Appeal / Authority


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation Uncommon

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Appeal / Authority


Until end of turn, target creature gains trample and get +X/+X, where X is the number of creatures you control

Aftermath - Tap up to two target creatures your opponents control. Creatures you control gains vigilance until end of turn.

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Appeal / Authority Discussion

MonsterHatchGames on Turn Two Tokens

1 week ago

I see a lot of upgrade potential in the T2 goblin deck that I simply can't understand why they aren't included:

-Haze of Rage OBVIOUS choice here (1R Creatures you control get +1/0, Storm) with the spells and generated mana, easily replacing Insult / Injury at least.

-Signal Pest not being included is somewhat understandable, but with Kuldotha Rebirth and this kinda of game plan, it's worth serious consideration.

-Since they are all goblins and the mana is sitting at basics at the moment, splash in red/green duals (fast, shocks, fetches) to have access to Echoing Courage. Seriously, that card would be bonkers in this deck! :)

-If you go the route of green you'll also have access to Appeal / Authority, where you can give trample and huge buff (preferably on Titan) to get the damage through, and for only G.

-And, obviously, you can slow the deck down just a bit so it can be ready for sudden big swings off Atarka's Command.

Oloro_Magic on Naya Exert

2 weeks ago

If you are only playing green for Heroic Intervention you may as well cut green altogether as splashing is generally something you do in limited not standard, that said there are some other pretty good green cards you could consider: Rhonas's Stalwart (in a world of Monument decks he can be pretty good), Appeal / Authority (a cheap buff that also frees up some ataacks), Blossoming Defense (Heroic Intervention's cousin), and Bitterblade Warrior (deathtouch is always good). Of course these are only a few examples but if you only play green for one card you may as well cut it seeing how Selfless Spirit serves the same purpose, adding the third colour right now is only spreading thin the manabase.

DanteBeleren on Rhys the Token-Spammer

2 weeks ago

I like a lot of what you're doing here... but since you've committed to using Craterhoof, why no Avenger of Zendikar? I understand a lot of people don't like seeing them together, but with what you've got going on I feel Avenger would be a better fit than Craterhoof, which to me is mostly a win more.

Other odd ones to me are the Autochthon Wurm and Seraph of the Masses. The convoke will probably make them easy to cast, but if you have the board state to do that, what's the one more creature gonna do for you? Instead, why not use Thunderfoot Baloth and/or Angelic Skirmisher which help all your creatures massively?

Some other fun cards you might enjoy are Hour of Reckoning, Holy Day (cause I mean... you already have fog lol), Brave the Elements is decent against those pesky Blasphemous Acts, Appeal / Authority is a newer card with some great potential for minimum mana, Gideon's Phalanx more tokens and protection (although the cmc is a deterrence...), and Overwhelming Stampede is an improved overrun (Overrun might be better here, but... ~shrug~).

For an easy to read version check the tabs below:

As I'll tell everyone though, these are just my opinions, if you feel they are invalid or really (dis)like a certain card by all means ignore what I said. Overall it looks very good and fun to play and I hope you're enjoying it. Regardless if you like any of my suggestions, +1 from me!

N4kk1 on Selesnya Standard

2 weeks ago

It can be really seen that this is your first deck, but really not bad for one.

Yes absolutely take out Fan Bearers card just isn't good enough.

Kujar Seedsculptor Just isn't good enough too, there are just so much better cards.

Appeal / Authority Is too situational in my opinion, of course when you are ahead it can be amazing, but when you are with empty board against control it is dead card rest of the game probably.

Then what to get in when you take out so many cards...

Renegade Rallier Is solid card if you have good ways to get revolt, so more of them.

Last Bristling Hydra would be nice.

Longtusk Cub Is very strong card but then you should take out other 2 drops which means some of your mana dorks.

I don't really see need to mana dorks anyway in this deck, you don't play anything very big to ramp on.

Then you want more removal, you have only 3 Cast Outs. Skywhaler's Shot Would be pretty nice addition to this deck in my opinion.

But first, get good manabase it is just so important to get right mana

And d*mn 24 lands is way too much when you play only one 5 drop in your whole deck, i would play like 20 lands maybe 21 maximum.

And get those Attune with Aethers out of the sideboard :D

Sorry if i sound too judging my english isn't too great, i don't try to be mean.

shrakner on Silverfur Zada

3 weeks ago

Oh man, Appeal / Authority with this is just beautiful.

Entomo on Lifecrafter's Bestiary and Dusk to Dawn

3 weeks ago

Appeal / Authority and Loam Dryad seems like they could help out.

Blo on

3 weeks ago

Great, nice pick ups :)

So, first of all. There will be a lot of rotation when Ixalan comes out. That will be at the end of September. I will however, suggest some picks from the sets that will rotate out, to try and add some alternate wins in the deck. Keep that in mind with any suggestions NOT from Kaladesh/Aether Revolt/Amonkhet or Hour of Devastation.

Starting with one of those: Felidar Sovereign is really cheap and will fix stalled boards for you if you run into those matchups. As long as you can keep it alive for a turn, you'll most likely win with all the life you gain. I would add 1 or 2 copies. You could possibly replace it with Aetherflux Reservoir but I like it less.

Vizier of the Menagerie is quite a good card. It's a bit more expensive, but will fuel the deck somewhat. If I would play it, I'd play 2 copies as well. Metallic Mimic is a great card, and you should try getting more. Try to pick up 4 copies of Blossoming Defense. It will save you from spot removal, and can be played offensively or as a combat trick. Works great in this deck.
On a similar note Heroic Intervention is great as well, and works against board wipes as well. It's slightly more expensive in both money and mana, but I'd consider running a few.

Cast Out is a great removal spell and hits everything at instant speed. Even in matchups where it doesn't always have a target, you can cycle it to draw another card. Try to get 4 as well. (although you might want to sideboard 2 and maindeck 2 or something like that)
Declaration in Stone is a great card, but will rotate, so don't spend money on it probably.Lifecrafter's Bestiary might be worth picking up, you will be able to filter cards you wont need due to scry and get to draw cards a bit. Not sure how I feel about this card in this deck though.

Attune with Aether works as mana fixing and counts as a one drop :p. The energy synergizes with both the aether hub land and with your Longtusk Cub which can deal damage as a 3/3 thanks to it. Worth trying out 4 copies.

Scattered Groves is the only dual land when the set rotates, so definitely try picking 4 of them.
Canopy Vista and Fortified Village are quite cheap, so these might be worth it for the 2 months they're legal, although I would pick up 4x aether hub before that.
Aether Hub is a quite expensive land, but works well in your deck, especially considering most dual lands rotate in September. Personally, I'd add these to optimize your manabase, which you want to do if you find you run into mana problems. However, you have very few dual casting costs, so you should be fine.

Always Watching is a cool card but will rotate soon, so it might not be worth picking up.Oath of Ajani is a similar card, and might be worth picking up, as it helps your cats grow, but is only fully used in a deck with some planeswalkers. It will however, still buff all your cats, tokens included, and might be worth it anyways. I'd add 2 or 3, but not a whole playset.

I would probably add another copy of Oketra's Monument since it's great. Watchers of the Dead is a fine card, however, you probably only want it against decks that use their graveyard, and as such I'd put them in the sideboard. The same is true for Forsake the Worldly.

I'm on the fence about Prepare / Fight It could be playable, and gives you some buff and removal, but I might cut it since there are better options, such as Ambuscade for the removal part and Appeal / Authority works better as a finisher for just 1 mana more.

Shefet Dunes is also a card you could consider using since it uses a land slot and can finish games at times.

Ares111123 on Rhonas's Final Battle

4 weeks ago


Love the westvale suggestion, i dont know how as i have a playset sitting next to me right now but it slipped my mind.

Stinging Shot i actually have a playset of with the deck in the sideboard just didnt post it until now. Same for Prowling Serpopard and Liliana's Defeat.

Crocodile of the Crossing just barely didnt make the cut when i was looking at the cards as i favored Appeal / Authority more and didnt like the 4 cmc. I will add it tho and see how it plays.(Side note: I haven't actually played this deck yet as i throw them up her to get suggestions and then build them IRL so i chose aggro hub as it looked aggroy)

The Scorpion God i packed 2 of pre-release weekend and had wanted to build this deck ever since they spoiled Ammit Eternal and i saw what it does with Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons + Rhonas the Indomitable backing it up, so after reading it and playing with it i have to give it a try. (also kinda funny having rhonas and the scorpion god in the same deck as scorp took a cheap shot on rhonas to kill him)

No to Torment of Venom, it was one of the 1st cards i cut as theres much better removal in standard right now even after the bonuses it could give for the -1/-1 counters.

Seriously considering adding another Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons just dont know right now what to drop to 3 of.

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