Golgari Charm

Golgari Charm


Choose one —

  • All creatures get -1/-1 until end of turn.
  • Destroy target enchantment.
  • Regenerate each creature you control.

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Golgari Charm Discussion

ThisIsMyAccount on Jund in Pioneer?? Say It Ain't So...

1 week ago

Gotta get Scavenger Ooze into the mainboard. The large amount of removal you're playing could be all for nothing if your opponent has a graveyard recursion theme.

Abrade, Collective Brutality, and Golgari Charm are sideboard considerations.

Apollo_Paladin on BlackGreen Knights Adventure

1 month ago

If you find yourself playing against a lot of Boardwipe decks instead of target removal, then I'd Sideboard 2x Golgari Charm to swap out for Withstand Death in those cases.

Apollo_Paladin on BlackGreen Knights Adventure

1 month ago

If you decide you want to keep it Golgari colors, you might look at Golgari Charm & Withstand Death then as well. (Even if you just sideboard them to try).

I'm a big fan of all the different Charms in general, because having 3 options on 1 spell is really tough to beat.

MagicMarc on The Goyf Farm

1 month ago

How does the deck play out? Are the Hymn to Tourach disruptive enough to keep opponent's from destroying your creatures?

If you are looking for more tools for the deck I would suggest adding some instant speed protection for your non-mortivore creatures. Maybe Golgari Charm since it follows the regeneration style and is modal. Heroic Intervention is also good. If you are looking for combat tricks some good ones are Gaze of the Gorgon because it will kill something after it saves your creatures. In the same spirit, Back for More is in flavor with the deck. While in the graveyard your creatures add to your goyf counts. And then at instant speed you can return one and potentially kill something with the fight trigger. Status / Statue is not a bad card for a casual deck. It is modal, and adds death touch or enchantment kill to the deck.

Finally, I have to second Deadbridge Chant if slowing the deck down a little does not hurt your deck given your local meta. It provides card advantage and makes a deck extremely resilient during mid-long games.

Strangelove on WARriors

3 months ago

Hi Shayda!!!

Dude those dragons are doing so well (when no one wipes them)!

Did you want a similar deck? 'Cuz that's what you've got here... but I think you should lean into go-wide-aggro > midrange and play more 1-2 cmc creatures and move all your ramp to 2 (Rampant Growth, signets, etc).

I'd also recommend Golgari Charm, Boros Charm, and Heroic Intervention.

Tribal decks have so much flavor! Hope this helps, maybe we'll see it next weekend? :o

zephyr_chang on Budget Rock

4 months ago

Understand that this is a budget deck, but there are probably better choices than Golgari Charm maindeck, and I'm also wondering if the deck needs up to 3 Grisly Salvage because there isn't a ton of graveyard synergy.

carlmoores on Nath does Hand Math

4 months ago

While my Nath deck is MUCH more unfriendly I do have two suggestions (that I actually don't play in my own list as I'm much more discard/ stax driven) Kaya's Ghostform and the criminally underplayed Aspect of Mongoose to protect Nath and Heroic Intervention, Wrap in Vigor and Golgari Charm to protect the team. Ezuri, Renegade Leader is also a must include IMO.

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