Dimir Charm


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Dimir Charm


Choose one Counter target sorcery spell; or destroy target creature with power 2 or less; or look at the top three cards of target player's library, then put one back and the rest into that player's graveyard.

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Dimir Charm Discussion

takeaseathoney on Collateral Damage

1 month ago

so, i don't play mill decks, but here's some cards i would include maybe

Thought Scour seems efficient, you might want 4 copies. extra credit for being instant speed; you can hold on to it until the end of your turn, to wait for an opportunity to counter something.

Nephalia Drownyard might be good if you decide to run a splash of black in here too. there's a lot of good black mill cards.

Psychic Strike for instance, or Grisly Spectacle. or Dimir Charm.

Jace's Phantasm for board presence

Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker <3

Phenax, God of Deception

Jace, Memory Adept if you wanna pull out the big guns

Mind Sculpt

Tome Scour

chris91w on U/B Dimir Control lockdown

1 month ago

That's a very valid point, Sych0_Squid. I find that the early control that Mana leak gives is very advantageous because I don't have too much early control already. If you get to the later game I would prefer to imprint a kill spell or Dimir Charm and lock them out that way to gain your card advantage. If you wanted, you could replace one or more Mana Leak with Remand or Countersquall.

buildingadeck on Competitive EDH

2 months ago

After a lot of discussions with less competitive players, I have found that competitive EDH is frowned upon by many based on the notion that "EDH isn't designed to be that way." I would like to advocate for competitive EDH, not as the only way to play, but as a legitimate way to play the game. I will also outline a few guidelines on how to play competitive EDH (nothing on what your deck should look like, more on how you interact with others).

In his outline of Commander Rules, Sheldon Menery, the creator of the format, writes: "Commander is a Magic:The Gathering format which emphasises multiplayer play, social interactions, interesting games, and creative deck building." All of competitive commander is contained within these bounds, and I will relay how.

Obviously, competitive multiplayer EDH is, well, multiplayer, so there isn't much explaining to do there. Competitive play is also a social interaction just as much as casual commander. Assuming we can define social as done in communion with others and, generally, with conversation amongst players, I have yet to play a competitive game in which this is not the case. Check out this video made by Laboratory Maniacs, a YouTube channel dedicated to competitive EDH, in which the players make puns, chat, and laugh while playing a 3-way competitive game. I would certainly consider this to be social.

Using the LabMen's video as a reference, I think we can attest to competitive games to exhibiting "interesting gameplay." My argument for this based on the linked video is that, though Cameron took control very early, the first few turns were highly interactive: a Thorn of Amethyst completely shut down Dan's Thrasios/Tymna list by restricting his already strained mana base; Gilded Drake stole Yisan, the Wanderer Bard from Simon, which stops the Yisan deck by restricting him from casting his primary engine; the Swan Song targeting the Green Sun's Zenith of Simon's stopped him from getting a win condition or a way from regaining control of Yisan; the Shadow of Doubt and Ghost Quarter interaction was interesting, as was the choice to further restrict Dan's mana base in order to increase his odds of winning (in a 3 man pod, chances are 33%; in a 1v1, 50%; of course, Yisanless Yisan doesn't really stand a chance against Tasigur, but still). While the game may not have been as "fun" as a game posted by the Game Knights where revenge plays are rampant, and the entertainment aspect is upped, it was "interesting" nonetheless.

The last tenant of the commander definition created by Sheldon is "creative deckbuilding." While Doomsday and Storm are both established archetypes, Dan melded them into a new shell with Thrasios and Tymna that differed from many of the Buried Alive shells that have come to define many of the Thrasios builds. Tasigur also ran a host of interesting cards like Dimir Charm and Shadow of Doubt that are aimed at defeating metas that tutor a lot as well as play mostly small, utility creatures rather than the large, stompy ones found in less competitive pods.

Conclusively, I find that competitive EDH falls within the definition of commander defined by its creator and, thus, has a place within it.

Now, for those who play competitive decks, the only real rule is to gauge your playgroup. If your playgroup shows up with less competitive decks than you have, you have four options, three of which I think are viable.

The first option, the one I don't think is viable, is to stomp your meta continually. This option is not sustainable because people will not want to play with you, and EDH will stop being played. At least, this is the case in most places I've encountered. This also doesn't fall within the definition of EDH since these games are no longer interesting.

A better option is to help other players refine their decks to be more competitive. Obviously, this requires willingness on part of your playgroup, but if they do want to play better decks, then I think competitive players much foster a positive, collaborative atmosphere in which we aim to help one another achieve the most optimal forms of our decks possible.

If the playgroup is not looking to play competitively, then you can play less competitive decks in order to have fun, interactive games. You can still try for the optimal lines of play, but with a less powerful deck.

Of course, playing scaled down decks is not the interest of every competitive player, and that's okay, too. Your final viable option is to leave a playgroup and seek a new one. If you cannot find one, I advise reconsidering another of the proposed options, but I do believe that it is our responsibility to not partake in the first option. The only instance in which the first option is acceptable is when prize support is available in a tournament setting. In that scenario, you should always bring the best deck you can.

Let me know your thoughts on all of this in a CIVIL way in the comments section below.

BrandonJamesCAC on U/B Dimir Control lockdown

3 months ago


You have a good idea here but I think the 8 slots dedicated to

Isochron Scepter

Dimir Charm

Are kind of a waste.

Silence is the spell you want with Scepter not Mana Leak or Dimir Charm.

I say dump the Charm/Scepter or go Esper

Plus 1 for some originality.

Leudast on Zur's Spectral Horde

3 months ago

ClockworkSwordfish Thanks for the comment! Izzet charm was a mistake, it was supposed to be Dimir Charm as that fits in more with my strategy haha. I appreciate your suggestions, I think I'll go with Master of the Feast and Prison Term.

Workman4137 on The Touch of Bolas deck ...

3 months ago

Thank you for the current suggestions. Waste Not is a ton of advantage. Another thought I've been thinking about is Jace's Archivist and Magus of the Wheel since they're really nice cycle abilities.

one such inclusion I would like to have is Barbed Shocker since its cycle on damage, Not just combat damage. So a nice Warstorm Surge is helpful in the deck for some immediate burn and discard. Archaeomancer is another one I would like since I will have spells that are very helpful for those pesky decks that think they can counter my things, such as Disallow and Overwhelming Denial and of course a Izzet Charm and Dimir Charm couldn't hurt either, but I can easily replace them.

And just for extra sillies, a Rite of Replication and Dualcaster Mage are there as placeholders because nothing is wrong with having infinite of everything. XD

Thank you all for the support everyone!

plusmental on Competitive Modern Mill

4 months ago

I believe my meta may be very different than yours - boggles is around regularly, having said that your points do seem valid.

Not multiple mill spells against control, multiple fog effects to stay in the game.

Dimir Charm for example won me several matches the other night against Gifts Ungiven - having the extra counter sorcery spells in there really saved me the match, I was able to force Iona into her hand rather than have it hit the grave, it also kills 90% of what I saw at my most recent tournament (so many combo decks), but I suppose in saying that I must concede that Darkness would be better in slot than ensnaring bridge. Guess I need to get my hands on some.

The decks I played against at the most recent tournament were Melira combo, Gifts Ungiven, Affinity and Bant Company. Jund isn't a thing at my LGS, it was middle of last year, but not any more. Having said that many of these decks were fetching, or in the case of Affinity, runs few lands which makes them better targets for Mind Funeral, I just worry at how frequently it was hitting for 5 as I said.

You find milling 13 for 2 at instant speed underwhelming!? Dang!

Peisistratos on Competitive Modern Mill

4 months ago

plusmental thanks for your comment.

As for the control matchup, it is so good (a good reason to play this deck, actually) that what defence card you run is not relevant: you can easily afford to have 7 dead cards (your fogs) in the matchup, and you can still switch them post side.

Of what you have to draw multiples? Of mill spells against control? That is not a problem, since they hardly put any pressure and they cannot run a lot of counters. Of fogs against aggro? The deck should be built so as to win after the first fog (or to cast another one, in case).

It is impossible to lose against dredge with all your fogs and grave hate. I see an argument for Ensnaring Bridge against reanimator, but a fog against Griselbrand is pretty effective and at 3 mana you also have Crypt Incursion, but you should be dead in any case on turn 3 (you should not be able to cast Ensnaring Bridge in any case.

Aura is quite even preside, and near impossible post side. I understand you have Ensnaring Bridge and they need to draw a removal fo it, but you (almost surely) need to draw your own removal for Leyline of Sanctity meanwhile: it is at best even post side and Aura is not widely played, so it not really a great reason for running Ensnaring Bridge. As for playing Surgical Extraction on their answer to Ensnaring Bridge, you are assuming that they are not diversifying their answer, that you are milling (against a Leyline of Sanctity), that you mill a specific card played in few copies, that they haven't drawn it meanwhile and already destroyed your Ensnaring Bridge, all thi assuming too that you drew an early Set Adrift and an early Ensnaring Bridge with sufficient lands (and a mill spell for Set Adrift). These requirements are not realistic.

In general against other decks, even when the stars align and you meet the relevant conditions I just remebered, pointing Surgical Extraction at their answers to Ensnaring Bridge only works half of the time because near half of the aggro decks run Ancient Grudge. So this plan is heavily flawed, and we have better to do anyway.

Mind Funeral is a concession to all the Jundish decks in the metagame; the mere possibility of milling more than 5 (i.e. more than Tome Scour) is worth the steep cost against those decks.

I find Archive Trap pretty underwhelming on its own; I would never pay 2 mana more for this effect.

Dimir Charm. I have an hard time figuring how to make a 2-mana defence card work since you have that spot on the curve crowded. And it does not solve any problem at all.

Hope you have a good mill. ;)

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