Fetid Pools


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Fetid Pools

Land — Island Swamp

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

Fetid Pools enters the battlefield tapped.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Fetid Pools Discussion

Roguebolt0 on Esper Midrange Artifacts

1 week ago

Just a heads up, drowned catacomb and glacial fortress are not standard legal currently. Try Irrigated Farmland or Port Town over glacial fortress and Fetid Pools or Choked Estuary over drowned catacombs.

BoerWolf on Harsh Tormenting Punishment

1 week ago

I wasn't counting on him being super consistent, but I think he would just be another tool to win later (also cool to have lol). You could get him a lot more if you put Visage of Bolas in, but then you'd be taking out other cards and kinda slowing the deck down. I'll just be using Aether Hub, Canyon Slough, and Fetid Pools to cast him for that reason. The cycle lands help later if you start top decking--I might add in a Sea Gate Wreckage too tho. Will let you know how it goes this Friday...pretty excited to try it for the first time!

Drag0nDude on UB Cycling and Recursion

2 weeks ago

I can definitely see the beginnings of a good deck here. +1 from me.

Looking at the deck, my immediate suggestion would be cut 2 copies of Essence Scatter. It is a good card, but it might not be good in all of your matchups and also you have Censor, which is probably just better in this deck. another good payoff for your cycling is Archfiend of Ifnir is great, especially in the matchup against the ever-so-popular mono red aggro deck, even though it's only five mana. I would recommend 3 of these in the mainboard. Also, because of said mono red deck, 2 maindeck copies of Bontu's Last Reckoning wouldn't hurt. 4 Abandoned Sarcophagus is also great because of the ability to let you replay cards you've already cycled. You could, for example, cycle Archfiend of Ifnir on turn 2, play Abandoned Sarcophagus on turn 3, and then play archfiend on turn 5.

You should probably go up to 4 copies of Fetid Pools and down 1 Desert of the Mindful so that you can also run just 1 Desert of the Glorified.

3 of Nimble Obstructionist is also quite good just because of how versatile it is. It can be sided out in matchups where it is not very good.]

If you want to run cards like The Scarab God or even God-Pharaoh's Gift, you need more creatures that cycle. Cards like Striped Riverwinder, Curator of Mysteries and Horror of the Broken Lands are great for this. My recommendation would be a 4 of Curator of Mysteries and a 3 of Horror of the Broken Lands and Striped Riverwinder And, of course , the 4 copies of Champion of Wits are awesome, even though they don't cycle.

If you use my suggestions, the deck will add up to 39 non-land cards (I think). In order to make the deck legal for constructed play, it will need 60 cards. Of course, you still need to add lands, but I would also cut 2 copies of Supreme Will, which is a good card, but it doesn't do anything to help with your cycling theme. As for the lands, you can tweak these to fit your budget, but I would replace the Submerged Boneyards with Choked Estuarys, just a better card, and also implement the other changes to the cycling lands suggested earlier.

Sweet deck! I hope this helped. +1 vote from me.

Ghosty on Curse of Mill

2 weeks ago

You definitely need dual lands to avoid being screwed with some color.

But if you don't want to include any BFZ or SOI cards you only have Fetid Pools in so far which is still not the best option. The other option is wait for XLN

Pskytzo on Zombies v1 - Amonkhet

3 weeks ago

Why the Fetid Pools? Unraveling Mummy is a great amonkhet zombie too.

Pieguy396 on Tribal U/B Zombies

3 weeks ago

Hey there! This looks like an awesome deck! I have a few suggestions for you:

In any case, have fun!

Argy on Amonkhet God of Zombies

3 weeks ago

I would run Westvale Abbey  Flip but not that AND Fetid Pools.

I'll keep testing to see what works best.

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