Ground Assault


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Common
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Ground Assault


Ground Assault deals damage to target creature equal to the number of lands you control.

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Ground Assault Discussion

GolgariGravedigger on Landfall Combo Deck

1 month ago

Oh I forgot, Ground Assault might be good as a sideboard card for removing large creatures.

feyn_do_alduin on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

1 month ago

for example, I run a decent quality Omnath, Locus of Rage build, in response they started running Ground Assault and Acidic Soil to one-shot me after i've gotten to critical mass. the only way to get around it is to bolt the guy who played it until he's dead before the card resolves

dreamistt on Riku SpellBox

5 months ago

I'd remove:

- Acidic Slime - > Reclamation Sage (unless you want to specifically destroy lands)
- Elvish Aberration (late game ramp is better done with things such as Boundless Realms)
- Giant Adephage sucks if you are not in a aggro deck.
- Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs is not all that useful in most cases, specially since the tokens do not flip
- Hua Tuo, Honored Physician meh. (Outclassed by ETB Eternal Witness or Skullwinder)
- Magmatic Force (not only expensive $-wise, but has a very high CMC)
- Deconstruct (even though getting some mana back seems great, restricted removal is bad removal)
- Detonate (same thing, even worse that you have to pay the mana cost of the artifact)
- Lava Axe (same thing, even more restricted)
- Monstrous Growth (???)
- Searing Flesh (this card is so terrible... go to my "other cards" section and pick something else)
- Stream of Life (pure lifegain only delays the inevitable)
- Carbonize (meh. Same thing that I said about Searing Flesh)
- Comet Storm (use Rolling Thunder instead)
- Evolution Charm (it's simply bad in your deck)
- Fog (you would be better off with Druid's Deliverance if you go with some of my suggestions)
- Heat Ray (ugh, fireball limited to just ONE creature? Really?)
- Lava Burst (ugh, fireball limited to just ONE creature? Really?)
- Turn to Dust (repeat after me: "Specific removal is bad removal")
- Cast Through Time (cost intensive, low rewards)
- Mirror Sheen (only copies instant/sorceries targetting you)
- Volition Reins (does not make any sense in here, plus high mana cost)

I'd add:


+ Mizzix of the Izmagnus
+ Galvanoth
+ Jace's Sanctum (plus scry)
+ Everflowing Chalice (gets you 0.5 of your mana investment back, meaning you can go from 6 mana to 9 mana the following turn, 10 if you get your land drop)
+ Izzet Signet / Simic Signet / Gruul Signet (color fixing and ramp)
+ Sol Ring or Worn Powerstone (budget friendly)
+ Curious Homunculus  Flip (if you copy him with Riku, the copy won't be able to flip, but it's still useful)


+ Dizzy Spell (just for the TRANSMUTE. You can fetch Lava Spike with it)
+ Muddle the Mixture (again, TRANSMUTE it into Desperate Ritual... or simply use it as a counter if you need to)
+ Vedalken AEthermage (just for the WIZARDCYCLING. Gets you any wizard you might want)
+ Eerie Procession is a must if you want to pull of your splice into arcane combo.
+ Bring to Light allows you to cast something from the deck for free, which could be interesting as well. (gets you anything from an Izzet Guildmage to a Mizzix of the Izmagnus or a Mnemonic Wall)
+ Signal the Clans (may seem inefficient, but if you copy it with Riku, basically translates into "Pick 4 creature cards and put 2 of them at random in your hand", which is not bad)


+ Mindclaw Shaman
+ Mulldrifter (cast it for the EVOKE cost and copy it with Riku to draw 4 cards for 2U(+ GU) and get a 2/2 flyer)
+ AEthersnipe (again, EVOKE it. With Riku it becomes 1UU(+ GU) for a 4/4 and 2 bounces)
+ Avatar of Fury (easy to cast, copy- able 6/6 creature)
+ Inferno Titan (lightning bolt on a stick)
+ Conjurer's Closet (essential when dealing with lots of ETB creatures)
+ Rude Awakening with Riku allows you to get some extra fuel for your next spell and might even become a win- con if you manage to attack someone with the lands.
+ Talrand, Sky Summoner gives you some creatures for each instant/sorcery casted
+ Docent of Perfection  Flip is almost the same thing, with the added bonus of buffing your wizards on the flip side.
+ Young Pyromancer is a Chandra fanboy... just like you :P
+ Lunar Mystic might be worth considering since it allows you to fill back your hand
+ Trail of Evidence nets you some clues for emergencies
+ Dynavolt Tower is Kaladesh's way of saying "every 2.5 instant/sorceries you should be allowed to cast a lightning bolt"
+ Sphinx-Bone Wand finishes games (ask Cian about it)
+ Honden of Seeing Winds increases your draw.


+ Pongify and/or Rapid Hybridization and Reality Shift (instead of having to spend X to kill a creature, simply destroy it or exile it)
+ Curse of the Swine (again, removal is of utmost necessity in EDH)
+ Unsummon or Vapor Snag also help with targeted removal
+ Cyclonic Rift can be a little expensive ($- wise), but it's a staple for a reason
+ Vandalblast (overload is OP)
+ Ixidron gets rid of enemy creatures with ease, as they won't be able to be turned back face up.


+ Rise from the Tides might give you a bunch of creatures if used at the right time.
+ Talrand's Invocation gives you 2 2/2 flyers for 4 mana. Yeah, they are vanilla creatures, but sometimes that's all you need.
+ Past in Flames allows you to cast things from the graveyard
+ Burn from Within (you can cast it with X=0 to stop someone's sacrifice-combo or even use it to get rid of some pesky indestructible creature)
+ Ground Assault and Gruul Charm are cheap and useful damage dealers
+ Impact Resonance allows you to get a ride on someone else's damage and redirect some damage.
+ Price of Progress might be interesting. I'd say it should be an easy way to deal 6~10 damage.
+ Chandra's Ignition is also very strong, specially if you manage to double cast it on Riku himself or by casting it on Ixidron after it had just ETB.

GolgariGravedigger on G/R Hydra Ramp

6 months ago

I would suggest cleaning it up a bit, this deck seems a bit inconsistent since it has so many 1x cards. Maybe stick to cards that grab you lands like Viridian Emissary. If you grabbing extra lands is a good way to mana ramp and get extra value out of your cards. A lot of R/G cards are affected by lands you control. I really like Zendikar Incarnate, you can find a lot of creatures that get buffed by land. Also if you're going to run R/G with a land mana ramp, then you should definitely run 4x Ground Assault. Managorger Hydra is a neat little hydra too (tcgplayer has them for about 75 cents). It can get out of hand really quickly. And Ghor-Clan Rampager isn't exactly instant speed, but I think it's a bit better than Awaken the Bear. Also I would swap Titanic Growth for Giant Growth I wouldn't bother with Ghoultree, if you insist on running a card like that, Nemesis of Mortals is a more adaptable card. But both those cards are much more effective in graveyard decks.

ginko2580 on Red/Green: Pack Mentality

6 months ago

Innistrad Wolves and Zombies got me back into Magic the 2nd time around. I love'em

Personally I think that unless you add Instants/Sorceries like Primal Bellow, Brute Force, Prey Upon ...quick hits on a TARGET... To allow you to exploit the Silverfur Partisan I'd drop him to a 2-of or out.... if your opponent doesn't hit them..... No bonus's to your friends??? Even if they do hit the Wolf it's a Dreadbore not a Black Sun's Zenith or something, it's a wolf and should be 5/5 6/6... 25/25 in no time. I do love that card though.

And seeing that I'm being selfish a bit.... help your buddies or get out.... the Timberpack Wolf I really am not a fan of unless you get him out there unexpectedly or something Savage Summoning, Descendants' Path (Path is awesome with the wolves BTW) ...again it is nice card (timberpack), but it just not helping them all..... for that 1G, I'd go Mayor of Avabruck  Flip.

Parallel Lives + Garruk Relentless + Mayor of Avabruck all work nicely in a wolf deck if you want a "Pack of Wolves" Token deck???

One thing I loved with GRUUL Wolves..... RG Instants and Sorceries.... At least for your sideboard, if your bro there changes decks on ya. Signal the Clans (awesome card for 2 CMC), or Ground Assault , Clan Defiance.

And Finally a must...... @ 1 or 2 of's... Full Moon's Rise. TRAMPLE..... and a couple other perks. for 2 CMC........... get 1 in there. It's a damn wolf deck! LOL.

lemmingllama on Landscaping.

1 year ago

@Ribellarsi Snow-Covered Forest/Snow-Covered Mountain/Snow-Covered Swamp.

If you are adding in Lightning Bolt over Ground Assault, then I wouldn't bother with Skred and the snow lands. It was just a suggestion since Skred is a strict upgrade in your current deck, but Lightning Bolt is always a consistent powerhouse.

As for Standard vs Modern, it's really whether or not you intend to play this deck for years to come or want to follow the rotation of Standard. Standard has weaker cards and so it is somewhat easier to compete, but you also have to change your deck as new sets come out and old sets leave Standard. In Modern, the power level is higher, but there is also no rotation. If you build the deck, you never have to change it unless a card becomes banned or you decide to change it. I personally prefer Modern because I don't like having to invest money to change my deck every six months. It is really up to you though.

One other option you could do is just build this deck for both Standard and Modern. You just need to swap in/out the relevant cards for the correct format.

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