Dimir Charm

Dimir Charm


Choose one Counter target sorcery spell; or destroy target creature with power 2 or less; or look at the top three cards of target player's library, then put one back and the rest into that player's graveyard.

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Dimir Charm Discussion

klone13 on Crucible of Hate

2 days ago

I highly suggest Dimir Charm. I have a sultai control list and it is by far one of the best cards in the deck.

bjamman on 2015-03-20 update of $2000 well ...

1 week ago

@FuneralofGodI agree that Wolfir Avenger is not great. I put him in to have another decent creature at 3 cmc, but I think cutting him is a good decision at this point.

I think an extra Grizzly Bear body on Plaxmanta is more useful than the other modes of Simic Charm, but it's certainly worth testing.

I'm not a huge fan pf Dimir Charm; it seems too limited.

@MooerI think I'm going to cut 2 Wolfir Avenger and 1 land for 3 Vapor Snag. Going down to 21 land seems right since I'm cutting the wolf. I think 20 lands is too low, but with Bobs it could work.

ecmmyers on Lazav, always changing

2 weeks ago

Hey there!

I saw your post on reddit, and I thought I'd advise you before you pull the trigger on this deck. I also run a Lazav 'mill for value' deck, and it is a lot of fun.

What I'd like to know is - What competitiveness do you want this to be? What's your budget? What's your meta like?, etc

If I were you, I'd try and include as many colored sources of mana as possible and limit colorless rocks. Gilded Lotus, Chromatic Lantern andArmillary Sphere are more useful for you if you want to cast those color intensive creatures. Even though it's colorless Rogue's Passage is a great utility land.

As long as you have Ulamog, I think you can relax a bit on the anti self-mill effects. Replace the Cane with Altar of the Brood, because it has a nice interaction with the Alchemist, and it hits everyone.

I'd cut any of the single target mill spells either for more utility or repeatable/ mass mill spells. Stuff like Traumatize and Mind Funeral won't be all that useful to you. I'd opt for stuff like Dreamborn Muse, Phenax, God of Deception or Altar of Dementia (which is a good response to boardwipes)

Duskmantle Guildmage combos with the Mindcrank.

Undercity Informer is not good here, since you won't often have enough creatures worth saccing for 3-5 cards milled. You'll want more draw instead, like Rhystic Study or Erebos, God of the Dead, maybe a Thassa, God of the Sea for evasion/ draw filtering.

I'd rather have a Killing Wave than Fade away

Stubborn Denial could be Dimir Charm or Negate

I like Clever Impersonator over Copy Enchantment, Even Phyrexian Metamorph can copy your sword.

Phyrexian Reclamation over Misinformation

Jace, Memory Adept is the better Jace for this deck.

Some more hard hitters are Guiltfeeder and Lord of the Void

Rise of the Dark Realms can end a game if you mill enough, as can a kicked Rite of Replication on the right creature.

Hope this helps. I can give a bit more detail on some of my suggestions if you like, or if you want more specific pointers.

Have fun, +1, and happy milling!

flapjackwars on Delver on the Rocks

2 weeks ago

kids playing Dimir Charm in modern be like...

Serum Visions ? I think NOT!

ecmmyers on Dimir Doppelgangers (Suggestions Wanted)

3 weeks ago

Here's what I think. I can tell you what I've noticed running my Lazav Deck

First, your mana base - I think it's a too small. You want about 37-40 lands in a deck, especially with a curve average higher than 3. Add Tainted Isle, Dimir Guildgate, Command Tower, Evolving Wilds, Rogue's Passage.

Second, the main drawback of clone decks is lacking win conditions of your own. You are always one step behind, waiting to copy and they always have a blocker for you unless you pack removal or evasion.

Cut Dark Ritual, it doesn't help with very many creatures at all and it is an ephemeral boost. Change it to Armillary Sphere or Phyrexian Reclamation

Cryptoplasm could do better than Clone if you wanted to change it to another creature.

Swap Quicksilver Gargantuan for Jace, Memory Adept for more draw and mill triggers for Lazav.

I like Archfiend of Depravity over Bloodgift Demon.

Roil Elemental over Colossal Whale.

Change the Dictate to a Memory Erosion for more triggers for Lazav, and to boost targets for graveyard based clones.

Instead of Treachery, Corrupted Conscience can turn a creature into a wincon.

Cut Traumatize for more reliable mill. Stuff like Mind Grind or Mesmeric Orb, Keening Stone. Traumatize looks good at first but it has many flaws. It is expensive, sorcery speed, single use, single target, and perhaps the worst - it does exactly what it says on the card. It never works hard for you, never finishes its job. In the early game where you can;t afford it, id does it's best work, and gradually gets worse until a library has two cards in it, and it costs 5 to mill 1. I want something that can at least be used as a finisher.

I would add in a bit more protection for yourself, like Propaganda or Crawlspace

Dimir Charm is good utility. Lots of creatures at two power are kill-on-sight (Prophet of Kruphix, Rhys the Redeemed, Lab Maniac, early mana dorks, etc) plus late game Insurrections and Genesis Waves.

Hope this helps. +1!

CurtainSnatch on Defense Mill of doom

1 month ago

If you're going modern, you're going to want to mill fast. Like, super fast. And for that, you'll need efficient mill cards. Some you may consider are:

Also, there are some cards in your current deck with better, modern alternatives:

Other than that, there are a few other cards you may want to consider:Removal:



ecmmyers on Mill & Steal

1 month ago

Hey man, nice deck.

A few suggestions (based on my own Lazav deck Welcome to the Undercity)

Instead of the Vessel, add Chromatic Lantern for better fixing. Also, see Tainted Isle, Drowned Catacomb, Evolving Wilds, Dimir Guildgate and maybe Opal Palace ? I assume the Vessel was in for a Tunnel Vision combo, but I think the mana is more important.

Instead of Death's Approach, more dependable removal is Rapid Hybridization, Pongify, or Murder

Riddlekeeper is not bad, and he can be a mild rattlesnake, but I would prefer Jace's Archivist for a bit more draw and disruption.

Instead of Cryptoplasm, I like Clever Impersonator for the versatility and Mimic Vat for good ETB's.

Dispel only works on Instants, but Muddle the Mixture is also a tutor. Dimir Charm can kill a Prophet of Kruphix, counter a Genesis Wave, or trigger Lazav.

You might need a more late swingers, how about a Lord of the Void in place of Wonder?

Also, personally, I prefer Ghoulcaller Gisa over Geralf because multiple bodies are more effective blockers, and they are better at swarming. But, you loose that small mill.

Maybe also Extract from Darkness?

Hope this helps! Happy Milling!

GeneralTSoni on Sygg River Control (Tiny Leaders)

1 month ago

Dimir Charm, Disfigure, Ulcerate, Vendetta.

I'm just gonna put those there if you think they might be worth a look. Love the deck! (especially when you get the infinite combo in there)

Color(s) Black Blue
Cost UB
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 5.86
Avg. cube pick 3.2


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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