Ruinous Path


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Battle for Zendikar Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Ruinous Path


Destroy target creature or planeswalker.

Awaken 4— (If you cast this spell for , also put four +1/+1 counters on target land you control and it becomes a 0/0 Elemental creature with haste. It's still a land.)

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Ruinous Path Discussion

KennEH on Baral Control

6 hours ago

With Emrakul, the Promised End out of standard what do you think is worth naming Lost Legacy with and potentially giving your openent cards? I'd much rather run Ruinous Path in the side for Planeswalker removal as thier isn't a way to deal with them once they hit the board in this deck. Also how reliably does Thing in the Ice  Flip flip? Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet would be much better against aggro.

If blue based control becomes a thing I'd also suggest a Sphinx of the Final Word in the sideboard as well.

I'm going to run a version with my suggestions and maybe a few Ob Nixilis Reignited and report back.

Femme_Fatale on G/B Counter Cats

11 hours ago

I wouldn't run Hardened Scales. Winding Constrictor is enough. 4 Duress is important, and you can add like, 2 Ob Nixilis Reignited for card draw and removal. I'd also put in Ruinous Path and Grasp of Darkness for removal. In order for Collected Company to work effectively, you must have 24 creatures at minimum, though the optimal number is 26. So I'd remove that and Lifecrafter's Bestiary.

ghoul_Legion on Yahenni and Kalitas's playground

16 hours ago

For consistency purpose, I would trade off 4x Fatal Push for more creatures.

You won't be having creatures leaving the battlefield unless call of the bloodline is on it.

You have a really low creature count, You also don't have alot of cards with madness allowing you to use tormenting voice efficiently.

Think about this: If Yahenni isn't on the battlefield, all your spell are going to be used to kill creatures just to survive, when your hand is empty and you finally play a yahenni, you are left with a 2/2 haste not doing so much.

I would try to add Asylum Visitor You should also trade Shock for Lightning Axe if you are going the madness way.

Then if you have no cards in hand Bloodhall Priest is a nice body for 3 mana with a free Shock every time it attacks.

You don't have artifacts, so I would probably trade Unlicensed Disintegration for Ruinous Path, so you can take out Gideon/ saheeli when needed.

Glaspo on A bit more assistance please ...

17 hours ago

So I have received a TON of help so far with adjusting my deck - and it is MUCH APPRECIATED!

But there's a few more questions I have in regards to my Esper Control - Kaladesh Standard deck.

  1. Should I leave in Anguished Unmaking or switch it out for Ruinous Path ? I totally see the benefits of Anguished Unmaking, as it is an instant-speed removal spell that can pretty much get rid of anything, including Planeswalkers...however, that 3 life can potentially be an issue as control decks have the tendency to take quite a few hits before everything is stabilized...this makes me then consider Ruinous Path...which is much more limited in functionality, but not as painful, if you will. Thoughts?

  2. The creatures. As you can see I have 4 creatures, 3 copies of Torrential Gearhulk and 1 of Sphinx of the Final Word. With these, I really considered having only the 3 gearhulks, but since they can be quite easy to remove by certain decks, I threw in the Sphinx to guarantee at least one, more difficult to remove, win condition among my creature-base. Though, I am not sure if this is the best approach. I could get rid of the sphinx, and/or a gearhulk, and add another Sorin, Grim Nemesis and/or Ob Nixilis Reignited. OR I can simply have 2 of each of the previously mentioned creatures. Any advice on this one?

Basically, I just really want to make sure that there are no cards in here that are either taking up valuable space, or that can be replaced by better alternatives. I am planning to bring this deck with me to the Grand Prix here in NJ in March, and I want it to be as polished as possible!

Thanks to all in advance! You guys are always a great help!

MightyPazza on Energy Rock

1 day ago

Yeah I am still not 100% on Servant of the Conduit, she does make energy and ramp/fixes a bit. I will test with switching her around with 2 Tireless Tracker and maybe a Noxious Gearhulk.

In regards to planeswalkers, it will depend on the local meta. I do like the option for a late game awaken with Ruinous Path on a land or Hissing Quagmire.

tpmains on Buget Esper Control for Grand ...

1 day ago

What kind of budget do you have? There are still some decent cards you can put it on a budget. Also, what about sideboard? That would be a place to niche answers like Sphinx of the Final Word for control mirrors. Flaying Tendrils would be a budget version of Yahenni's Expertise to combat aggro decks. You also don't have any answers for planeswalkers. Something like Ruinous Path, Quarantine Field, or even Imprisoned in the Moon could work.

KhalZrelo on Jund Midrange

1 day ago

Thanks guys for pointing out the land issue, turns out there were 63 cards mainboard and obviously that's not supposed to be a thing. Thank you Fairmount for suggesting the Ruinous Path and the Transgress the Mind .

Adamram1985 on Esper Control - Kaladesh Standard

1 day ago

Maybe add in Ruinous Path it may not be instant speed but it gets those walkers. One copy of Rise from the Tides would be nice. I am also making an esper deck its more aggro if you care to take a look touch of anguish

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