Wandering Fumarole


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Frontier Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Magic Duels Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Rare

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Wandering Fumarole


Wandering Fumarole enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

: Until end of turn, Wandering Fumarole becomes a 1/4 blue and red Elemental creature with ": Switch this creature's power and toughness until end of turn." It's still a land.

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Wandering Fumarole Discussion

ToastedBagl on Fun with the Thing in the Ice

1 day ago

Murmurs from Beyond and Wandering Fumarole would probably be better than Serum Visions and Sulfur Falls.

man lands would help against decks that don't rely on permanents.

Argy on Are Merfolk being played in ...

2 weeks ago

I was reading an article that made an interesting point about a lot of the Tribes, and that is that most of them have the WORST mana at the moment.

I've been annoyed at Wizards removing all the good lands from certain colour combos, and not replacing them with anything.

It's left Izzet Mages like me with no decent replacement for Wandering Fumarole for six months, now.

Merfolk only have one land that comes in untapped, and only during the first couple of plays.

Difficult to build a deck that is efficient, when you have that to work with.

Smasasaur on Modern Control/Burn

3 weeks ago

HAHAHA!! That's pretty good. I took out the Wandering Fumarole in favor of Temple of Epiphany because of the scry effect. I think doing a 2-2 split is the happy medium. I have the 26 lands in here because of the high amount of instants and spells. Snapcaster Mage seems super good, just not the most economically efficient idea. So 2 Snapcaster Mage, 2 Torrential Gearhulk, and 2 Keranos, God of Storms for creatures? Also, what are your opinions on Vance's Blasting Cannons  Flip? It would flip relatively fast because of the number of spells, then allow me to tap for red, and get constant Bolt of Keranos whenever I need the damage.

xyr0s on Modern Control/Burn

3 weeks ago

Hey... what happened to the Wandering Fumaroles? Have they wandered of in search of another deck? I wish they would come back, I really liked them. Or at least 2 of them. Instead of 2 temples. And you can lose another 2 lands, so you are down to 24 lands total. If you really feel like throwing money at this deck, those 2 spots should be given to Snapcaster Mage (because bolt-snap-bolt is as good as ever).

antacidbrn on Best Manlands for Modern?

3 weeks ago

I have been thinking a lot about "Man Lands" lately. On the plus side, they seem to add a lot of utility to decks by fixing mana flood and increasing creature count. On the other hand, they enter tapped and cannot be activated until mid game for the most part.

I feel like Inkmoth Nexus and Celestial Collonade make appearances in modern. But I recently brewed a deck Modern Dagger Burn where Creeping Tar Pit is a key card. I am working on an Izzet list with Wandering Fumarole and a Boros list with Needle Spires, but I wonder if they are any good.

In what ways are you using man lands and which are the best to brew with in Modern? Do you find these helpful and which ones are the best for Modern?

sylvannos on I'm beginner. I need help ...

1 month ago

You're basically playing U/R Delver. Cut your creatures down to:

4x Delver of Secrets  Flip
4x Stormchaser Mage
4x Young Pyromancer

Then, switch a few of your spells around:

-3x Lightning Strike
-1x AEtherize
-1x Counterflux
+1x Peek
+4x Lightning Bolt

You also won't need so many lands. The ones you have are also kind of a problem because a lot of them always come into play tapped. Modern tends to have fewer turns than other formats, so you having lands that can never enter play untapped will lose you a lot of games. Any lands that do enter the battlefield tapped need to do something really good to warrant this. Therefore, I'd change:

-4x Swiftwater Cliffs
-4x Izzet Boilerworks
-0-1x Halimar Depths
-1x Mountain
+4x Wandering Fumarole OR Sulfur Falls OR Steam Vents OR Shivan Reef OR Spirebluff Canal
+1x Desolate Lighthouse
+1-2x Island (depending on if you cut Halimar Depths)

You have more blue cards than red in your deck, so you'll want to play more blue lands than red ones if you can't get a hold on any dual lands.

Lastly, you should have some leftover slots from cutting creatures. More copies of Peek would be good. I'd also suggest Opt and Electrolyze for this last spot.

You may find Turn / Burn to be a bit heavy on the mana requirement. Consider replacing these with low-cost counter cards, such as Dispel, Negate, Spell Snare, Spell Pierce, Squelch, Chart a Course, or Remand. If you do cut Turn / Burn for one of these other cards, remember to cut another Mountain or two and replace them with Islands. Otherwise, you'll have too many games where you can't cast anything despite having 90,2183,989 bajillionzillion lands in play.

Lastly, you'll need a sideboard. These are the cards that are useful for your deck, but only against specific kinds of threats. You're allowed to swap cards in and out of your deck between games after the first in a match (tournaments are best 2-out-of-3).

An example sideboard would look like:

2x Mizzium Meddler (for Boggles)
1x Counterflux (stops control and midrange)
1x AEtherize (you'll want these against aggro decks and tokens)
These four just get moved to your sideboard from your main since you only want them in specific situations2x Abrade (vs. Affinity)
3x Ceremonious Rejection (vs. Tron, Affinity, and Eldrazi)
1x Dispel (vs. Burn and control decks)
1x Magma Spray (stops Kitchen Finks and Dredge)
3x Tormod's Crypt/Relic of Progenitus/Grafdigger's Cage (you bring these in against any graveyard bullshit shenanigans)
2x Spell Pierce
1x Negate
(These last three are for beating Control, Combo, and Midrange decks, along with Burn)

From here, you should have a decent deck to take to your local shop to play with, but there's still some things you'll need:

  • Serum Visions is beast mode in Delver because it's one of the most consistent ways to flip Delver of Secrets  Flip in Modern. They're a 4-of, but fluctuate between $2 and $8, depending on the market. They're pretty cheap right now due to being reprinted in Eternal Masters, but they've definitely been higher. You should be playing these over Peek and if they're within your budget right now, go get them.
  • Snapcaster Mage is a card that cranks up the power level of your deck. End of your opponent's turn Lightning Bolt -> Snapcaster Mage -> Lightning Bolt -> untap -> attack has ended a lot of games in Modern.
  • Scalding Tarn + Steam Vents will fix almost all of your mana problems. You can play off-color fetchlands as long as they're blue and you have Steam Vents (such as Flooded Strand). Not only can you save on your life total by fetching up basic lands, this also opens up the option for a 3rd. color or maindeck Blood Moons. Fetch lands also act as fuel for Grim Lavamancers and Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip.
  • Speaking of which, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip functions as the 5th. through 8th. copies of Snapcaster Mage. He can also be somewhat of a "budget" option, although he works best when you're playing both cards.
  • Sword of Fire and Ice and the other swords in the cycle can go a long way. An Insectile Aberration is nothing to fuck around with. An Insectile Aberration with +2/+2 and protection from 2 different colors will end the game.
  • You'll also want Remands (likely 2 or more) at some point, but it's not high on the priority of cards to get. They act like Time Walks when your opponent taps out to play something and misses a land drop. This buys you time to lay down the beats with your small critters.
  • Ancestral Vision is also a solid pick. You're looking to stall the game out long enough to kill your opponent with 3/2s and 1/1s, why not refill your hand halfway through the game?

Hope this helps! I'm sure I'm missing something that experienced Delver players can recommend.

Facebeater on RIX - Grixis Control

1 month ago

I kind of like Rekindling Phoenix as a 4 drop. It takes two answers to get rid of, otherwise it just keeps coming back. I remember a "recurring" 4 cost card that used to end games for us that was pretty decent: Wandering Fumarole

Plus flying is pretty relevant. If they have to use a Glorybringer to kill a creature that is going to come back next turn, that feels pretty good for us.

hungry000 on The Myth of the Horrors

2 months ago

Cafelattis Thanks for your suggestions. Electrolyze is a very good sideboard card indeed. I should probably make a primer for this deck with some suggested upgrades/sideboard cards. Electrolyze would definitely go in there. Wandering Fumarole is also a decent land, though I didn't include it because I was trying to keep the land costs low and like you said it can screw up the mana curve. I feel pretty 'eh' on Desolate Lighthouse, with the budget three-colored manabase I don't think colorless lands are a good idea. You also don't fizzle too often with card draw in this deck, so I would rather play something to help with the Tron matchup like Ghost Quarter or Field of Ruin if I were to play any colorless lands at all.

Twanicus Yeah, there are some cool synergies between Thing in the Ice  Flip and Myth Realized that are pretty powerful when exploited. Thanks for your comment.

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