Sixth Sense


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Uncommon

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Sixth Sense

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature has "Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, you may draw a card."

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Sixth Sense Discussion

Mike1987 on Amonkhet God Series - Kefnet the Mindful

4 days ago

I'd take out Attune with Aether and Sixth Sense, and put in 2 more kefnets and some control (Negate or Essence Scatter). your only win condition is kefnet and you only have 2 of him. if he gets countered or exiled, or you just dont draw him, forget it. with the amount of card draw you have, you don't need land search from Attune with Aether, and you only have Shielded Aether Thief to make use of the energy. i think even if you get rid of Sixth Sense you still have plenty of card draw to get the 7 in hand, and kefnet himself can help with that, so you don't need every card in your deck to be about card draw.

Frodomouth on Merfolk, Primal Hunger

1 week ago

Hey Laurie_89, you're right about the creature situation; red's creatures are faster than mine, but it's really only Hazoret that's bigger, but since they're all about attacking and not blocking I don't mind taking an early chunk of health in order to catch up afterwards, and they don't have any way of removing Ghalta, so if I was able to take the damage from them on turns 1-4 (which I'm assuming would probably be around 10 on average) then cast ghaltra, I could just use all my merfolk as chump blockers and ghalta would win in two or three turns. As far as energy decks go, I think they'd be tougher than red for me to deal with due to all their removal and good tempo, but I used to play a deck that was fairly similar to it until BFZ rotated out and as long as I can go first, I should be able to hold up pretty well, otherwise I'll have to resort to my sideboard for that matchup. Unsummon is my best friend against that deck, because they're gonna want to cast Servant of the Conduit asap every game, especially since I don't have removal, and in that case if I can Unsummon it, then it just buys me an extra turn minus one mana.

I definitely like the idea of Haze of Pollen though, because that works really well against both the red deck and energy decks, so I'll definitely plop a couple of those in the sideboard. Essence Scatter is a definite maybe, I just need to playtest it more to find out whether it's more important than Negate in my side right now or not. Sixth Sense is a great card, but I haven't been having trouble with hand size lately, so I'm gonna pass on that guy for now.

Also, I've been debating whether or not Watertrap Weaver would be a good addition or not, cause that makes for some pretty nice tempo, and if they only leave up a blocker or two, this can get you through a lot if you can't find a Herald of Secret Streams. But I'still unsure about it, because it does buy you time and can get your guys through a blocker, it can also tap their Servant of the Conduit turn 3 so they can't use it 'till turn four, but on the other hand it's a 2/2 for 3 and doesn't boost any of my other guys, and it only stalls one guy for a turn so it's not a permanent solution. Right now I'm just really hoping that they reprint one of the merfolk lords (Master of the Pearl Trident would be nice) so I can just fully commit to an aggro build instead of having to tweak it back and forth between aggro and mid-rangey stall.

Anyways, thanks Laurie_89 for the helpful suggestions, and now I've got to put them to the test to see what works best.

Laurie_89 on Merfolk, Primal Hunger

2 weeks ago

I like the dino surprise in this deck and you're right, putting him down on turn 4/5 is a real possibility especially with a Rishkar or Vineshaper Mystic turn three play. My only concern is that your low cost creatures aren't as strong as some of red's or energy's low cost creatures so I feel you may be losing some of your guys to block damage from these decks making Ghalta harder to cast. Maybe try some creature control likeEssence Scatter. Alternatively, you could still have the aggro plan and attack each turn with your unblockable merfolk, but to make sure other aggro decks don't beat you to the finish cast a fog effect on their turn such as Haze of Pollen. Also if you make your guys unblockable, maybe a card like Sixth Sense will be useful for card advantage.

Kyln on NANI?!

1 month ago

Sixth Sense would be easy to proc b/c of unblockable.

ryanstreet on uril smash

1 month ago

Since you are going Voltron, go all in. It's already a glass cannon anyway, so you might as well embrace it.

You need a lot more draw. You may be able to get better draw from auras like Keen Sense, Sixth Sense, Angelic Gift, etc. White and Red are terrible at draw, so you'll have to rely on green and artifacts for better draw. Sylvan Library, Harmonize, Hunter's Insight, and Soul's Majesty will work for your deck. Also using the enchantress package your using now will work great. Shoot for around 10 Draw spells.

Next, you need a lot more ramp. You have a few spells, but you need more. Shoot either for creatures that can be used as chump blockers, or auras. Birds of Paradise, Avacyn's Pilgrim, Wood Elves, Llanowar Elves, Elvish Mystic, Farhaven Elf and One with Nature. Shoot for around 10 designated ramp spells.

Next, lower your mana curve. Right now, your average CMC is around 3. Meaning on average, it will cost around 8 mana to cast and enchant him in one turn. So that gives your opponents 8 turns to win before you, or find an answer to him. Try to stick to mostly 1 and 2 CMC auras as much as possible, especially since Uril already gets a buff from enchanting him. If you have any sort of higher cost aura, make sure it is a blowout aura (like Ancestral Mask or Angelic Destiny).

Also, if you lower your curve, adding Genesis Wave can become an absolute devastator.

Next, since it's voltron, use evasion as much as possible. Menace, Flying, Unblockable, Trample,etc. Auras can get you there. Flickering Ward, Gryff's Boon, Kithkin Armor, Alpha Authority, Angelic Gift, Cho-Manno's Blessing, Fists of Ironwood, Giant Spectacle, etc.

Deck is coming along great! Can't wait to play against it!

ROUROU on Wait, you can actually win an FNM with a 5€ deck?

1 month ago

First match, was a red-green dinosaur home-brew deck. It was very easy. He is a friend of mine and I had told him to make it an enrage deck. He didn't listen to me. He has all the good creatures in(Carnage Tyrant Regisaur Alpha etc.), Yet the synergies are non existent.

Second match, was an Approach of the Second Sun deck. First game , I won him with my flyers. I went 2-1 first game was easy for him. I lost the tempo plays and a land drop. As soon as I hit the board with a Sphinx of Magosi , he had already cast one approach and had another one in . He had many removals too. The three mana removals were just perfect for him. (Skywhaler's Shot Farm / Market) . Second game , turn three I already had three creatures on the field and he missed a land drop. He scooped. Last game, it was close. I was attacking with my creatures , trying to make him concede.he then casts an approach. He gains seven life, getting back to 10. Game over I thought. He then conceded, cause she hadn't had any removals in hand AND not another approach. It was weird, buuut I wouldn't care less. I was just happy I beat a 700$ deck with a welcome deck.(he is a dick, that pimps out every deck of his. If it isn't foil, it won't fit in his decks. imagine when a welcome deck 2017 kicks your ass :p )

Third match, was a pain in the ass ramunap red. I knew I would face a deck like this, that's why I have many small creatures. First game , I was blocking with everything I had (if I could) . I mean, those Earthshaker Khenras are nut busting. He dropped two and by turn 4, I was at 10ish. That's when I hit him hard . Turn 4 I hit the field with an Arborback Stomper . I gain 5 life, I pass. Fifth round, he attacks with everything. I block a ragavan token, I kill a khenra with a 3/2 Merfolk Branchwalker and he passes... Turn five, I draw a Nature's Way . Sixth Sense on a flying Stealer of Secrets, swing in for 8, draw two cards. One is a Rabid Bite . I cast it .he now has 1 creature left, while I have 3 on board. He conceded. Second game, she goes 0-60 in no time. I lost and didn't even realise how she got me so fast. Game three, was a fun one. I Mulligan to six. I keep all the possible removal and two small creatures. She gets me to fourteen life, when I start to hit her field. It was over pretty soon.

Last game, I play with a Baral control. I couldn't do shit. Search for Azcanta  Flip, in combination with Torrential Gearhulks and River's Rebuke kicked my arse. I would care less though. :) Next time, I will raise the stakes with my sideboard games :D

Murphy77 on What Do You Mean I Can't Block That?!

2 months ago

For any deck that contains Tishana, Voice of Thunder, I like to build a card-draw engine that includes Nissa, Steward of Elements, Rashmi, Eternities Crafter and some unblockable weenies that can be equipped with something like Sixth Sense for even more card draw. You want more than 7 cards in your hand and a range of options for cards you can play each turn.

Murphy77 on ME Pointed Ears

2 months ago

I started out just trying to build a deck around the Blue/Green draw engine shown below:

3 Slither Blade-comes in unblockable

3 River Sneak - another unblockable attack

4 Sixth Sense - equip to an unblockable creature and draw with each attack

2 Rashmi, Eternities Crafter - slight chance of a free spell cast - but an extra card draw in both your turn and sometimes during your opponent's turn

2 Nissa, Steward of Elements - scry almost at will and frequently get a free casting of a land or creature

2 Nissa, Vital Force - You want the emblem, which you can get fairly quickly and easily - for each landfall, draw a card.

and 2 Tishana, Voice of Thunder - with all the above card draw - remove the hand size limit and draw a bunch of extra cards - Tishana becomes a big-hitter.

The basic idea is that while the draw engine makes up 1/2 of your non-land cards in a deck, it provides a game accelerator for the other half of your deck which can be either aggro or control.

In this deck, as an experiment, I have lost some of the draw engine - but try to keep enough of those cards to retain a high-tempo deck - hence River Sneak. Yes - if I wanted to be more aggro, 1-drop green creatures like Kumena's Speaker. If you leaned more toward a control sub-deck and were playing lots of instants and sorceries, Deeproot Champion becomes a must. You could even throw in a big game-ender like Fleet Swallower with Navigator's Ruin and Fraying Sanity - where your sub-deck would include mana-ramp (I like Dowsing Dagger) and cards like Chart A Course and Supreme Will.

The focus of this deck is cheap (to summon) creatures and +1/+1 tokens to build a threat. I like the idea of the change-out of using Waker of the Wilds to build large-attack, unblockable land creatures. I haven't yet taken this deck to a tournament, so, I suppose that there will be further changes and modifications.

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