Dimir Charm

Dimir Charm


Choose one Counter target sorcery spell; or destroy target creature with power 2 or less; or look at the top three cards of target player's library, then put one back and the rest into that player's graveyard.

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Dimir Charm Discussion

Brimstone on Mind Games [[Seeking Advice]]

1 week ago

I may have a few Mind Funeral s I can trade you to replace your Mind Grind . Dimir Infiltrator may work better than Wight of Precinct Six because the Wights will be very weak against decks with very few or no creatures. the Dimir Infiltrator can also transmute into a Dimir Charm or a Paranoid Delusions if necessary. You should run 4x Breaking / Entering as they are better in your deck than Mind Sculpt is. I loaned Nick a Sword of Body and Mind if he is not using it in a deck I might be able to get it back and I have one or two Glimpse the Unthinkable that I would happily trade your for a fetch lands. I think Ian may have one also. You should use those to replace the Mind Sculpt if you can.

I would also suggest running some multicolored lands. Drowned Catacomb and Dragonskull Summit would be ideal but they cost about 3 bucks each so you might want to go with Jwar Isle Refuge and Akoum Refuge . I would really recommend splashing in that Red mana so you can utilize Entering .

Mazerius on Phenax EDH Mill

1 week ago

After playing a number of games with the deck, I have to say that the only problem I've been encountering is the lack of card draw, which often results in lands too short. Even when my starting hand has 4 lands in it, it can very well be that for the next 4 turns I draw no lands. The majority of the games I lose (mainly in single player, but had the land too short problem also in multiplayer), is because I end up playing all my opening hand lands without drawing any new ones. I guess in a 99 card deck chances are lower to draw a land, which is why I tinkered today and put Visions of Beyond and Dimir Charm in. I am considering replacing the charm with Sensei's Divining Top . Those last games with the extra card draw allowed to me unlock more of the potential of this deck, and actually play Lord of the Void for example on turn 7. I'll keep you posted with how the rest of the games go when I get another chance to play, but I'd like to hear your feedback and your experience and how you deal with not drawing enough cards/lands other than Jace's Archivist.Thanks for taking the time to read this Mojimbo.

Strategoose on Heartless

2 weeks ago

Try Dimir Charm . Kills Eidolon, fixes your draws a little/keeps them off of lands, and can offer some protection against sorcery. Remand is also amazing in a tempo combo deck like this, where you just want to dig through your deck and stall them out. I would run at least 2 main over side.

Why the four IoK in the side? You already have 4 Thoughtseize. I would rather devote those slots to something that offers you a little more protection or deals with the Emrakul problem (like Surgical Extraction ), rather than more redundant hand disruption. Vapor Snag would even be amazing as a way to delay/disrupt aggro and creature based combo decks.

Gitaxian Probe would be, no doubt, amazing in this deck. Dig, baby, dig, and make sure the way is clear.

I actually liked Dismember better than I like Slaughter Pact --the latter has to be cast for 3 essentially, which means in a fast deck like this you are always looking at a lost turn after you cast it. Dismember can be cast for 1 with no drawbacks and you don't lose a turn to tapping out on your upkeep.

I'm not sold on Simalcrum, and I have no idea what Occultist is doing there. He doesn't actually help you go off, as far as I can see, he simply halves the amount of iterations you need to perform once you do go off--but you're infinite anyway, so it's kind of moot. Am I missing something here? Sometimes I miss the really obvious interactions haha. I would be running four Spellskite because he just offers so much protection from so many threats.

Have you considered Dig Through Time from Khans? It plays really nicely with Dimir Charm and is really effective at getting you your combo pieces. It might take a little too long to get down to a low enough casting cost, but it's worth considering, maybe with a little Thought Scour backup. Taigam's Scheming could also be a way of setting up your draws while putting a Retriever in the yard.

Also, just a heads up, Preordain is banned in Modern. :)

Just some of my thoughts, I hope they help. I really really like the idea though and I think you deserve mad props for the creativity and skill displayed thus far in building this :)

Evoksva_______ on 2014-10-02 update of The Merfolk ...

3 weeks ago

I have removed a few cards from the list based on feedback and some internal thinking.

Removed from the list: Unified Will , Shadow of Doubt , Relic of Progenitus , Rest in Peace , Perplex , Spin into Myth , and Dimir Charm

Can I see the logic for Extract from Darkness , Dromar's Charm , Wake Thrasher ? All three fit thematically, and Wake Thrasher has already won me games alone. Having a 14/14 island walk with undying is quite a thing when he needs no other assistance. Extract from Darkness is something I've wanted to give a shot as this deck lacks graveyard recursion, and Dromar's Charm is a powerful card by itself. Charms have served me well in the past (the lifegain is negligible, but the counter and spot removal together far makes up for it)

Redirect has historically been Counterspell +. It's won games as well alone, and done so numerously. If I had either a counter or a redirect, I'm about 40/60 in that order on which one I'd rather have. The rest make sence.

Draw-go isn't that big of an issue for me, so the instant speed isn't valued as much as say, sheer card draw. The +1 for instant speed is a huge plus though, but tutoring for Leyline of Anticipation or merely drawing it removes that issue.

Here's the custom commander:

(4)(b)(u)(w)Vnai, The Dark Current

Legendary Creature - Merfolk Wizard

IslandwalkCreatures with islandwalk you control have Undying.At end of turn, if an opponent lost 3 or more life this turn, you may draw a card.(w)(u): Target merfolk gains protection of the color of your choice until end of turn.5/5

The two abilities are being poked at, the card is currently a tad underpowered atm compared to some of the other custom champions, but we're ironing out the kinks.


1 month ago

why do you have 26 lands? Electrolyze seems better than Dimir Charm . and maybe some fetch lands if you can afford them. i like it!

nickiru on 2014-09-28 update of Synergic Efficiency

1 month ago

What I am wanting is the versatility. Then specialize through side boarding after the first game.

This is what you suggested for me to do GlistenerAgent; which I agree with now.

Though it would be nice if the charm was les mana, it covers so much.

It was that or Boros Charm and Rakdos Charm . or Dimir Charm .

I put in 2 just to test the charm, I may reduce it to 1 'maybe.' 1 of's in mainboard to me is kind of poopy. The odds of drawing it....

BrandonJamesCAC on Blue/Black AEtherling Control Deck

1 month ago

I agree with the above poster on Cheaper creatures. I would go as far to say you are running a bit over on land and control spells. 24 is high for a deck that is going to contain 4-8x draw options.

But I just got through with U/B budget infect control deck. All still fresh in my mind.

So here goes: all just friendly opinion

Card draw: Think Twice is just bad. Two cards for 5 mana is inefficient. I used to swear by it but realize now it's not good.

Maybe run a combination of 6 Peek and Thought Scour

11 Islands is high. You can cut one for sure.


4x Mana Leak I would replace for 4x Rune Snag - you are running other counters and Mana Leak becomes worthless really quick. While Rune Snag gets better.

4x Dissolve is a lot of Double blue and missing even one spell is going to kill you.

I like to run 3 of the big spells.

1-2x Dissolve and 1-2x Psychic Strike as it's more forgiving mana wise.

Dispel is great - keep them.

Creature removal:

Just going to make one suggestion.

Sideboard Doom Blade run Go for the Throat as there is so much Black running around right now.

And if you run into Stupid Tron decks. It's not going to help you get rid of their broken creatures anyway.

Devour Flesh is a good budget option to get rid of Bogles, Scouts, Pro black and Stalker.

Creatures - my favorite is Vampire Nighthawk

Delver of Secrets  Flip good but boring

Tidehollow Strix is cool.

Or the infect route with Runechanter's Pike or even Bonesplitter as suggested above with Phyrexian Crusader Blighted Agent Plague Stinger Phyrexian Vatmother

Dimir Charm if used situational is actually really good to. Just with some trickery around your draw or whatever.

Good luck!

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Color(s) Black Blue
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Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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