Nature's Lore


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters (VMA) Common
Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana (DDD) Common
Masters Edition (MED) Common
Starter 1999 (S99) Common
Portal Second Age (P02) Common
Portal (POR) Common
Fifth Edition (5ED) Common
Ice Age (ICE) Uncommon

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Nature's Lore


Search your library for a Forest card and put that card onto the battlefield. Then shuffle your library.

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Nature's Lore Discussion

hkhssweiss on Mirri, Dishonorable Duelist

10 hours ago

Hey Abzkaban!

Okay took a look over the list and I see the main point on how you want to build Mirri. Here might be some cards that would go along with theme as well as be able to have to play her as fun. The cards I listed below are all under $5 max hopefully unless price jumps. I'm not too sure how much is reasonable budget but I won't list anything higher than $5 so far, but let me know if you do want to know what other cards that are a bit higher than that budget.

I know you said your wife likes artifacts and enjoys that theme, but have you thought about going a bit more enchantment based? I found that for Cat tribal-ish, enchantments had a lot more impact and able to give a lot more than running just equipments as they don't cast as much and is much more easier on the mana intensity for budget wise. I used to play Arahbo and it definitely gave a lot more edge. Or at least a hybrid enchantment/artifact. Let me know what you think :P

SynergyBuild on Aminatou/Tezzeret Combo?

2 days ago

It is a one-card wincon all fetchable in Tezzeret, given Aminatou is the commander. 3 other cards in deck. I actually found the combo mid-game, already running the pieces by accident xD.

Rings is good because of Aminatou the command zone, and all of the fetchlands I run commonly lets it give me 'free' Nature's Lores. I also run other walkers, so it helps out a lot.

Top is just for value, I don't play miracles at all, so it is just like a top in any old random deck, and Basalt Monolith is to untap with Aminatou under Stasis effects. High value IMO.

eliakimras on An Evening in with the Kings

2 days ago

It is a really great Enchantress build. Some suggestions: Copy Enchantment gives more utility. Leyline of Anticipation lets you play reactively. Burgeoning should be included, because it lets you put all lands you draw with Mesa Enchantress and friends on the battlefield - and you draw a lot in this deck. Duelist's Heritage is a great political card, since you can give double strike to your opponents' creatures to take someone out. Aura Thief+High Market combo nicely with Enchanted Evening. You may also try Solemnity. It comboes with Phyrexian Unlife (you can't die since you can't have poison counters), Lost Auramancers (that can be immediately killed with High Market to bring Decree of Silence so no one but you can play Magic), Glen Elendra Archmage (counter all noncreature spells your opponents cast), Glacial Chasm (never be attacked again), Mystic Remora (free draws throughout the game). Collective Restraint is another Propaganda effect that comboes with Shock Lands and Prismatic Omen. // Have you tried Tuvasa the Sunlit as the commander and Mind's Dilation instead of Sunbird's Invocation? Tuvasa is a enchantress and finisher on the command zone that can be recast at least 2 times before being expensive. Also, a 3-color mana base is way smoother than a 4-color one. You can even run less taplands to chain a turn 1 Wild Growth or Utopia Sprawl or Birds of Paradise or Burgeoning into a turn 2 Tuvasa the Sunlit. // If you want to stick to Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis, you can put Tuvasa the Sunlit in the 99. Fertile Ground can help you reach K&T on turn 3 (land enchantments are better than land ramp in this deck, since they can draw you cards with an enchantress even in late game). Nature's Lore also can guarantee K&T on turn 3. You might also consider Selesnya Sanctuary, Azorius Chancery and Simic Growth Chamber - K&T can put them on the battlefield at end of your turn, so you don't lose tempo. Blasphemous Act is a great boardwipe on Red. Assemble the Legion and Sacred Mesa create more tokens. Purphoros, God of the Forge, Kruphix, God of Horizons and Keranos, God of Storms are also solid.

RxPhantom on Her Royal Fluffness

4 days ago

My Goreclaw deck has become one of my favorites. Swinging with fatties is such a simple, yet fulfilling joy. I have a few questions and suggestions.

  1. I also want to know if Caller of the Pack works out. Seems pretty killer!
  2. I've been on the fence about Bow of Nylea. Any thoughts on that one?
  3. Same with Shamanic Revelation. How often does it draw you a ton?
  1. Ramp via land tutors. Nissa's Pilgrimage is great for mono-green, is strictly better than Cultivate, but I'd still run both with Kodama's Reach and Nature's Lore.
  2. Reliquary Tower. My deck has a whole plan for getting this out so I can draw cards with impunity and keep deploying threats.
  3. Flying hate/Reach. Whiptongue Hydra, Arbor Colossus, and Ulvenwald Hydra have proven to be very valuable for me, and the last one helps with #2.
  4. Someone else suggested Woodland Bellower, which has been great for me too. I run a package of Eternal Witness, Reclamation Sage, and Mwonvuli Beast Tracker.

That's all for now; I think I've thrown enough at you. I could probably discuss Goreclaw shenanigans all day.

WhichKing on Thantis Puppet

4 days ago

So far you have barely any ramp. I would cut five lands to add assorted ramp like Rampant Growth, Farseek, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Nature's Lore, Fellwar Stone.

JoosetheMuice on Najeela and the Bee

6 days ago

I second all of Patrickd117's suggestions, I like the idea of focusing on less than 5 colors. I still think your land base needs work. Add add one more basic Island and basic Swamp. Unclaimed Territory is surprisingly less useful here since it doesn't activate Najeela and only need 3 colors to cast your creatures and the colorless really doesn't help. To make Farseek and Nature's Lore really worth it I think you should also add Temple Garden Breeding Pool and Overgrown Tomb. They are all getting reprints so will drop a bit. City of Brass is another card you can get for $5-6 if you look around. The red, white, and green vivids would also be nice adds. A Tempt with Discovery would be great too, as it could let you get any land the turn before you need to activate Najeela and it also has that chance to just win you the game.

multimedia on atraxa

6 days ago

Hey, good start, nice Doubling Season :)

To begin to make upgrades I suggest first focusing on the manabase. When playing a four color Commander you want to consider more dual lands because mana fixing from lands is very important to have the right colors when you want them. Lots of Basic lands in this case is not the direction to go with the manabase. You still want some Basic lands for cards like Cultivate, Kodama's Reach and Battle lands, but dual lands should be priority. There's several budget duals in Atraxa's colors.

Budget lands to consider adding:

These are Rainbow dual lands. Called Rainbow because they can make one mana of any color. Command Tower is one of the best lands in Commander for any Commanders who are more than one color and Tower is budget. Exotic Orchard is not as good as Tower, but when playing four colors it's pretty unlikely that you'll be in a game where this land doesn't make a color of mana you want. Opal Palace is a good land with Atraxa because it can make any one color of mana while also giving Atraxa a +1/+1 counter which is great with her proliferate.

If you're going to play lands that ETB (enter the battlefield) tapped then the Tri lands are your best budget option because they give you one of three choices of colors which is good for mana fixing.

The Pain lands are good budget dual lands because they always ETB untapped and can make either colorless mana or colored mana. You don't have worry about the one life loss to make colored mana in Commander especially since Atraxa has lifelink.

These dual lands are one or two different land types that's good for land ramp spells Farseek and Nature's Lore. Two of the best land ramp spells in Commander because they can tutor for and put a dual land directly into play. Ramp that lets you put a dual land into play is very good when playing four colors. The Battle lands (Vista, Hollow and Stream) are two different land types, for instance Canopy Vista is a Forest and a Plains. This means Farseek can tutor for it because it's a Plains and Lore can tutor for it because it's a Forest.

These are Rainbow mana rocks. Lantern is a good artifact to play when playing four colors because it really helps with mana fixing since any land you control can make any color of mana. It's also ramp since it can tap to make one mana of any color. Fellwar is a two drop and like Exotic Orchard it cares about what colors of lands your opponents have, but this is fine since you're playing four colors, it will be pretty rare that you can't make a color of mana you need with this rock.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Atraxa Upgrade

1 week ago

Hey, really good first budget Commander deck. Atraxa is quite likely the most popular, most played, casual Commander in the entire format. There's thousands of different examples of decks using her as Commander. If inspiration is what you're looking for then you picked a Commander who has access to tons of it. She will wreck casual games of Commander, but the +1/+1 counter theme is however among the least powerful themes to play with Atraxa. If you're looking for higher level of casual play with Atraxa then I suggest a theme of Planeswalkers (Superfriends).

Budget cards to consider adding:

Farseek and Lore are two drop land ramp spells that are among the best in Commander because they can tutor for and put a dual land directly into play. Being able to tutor for and land ramp with dual lands gives you a lot more mana fixing than being able to only get Basic lands. More mana fixing is helpful with Atraxa's difficult four color casting cost. Both can currently with this manabase get one of 3 different dual lands, that's good. Later on when you get more Shock lands this makes Farseek and Lore even better.

There's several other cards here that could be upgraded, but my advice is save your funds to continue to get Shock lands. Jan. 25, 2019 Breeding Pool, Hallowed Fountain and Godless Shrine are being reprinted and will be in the Standard. When this happens the price of these duals will drop, especially Breeding Pool.

Good luck with your deck.

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