Ruinous Path


Format Legality
Limited Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Highlander Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar (BFZ) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Ruinous Path


Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

Awaken 4— (If you cast this spell for , also put four +1/+1 counters on target land you control and it becomes a 0/0 Elemental creature with haste. It's still a land.)

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Ruinous Path Discussion

Daedalus19876 on Chainer, The Re-animator

1 week ago

A few things :)

1) I'd very much run Hero's Downfall over Ruinous Path.

2) No Toxic Deluge?? It's (IMO) one of the strongest black cards ever printed.

3) I would suggest Rune-Scarred Demon over Diabolic Tutor. It can be reanimated repeatedly with Chainer.

4) Death Wind and Chill to the Bone seem like pretty weak removal here. Have you considered Malicious Affliction, or something of that ilk?

5) I'm not convinced you have enough draw effects. Have you considered Phyrexian Arena, Grim Haruspex, and Ancient Craving-esque effects?

6) Your curve is relatively high, and I'm not really a fan of Manalith and other 3-mana rocks. I'd focus more on cheaper rocks such as Mana Crypt and Mana Vault to accelerate Chainer, as well as Jet Medallion to make your spells cheaper.

7) Mono-black decks always love a copy of Contamination or Infernal Darkness if you feel like adding a cruel touch.

This is my mono-black deck, if you feel like taking a look for anything you might add that I've forgotten:

The Hungriest Aetherborn: Yahenni EDH

Commander / EDH Daedalus19876

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Iamme10000 on Battlecruiser Bolas ft. Kess

3 months ago

I agree, ramping in Grixis isn't easy. Mana rocks for days. I'd say a Dimir Signet would help you out more, yeah.

Reign of the Pit is cute, but I would say CM takes the cake. While it doesn't hit every player, it's a gut punch to a single player that's hard to recover from, even in Commander.

Refuse / Cooperate is also not great. If you want to copy things, the way to go is ultimately gonna be Reiterate. If you hardcast it, then pay the Buyback cost when you cast it from the graveyard, it'll go back to your hand instead of exile! Helps get a bit more oomph out of every card.

Go for the Throat and Walk the Plank are decent, but I'd consider upgrading to a planeswalker autokill, like Dreadbore, Hero's Downfall, or Ruinous Path if you can. If you want to go even more battlecruiser, Phthisis is slow, cumbersome, and expensive -- but in Commander, it can hit like a bag of bricks.

eyes2sky on No Creature Mono Black

4 months ago

Looks like a good start...For a cheap upgrade I would squeeze in 1 or 2 Hero's Downfall and/or Ruinous Path to deal with Planeswalkers. Adding Exquisite Blood will get you an infinite life-gain/life-loss combo with Sanguine Bond. Demon's Horn doesn't really help you win games, only prolongs them. I would replace them with another Sign in Blood and something like Geth's Verdict or Dash Hopes.

AidanMcNay on Zombie Swarm

4 months ago

In general, Liliana's Mastery is a good anthem, as it's an enchantment, and not as easy to deal with. Zombie Apocalypse is good for recurring all the zombies that you sac( you can also reuse them with cards like Corpseweft), as eventually, the deck looks like it might run out of token fodder without a recurring producer like Grave Titan. Dark Salvation serves as both removal and produces tokens. Geralf's Messenger is just a good zombie. Apart from that, Ruinous Path is better than Murder, as you are willing to make it sorcery speed for the upgrade. Last thing: Mastermind's Acquisition isn't very good in Commander, as the rules for cards that you can get from outside the game limit it to sideboards, which EDH doesn't allow. (Also, Gray Merchant of Asphodelis definitely good enough to include)

babushkasara on All hail the ancient crab

4 months ago


You also have no sort of board wipe or wrath. Something like a cycled Decree of Pain would miss most of your high-toughness dudes or it could be cast normally if needed. Tragic Slip is an EDH staple and gets around indestructible.

Things you could possibly remove:

  • Living Wall - I feel like you can do better than 4 mana for a 0/6 (Like Guardians of Meletis for example, which you already have), though the regenerate is nice.
  • Forgotten Creation - what benefit do you get from discarding your hand? Is there a card that deals damage to your opponents when you do? If there's nothing like that, Forgotten Creation isn't contributing much. I'd feel like you'll be able to achieve delirium fairly easily
  • Kefnet's Monument and Bontu's Monument - keep an eye on your black to blue creature ratio and your creature to non-creature ratio to see if you should remove one or both of these
  • Meekstone - currently about 1/3 of your creatures have power 3 or greater so keep an eye on this
  • Swarm Intelligence - lots of mana when you have other ways of copying spells. Though this is an enchantment. Hmm.
  • Candles of Leng - Why not just Staff of Nin or something instead?
  • Soul Net - doesn't trigger off of things being put from a library into the graveyard

Flooremoji on Graf rats

4 months ago

Hero's Downfall or Never / Return or Ruinous Path in place of the Murder. Swarmyard can be a great tribal land if that's what your going for. Abrupt Decay and Maelstrom Pulse can be Great removal also. You are in need of some extra mana if that is going to run 5-6 drop creatures. Deathcap Cultivator Can do this. Liliana, the Last Hope is a great planeswalker for graveyard decks. Also, sorry, melding a Graf Rats isn't a great win con.

Sjorpha on

5 months ago

I don't think Silence fits the deck, it's a card that either wants to be built around with for example Isochron Scepter and Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir (those three cards creates a hard lock) or be a 1 of in a pure control deck.

Path of bravery looks more interesting, but it's a card that wants a wide board so it would go well with cards like Spectral Procession and Lingering Souls

It's easier to give advice if we know your budget also, there are a lot of cards in modern that would upgrade this deck but would cost a bit. For example Fatal Push and Path to Exile are the best removal spells in modern and could replace Murder, Ruinous Path and Silkwrap, but they are much more xpensive. Your mana base would be much improved by fetchlands and shocklands and so on.

chadsansing on Does that hurt?

6 months ago

I love this combination of commanders. Nice list!

Aetherflux Reservoir, Blood Artist, and Zulaport Cutthroat will all give you extra life-gain triggers for the Blood/Bond combo, and Felidar Sovereign gives you another win con.

Maybe Hero's Downfall over Ruinous Path? Path to Exile or Swords to Plowshares, and maybe Anguished Unmaking or Banishing Light or Oblivion Ring for exile-target-permanent effects?

There are also some decently-costed walkers that might work well with Vial Smasher and your life-gain theme like Elspeth Tirel and Sorin, Grim Nemesis.

Greed might be good for card draw since you gain so much life, as well.

Happy brewing!

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