Fetid Pools


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Fetid Pools

Land — Island Swamp

(: Add or to your mana pool.)

Fetid Pools enters the battlefield tapped.

Cycling (, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

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Fetid Pools Discussion

ghgiunco on Heartless v2 (HELP, MAKE IT COMPETITIVE)

2 days ago

My only "fear" to cut Mulldrifter its my only draw engine, i dont find better, because he is like most spell of draw 2U, but wiht HS its a draw and a body, and remand can save the game only Gaining time ?

I lost this info about Fetid Pools can be fetched, mb

Trading Post was the best solution and flexible card i find to fit in the in this cases: 1) Discard a second copy of Heartless, scape from exile (sacrific to to something better then just lost card), advantage (block with Simulacrum and sac to 2 draws), Chump Blocking in extreme cases (goat without HS), and you see a nice play, with 2 trading, a can sac wurm, sac a token return wurm (the remain token depends on the situation)

Chasmolinker on Heartless v2 (HELP, MAKE IT COMPETITIVE)

2 days ago

I would cut some combination of Mulldrifter and Solemn Simulacrum for 2-3 Remand. Mulldrifter is really just card advantage and a possible mana source with Grand Architect on the board so I would probably cut 2 of them and 1 simulacrum. Fetid Pools can be targeted by Polluted Delta as well but if you draw it and don't need more land, you can cycle it and draw something better.

Chasmolinker on Heartless v2 (HELP, MAKE IT COMPETITIVE)

2 days ago

Have you tried Darksteel Citadel to give tezzeret a -1 target on an empty board? Also Darkslick Shores would help. You need a swamp early to get the deck going. Some countermagic would be good too. Remand or Mana Leak should do. Cut Sunken Hollow for the new cycle land Fetid Pools.

Peisistratos on Competitive Modern Mill

4 days ago

Thanks for your comments and support Darkite and Sgt.Pickles! :)

Now on with the answears: Shriekhorn is a bad card but does what we need: being an extra mill spell, being a one mana play and so on; I've tried to cut it several times for anything else (like removals..) only for getting to the conclusion that I wrote (and I think that is a firm one): we cannot go lower than this in mill spell department because if we do so we really open ourselves to lose the game by ourselves; and we can afford to play extra mill spells only in the 1-mana slot. Thankfully it is effective enough, and I don't recommend touching it.

Your first 20 lands are practically untouchable. Fetid Pools would be the 21th. But at that point I would play Darkslick Shores because entering untapped (even if sometimes only) is more valuable than cycling at 2 mana half of the games you play against grindy decks.

Shelldock Isle despite entering tapped is astonishingly good: in order to win this deck need to cast around 5 big mill spells - those are Glimpse the Unthinkable, Breaking / Entering, Mind Funeral, Archive Trap, an early Mesmeric Orb possibly with fogs, an early Hedron Crab which survived late (Shriekhorn is not to be counted among them: it is mostly used to round up the count early, which is more important than defence or draw spells). Shelldock Isle entering tapped tally with the poverty in 1 mana early spells, and it is an important gear for casting one of the late mill spells (the first 4 ones of the list above - that is 16 cards!) so that it actually can be counted among them (so that we have a total of 7*4=28 big mill spells, 8 of which good only early and 4 of which good only late). In conclusion, it is too much important for our aim of winning on turn 5 to be cut.

And if with Shelldock Isle you don't hit a late mill spell you could choose a fog, which is equally good against aggro, or a Visions of Beyond which, even if it is always worse than the alternatives in this case, sometimes is still a worthy play even at 3 mana total.

Delta-117 on AKH - Grixis Control

2 weeks ago

Bolas won't be until the next set, all the mythics have been spoiled. Earlier booster packs leaked shown art of Nicol Bolas for Hour of Devastation. The name I find is pretty indicative of that, as well as the magic story so far if you follow up on that also clearly tells of his return in Hour of devastation.

Well you got Sweltering Suns and Fetid Pools(Only will be relevant to you later on this one. It might even be interesting later when you lose your Goblin Dark-Dwellers to try out Archfiend of Ifnir and some cycle/discard cards, keep this in mind for later on).

Other than that I see little this deck wants except maybe a Kefnet the Mindful, or as suggested earlier a liliana, death's majesty. Yeah seriously though w/b zombies has a lot of stuff going on and I think that might be a deck you will end up facing.

Guftders on Enemy-Colored Duals

2 weeks ago

Just to offer counterpoints:

a) Allied colour lands are ahead anyway, so enemy colours have to complete cycles.

i. That said, I'd honestly like them to REPRINT more allied colour lands so that enemy lands can ACTUALLY catch up

b) SOI didn't have duals. The Choked Estuary cycle didn't have basic land types.

c) As of Amonkhet, there will be 4 fetchable duals in allied colours for EDH (eg, Dimir will have: Underground River; Watery Grave; Sunken Hollow; Fetid Pools). Three, if you assume that most people won't buy ABUR duals

tpmains on Dual lands

3 weeks ago

I vote we call the new dual lands in Amonkhet (Canyon Slough, Fetid Pools, Irrigated Farmland, Scattered Groves, Sheltered Thicket) the bicycle lands.

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