Heliod's Pilgrim


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Common

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Heliod's Pilgrim

Creature — Human Cleric

When Heliod's Pilgrim enters the battlefield, you may search your library for an Aura card, reveal it, put it into your hand, then shuffle your library.

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Heliod's Pilgrim Discussion

Marcus_Licinius_Crassus on Midnight Midrange

5 days ago

I have a streamlined version of the deck made Pauper Midnight Gond

+1 because your approach to reminds of twin in modern:

UR Twin: Straight forward combo with control to push through the hate.

RUG Twin: The deck beat people with never going infinite. Sometimes a Goyf and some threats in a game of attrition beat people.


  1. Have you considered having a silver bullet package since you are running 4 Heliod's Pilgrim?

  2. I see you are playing the Aura Gnarlid AKA Pauper Goyf for your deck. The deck seems spicy.

  3. I advocate having 2-3 Spreading Seas in the SB. The disruption against tron and many decks can help. You can also just use it as tutor-able draw card.

  4. Best of luck on the Midrange approach.

  5. Is Mark of Fury a good card for the deck? Too Cute? Too Narrow?

  6. [SIDENOTE] Midnight Presence Midrange works here because of Nylea's Presence and Presence of Gond. I would like to combo have a stronger presence in Pauper, even if it means putting a combo into a mid range shell a plan B. Pauper is currently defined by mid range creature battles and closing out a game or having the "I WIN" button is needed sometimes. At worst the combo is 8 cards for most builds (FOR YOURS: 11 cards w/ the tutors). You can effectively SB into a value shell, because untapping midnight guard is pseudo vigilance and in mid-range have one more threat to push a board stall.

Gandolin on Trostani's Squirrels

1 week ago

How about a Heliod's Pilgrim?

HurricaneZach on Enchanted Blade

2 weeks ago

Do y'all agree that Pacifism is just as effective as Journey to Nowhere with the upside of being tutorable with Heliod's Pilgrim? I can think of only a few instances where using the ability would be relevant enough to make me lean towards Journey to Nowhere(like a Zubera tribal/sac deck I recently faced).

HurricaneZach on Enchanted Blade

2 weeks ago

The mana is surprisingly consistent (I usually have 2 of the 3 colors by T3 and the 3rd color shortly after). The removal in the format is why I focus so much on the counters in the deck as they are my only protection against the removal. Prohibit and Hindering Light have been all stars in this category. I'm thinking of running a 4th Heliod's Pilgrim to cut back on some of the enchantments (switching to a toolbox kind of strategy utilizing those) and fill the slots with extra counters. What do you think?

saturnosring on Enchantment Crazy Daxos

3 weeks ago

One of my favourite enchantments is Martial Law.

Maybe Heliod's Pilgrim can be useful to find some auras. Underworld Dreams is the enchantment version of Fate Unraveler.

I hope it helped!

Von.Banamaor on G/W Hexproof

3 weeks ago

The way I put together my hexproof deck, Godzilla, is a little different, but may give you something to think about. I realize you're trying to defeat a specific metagame and I'd love to learn more about it and what you're facing, but here is some of my food for thought about enchanting hexproof creatures.

BTW, why is single spelling in a turn such a bad thing in your environment? Not judging, just curious if I'm missing something and would like to learn.

Anyway, here we go. Oh, and fair warning. I can be long winded.

When I play against counterspells I make every spell I cast something they have to counter. Eventually, they will run out of counterspells and I will run them over. So in my deck, every creature enchantment gives my creatures at least +2/+2. This makes each creature really hard to kill even when it only has a single enchantment and starts a very quick clock.

I am not a fan of Abundant Growth. Yeah, you draw a card and dropped an enchantment, but getting higher quality cards out faster is more important. I want to get spells out quickly and Utopia Sprawl and Wild Growth get me that much needed tempo. Otherwise, I imagine I would end up wanting to play cheaper and much less effective enchantments, much like it seems you are.

Speaking of tempo, I can't afford for a single land to come into play tapped. A one turn delay can be brutal. I use all basics to keep things moving forward quickly.

It's tempting but I wouldn't play Heliod's Pilgrim. Yeah, you get to go get an enchantment, but in this deck Kruphix's Insight is the much better card. Amazing card. 3-mana spell where you average drawing 3 cards to reload mid-game. It's a back-breaker.

Armadillo Cloak is quite possibly the best card in the deck. No reason not to play four. I'd play ten if I could. No, make that eight. But you get the idea.

My friends keep encouraging me to play Rancor, largely because it is neat and used in faster decks, but I find it a liability. A 3/3 or 5/5 hexproof creature is much less likely to die than a 3/1 or 5/3 trample hexproof creature. So the return to your hand effect being a benefit is an illusion. I just choose to play a better creature enchantment so it doesn't have to die in the first place.

BTW, vigilance in this type of deck is very underrated.

I really like Aura Gnarlid too. Yeah, it's a target for counterspells and creature-hate. It should be. No deck has much time to deal with a 10/10 unblockable Aura Gnarlid you paid 3 mana to cast. It makes your opponent have to keep in creature removal when they normally wouldn't against a hexproof deck. And token creature removal like Disfigure or Evincar's Justice just isn't going to cut it.

In a heavy edict environment, I'd main deck Fists of Ironwood and may toss in some Young Wolf to make them really work to come and get me.

Not a big umbra fan. That's what the hexproof and the +2/+2 enchantments are doing. Stopping things from being killed. Umbra's might make more sense with Aura Gnarlids though... that's a thought.

Anyway, my two cents.

And hey, saturnosring, I totally never would have thought about Celestial Flare that's awesome. I need that in several decks. But I prefer Calming Verse in a mirror match, but don't let anyone in Denver know that. Shhh...

HBKII on Aura Swap

3 weeks ago

Steel of the Godhead is not boing used to it's fullest potential here (Geist of Saint Traft, Zur the Enchanter) And it's probably only a 3-drop worse Aqueous Form. Open the Armory could be used in Heliod's Pilgrim place, reducing the mana cost for the tutor to 2. Hope that helps.

I'm currently building a list that's similar to yours but has the tallowisp package ( Tallowisp, Geist of ST, Steel of the Godhead), Aura-swap is a hella fun mechanic.

Daedalus19876 on Voltron-and-a-Senior-Edificer (21 combat damage)

1 month ago

I wish you all the luck in the world with your new commander! He seems powerful, though my flagship Voltron deck can't shift commanders as easily (since I'd lose a whole color).

Since you changed commanders, though, it's time for a new round of suggestions!

I'm not a fan of Diviner's Wand - it seems far too conditional here. Do you have enough mana floating around to pay its draw cost repeatedly? It's expensive to play and equip - do you find the conditional benefit powerful enough? I just don't generally like 3-and-3 equipment that only give a minor and conditional benefit.

Careful with the Sword of Light and Shadow...now that you're playing more auras, it can't be equipped to an enchanted Sram.

Mangara of Corondor seems odd, since he has summoning sickness and can't be used as a surprise. Perhaps Oblation in his place?

You desperately need an Extraplanar Lens here; the card is amazing. Consequently, a shift to Snow-Covered Plains might benefit you, though generally I don't bother because it's such a corner case.

I don't like Terminus in general, even though you have Scroll Rack to set it up as your draw. When not cast for the Miracle cost I find it disappointing.

The deck could use Hyena Umbra and Gift of Immortality now that your commander makes them cantrip. Possibly a Heliod's Pilgrim too. Depending on how it works out, Helm of the Gods could be handy too.

Hope that's helpful! :)

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