Farhaven Elf


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Common
Commander 2013 Common
Shadowmoor Common

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Farhaven Elf

Creature — Elf Druid

When Farhaven Elf enters the battlefield, you may search your library for a basic land card and put it into play tapped. If you do, shuffle your library.

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Farhaven Elf Discussion

Enaisi on Clint Beastwood's Magic Forest

5 days ago

I highly suggest:

  1. Quirion Ranger
  2. Scryb Ranger
  3. Wirewood Lodge

Ways to untap Selvala and ramp more in one turn.

I would also take out Lotus Cobra for another dork such as Arbor Elf or Fyndhorn Elves.

Also, while Caustic Caterpillar is awesome and looks amazing in foil, I'd take it out for instant speed removal such as Nature's Claim.

And rather than Farhaven Elf either Kodama's Reach or Cultivate seems better.

Trveheimer on Meren Reanimate

3 weeks ago


sieht auf auf den ersten blick ganz gut aus. die wincon mit bonehoard + jarad und das thema um sacrifising. wichtig sind Blood Artist, Falkenrath Noble, Zulaport Cutthroat usw. msstest trotzdem zum einen die curve runterbekommen und zum anderen viel ramp adden. Verdant Force wrde ich da rausnehmen, macht viel zu wenig fr die irren manakosten. golgari hat grn, das sollte man auch nutzen und mehr rampen. Rise from the Grave wrde ich cutten fr etwas a la Fertilid, Yavimaya Elder, Primal Druid oder Farhaven Elf, damit du das ausnutzen kannst mit reanimate.. in sachen sac outlets (mglichkeiten kreaturen zu opfern), du hast den high market schon, wrde dir raten noch zwischen Ashnod's Altar, Greater Good und Birthing Pod was rauszusuchen damit es nen weiteren bereich abdeckt, draw ist ganz wichtig eigentlich. weitere empfehlungen wren Harvester of Souls. eine mglichkeit ne infinite dmg combo zu spielen wre Mikaeus, the Unhallowed und Triskelion, wenn dir die karten nicht zu viel kosten.

Phyrexian Arena und Primal Growth sind gut.

Errast on Xenabro

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the response Profet93. Good to hear that some of my suggestions are making it through, but I'd like to know what kind of meta you're in that good old Ruric Thar isn't worth being put in.

Otherwise, I really just wanted to go over my reasoning for the cards I suggested, to see if I can squeeze a few more in. I'll go through them in bulletpoint format here.

Indrik, and CN. These 2 were really just suggestions to try and stuff more creatures into a deck I felt need a ton of dudes to work really well, but if you don't think they're good enough, maybe Bane of Progress is a better choice?

Selvala, Woodland Bellower, and Fierce Empath. These guys are going together because I like to think of them as a package. Empath gets your Bellower, and he gets your Selvala. Although that's rarely how it works, I think these cards work best together.

Just going to sneak Woodland Bellower into his own section, because I really do think he's really great. He grabs your utility creatures (Reclamation Sage, Ulvenwald Tracker) and tosses them onto the field, while giving you a decent body to swing in with.

I've gone over most of the cards I wanted to address, all the others I could understand, and honestly expected to be shot down.

Finally, just to make sure this isn't just a response, I'll add in a couple cards I just thought of now.

Arguably worse Farhaven Elf until you get to here flipside, where all the magic happens. I'd recommend picking one up if you have the cash, as she does a lot of legwork if she can flip.

Same general idea here. Swing in with a huge dude, outgain even the most ridiculous lifegain deck in a single turn. I'd recommend Basilisk Collar if you have the cash, but the Warhammer works just as well.

Showed him off in a pargraph above. He's your Reclamation Sage on steroids, and can wipe entire boards depending on what decks are in your meta. I've had him completely reset games with the right cards in play.

If you've read this whole thing, then thanks! I appreciate you reading my ramblings and I hope I've made my reasoning a bit clearer.

dreamistt on

3 weeks ago

My Suggestions:

I think your mana base is a little messy.

As for ramp in itself:

  • Gilded Lotus is amazing, but it only nets you one color of mana, which can be a bummer at times.
  • I always advocate for the use of all available signets (Simic Signet, Izzet Signet and Gruul Signet in your case), since they fix your colors in the early game and help you ramp up a bit (plus, a Sol Ring + Signet starting hand can go crazy pretty fast)
  • Thought Vessel and Mind Stone are other 2-mana artifacts with some great extra utility.

Cards I don't like/I don't find useful enough:

Other suggestions (mostly more creatures to use as a toolbox):

MegaMatt13 on Thrasios & Ravos: Blinking, Theros style

4 weeks ago

I love this deck. I was thinking of making Roon, but I love the idea of adding black.

A couple suggestions: your cmc is a little high. You may wanna add Farhaven Elf for a bit more ramp.

Also, Cauldron of Souls works great with flicker and as a way to protect your board from boardwipes.

Lastly, maybe a couple Tutors to fetch your important flicker engines like Diabolic Tutor, Rune-Scarred Demon or Enlightened Tutor

Panas on Chemo Ramp

1 month ago

Alright! I gave the deck a quick look and it looks relatively good overall. I understand you are not in a very competitive meta (or at least, not a very cutthroat one at that) and that budget is a concern albeit not a very crazy one.

I see enough card draw and cards that replace themselves. I also liked that you built the deck accordingly, avoiding enchantment and artifact inclusions to fit the theme of blowing all of them up.

With that said we reach the greatest flaw in the deck. Without any strong, early ramp and so many high costed cards doing what you want, your deck is left slow and clunky and will often durdle and fold to early advantage gained by other people through the same things you hate. Breaking a Sylvan Library on turn 5 means that opponent already has gained all the value in the world out of it and probably doesn't care too much that it's being destroyed.

A second point I want to make is that although you do have a lot of big mana plays, a LOT of them are inefficient considering the resource investment into them (mana cost Vs effect + P/T). Here's a list of which ones I didn't like too much and the reasoning behind it:

  • Avatar of Might is a vanilla trampler in your deck. Unless you are facing against a fast aggro deck or token generator, you are the one playing the creature deck so I wouldn't expect to cast it on the cheap side often.
  • Deus of Calamity is an awesome card but it needs the proper enablers (double strike/constant buffs) for it to work as intended and even then it's a "win more" card. In effect it does a hell of a lot under certain conditions, but those are hard to come by and when you are behind you'd prefer playing something else.
  • Domesticated Hydra a very high investment just to get a trampler. Evasion is good but when you compare these kind of cards with enablers like Thunderfoot Baloth and Siege Behemoth they are very lackluster.
  • Havenwood Wurm: 7 mana for a 5/6 trampler? You can do a lot better than this. The instant speed doesn't warrant this investment as it is essentially asking you to skip your turn to play this.
  • Stonebrow, Krosan Hero would be a lot better in a shell where mass trample and Overrun effects ran rampant. This is not the case so quite often he will be giving you an extra 2-4 damage on swing. He's not that bad though.
  • Blunt the Assault is a heavy costed fog effect. If life gaining is that important, running Shamanic Revelation is better. If the fog is really needed then just run Fog or Lull or Respite or Winds of Qal Sisma.
  • Devil's Play is a very flavourful card and I do like it, but I think it's a bit small for commander. Fall of the Titans or even better Comet Storm do a much better job at finishing people.
  • Scrabbling Claws is not good enough for graveyard hate. There exist much better alternatives (i.e. Relic of Progenitus)!

And here are my suggestions for you, including some notable omissions. Some have already been mentioned by others.

I would choose a number of these as replacements prefering their versatility, efficiency and power.

Those are my thoughts. :)

ps: since tappedout doesn't let me mark my most suggestions through the checkboxes for some reason, i'll put an exclamation mark next to them...

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