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Va1mar's Binder


All of my cards are presumed to be nm-lp, I will inform you if that happens to not be the case when the trade is being established.

I also did not enter the editions while inputting my trade binder, so they can be incorrect.You will be made aware of any discrepancies with that also.

I prefer to do pwe unless the value is over 20$ but am willing to accommodate one's desires. Generally willing to check binders for literally anything I can use, for a card or two of mine that you want.

Right now my goals are to finish foiling / masterpiecing / epeditioning / and/or invocationing out my artifact deck. I have non foil / special versions of almost all the cards I want foiled from it, in case you wanted to add those to the trade.

Also presently working on a zur the enchanter enchanment deck, an Oona, Queen of the deckxile. And a 5 color ally deck.

I also collect Wastes (183 Full Art) and will give you 0.20 credit for each one.

C4rnif3Xand Cryptoplasm are Awesome people to trade with! :)

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.

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