Inkmoth Nexus


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Besieged Rare
Mirrodin Besieged: Phyrexia Rare

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Inkmoth Nexus


T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

1: Inkmoth Nexus becomes a 1/1 Blinkmoth artifact creature with flying and infect until end of turn. It's still a land. (It deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counters and to players in the form of poison counters.)

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Inkmoth Nexus Discussion

Mugno on Atraxa Planeswalker Control

19 hours ago

I think you should run Inkmoth Nexus ! It can easily kill your opponent by himself :P

failurechild88 on H: foil MM3 Tarmogoyf W: ...

2 days ago

Hey there, interested in the foil Tarmogoyf if it hasn't already been traded. I have a Scalding Tarn MM3 and Inkmoth Nexus to trade toward it, as well as other things. Check out my binder, thanks!

failurechild88 on H: Scalding Tarn, Inkmoth Nexus, ...

3 days ago

I have an Inkmoth Nexus and a Scalding Tarn MM3 up for trade. Looking for

  • 4x plains (arena promo, urza's saga)
  • 4x swamp (foil, lorwyn)
  • 3x duress (IDW, ashiok dack faden)
  • 2x pox (white border)

I have a ton of other haves/wants in my binder as well, open to any offer

GearNoir on 8 Rack-Rack+ Phyrexian Infect

4 days ago

First thing, I don't think your splash for is a good idea; does bring a couple ok cards (i.e. - Apostle's Blessing which you could technically stick in a mono- deck) but it appears you are only using it for Path to Exile and a couple other items in your side board, which just doesn't seem efficient. IMO you'd be better off with a few strong kill spells.

A couple other things I Inkmoth Nexus (Blinkmoth Nexus really isn't a substitute in this case since you are after poison counters and not life points) or, at the least, no Plague Stinger? Also, since you are pretty much relying on discard to get you through the first couple turns, you will really need to consider those Thoughtseize or at the least Blackmail.

It sounds like you are trying to keep to a manageable budget for now, but I'm sure you know discard you choose is just that much better than them choosing to dump their fodder cards (your deck doesn't have The Rack or Shrieking Affliction so you really don't benefit as much from these types of discards until late game).

If you were not simply going to go mono-, I'd splash for pump on your infect (i.e. - Giant Growth) or for evasion (i.e.- Distortion Strike). Realistically, you might see only 2, maybe 3 of your infect creatures per game, so you want to captialize on those moments.

clayperce on Close Your Eyes (And Count to Ten)

1 week ago,
Seems more evasion would be helpful somewhere in the 75, as Apostle's Blessing is really all you've got to get Creatures through. Rancor maybe? Or Inkmoth Nexus, as Darth_Savage mentioned.

Also, while I really like Wild Defiance, I suspect it's often a dead card in a deck with only 18 lands (even if you bring in the Birds of Paradise too). Of course, if it's working ok for you, never mind!

Finally, you might want to try Cathedral of War. It's kind of a super-budget Noble Hierarch and if you can fit it in, the Exalted trigger is awesome.

Draw well!

clayperce on cant add language printing to ...

1 week ago

For whatever reason, it's *JA*.

(I have an Inkmoth NexusJA and it took me forever to figure it out)

xSkulk3rx on Merfolk

1 week ago

Rayze_Darr Thank you for your input! I really appreciate it! However, the Aquitect's Will is much worse than Spreading Seas, Spreading seas changes their land into an island. So it disrupts their mana base. Where as Aquitect's will only add island to the lands types. So for example if they had a blood crypt out it would be a swamp and mountain, if you put aquitects will on it, it would become an island swamp mountain and tap for all 3 colors of mana where as if you put a spreading seas on it, it would become an island and it would only tap for blue mana. Also spreading seas shuts off Inkmoth Nexus and Blinkmoth Nexus where aquitects will does not. As to the counters I do run counterspells in my deck list. They are sideboard except one spell pierce main board mainly because countering creatures isnt where you want your game to be. Merfolk is a tempo matchup that doesnt care about creatures because you get island walk off of them and your creatures make each other really big. and the goal in merfolk is to tempo them off their game by locking them out of their mana fixings and protecting your own creatures to really pressure the opposing player into making bad plays and tempo them off the game. Remand Is a good tempo card and everybody has their own opinions on things but i see remand as more of a control card to tempo people off until you hit them with a hard counter. where as they're mostly going to be kill spelling your creatures so if you have remand it just alows them to have it back into their hand to either cast again immediately or cast again later on. which is why I prefer dispel. The reason for that is most matchups it is better to have 1 or two kill spells for whatever your opponent plays rather than counter spells, if you can give them an island more likely than not you just win because your things are unblockable with a lord and you come out much faster and harder than they do. The counterspells are mainboard just for the purpose of heavy removal matchups because they compliment your Kira, Great Glass-Spinner and protect your creatures because without your lords protected heavy removal matchups will just kill your board with singleton removal and you wont be able to do anything until they finally finish you off. Also in the case of cryptic command it is a good card and i can see the use of it in some places. but my opinion I like more of a tempo/aggro merfolk than a control merfolk. Also cryptic command floods your 4 drops which you dont want and the only 4 drop you really need is master of waves because it is basically your end game against most matchups. Again thats just my opinion and my take on the deck. I really do appreciate your input! It has given me some new ideas to play with and test out! Thank You! and if theres any decks of yours you'd like me to take a look at I'd love to!

RingweMakil on Damned Devotion

1 week ago

The deck began with 4 Obliterator. For multiple reasons that I will outline here, I kept cutting them until I ended up with zero.

a. It was difficult to cast. Mutavault is very very powerful, especially with Pack Rat; ideally, I would want four. But manlands and Academy Ruins and Gavony Township and Urza's Tower all exist, and demand an answer, so Ghost Quarter, for better or for evil, must be played (indeed, the Tron matchup is difficult enough as it is. Any less than 4 GQ most likely makes it unwinnable). A manabase with Vault and GQ cannot expect to consistently cast Obliterator on curve.

b. He does not fly. Arguably, trample is evasion - it is, however, offensive evasion in that he is woeful at holding down the fort against fliers. Inkmoth Nexus/Bitterblossom/Lingering Souls all ignored him for the win too often when I played him.

c. He is low output against hard removal; if he gets killed, he's killed, and that's that. Unlike, say, Gray Merchant of Asphodel and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, who can all eke out value when/before they're removed, even if they never get to attack.

So I replaced him with Desecration Demon. A 4 mana 6/6 flier is very very good against fair creature strategies and demands an immediate answer against control. Because of how Modern manabases play, out 6 * 3 equalling 18 damage represents a full one turn lessening of the clock from the 3 * 5 of Obliterator, which will not usually be enough to kill. The Demon represents a quicker clock against combo, is much easier to cast, flies over stalled board states for the win, and as a 6/6 or more is just straight up harder to break through than a 5/5. I have actually had opponents built up an enormous board while I developed mine as well, and then brute force through Obliterator sacrificing lands, tokens, Aether Vial, etc. Demon, on the other hand, would have threatened a quicker kill, and because he flies, would have forced my opponent in those situations to find a way to tap him, instead of just brute force killing him in combat. Yes, I got value off Obliterator in that situation - but I then lost on the backswing, whereas Demon would have just won.

But Demon and Obliterator are both the same in that if they're killed before combat, they do nothing, and Demon has the drawback of not being able to pull you back into the game if you're too far behind (but that's true of a lot of cards) and the opp just sacs to satiate him for a turn. Obliterator does grant more devotion, but the downsides are too high.

If you think I haven't considered something in this analysis, please let me know!

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