Appeal / Authority


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Uncommon

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Appeal / Authority


Until end of turn, target creature gains trample and get +X/+X, where X is the number of creatures you control

Aftermath - Tap up to two target creatures your opponents control. Creatures you control gains vigilance until end of turn.

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Appeal / Authority Discussion

SynergyBuild on Kitty!!!

2 weeks ago

I believe the rules of these are 60 dollars mainboard, with 10 dollars sideboard?

Same as What a HORRORble Night to Have a Curse

and Spooky Ghosts (Budget tribal tournament)

and Disciples of Ojutai

Anyway, I want to help build this deck up, since it is only ~50$ and has no sideboard!

Cats are a very good "zoo" tribe. They can be very aggresive and kill the opponent before they have a chance to respond. From the most aggresive one drops such as Loam Lion, Savannah Lions, and Wild Nacatl, to landfall creatures like Steppe Lynx and Scythe Leopard (Think triggering landfall twice with Evolving Wilds) you could easily build a very powerful budget deck.

Fleecemane Lion is a great two drop, and later if you get him Monstrous, he can be a killer on the field. Longtusk Cub is another good threat mid game, and Pride Sovereign as a finishing blow.

Cards like Adorned Pouncer which you have in the deck are only really good when used with buffs like Prepare / Fight or Appeal / Authority and Cats just is not the tribe for them.

Regal Caracal is a great card, and it looks that way, but at five mana, it is a bit two slow for this deck. I will build a quick decklist below to show you how to build Cats in a more aggressive way:


4x Steppe Lynx

4x Wild Nacatl

4x Scythe Leopard

4x Savannah Lions

4x Loam Lion

4x Longtusk Cub

4x Pride Sovereign

4x Prowling Serpopard

2x Regal Caracal

4x Oust

4x Evolving Wilds

2x Terramorphic Expanse

8x Plains

7x Forest

1x Mountain


3x Watchers of the Dead - Against Control

2x Qasali Pridemage - To get rid of enchantments/artifacts

4x Fragmentize - To get rid of even more enchantments/artifacts

3x Prey Upon - Removal for creatures

3x Heroic Intervention - Against Board wipes

Darsul on Senior Death-Stomp(y)

2 weeks ago


What happens to your deck when w/out Rhonas's Monument as is? Does white fix your tempo/synergy concerns? In my vision of Rhonas monument deck ( Mono green ) I lean on Ramunap Hydra and Majestic Myriarch the monument is just bonus. Don't get me wrong, you can splash/add white just, it feels forced right now. I mean you have Driven / Despair(i get it, for the the card draw but, still) no way to cast despair, Rhonas's Monument only 1/2 benfits white creatures yet, I see no Appeal / Authority or Prepare / Fight even Pride Sovereign that need G/W to take full advantage of the card also, when I look at your cards Dusk / Dawn looks like it would be great. White is also, know for flash yet I seen no flash creatures. The statics quo if you will when G/W are together the deck plan is is to go wide, your deck feels like it wants to go wide and is sounds like you what it to go tall. Hope I've help GL HF

shrakner on Naya Myriarch

2 weeks ago


I do like Angel of Invention, but I don't have one available right now- I do admit I completely forgot about Fabricate, which works amazingly well with both Myriach and Oketra the True. Adding it to the Acquire board for future deck revisions.

I think I'll drop Torch Gauntlet down to 2x to free up a slot for the one Kinjalli's Sunwing I have. I do like the card, in theory, for giving extra damage on hard-to-block / double strike creatures, plus bumping a couple smaller creatures up enough to activate Rhonas. Onward / Victory or Appeal / Authority could play a similar role, but then they're not permanents.

I have 2x Glorybringer that would be useful for semi-removal + it's just a damn good card, but I'm already topheavy at 5 CMC. Ditto on Carnage Tyrant.

Rwhr2d2 on Hour of Cat-astrophe

3 weeks ago

I think Caracal is really important to the deck, being one of few lords. I think going down one each of Resilient Khenra and Appeal / Authority to add two Oketras would probably be the best option.
Appeal because it is not something good to topdeck after a board wipe, whereas an Oketra would be decent since you can just dump mana into her to refill your board and Khenra since it is the only other non-cat in the deck, so this should keep the deck synergistic.

Shyvana_ on Hour of Cat-astrophe

3 weeks ago

I'll try out Crook of Condemnation because I know my LGS has like 20 in stock because I was the one who organized all their artifacts out. I thought the same about the monument when I was placing the order for all the cards. Just not enough white, and it replaces the draw. Where do you think Oketra the True would fit? But first, she can survive every board wipe in Standard. Except for Settle the Wreckage, unfortunately. When I thought about placements for her, I thought replacing a Regal Caracal and one of the Appeal / Authority. You seem like you've been playing for a while, so, I really want to hear your opinion as well Rwhr2d2!

Shyvana_ on Hour of Cat-astrophe

4 weeks ago

Thank you so much for your feedback, Rwhr2d2!! I'll respond to your well-done response in a point format as well. I'll say something here so I don't have to say it 17 times in the response to the response. I won't be able to change anything by the time the tourney comes, I've spent all my money on the most recent update on this deck and on a lot of gifts.

  1. First of all, I generally don't like having just one copy of a card in a deck, it makes me feel as if it's super inconsistent. (I'll merge this point with #7 because it's fitting) I did used to have Blossoming Defense in the deck, 2 Heroic Interventions, and 2 Defenses. But, I was more fearful of a fumigate or planning a blockade and then giving everything indestructible, and I realize it's rather foolish now

  2. I really do like Solemnity, even if it's not wise, I'm going to keep them in there. I have had too many situations where energy has messed me up. Mainly, Harnessed Lightning and the Bristling Hydras.

  3. When I made edits to this deck and messed with the sideboard, I was mostly worried about The Scarab God decks, Approach of the Second Sun decks, and God-Pharaoh's Gift decks in the reverse order. I've been trying to find a counter to the last deck because I know someone's going to be playing it at the tournament, and I see Authority of the Consuls is a perfect way to deal with the things that come bumping around. As for the Aethersphere Harvester, it's like the perfect card for any deck, it's stupid good. But, I just can't see myself running it, unless you can convince me otherwise.

  4. I really prefer Sentinel Totem over the Scavenger Grounds because I don't like being teased with the colorless mana land, and then having to pay 2 to use the ability. As for Sentinel Totem, I get to scry 1 for a 1 drop, then I just have to tap it and exile everything. As for the other deserts, I don't like getting rid of lands and I understand I sound very childish.

  5. You make a good point, I really put 4 Gideon's Intervention in there because I could use it on other stuff like Fumigate or Settle the Wreckage. But, yeah, I can skim that down to 3 or 2.

  6. I also did used to have Vanquisher's Banner in the deck, but, for me, getting the Lifecrafter's Bestiary early on can really spike up the midgame before it happens as to when it's happening. Then, on the case of adding another, I don't know what to take out.

  7. I won't remove Resilient Khenra just for the sake there's a combo in this deck that I love pulling off. On turn 1, summon Sacred Cat, on turn 2, summon Metallic Mimic and choose cat, on turn 3 summon Adorned Pouncer, it becomes a 2/2, then on turn 4, summon Resilient Khenra, proc Adorned Pouncer, Appeal / Authority on Pouncer, then swing all out for 21, 16 of which has trample.

Again, I really thank you for your feedback, and I have a question for you. What do you say about Oketra the True in this deck, with Oketra's Monument? I think that could be super good and fun to play with. What do you think about it?

Rwhr2d2 on Hour of Cat-astrophe

4 weeks ago

This looks like a pretty good version of the cat deck, haven't seen Appeal / Authority in it before.

  1. You might want to move two or three of the Heroic Interventions into the sideboard, as when playing against Ramunap or Energy there usually isn't that many wraths.

  2. Take the 3x Solemnity out of the sideboard. While it seems like a good sideboard card at first, plenty of Energy's cards still do stuff without energy itself and taking turn 3 off to cast an enchantment that doesn't affect the board is not optimal.

  3. Thin the sideboard number of cards out - I've found that this deck doesn't have the greatest matchup against Ramunap without drawing several Sacred Cats. Possibly add in some Aethersphere Harvesters or Authority of the Consuls to improve the matchup

  4. Instead of having Sentinel Totem in the sideboard, you could try Scavenger Grounds as part of the manabase, as a two or three of. Possibly adding a few of Shefet Dunes and/or Hashep Oasis would help with that.

  5. Gideon's Intervention is good against Approach decks, but four of them might be a bit much since they aren't going to start being able to approach until at least turn 7.

  6. Add some more card draw, in the form of another Lifecrafter's Bestiary or one or two Vanquisher's Banner

  7. Blossoming Defense is good. Blank a removal or get in for the last 2 damage. you don't need 4 of them, but some would be good.

  8. If you want to go all-in on cat tribal, take out the noncat of Resilient Khenra.

djnewellmit on can i barrow some tokens?[G/W tokens

4 weeks ago

I'm not recommending cutting Angel of Invention if you have them, just a suggestion for other players who may not want to spend the $$. A playset of the Angel is currently around $40 versus 4x Cultivators for $1 (plus there is a cool promo version of the elf). For comparison, Cultivator of Blades is a token generator just as much as the Angel, whereas the Angel gives you more flexibility with all its keyword abilities.

But meow imagine a board full of little kitties and tokens, then cast Appeal / Authority on the Cultivator, and swing in with a board of suddenly monstrous beasts.

Driven / Despair can also be useful with the tokens to get through chump blockers, even disregarding the black back-half.

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