers with Foothills depending on cuts)

3x Forest (possibly lower depending on cuts)

2x Swamp

1x Mountain

1x Overgrown Tomb (2 if you move moon to the side)

1x Blood Crypt

1x Stomping Ground

2x Raging Ravine

1x Treetop Village

2x Blackcleave Cliffs

so that is 24, which, with 4x 4-drops, is right around where you want to be.. Even though you are playing Blood Moon, you are going to want a decent amount of Man-Lands as, with typical Jund fashion, you will probably be top-decking later in the game, and will want to push damage if you don't hit the Blood Moon. With that said, we need to cut 2 from the main going form 22 -> 24.

Now let's talk about Noble Hierarch. Personally, I say cut it, as it seems underwhelming if not in your opener, and cascading into it is meh (it does give Exalted though...), but if you do keep it (because a T2 Lilly into T3 BBE is BROKEN), make it a 4-of and possibly cut a land to 23. If you cut it, maybe add another Grim Flayer or another Liliana of the Veil to make up for the one extra cut.

Let me say, Grim Flayer is ridiculous with Bloodbraid Elf, so maybe make that a 4-of and move Tireless Tracker to the board. I get it is color intensive, so the decision is, as always, ultimately up to you.

Let me also say that discard and conditional removal seems to be going down in priority with Bloodbraid Elf, so I wouldn't be opposed to going to 4x discard and maybe 2x Fatal Push for another Terminate or Dreadbore or Abrupt Decay (ehhhhh). Plus, that frees up your reliance on Swamp so earlier Forest doesn't seem that bad (to get there with BBE through a Blood Moon).

The sideboard - SPICY. Personally, i say cut the white and have more sideboard slots for what you really want to do, but I cannot say the BBE into Lingering Souls isn't tempting. Id remove the Surgical Extraction and add another Nihil Spellbomb and one Grafdigger's Cage because I feel that combo is low in priority right now, but that depends on your meta. Anger of the Gods also feels outclassed by Damnation, but I cannot argue against the Exile part - once again, meta dependent.

All in all, this seems to be fun! if you want to check out my BBE deck for some explenations, feel free... Junding Them w/ BBE... Good Luck!

RingweMakil on BUG Traverse

3 months ago

Search for Azcanta  Flip is wonderful, I'm glad you chose to include it in your list.

Crazy talk for a second - Field of Ruin? I know, I know, three colour decks, colourless lands, etc., but Field of Ruin can fix your mana if need be, and is the freest of answers to Inkmoth Nexus, Celestial Colonnade, Raging Ravine, Urza's Tower, Academy Ruins, and so on and so forth. Having access to that card swings matchups that would otherwise just be unwinnable, into straight up favourable. So long as we're experimenting, maybe we switch the Serum Visions out for the Fields, and rely more on JvP to dig us through our awkward draws?

I'm very glad also that you're playing Hero's Downfall! The card is extremely underrated, in my opinion, and I have a hunch he is going to see much more play now that Jace, the Mind Sculptor is public enemy no. 1. Contrary to popular opinion, it is not a strictly worse Maelstrom Pulse - the fact that it can kill manlands, and as you pointed out, is instant speed, makes it a very strong contender. You won't be disappointed by it!

I still think your gy can support a singleton M. Cut quite easily. Big Goyfs are a reason to play Cut, or a giant Master of Etherium, Primeval Titan, Wurmcoil Engine and so on. With Thoughtseize and shocks and fetch, the casting of Dismember will often be more painful than you'll want.

Speaking of Wurmcoil Engine, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet! 3 Mind Sculptor is probably 1 more than you need, and Scoozes have a habit of competing for food - may I recommend Kalitas to you? He gains life, he exiles, he races like no other, and wins creature based aggro/attrition matchups as easily as Jace wins control matchups. I think your list desperately needs a way to catch back up on life total and board presence against the more aggressive decks in the field that can deploy multiple threats a turn, and Kalitas coming down after two/three turns of interaction is the best NO to aggro I have yet discovered. In a world of Kolaghan's Command and Liliana, the Last Hope, the exiling zombie maker is king (especially if Lightning Bolt becomes more popular), not least because he can race Gurmag Angler, Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Bedlam Reveler quite successfully with 3 points of lifelink (-5, +3 for you each turn cycle; -3 for them; so you're outpacing them by one life point each combat - and heaven forbid you should have any zombies to help).

And Liliana, the Last Hope! Her minus 2 synergises quite well with Jace zero, her plus is an amazing answer to Birds of Paradise, Lingering Souls, Vizier of Remedies, Elvish Mystic, Selfless Spirit, Young Pyromancer, Dark Confidant, Snapcaster Mage, Master of Waves - I could go on, but you get the idea. Also, even if the plus does not kill something, the shrinking is often very relevant in combat, and saves one a ton of life over the course of several turns of ground based combat; it also makes otherwise untenable combats tenable/favourable. That one copy in your sideboard should probably find its way to the main - even against Tron, I have been happy to have her in my list, because of the rather nasty loop she sets up with Fulminator Mage.

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