Dimir Charm

Dimir Charm


Choose one Counter target sorcery spell; or destroy target creature with power 2 or less; or look at the top three cards of target player's library, then put one back and the rest into that player's graveyard.
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Dimir Charm Discussion

Khanye on H: Exquisite Firecraft, Chandra, other ...

2 weeks ago

i do have a Dimir Charm that I will throw into the trade

Figag on H: Exquisite Firecraft, Chandra, other ...

2 weeks ago

Hmmmm. Well, I don't see why not. It is tipped in your favor though, do you have any Unsummon, Dimir Charm, Faithless Looting to even it out?

lagotripha on Nicol Bolas Control Deck

3 weeks ago

In other news Grixis Charm Izzet Charm Rakdos Charm Dimir Charm- versatile and powerful answer cards, especially in commander.

-Logician on The Shredder

1 month ago

Whoops you're not running Dimir Charm. (Was that someone else's deck I remember from before? Sorry about that.)

-Logician on The Shredder

1 month ago

If you're going to mill them, then mill them. Don't waste precious resources on Delver of Secrets  Flip, Desecration Demon, or Nightveil Specter. It's hard enough to mill someone out before they run you over. Those cards need to proactively progress your milling gameplan. Like Glimpse the Unthinkable.

If it doesn't mill them, and mill them good, then take it out for a control card, or a card that's going to not half-ass try to attack the opponent and instead do its job and mill the opponent.

Duskmantle Guildmage... four mana to mill two cards. No thanks.

You could mill your opponent in one swoop with a combo like Retraction Helix targeting Zephyr Scribe + Any 0-drop noncreature artifact like Tormod's Crypt + Altar of the Brood. Arguably, a combo shell that aims to protect and assemble its pieces is going to win more often and be harder to defeat than your current strategy. If that's not your playstyle, milling is going to be hard to do.

The best mill decks, in my opinion, have an extremely powerful control shell with plenty of draw power, removal, disruption, counterspells etc, and then small investment permanents that get the job done over time while continuing to control the game. The cards you would use to mill would be permanents like Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver, Nephalia Drownyard, and Sphinx's Tutelage. Also, playing Rest in Peace continues to strengthen your gameplan because it allows you to mill your opponent without fueling their graveyard and strengthening their Tarmogoyf, Deathrite Shaman, Snapcaster Mage, and any delve cards they might have like Tasigur, the Golden Fang.

If that doesn't strike your fancy, which after you said you don't like Cryptic Command, I can't imagine that it does, then there are other options. I feel like you enjoy knowing your opponent's hidden information. It's clear as I see you're running Dimir Charm and that you want to run Lantern of Insight. Knowing your opponent's hand and future draws can be really good for planning your plays, but it is certainly going to be hard to turn that into a win-condition with shuffling triggers. Even if you did, I wouldn't do that AND mill, AND try to be attacking with Delver. Delver can win, if you focus on being a delver deck. Milling can win if you focus on being a mill deck... Your deck needs some focus.

Iron_Cube on I Sygg what you did there (help wanted)

1 month ago

I also have a Sygg EDH. Cards that work well with him that are 3cmc or less include Undermine and maybe Chasm Skulker. But if you are going to mill a lot, Wight of Precinct Six is a good idea.

Also, I think Dimir Charm and Reality Shift should be useful, even in sideboard.

Exploiter on Modern Insanity

1 month ago

I like this list, but i think that Think Twice could be replaced with Divination. Also Blightning maybe should have a place. More mass removal is cool, I'm found of Mutilate. Golgari Charm is nice in the sideboard. Cloven Casting is AMAZING in the right deck. Goblin Electromancer and Ral Zerek is good. I'm found of Steam Augury and Memory Plunder. Thoughtseize is amazing, as well as Duskmantle Seer. Finally, Dimir Charm.

XxoHollowoxX on Paint the deck red...AKA Modern Painter

1 month ago

First off, just wanted to let you know the the 1st deck I ever played that was Standard legal was a Mono-Blue Mill Deck, so I'm feeling a little nostalgic. If you're going for a "Mill" kind of strategy then there are a few things to consider:

  1. The primary consideration is a way to deal with decks that you cannot "deck out" i.e. those decks that contain cards such as Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. This can be accomplished either through the inclusion cards such as Extirpate, as you have above, or through the inclusion of an alternate win condition .
  2. Speed/Consistency vs Interactivity/Resiliency - "Turbo Mill", as I sometimes like to call it, has a spectrum of variations ranging from those that play more like a Burn or Combo deck to those that play like a Control deck. Whichever direction that you decide to go will determine not only the method of play, but how various match-ups should be navigated and sideboarded accordingly.

With just these two primary considerations in mind here are a few recommendations:
  • Remove "low-impact" cards. While I've won a game or two ( maybe more =P ) off the back of a Tome Scour in Limited, there are higher impact cards available to be played.
  • Look for synergies. I actually like the card Memory Sluice when it is played in a deck that maximizes the ability to play it with the Conspire additional cost.
  • Build in resilience. Try and include cards that perform the two-fold function of preventing our opponent from doing what they want to do, while protecting our strategy. Cards like Inquisition of Kozilek and Duress fit into this category, as opposed to Blackmail and Horrifying Revelation, both of which are cards that I do like, however they don't do much for us here.

Cards to Consider:

  • Snapcaster Mage - Not the most economic of choices right now but one of the highest impact. Essentially getting to play 8 of your best mill spells is pretty awesome, it taps to Memory Sluice, and blocks for days at instant speed...you may even win some games on the back of some Tiago Chan beat down.
  • Hedron Crab - Blocks, costs only , and once again allows you to play the conspire cost of Memory Sluice.
  • Duskmantle Guildmage - Decent body with relevant abilities, namely his first ability which lets us turn our Glimpse the Unthinkables into = Take 10 to the face!
  • Mindshrieker - While the "mill 1" here is rather incidental, it's the evasion and ability to close out games outside of decking our opponent that make Mindshrieker a noteworthy candidate.
  • Jace's Phantasm - This "little" guy gets BIG quick, fast, and in a hurry in our deck and let's us either block, or more often than not, whack our opponents in the face with a card that would make Tarmogoyf jealous once it's ability is turned on.
  • Wight of Precinct Six - Another decent threat that has the ability to become huge. I prefer Jace's Phantasm over this guy due to the evasion and the ease of making him huge, but still a notable option depending on the number of slots allocated to creatures.
  • Nighthowler - Unlike Wight of Precinct Six, Nighthowler (or it's enchanted buddy) doesn't care where the creatures are, so long as they're in someone's graveyard. The ability to Bestow this guy on something is also just as sweet.
  • Mortivore - Cousin to Tarmogoyf, who once had his day back when Threshold was thriving in Odyssey Block. A decent card, whose ability to Regenerate is relevant, but I think that Nighthowler is probably just better. Still an obligatory mention nevertheless.
  • Avatar of Woe - NOW HERE IS A CARD WORTH TALKING ABOUT!!! To date I've yet to see a mill deck, minus my own personal brews, play this card but WHY NOT?!?! Exclamations aside, this card is great, can come out relatively early due to our ability to fill up our opponent's graveyard quickly, and can honestly just win games on its own. Oh, and yeah, that little bit of text at the top there, Fear, no biggie...insert reminder text here -> A creature with fear cant be blocked except by artifact creatures and/or black creatures.
  • Painter's Servant - See Sphinx's Tutelage.

  • Jace, Memory Adept - may seem a bit exspensive, but Jace's ability to either play cleanup by milling 10 or provide a single card win condition (4-5 activations after he hits will pretty much always do the trick) is nice.
  • Jace, Telepath Unbound  Flip - Shiny! New! Only time will trully tell how awesome this new Jace is that comes in a little creature package, but his abilities are all relevant to both our primary strategy and how we'll want to interact with the various decks floating around the meta. Plus, that ultimate...yeah that's good.
  • Jace Beleren - While I like the original Jace, and his ultimate is usually game winning, I don't think this is where we want hime primarily because his +2 has too much potential to give our opponent something we do NOT want them to have. Not entirely ruling this guy out, but I'm of the belief that he is too anti-synergistic with what we're attempting to do.
  • Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver - I likey! What else need be said? Honestly though, I do believe that Ashiok is one to take a look at. While I believe that he fits better in decks like ["Pixy Stix/Lanter Control"](http://www.gatheringmagic.com/insidethedeck-053014-inside-the-deck-modern-pixy-stix-deck-tech/) I still think he could be really good here. Worth testing.

  • Sphinx's Tutelage - Have you ever heard of Legacy Painter? Now we can pretty much play this in Modern! This card is capable of winning games fast with even just a single one out; coupled with Visions of Beyond you can mill your opponent for upwards of 12-18+ cards if you hit at least twice each trigger.
  • Curse of the Bloody Tome - Like a thousand papercuts, it will kill your opponent. I used to love this card, and while I still like it, I believe that Sphinx's Tutelage is just better at the 3CMC slot.
  • Decimator Web - I just love how this thing is a bunch of "How would I like to win today?" slapped on one card. Haven't tested it out yet personally, but I've always salivated at the thought.
  • Jace's Erasure - The little "big" brother to the younger Sphinx's Tutelage. In a deck where the CMC may matter or where you'd want Sphinx's Tutelage 5-8, this is your guy.
  • Memory Erosion - Not guaranteed like the aforementioned cards, but still a viable option. also relevant for Devotion strategies.
  • Sword of Body and Mind - Nothing like throwing this bad boy on a Jace's Phantasm and connecting. If you're running a decent number of creatures it's definitely an option to include 1 or 2.
  • Trepanation Blade - Like Sword of Body and Mind this card pumps up our dudes while forwarding our main strategy or reducing the opponent's library to 0.

  • Glimpse the Unthinkable - As the kids would say nowadays, #auto-include.
  • Breaking - If you're then this is definitely a consideration.
  • Archive Trap - Quite possibly one of the best mill spells EVER printed! The fact that scenarios like: "Turn 1 - Opponent: Crack fetch... You: Response, uh Archive Trap, Archive Trap, Archive Trap, Archive Trap...game?" exist make this card a must play.
  • Mind Sculpt - Equivalent in my eyes to Breaking in that you trade 1 less card for ease of casting. Like Breaking a solid consideration.
  • Memory Sluice - Great with creatures in that it is often a Breaking for .
  • Surgical Extraction - Allows the deck to deal with cards that shuffle the Graveyard back into the Library, yeah I'm looking at you Emrakul, the Aeons Torn! More importantly, it allows us to deal with threats that our opponent has flipped into their graveyard by removing the rest from their deck.
  • Extirpate - Surgical Extraction that makes Control decks cry.
  • Thought Scour - Much better than Serum Visions in our deck in that it fuels things like Sphinx's Tutelage while also milling our opponent.
  • Dimir Charm - Sideboard or Mainboard, this card has relevant abilities that make it a contender. Should be at least looked at.
  • Mind Funeral YES! Sometimes this may read "Target player puts the top four cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard." Other times this card may read "Target player puts the top 34 cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard. Target player cries." Either way it's usually good.
  • Psychic Strike - If we need counterspells then this is definitely something to consider.
  • Sanity Grinding - Good in a primarily strategy.
  • Haunting Echoes - Requires a little bit of set up, but when it resolves it'll make Traumatize blush.
  • Stain the Mind - A proactive Surgical Extraction, but is better when we are running creatures.
  • Telemin Performance - A hilarious SB card for decks that want to cheat out giant creatures. "Oh, you're playing Goryo's Vengeance/Through the Breach? I'm sorry did you mean to play this Griselbrand? Run this just for fun sometimes.
  • Inquisition of Kozilek - Gives us another Turn 1 play that can interfere with what our opponent may be planning to do. Upside = hits most things, doesn't cost life. Downside = doesn't hit everything.
  • Thoughtseize - Same as IoK but hits everything but land at the expense of most land.
  • Duress - A decent choice, but more of a SB option.

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