Golgari Charm


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2015 Uncommon
Return to Ravnica Uncommon

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Golgari Charm


Choose one ----

  • All creatures get -1/-1 until end of turn.
  • Destroy target enchantment.
  • Regenerate each creature you control.
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Golgari Charm Discussion

Darth_Savage on Abzan Yard Shenanigans

1 week ago

Golgari Charm and Abzan Charm are good sideboard cards, they offer lots of utility in a single card. Another sideboard choice is Summoning Trap.

Triton on I'm desperate and I need ...

1 week ago

Saskia the Unyielding gives access to both Boros and Golgari Charm. There's also Whisperwood Elemental, Selfless Spirit and Dauntless Escort to protect you from field nukes.

InchZer0 on Current, Paper Sidisi Brood Tyrant

1 week ago

Edit One (04/14/2017):

  • -1x Coiling Oracle, +1x Frantic Search; Coiling Oracle felt too low impact during as stages of the game, and usually just mean "ETB: Draw a card". Frantic Search is a "free" card, and it can trigger dredge rather easily.

  • -1x Fact or Fiction, +1x Jace's Archivist; Four mana is a little much for a none-creature in this deck that does not immediately impact the board. Plus, this card leaves a large decision to the target opponent, which can screw us up. Jace's Archivist can mess with the hands of my enemies while filling ours out rather quickly, while also filling the graveyard with some of the bigger reanimator targets in the deck.

  • -1x Kessig Cagebreakers, +1x Sire of Stagnation; Kessig Cagebreakers never really did anything of value. If Sidisi was doing her job correctly, then I would not need a bunch of wolves in play. Sire of Stagnation is a powerful reanimation target, and can quickly get me to my infinites. Plus, that name is awesome.

  • -1x Golgari Charm, +1x Murderous Cut; I already have Reclamation Sage and Sultai Charm to deal with individual artifacts or enchantments. The other two modes are rarely of use to me, as I want my creatures to die, but -1/-1 will rarely accomplish much. I can cast Murderous Cut for and a few lands in my graveyard. At instant speed. Seems pretty good.

  • -1x Catacomb Sifter, +1x Putrefy; Versatility is king, and Catacomb Sifter was not very impactful during my play. Putrefy is another piece of removal, and there's no such thing as too much removal.

Darth_Savage on Can't Win Until You Can

2 weeks ago

Some suggestions, Bone Splinters, Rite of Consumption and Consuming Vapors could be decent sac effects here. I'd say you need some disruption, so at the least Duress, you might be able to use Morbid Curiosity as draw or Killing Wave as sweeper...

Land wise Crypt of Agadeem would be a good fit, otherwise you probably want Ghost Quarter and Golgari Charm in your sideboard.

Darth_Savage on Delirium

2 weeks ago

Hangarback Walker or Walking Ballista are great for delirium, counts as a creature and an artifact and can be cast for 0, instantly putting them in the graveyard. Hero's Downfall for Planeswalkers and Victim of Night or Fatal Push are your best removal options. To the Slaughter might be worth considering if you can hit delirium reliably.

Only other suggestions I have are Golgari Charm (mostly to remove enchantments or save your creatures) and Duress.

cplvela0811 on The Indomitable Sul

3 weeks ago

Apakakuta, infinitelennies

I believe both Simic Charm and Cryptic Command to be great cards in their own right's. However, command would not be fit for the current version. In regards to Simic Charm--it holds a battle against Golgari Charm--and both are situational cards. I do enjoy them both, though. Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet does not automatically stand up to a Reality Smasher, but helps in other ways.


I just recently did so and he worked okay (for the times I did open or pull it) for the amount of time I have used it. My brother suggested it and it shined--I drew into 3 extra cards, but to be fair--I was also playing against the new "Cherios/Storm" using Grape Shot, and whacked all of his creatures (all 8 of them). Thank you, for loving the list and helping get it here!

The Verdict: Tireless Tracker is good, if it stays.

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Get MaziREKT

3 weeks ago

Here are my opinions on your maybeboard + the Ibex, then...(of course yourself and other commenters may feel differently)

  1. Altar of Dementia - Not worth it unless you are doing something with your graveyard or plan to infinite combo with Mikaeus, the Unhallowed + Woodfall Primus.

  2. Animation Module - I'd probably just use the poor man's Doubling Season instead, Primal Vigor. Replacement: Killing Wave as the effect is not powerful enough due to the main effect - sacrificing creatures - is not guaranteed.

  3. Ashnod's Altar - This one has more utility than aforementioned altar. Replacement: Golgari Charm - The effects all seem okay on the charm, but not great.

  4. Birds of Paradise - This was my suggestion. I do not think this card needs much of an explanation as to why it is amazing. Replacement: Wayfarer's Bauble - Honestly birds is just a more effective ramp card than the bauble.

  5. Blood Artist - Not worth it as most of the time you are going to be playing multiplayer and since you are not going infinite I do not see a need for this repetitive effect.

  6. Contamination - Great lock down for late game. Replacement: Either Mind Stone or the remaining between Harrow and Primal Growth.

  7. Eldritch Evolution - Already explained this in my OP. Replacement: Reprocess - Evolution is going to generate you advantage whether Mazirek is on board or not. You want consistency and Reprocess is not consistent.

  8. Eternal Witness - As I mentioned previously, this should replace the Greenwarden.

  9. Grasslands - You really do not need to be adding more tapped lands to your mana base.

  10. Grave Pact - Strong effect to make your opponents also suffer when you lose a creature. Replacement: The Gitrog Monster - you do not have the proper deck construction to support this card. Sure losing lands for card advantage for a little while is okay, but when you stop drawing lands or do not have a Crucible of Worlds/Life from the Loam it begins to become painful. Plus there are better ways to generate advantage that we are trying to add to the deck.

  11. Night's Whisper - Card advantage. Replacement: Harrow/Primal Growth - Small advantage for ramp that you honestly do not need with your top end being around 6 cmc.

  12. Pathbreaker Ibex - Great win condition when you are not willing to shell out the $20 for Craterhoof Behemoth. Replacement: Woodfall Primus - Again you do not really want 8 CMC cards in your stax deck. You have tons of "get rid of artifact/enchantment cards". Primus is fantastic if you combo with him, but not necessary especially for stax.

  13. Phyrexian Arena - Fantastic card advantage engine for black. Replacement: Ulvenwald Mysteries - Slow card advantage engine that is not guaranteed. It also has the additional disadvantage of specifying "non-token".

  14. Pox - Great late game card similar to Death Cloud that is going to cement your win. Replacement: Puppeteer Clique - I personally never like relying on my opponent's cards as the potential upside of using this card will vary greatly depending on what went to the graveyard.

  15. Skullclamp - Great card advantage while killing off your tokens. Replacement: Nihil Spellbomb - For graveyard hate you are just better off using Bojuka Bog instead of a Swamp. On average you have so many token generators that Skullclamp is going to net you more cards leaving the field anyways with the addition of card advantage.

  16. Slum Reaper - Again, I mentioned this in my OP. Replacement: Gyre Sage - This card is too slow and even requires you to have other creatures before it even generates advantage. We are not playing RTR limited anymore, there are better cards in this format. That aside the interaction with Mazirek is cute, but not good enough to warrant a spot.

  17. Whisperwood Elemental - Provides card advantage and since most of your cards are permanents it seems worth it. Replacement: Savra, Queen of the Golgari - Her effect is not potent enough to warrant a spot in the 99.

Other changes I would make...

  1. Tribute to the Wild -> Abrupt Decay - Honestly Abrupt Decay is one of the most criminally underplayed cards in EDH and it has soooo many viable targets. Bottom line is that I always want to choose what I get rid of on my opponent's board even if it means losing some advantage with Mazirek.

  2. Putrefy -> Maelstrom Pulse - This is the same card except more versatile.

  3. Krosan Grip -> Unravel the Aether - This is personal preference, but I find that not allowing players to have the ability to just Regrowth back their artifact/enchantment is much more prominent than the need "instantly" destroy it.

If you ever come across the money don't hesitate to get the Craterhoof Behemoth and Natural Order. I'm sure there are also a bunch of other tutors that I could suggest that are really expensive (cough...cough... Demonic Tutor), but I'm sureyour already well aware of how good those cards are.

Nonetheless, hope I was of some help and GL on improving your deck!

thewyzman on Sultain Goodies

4 weeks ago

EmblemMan, in response to your comment on my thread (http://tappedout.net/mtg-forum/commander-deck-help/goodstuffs-resources/?page=1#c2997924). The following are ONLY my perspective, thus, my opinion, so treat them as such:

  • Reaper of the Wilds stole my heart when it came out, and I've run it (or tried) in every G/B deck I've ever played. It has a big butt and -at worst- is a 4/ for 4 mana, can protect itself, can kill anything it touches, and gives you constant scry; it just feels like value in a can. It's certainly a personal staple, but could make way for the right replacement card.

  • Coiling Oracle is considered by most, from my experience, to be a staple in the colors. It either (1) cantrips, or (2) gives you an extra land drop, thus, accelerating your curve over an opponent's, and at worst is an early blocker.

  • Moreso than Reaper, Baleful Strix is another personal staple with more value that one might think at a glance. It's personal because of my undying love for owls, but who can scoff at a creature that kills anything it touches (my 2-drop for your 10+drop?), AND cantrips, AND even covers the sky. This card literally keeps many an opponent from attacking you. The tempo it can provide is priceless.

  • Golgari Charm is iffy in my eyes also, but the ability to remove a pesky enchantment like Dictate of Erebos against a relatively low-creature-count board; or wipe out a board full of squirrels, thopters, plants, soldiers, etc... is why it made the first cut, but I can agree that it's on the chopping block.

  • As much as I admire Abrupt Decay for being able to hit almost every known mana rock, early creature, etc. in the game, it is one of those cards I could cut for a better option... even though being uncounterable makes it priceless in the most blue-heavy format in all of MTG.

I could probably see myself cutting the charm and the Decay for Krosan Grip (if I had one) and something else. I'm definitely going to consider it, but consult with my cohorts Friday night before making any final moves.

Thanks again for checking my list and making specific suggestions and rationalizing them, that kind of help is not so common around here anymore, and MUCH appreciated!

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