Dimir Charm

Dimir Charm


Choose one Counter target sorcery spell; or destroy target creature with power 2 or less; or look at the top three cards of target player's library, then put one back and the rest into that player's graveyard.

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Dimir Charm Discussion

Tampico777 on Dimir Mill

5 days ago

Ahh you make some solid points, i totally ignored the fact that you've got Crypt Incursion in there. You're probably pretty safe here then, although if I WERE to do any switching out, I might lose the Dimir Charms for the Hedron Crabs (favouring faster mill over control - on an earlier mono blue build, I've had 3 Crabs out by turn 4 and dropped an Evolving Wilds for 18 mill!) and sideboard Surgical Extraction as a swap-out buddy for the Jace's Phantasms. Not necessarily a BETTER build, just what I'd probably run

xseiber on Mirko Vosk: Mill to death! (U/B Dimir)

1 week ago

Hmm I tweaked the deck a bit, and it looks like this: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/mirko-vosk-mill-to-death-ub-dimir-copy/

Granted, it is pricier than your original build, but I did my best to keep it under $100. Basically, it still focus on the mill that you want, with maintaining Jace's Phantasm to beat at their face, which is why I save the Psychic Strike or if they scry and/or place something on top, I would use the Dimir Charm, the Languish provides boardwipe and still keeping the Jace's Phantasm alive and continue to beat their face in, longer game you can use Nighthowler on them for more punishment.

However, I will mention that this deck is my take on your playstyle with this deck.

Psykek on Mirko Vosk: Mill to death! (U/B Dimir)

1 week ago

Thought Scour is definitely on the list! Only problem is around where i am there aren't many avaiable, so im ordering them online. Codex Shredder was just a cheap recommended card, i use it as a filler.. but id be happy to replace them with Psychic Strike and Dimir Charm. What should i replace Chronic Flooding and Curse of the Bloody Tome with? Oh, and I can't afford More Hedron Crab, Surgical Extraction or Extirpate just yet, but they will definitely come with time

xseiber on Mirko Vosk: Mill to death! (U/B Dimir)

2 weeks ago

For creatures, I like to have 4x Hedron Crab, perhaps take out -2 Wight of Precinct Six. Having 4x Thought Scour is also good, I feel like that card should be an auto-include in most mill deck, just for the cantrip at the end of an opponent's turn (end phase). Personally, when I play mill, I find that Chronic Flooding & Curse of the Bloody Tome are too slow, granted that you are playing on a budget, but I would go for 3-4x Mind Funeral, another Languish for that board control/wipe when your Hedron Crabs can't chump anymore. Maybe 1 more Psychic Strike and/or Dimir Charm for the purpose of saying, "No".

Still not too sure why Codex Shredder is there, personally I would go for a Extirpate or Surgical Extraction to take out very specific key cards or use Infinite Obliteration if you know what decks they are playing. Mind Grind is a really fun card when you're playing with green ramp or multiplayer.

Also, yeah, Phenax, God of Deception is slow when you're playing modern, but during the Innistrad, Ravnica, and Theros blocks, man, he was so good.

GlistenerAgent on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 weeks ago

Counterpoint: Hoogland had Dimir Charm in his Esper Goryo deck. :)

I think Tron will play it because it fills a needed niche. UB decks have other options to counter spells and kill creatures cheaply, but Tron doesn't have as many.

ToolmasterOfBrainerd on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

2 weeks ago

Warping Wail is trash in modern. Compare it to Dimir Charm and I think you'll notice a few similarities between them. Wail is probably a little better than Dimir Charm, but not much. They definitely serve about the same function. For reference, Dimir Charm has seen 0 modern play ever anywhere in a serious deck by a serious player. Wail is not modern-playable. I know it's in an 'easier' color combination, but that doesn't matter one bit.

Especially look at tron. Tron plays Pyroclasm, which kills EVERY relevant card on the board that Warping Wail would have hit. I can't think of many, if any, sorceries Tron cares about, because they really want to be tapping out on their turn to do stuff. And the ramp is a waste of a card when you could be assembling Tron instead.

EDIT: Crumble to Dust is a relavent sorcery, but Tron is still a sorcery-speed deck that can't afford to not tap out, especially not because of the risk of a sideboard card.

SpiritKing on

3 weeks ago

A valid option! I will keep it in mind, thank you. But since cascading into it (or coming from suspension) can both be countered with normal means, i'd rather counter it for good, then let my opponent get it back into his hand after he cascaded and suspend it the next turn.

Here Dimir Charm shows his upside over Anticipate in this deck. I can choose mode 1 on the Charm to counter a Living End if need be.

Between my counters, Path to Exile and board wipes, i think i have enough play against them.

jl337 on 2016-02-06 update of Esper Mill ...

3 weeks ago

Thoughts on putting in Dimir Charm? Help with countering a sorcery and mill but, also controls what the opponent draws next turn.

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