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Va1mar's Binder


All of my cards are presumed to be nm-lp, I will inform you if that happens to not be the case when the trade is being established.

I also did not enter the editions while inputting my trade binder, so they can be incorrect. You will be made aware of any discrepancies with that also.

C4rnif3Xand Cryptoplasm are Awesome people to trade with! :)

Aura, Vampire, Rogue, etc.
Card Has Wants Set TCG Price Matches Rarity Format Type Subtype Color

Last Update: 11 months ago

+1 Soul of New Phyrexia want
+1 Eye of Ugin want
-1 Crawlspace want
-1 Crucible of Worlds want
+1 Skullclamp want
-1 Shimmer Myr want
+1 Thran Dynamo want
-1 Oona, Queen of the Fae want
+1 Mycosynth Lattice want
-1 Doubling Cube want
+1 Ghost Quarter want
+1 Pariah's Shield want
+1 Metalworker want
+1 Oona, Queen of the Fae want
-1 Wurmcoil Engine want
-1 Skullclamp want
+1 Strip Mine want
+1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon want
-1 Deserted Temple want
+1 Junk Diver want
and 501 other change(s)