Leafkin Druid


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Arena Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2020 (M20) Common

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Leafkin Druid

Creature — Elemental Druid

: Gain . If you control four or more creatures, gain instead.

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Leafkin Druid Discussion

ScionsStillLive on FAIR MAGIC

5 days ago

How about Leafkin Druid ?

multimedia on Elemental Destruction

3 weeks ago

Welcome to TappedOut :)

Nice start for a budget deck, but it needs more focus on Elementals. You're best cards here are not green they're red Chandra, Awakened Inferno and Cavalier of Flame . The problem is you've made a primary green deck and plugged your two best red cards into it which doesn't work. Both Chandra and especially Cavalier need lots of red in the manabase to support them, to cast them and you don't have this here.

A playable manabase is the hardest part of a deck to get right with such a low budget for this reason consider only one color? Either mono green or mono red? A mono colored deck only has to use one type of basic land therefore don't have to worry about playing dual lands for the second color. Since your two best cards here are red then consider mono red?

Obviously mono red will be a different deck than you have here and would require adding lots of budget red cards. Mono green wouldn't, but mono green wouldn't let you play Chandra or Cavalier. My advice is go with mono red since there's several good budget (less than $1 each) red Elementals in Modern to choose from: Smokebraider , Incandescent Soulstoke , Obsidian Fireheart .

For your current Gruul deck, if you don't like the idea of playing only one color, but wanting to keep two colors then focus on improving the manabase with more red sources. Add 4x Evolving Wilds , 2x Terramorphic Expanse , 1x more Gruul Guildgate or upgrade Guildgate to 4x Temple of Abandon ? The scry 1 is helpful when you play a dual land that ETB (enters the battlefield) tapped. Add Unclaimed Territory especially if you add more red Elementals since it can be make any color of mana to cast an Elemental.

Consider expanding on the Elemental strategy and less +1/+1 counters strategy? Consider building around the idea of ramp with Leafkin Druid and Smokebraider ? Grove Rumbler is a budget Elemental to considering ramping into. Rumbler is a creature to put counters on because it has trample and it gets a pump of power each time you play a land, +4/+4 until end of turn when you play and sac Evolving Wilds /Expanse in the same turn.

Smokebraider is the most powerful ramp creature for Elementals; it's budget and is an upgrade for Chandra's Embercat if using two colors. Incandescent Soulstoke is a budget anthem for Elementals and can cheat one onto the battlefield which has interaction with my next suggestion. Soul of the Harvest is a budget Elemental to ramp into and an upgrade for Vorstclaw and Wakeroot Elemental . A 6/6 with trample for six mana and it's ability to draw you a card whenever a nontoken creature you control ETB is good.

Cheat Soul onto the battlefield with Soulstoke for two mana; attack with a 7/7 Elemental with haste/trample. Not having to pay the six mana to cast Soul gives other mana to use to cast creatures to draw for the turn which is good with Smokebraider and Leafkin. The two mana that Smokebraider can make to cast an Elemental is good to ramp into Soul as well as can pay for Soulstroke or Cavalier of Flame 's activated abilities.

Example of budget ramp Gruul Elementals base (keeping several cards you already have):

The Elemental core of this example is:

  • 4x Leafkin
  • 4x Smokebraider
  • 4x Soulstoke
  • 4x Rumbler
  • 4x Soul

Leafkin and Smokebraider are the ramp. Rumber and Soul are the creatures to ramp into.

Manabase for this example:

This example would add $10 to your current deck cost of $35. I offer more advice. Good luck with your deck.

shane-e-ak on Elemental tribal

1 month ago

Chasmolinker - I love me some Raging Ravine, I may have to tinker with it. I am strictly trying to keep the deck to elemental's, it kills me that I cant include Lotus Cobra due to the fact that it is not an elemental, it would be fantastic. See below comment regarding CoCo.

Willisface - 4X Generator Servant , 4X Smokebraider and 2x Leafkin Druid equate to 10 "mana dorks". In play testing I can almost always cast Ragey Omnath on turn 5. As far as CoCo, I have 29 creatures, 22 of which are under 3 CMC, 22 is generally considered the minimum number of creatures, giving your CoCo's a 5% chance of whiffing, a 21% probability of hitting one creature, and a 74% probability of hitting two creatures, 12 of which are mana dorks. I have experminted with Thunderkin Awakener but feel like the 2/1 flying body and triggered card draw of Cloudkin Seer is a better payoff and get's me to my additional copies if need's be.

Thank you for the feedback.

Zooby9 on Temur Elemental Aggro

1 month ago

mlakics - I had used Leafkin Druid originally but I found Runaway Steam-Kin to be better. Druid does dodge a good amount of removal, however it is limited to a max of adding two mana and you have to choose between using it for attacking or for mana. Steam-kin can add a lot more mana depending on your hand and is able to both attack and add mana. Druid will more consistently add mana, but I personally think the upside of Steam-kin is more beneficial.

With my land base I most of the time am not going to have lands that entered tapped and I'm not playing any of the temples. The shock lands I will have to pay life for and the check lands I will have to make sure that I have some shocks or basics, but I haven't found that to be an issue at all. Additionally, with Risen Reef the lands always come in tapped, so I don't need to worry about paying life or having the land type when ramping that way.

As of right now I am trying to win as fast as possible, so I have not added any non-elemental spells other than Chandra, Acolyte of Flame and I am currently using Omnath, Locus of the Roil as my spot removal. There are some games that I do find that I could use some more, so if I do end up including some Domri's Ambush seems like a great suggestion. I also have thought about adding Rhythm of the Wild , but I'm finding that having a larger mass of elemental spells is more important for synergy, but it could find a place in eventually.

Thank you for the suggestions, I appreciate it!

mlakics on Temur Elemental Aggro

1 month ago

I found your deck as I was trying to fine-tune my own MTG Arena Elemental deck. I would like to suggest Leafkin Druid rather than Runaway Steam-Kin , as the druid is: 1) A decent Mana producer, 2) 0/3 which survives a lot of the basic mono red damage, & 3) An elemental! Another point for consideration is that having so many tap-lands will slow down your ramp-up. Also possibly some spot removal spells? Domri's Ambush would fit R/G really well. Lastly, I enjoy tempo manipulation with Rhythm of the Wild . Happy hunting!

Zane102 on Cards for Blue/Green Elemental

1 month ago

Heya! I'm somewhat a decent player at modern and wanna make another deck! It'll be a ramp deck with elementals. I already have cards planned but need ideas for removals and such. I think some of these cards will work out. Hopefully! Let me know what you guys think! Overgrowth Elemental Yarok's Wavecrasher Boreal Elemental x3 Silverback Shaman x2 Cloudkin Seer Healer of the Glade x3 (want 4) Leafkin Druid X3 Risen Reef X3 (want 4) Thicket Crasher Bioessence Hydra Master Biomancer Vorel of the Hull Clade For lands I have Temple of Mystery (want 4) Thornwood Falls (want 4) Let me know suggestions please~

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