Darkwater Catacombs


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Rare
Odyssey Rare

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Darkwater Catacombs


, : Add to your mana pool.

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Darkwater Catacombs Discussion

Quoyle on Turn 1 Win Series: Doomsday Lab

3 days ago

I'm not sure the mana is right here...


Simian Spirit Guide: R,

Darkwater Catacombs: UB,

Dark Ritual: UBBB,

Priest of Gix: UBBB,

Culling the Weak: UBBBBBB,

Laboratory Maniac: BBBB,

Doomsday: B,

...and now you don't have enough to cast Plunge into Darkness.

iAzire on In Which Adam Styborski Condemns ...

3 months ago

MindAblaze I understand what you are saying but I feel this still links back to the Sol Ring vs Mana Crypt thread. If you're playing Meren of Clan Nel Toth, the question I would have to ask would be, why would you not run BOTH Cultivate and Call the Scions? Yes one is better, but both provide you with stuff you want to do. Both are easily great cards for the deck. Why force yourself to pick one when you can have both?

I personally don't find it fun to purposely neuter myself. Like I mentioned earlier in the thread, I'm all for it if you get with your playgroup and have everybody build their decks according to the same restrictions. Then it wouldn't hurt to neuter yourself. That would make it fun to build such a deck, but to do so just for the hell of it? No.

I also disagree with the idea that this is what Commander players should do. The format allows for a lot of different play, by no means should we build every deck by this philosophy.

I understand the exaggeration but it still goes over the top. For me at least it invalidates the entire argument. It would work better if a more serious approach was taken and it wasn't said to replace good cards with relatively garbage cards.

Here are some examples, why play Sunken Ruins and spend all that money when you can play Darkwater Catacombs? I could understand something like that, not stuff like replace Wrath of God with (insert crap boardwipe here). There are even points to be made like, if you're playing Daxos the Returned why don't you save some money on Damnation and use Extinguish All Hope instead? I would understand that point. It fits the flavor and actually benefits you more for that specific deck. The suggestions made in the article remind me of when my 5 month old daughter got into my Magic cards. I'm not building a deck out of whatever random jank she decided she wanted at the time.

I'm sorry, but any article that tells me, exaggerating or not, I would have NERF a Precon deck before Commander will be fun is absolutely ridiculous and all points made are null and void. Besides the fact that if you remove exaggerated points, was there a single good point made in the entire article? The article fails because it doesn't bring up any relevant discussion, and can be reduced to terrible trolling.

hfvalenz on G&G's B&B

3 months ago

Hey man, I'm playing G&G at my LGS lately and they've been running very good, they're the only truly zombie tribal commander in my opinion. There are some cards you should definitely get in your deck:

  • Sunken Hollow and Drowned Catacomb instead of Dimir Guildgate and Submerged Boneyard. These lands will enter the battlefield untapped most of the time.

  • Piranha Marsh should be cut, even a basic Swamp it's better. 1 life means nothing in Commander, an untapped land beats that EVERY time.

  • Unknown Shores fixes your colors, true, but you'll be tapping 2 lands for 1 mana.Sunken Ruins does the job needed best than everything else, but it's expensive. Darkwater Catacombs is a very good alternative, and it's easier to find and much cheaper, since it just got reprinted in C16.

  • Skyline Cascade has an interesting effect, didn't know that one it may worth trying it. I still play Halimar Depths to take a little look on what will be going to the graveyard before casting G&G.

  • I'm pretty sure you're aware of Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, but that shouldn't stop me from mentioning it. Does marvels with Zombie Master.

  • Related on the previous Urborg point, it's close friend Cabal Coffers worths every dollar you spend getting it. And while we're talking about lots-of-mana-producing lands, I shall include in this point Crypt of Agadeem and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, since you're more inclined to black than blue. Fatestitcher will untap them and there you go, more mana than can be spent.

  • Wonder, because flying zombies are truly wonderful. Corpse Connoisseur can go and get it right where it belongs.

  • Fleshbag Marauder, just keep casting him and sacrificing himself, get rid of pesky indestructibles or hexproof or whatnot. Works well with your Dictate of Erebos.

  • Convolute and Cancel should go. 3 mana can pay for lots of better counterspells, just to name a few: Dissipate, Dissolve, Hinder, Spell Crumple, Forbid (my favorite). If the double blue is an issue, then you got options as well: Negate, Arcane Denial, Swan Song...

  • Zombie Infestation requires lots of fuel to spawn zombies. Phyrexian Arena, Rhystic Study will give you lots of cards. Secrets of the Dead will give you an extra one when using G&G's ability.

  • You need reanimation spells. Living Death is a classic one that can act as mass removal as well, but there's also Patriarch's Bidding and Zombie Apocalypse, the most flavorful of the three.

  • Lastly, since I was talking about flavor, G&G on their independent cards aren't that bad, especially Ghoulcaller Gisa. And if you got them both working together, you can spawn a big zombie with Stitcher Geralf and sac it to Gisa for lots of tokens.

Hope any of these helps, though most of them aren't that new of ideas.

Grind on Cancel and Crush

4 months ago

welcome to commander hope you enjoy it! its all about multiplayer! here are some quick suggestions that hopefully don't break the bank and help up your power level.
Unsubstantiate over Unsummon
Crux of Fate is good with a dragon commander.
Lim-Dul's Vault over Diabolic Vision although it doesnt actually draw a card but its an instant...
Dimir Aqueduct, Underground River, and Darkwater Catacombs are good lands.
Phyrexian Reclamation and Mystic Remora are high value enchantments.
Bloodgift Demon and Burnished Hart and Steel Hellkite are good creatures.
Sol Ring and Dimir Signet are good.
Animate Dead, Brainstorm, and Swan Song are great.
final note Resounding Wave is also not allowed in a dimir deck because it has in the card text.

kipahlord13 on How Do You Evaluate Mana-Generating ...

6 months ago

Something that I've heard about mana-artifacts is that WotC would print an a land the same level of abilities that they would on an artifact costing 2. Think the Signet cycle vs Darkwater Catacombs. By that logic, something like the Diamond cycle seems bad, no one wants their basic Plains to etb tapped. By this logic, I consider things that cost 3 to have to be strictly better than 2 counterparts, and much better than something they'd print on a land. Thus Darksteel Ingot is pretty good, as lands can't tap for any color with no strings. However, something like Simic Keyrune seems worse, because it looks remarkably similar to a manland

Izu_Korasu on Breya, Ghost in the Shell OVER 65 INFINITE COMBOS

6 months ago

Grand Architect!!!!!! helps you combo (especially with a number of artifacts already being blue, like the thopter foundry thopters)

Trash for Treasure and Scrap Mastery are both solid cards allowing you to rebuild after the inevitable boardwipe.

your manabase seems off, between id swap the painlands for the corresponding signet lands (ex Underground River for Darkwater Catacombs) and id suggest the standard fetches (for thinning and consistancy) and don't underestimate basic lands.

Wizno on Intento Zombies

6 months ago

Hi! I play a Gisa and Geralf deck too and I've got a few ideas based on my own experience that may help. As you've already noted in your deck description, improving your mana base will go a long way to help smooth things out and make your plays more consistent.

Temple of Deceit
Darkwater Catacombs
Unholy Grotto
Dakmor Salvage
Bad River

These are a few additional lands to consider that are a bit cheaper.

Talisman of Dominance
Dimir Keyrune

These are a couple of mana rocks to consider too.

As far as creatures go, you want impactful zombies that will have a powerful enter the battlefield effect, zombies you can get value off of having in the graveyard, or just generally good stuff zombies.

Gravecrawler Scourge of Nel Toth
Prized Amalgam

These 3 are examples of graveyard value creatures and are great targets for something like Buried Alive.

Risen Executioner
Lord of the Undead
Undead Warchief
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed
Geth, Lord of the Vault
Death Baron

These are major zombies I would consider adding in as budget allows to replace some of your weaker zombie options. Lords are never bad.

While not a zombie, River Kelpie is quite helpful in this kind of deck.

These are some ideas based on my own play experience so take what you like and ignore what you don't. Personally, I've found Gisa and Geralf to be better in the 99 and have Grimgrin, Corpse-Born at the head of the deck.

P.S. Mortal Combat could be another win-con for you.

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