Unclaimed Territory


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) None

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Unclaimed Territory


As Unclaimed Territory enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.

: Add to your mana pool.

: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast a creature spell of the chosen type.

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Unclaimed Territory Discussion

FullmetalWes on Honor Valor Glory (BW Knights)

4 days ago

@multimedia I really appreciate this breakdown, thank you for taking the time. A lot of these points have been on my mind lately with rotation coming. The biggest problem I see is exactly what you said, no BW land in the next set which hurts me significantly for trying to be greedy and play Benalish Marshal and still splashing black. Unclaimed Territory was great for casting Marshal and Freebooter by naming humans, but hurts me for trying to play Duress turn 1. I really need the BW shock land to be able to pull all this off.

I'm not sure which way to go with this...Knight of Malice and all the removal and sideboard options are great and make the deck more versatile but mono-white would make it very consistent but makes Knight of Grace just ok and both those knights together fill out my 2 cmc slot really well. Losing Fatal Push, Cast Out and Angel of Sanctions means I will probably increase my Cast Down and Seal Away which are still great removal.

What do you suggest I do? Cut Marshal altogether to make the mana more consistent or go mono white to keep Marshal, run Ajani and maybe make room for Novice Knight and some equipment? I guess either way you definitely like Ajani for this, and the more I think about it, I do too. Thanks!

FullmetalWes on Honor Valor Glory (BW Knights)

5 days ago

@multimedia You're totally right about freebooter, he's great in this deck. I'll try out the new Ajani to see how he works in this deck because I feel like he would be great against mid-range decks since he can buff my smaller guys and bring them back which is pretty huge...only thing that's tough is there is a lot of great cards fighting for that 4 cmc slot, I'll play around with it all and see what works best. Unclaimed Territory is a great land that I've been considering and I do like it better than Evolving Wilds, I'm gonna make that change. Thanks a lot for your ideas!

@Stazeeee Paladin of Atonement with the pain lands is a pretty sweet combo but probably better for a deck that's a little more midrange like the one you provided, which I really like. I'm glad you like Shalai, Voice of Plenty because she has done great in this deck, every time I play her my opponent sighs heavily lol (which is usually a good indicator that it's a good card)...but again, there are so many great cards at 4 cmc that I want to play and I can only run a few, so much so that I'm even considering cutting my 5 cmc slot and a land to make room for it all. I love Kambal but I haven't been using him just to get ready for the big rotation in October (since I already have several cards that will be rotating). Thanks for the help!

Enticer on "Wait, how much life do I lose?" -Opponent

5 days ago

I'm trying to stay away from amonkhet, kaladesh, and hour of devastation cards since there going modern in September. I am thinking of cutting down on the Forerunner of the Legion's, but Profane Procession  Flip has not shown much value in the times I've played this deck. I might add in two Sanctum Seeker instead of a Forerunner of the Legion and a Profane Procession  Flip. I may add some Forsaken Sanctuary, but I hope I won't have to. I may even try some Unclaimed Territory, but i'm not sure.

Pabs4444 on Green-Red Dinosaur

6 days ago

You're very welcome. I'd say that you would rather run basic lands rather than than Timber Gorge. This is to increase the chance of a T1 Commune with Dinosaurs and drawing a land to play your spells on curve. 22 lands for any deck is fairly low, and this deck will especially suffer for considering you have a cmc curve. Wishing you the best of luck with the deck! Perhaps some Unclaimed Territory for the mana base?

multimedia on Honor Valor Glory (BW Knights)

1 week ago

Hey, there's another reason to keep Freebooter it's another black permanent to give Grace a pump. Three plus power first strike is a real reason to play both Grace and Malice; more ways to pump Grace is good. Without Freebooter you're relying only on Malice and sideboard Blood Fast to pump Grace. I would increase the number of Freebooter to 3 or 4.

Another reason to play Freebooter with Knights is Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants. Consider 2-3x Ajani? His +1 and -2 are powerful with Grace, Malice and Dauntless and his -2 is good with Freebooter. Valiant, Ajani and Cast Out are strong four drops for Orzhov Knights.

Consider cutting Wilds for Unclaimed Territory? Wilds is really bad when two drops are so important for your strategy. Wilds also doesn't help with Dauntless which you would like to play turn one. You can name Human with Territory and be able to cast all the Knights and Freebooter with the land. Territory will speed up game play of the manabase a lot.

jpsuchecki on Light up the knight

1 week ago

Good_knight Well I really don't know what you have so that makes things harder. I can offer some suggestions but that kind of depends on your meta. What is your playgroup like or are you talking about local game store? Do you play 1v1 or more?

If your 1v1 I suggest more spot removal. This should help you buy time to get your engine online. There are a ton of cheap options as white and black are good for this. If you have a local game store near buy, you might be able to do get these pretty easy. Afterlife, Swords to Plowshares, Blazing Hope, Crib Swap, Mortify, Profane Procession (this would be a good card for this deck even when you move beyond it simple trickets). Unmake, Walk the Plank, Go for the Throat. You get the idea.

Ok so some ideas for improving your creature pool. I tried to keep this pretty cheap. Dauntless Bodyguard, Chieftain en-Dal, Fiendslayer Paladin, Kinsbaile Cavalier, Knight of Dusk (A great cheap card for this deck. Just make sure you always have the mana up to destroy. Since it can be played at instant speed you can kill their creature after blockers are declared and damage is done. This is one of the reasons you should wait until second main to play nonessential spells. Lightwielder Paladin, Knight of Sursi, Mirror Entity, Pentarch Paladin.

Some enchantments to help out: Glorious Anthem, Behind the Scenes, Archetype of Courage, Archetype of Finality, Brave the Sands, Intimidation, Knighthood.

Artifacts and lands: Whip of Erebos, Fellwar Stone, Rupture Spire, Path of Ancestry Unclaimed Territory . If you want to splurge a little bit get an Isochron Scepter and put something like Go for the Throat on it.

This are just suggestions. Take all or some. On August 10th the new preconstructed Commander decks come out. In the past these have been pretty awesome for right out of the box. You can always tailor make them. They are normally worth well over the MSRP.

Also don't let the prices here scare you too much. They are just a generalization. You could go to tcgplayer and get better values. Even after you choose, they can optimize your cart to get a lower value.

Boza on Loadout Format

1 week ago

I think you are approaching this the wrong way. Here are some things I noticed:

  • you want to have a format with no tier 1 decks (impossible to happen, there will always be a deck or several that are better than the rest, but that is the nature of the system and it is a good thing)

  • you conflate rarity with power level (lets think of standard for example and m19. Which is more impactful in standard - Divination or Omniscience? Scapeshift or Llanowar Elves? In both cases, it is the commons. If this were modern or legacy, both commons would be less relevant than the mythics.)

  • You conflate legendary and CMC with power level (really, 6 or 7 CMC gets penalized? Have you played modern ever - outside of tron, these CMCs are not played.)

  • "I don't want a biased system." (which inherently false - you are deciding how scores are made, so it naturally contains your bias, and you cannot create a system that removes your input).

  • The Glistener Elf example from above as an example of score increases (This really tells me you do not know what you want to do. If Infect cannot afford to play 4 Glistener Elf, it cannot compete at all. If it has to adjust other cards to make Glistener Elf fit, it will not perform as well as before. You are not banning cards per se, but you are making the deck not worth it to play over better options that have emerged to take its tier 1 place.)

  • "While in allot of modern decks it's just about jamming the most efficient cards possible into the deck" (A deck doing well in a tournament is NOT a collection of powerful cards. It is powerful cards + powerful piloting + powerful sideboarding + metagaming + powerful shell for the powerful cards. That tells me you do not know enough about deckbuilding or modern in general. Example: Humans as decklist existed 95% prior to Ixalan, but then it got 2 cards - Unclaimed Territory and Kitesail Freebooter that pushed it over the edge. 2 uncommons was all it took to make a deck from tier 3 to tier 1 almost overnight. Are these cards powerful? Heck no. Unless they are combined with the rest of the Humans and are in the hands of Collin Mullens.)

Corpral_C on 5 colour Sliver

1 week ago

You could use Unclaimed Territory.

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