Wandering Fumarole


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Rare

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Wandering Fumarole


Wandering Fumarole enters the battlefield tapped.

: Add or to your mana pool.

: Until end of turn, Wandering Fumarole becomes a 1/4 blue and red Elemental creature with ": Switch this creature's power and toughness until end of turn." It's still a land.

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Wandering Fumarole Discussion

Izaeus on Can you handle 10 thopters? How about a 100? WBR

16 minutes ago

If you're going combo might as well throw in 3x more Wandering Fumarole and Crackdown Construct for another wincon

Flalafell on U/R Improvise

6 hours ago

Hej there, ive been brewing on the same concept for some time now, and i can tell you the best Creature is definetly Enraged Giant who can beat as early as Turn1!

Another card that many are missing but, felt almost mandatory is Key to the City wich becomes alot better with improvise allowing you to tap it without discarding a card, but it really shines with Bastion Inventor wich becomes a Finisher very few answers in the coming meta.

I'm a bit skeptical about Maverick Thopterist as i don't see him withstanding stuff like Yahenni's Expertise/Kozilek's Return or even Shock but he always leaves his thopters behind when facing spot removal, so i might be wrong.

I think i would replace Metallic Mimic and Wandering Fumarole wich seem to be a bit slow for this strategy.

But i really like the inclusion of Reckless Bushwhacker wich seems to offer good blowout potential in the mid to lategame.

And Finally here is my current list:

UR Aggroffinity

Standard* Flalafell


jawz on Eggs... IN STANDARD!!!

1 day ago

I've been doing solid testing on a similar deck the last week or so. I would strongly recommend Scrap Trawler and Walking Ballista and I would recommend taking out Defiant Salvager since the Ravenous Intruder is all you need.

I like a few other cards too but they seem more optional. I prefer blue instead of black for Trophy Mage and Herald of Kozilek. I prefer Molten Nursery over Reckless Fireweaver since it can damage creatures too and the damage triggers even if the artifact gets countered. I also like one offs like a Treasure Keeper as another chance to dig for a missing combo piece, and a Haunted Cloak to get a just-cast Ravenous Intruder into combat and trampling through, and a Workshop Assistant to help keep the artifact recursion gas going. I'm also trying out one offs of the Crackdown Construct + Wandering Fumarole infinite combo.

I've set up my Implements as 4 Combustions and one of each of the others, including Implement of Malice and Implement of Examination. With the Scrap Trawler effect you can get a big chain of artifact recursion off. And each link in the chain multiplies the pressure Pia's Revolution is putting on the opponent. And sometimes when I'm out of gas, I want to Trophy Mage into Implement of Examination to gas back up.

It's a fun deck, just inconsistent. glhf

Trtl on Purple Drank

2 days ago

Crackdown Constructs printing doubled Wandering Fumarole's price. good luck getting one

Korombos on Griximprovis

2 days ago

It seems to be light on the artifacts for something gearing up for improvise and Tezzeret and such. Ornithopter and Hope of Ghirapur would make alot of sense. Renegade Map might be good for mana fixing. Since you have Wandering Fumarole in there anyhow, why not a Crackdown Construct or two just for the shenanigans?

hardhitta71194 on Purple Drank

2 days ago

Crackdown Construct looks cool, I will consider it. I would like to run Wandering Fumarole or Spirebluff Canal but they aren't in my budget at the moment sadly.

Thank you for the suggestion!

WeWhoSaidWhat on Purple Drank

2 days ago

Crackdown Construct pairs well with Alchemist and you could throw in some Wandering Fumarole

Freezingfist on Controlled Bursts

2 days ago

Interesting idea, xxblmxx

First, some typical deck building questions/advice:

Are you just building from what you have? Are you trying to stick to a budget? Suggestions vary on how much you want to invest.

I'd try to shave it down to 60 cards. Unless you play a lot of mill decks in your playgroup, having over 60 makes you less likely to get what you need, when you need it.

In conjunction with that, I'd play playsets (4) of anything you want to make SURE you want in every game, and shave down a lot of the 1 and 2 ofs. Helps make the deck less 'random' and you can see where the strengths/weaknesses are and adjust.

Your mana curve looks decent. If you go down to 60 cards, I'd still want at least 21 lands, so I won't suggest removing any of those.

It's also where I'd suggest starting to 'invest'. Upgrading land is basically the best thing you can do to make a deck more consistent. Wandering Fumarole and Spirebluff Canal.

Other suggestions are Select for Inspection in control (Disallow once Aether Revolt is standard) and a playset of Galvanic Bombardment would probably fit well.

Just quick ideas. If you have a card or combo you'd like to build around, this community is great for that. Regardless, hope some of this helps.

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