Lavaclaw Reaches


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake (WWK) Rare

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Lavaclaw Reaches


Lavaclaw Reaches enters the battlefield tapped.

Tap: Add {{B}} or {{R}} to your mana pool.

{{1,B,R}}: Until end of turn, Lavaclaw Reaches becomes a 2/2 black and red Elemental creature with "{{X}}: This creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn." It's still a land.

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Lavaclaw Reaches Discussion

Nathanaiel on Ravaging Command

3 days ago

While I definitely agree that Field of Ruin is a necessity in modern, I was rather referring to the fact that the full playset seems like quite a lot compared to what other 3-color shells run, however your explanations definitely do make sense, especially considering your above-average amount of basics. The choice to run 26 lands is definitely strong, however me personally I might run more than 2 manlands owing to the fact that getting flooded (which is much more likely when running 26 rather than the more usual amount in modern of 18-22) hurts a lot less with them. Then again, neither Lavaclaw Reaches nor Wandering Fumarole are particularly amazing.

I hadn't really considered the maindeck lifegain that the deck has. I think the main difference to usual grixis that I neglected is the fact that this isn't really a pure control list per se, it has a much quicker clock once it gets to drop its own threats.

While I can see the gameplan versus Tron definitely has merit, I wonder if you can close the game out quickly enough before Tron gets to hardcast its - arguably more scary - finishers. Definitely trust you on this, since I can't say I've played a midrange grixis list before. Hats off!

One last thing: Since this deck aims to somewhat generate cardadvantage by discard rather than draw, how have you found the 1-ofs to be? It doesn't seem like you generally get to see much of your deck very quickly given that you don't run cantrips, and your only real card selection is Search for Azcanta  Flip, which is a 1-of itself.

I really like the list and might play around with it a bit myself once I get the chance after finals season is over.

RedUndead40 on Mono 2-for-1s

1 month ago

xyr0s great suggestion on Lavaclaw Reaches. I will probably add at least 2 of those. I have noticed that an enemy Anger of the Gods can really mess with my tempo so a man land could be just what I need in those scenarios.

As for the abbots I'm actually very happy running 4. I never play them turn 3. Usually turn 4 or 5, generally after I have disrupted the opponent's hand and am looking to close out. Even if I use them as a pseudo-scry effect to get a useless discard spell off the top of my library it seems to be pretty worth running 4.

xyr0s on Mono 2-for-1s

1 month ago

Perhaps a couple of Lavaclaw Reaches instead of basic lands could be useful, for the occasional situation where you run out of threats.


4 months ago

I think you have a good base but you need to drop all the cards that are only relevant with Master of Cruelties. Add in more controlling elements Pyroclasm, Anger of the Gods, Damnation, Blightning, Kolaghan's Command, Mutavault or Lavaclaw Reaches. I know i said drop the build around cards but 1-2 Rogue's Passage is worth running.

Drop all the other creatures beyond master and add 1-2 Hazoret the Fervent

APPLE01DOJ on Rakdos Immortal Cat Pact

4 months ago

I suggest some manlands as an alternative wincon. Lavaclaw Reaches or Mutavault

KingRamz on Queen Marchesa Tokens

6 months ago

I feel like this deck is not focused enough on the theme of "make tons of tokens." You have a lot of cards that make tokens, but many of them don't really do it efficiently. Some examples:

Awaken the Sky Tyrant - makes only one token, and only if an opponent lets you make it.

Teysa, Envoy of Ghosts - makes tokens only if your opponents let you

Skyline Despot - makes one token per turn if your opponents let you (or if you leave back plenty of defense)

Ghirapur Gearcrafter - makes one token

Descent of the Dragons - this is secretly a one-shot anthem that doesn't let you attack the turn you cast it

Dragonmaster Outcast - makes one token per turn on turn 6+ if your opponents can't kill a 1/1

Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs - makes tokens if your opponents let you

Custodi Soulbinders - makes tokens for 3 mana each if there are a decent number of creatures out when you cast it

You get the idea.

Personally I'd try to run five or six anthem effects and hit the token makers really hard. I counted thirteen anthem effects in this version of the deck. Also, one anthem effect comes to mind that you aren't running - Jazal Goldmane. That card should play better than either Mikaeus or Ravos (both of which I'd cut).

Efficient token makers you could run: White Sun's Zenith, Bitterblossom (harder to kill than Outcast), Secure the Wastes, Goblin Trenches, Storm Herd, Sacred Mesa, Requiem Angel, Elenda, the Dusk Rose, Thopter Assembly (if you don't run other Thopter makers), Hanweir Garrison, Rise of the Hobgoblins, Twilight Drover. I think Legion's Landing could potentially work in here too - it's inefficient from a mana perspective but it's a one-drop that shouldn't be too hard to flip and at that point it taps for mana. Which brings me to

Lands: There's quite a few lands that I think could play well here. Kjeldoran Outpost, Kher Keep, Vault of the Archangel, Hanweir Battlements (if you run the Garrison), or Windbrisk Heights. Creature lands are also secretly good here because they benefit from your anthems and let you mount an offense even when untapping on an empty board after a sweeper. Ghitu Encampment, Needle Spires, Lavaclaw Reaches, Shambling Vent, Mishra's Factory and so on.

Haste: If you're going to make a ton of tokens, you really want to bash with them right away, before your opponents can sweep your board. I like Hammer of Purphoros here because it makes tokens and Ogre Battledriver because it doubles as a pseudo-Anthem, but there's also Fervor, Anger, Akroma's Memorial and probably other cards I haven't thought of.

I definitely think there's potential for this deck concept. Just remember that Dragon tokens and anthems don't go in the same deck (except Crucible of Fire). Good luck!

Ballzanya on

6 months ago

The Annihilator 6 pretty much wins you the game, plus 15 damage is no joke. Sure, the other one does 13 but it doesn't have that sweet annihilator trigger when it attacks. I had two Gideon, Ally of Zendikar in there and two Sorin, Solemn Visitor but the gideon just gets pathed and sorin is bad when you're not already winning. I'm not sure about Lavaclaw Reaches but i could consider that.

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